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Welcome to the ASFR Collections, a place for members of the ASFR community to recommend their personal favorite stories.

This site was created by EHY of the All Under Control! site. It is currently hosted and administered by Leem of The Pygmalion Syndrome, who's done his best to streamline the HTML and fix any broken links.

If you have no idea what ASFR is, you may want to start here to read one person's explanation of it.

As many of us have noted, there is a wide variation in what is called ASFR by various people who consider themselves ASFR fans. This site is an attempt to address that, by giving ASFR lovers of various different tastes to offer their own personal favorites of the genre - and without a doubt, there will be a wide range of tastes represented here, once we get started. Look around and find someone whose tastes you agree with - and enjoy their very favorite stories! Perhaps some of them will become your favorites as well.

You can contribute, too! This site is only as good as people like you choose to make it. Send me your favorite ASFR stories, and together we can share our fantasies! You don't have to be an author, or even a participant on any discussion boards - as long as you like the kinds of stories we call ASFR, your opinions are welcome here!

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