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Fan art by Richard “Kuroku” Palmer
This page features art by Richard “Kuroku” Palmer, based on the French graphic novel Pyrénée. Some of the images are accompanied by Kuroku’s comments, and/or my own.

As I mentioned on the Anime Jungle Book page, Kuroku has done a lot of his work in MS Paint, a basic image creation program with a limited palette and no layers. Within those limitations he’s produced some remarkable work. Recently, though, he’s begun producing images in Photoshop, which allows for much more subtle effects. All presented here for your viewing pleasure.

If you’ve seen the other Pyrénée page on this site you’ll be aware that like many feral children including Mowgli, Pyrénée does not wear any clothes, except occasionally a fur coat and boots that she finds. There is nothing obscene or sexual about her nudity. Pyrénée has no awareness of nakedness, and therefore no shame of it, so she behaves more or less like “ordinary” people do when they’re fully clothed.
(Of course, “ordinary” people never have adventures quite like hers....)

NEW: Photoshop art

Pyrénée Chibi

Chibi – This is a drawing style where anime/manga characters are shrunk into a small, cute, child-like form. This drawing style is sometimes called ‘super-deformed’ in the west and is pronounced ‘chee-be’.
--Animetion Glossary

These are not only Kuroku’s first chibi-style drawings of Pyrénée but also the first of his fanart on these pages to be rendered in Photoshop rather than MS Paint, allowing for more subtle effects.

Hand-drawn art

Microsoft Paint art

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