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At EHY's request I have removed the Roleplaying section because he doesn't do much of it now.

Thanks to EHY for permission to repost the site, DB for permission to reprint his story, and to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for enabling me to retrieve most of the pages. That wasn't the end of the story, though, because I then had to strip out tons of redundant HTML code (Thanks a bunch, FortuneCity!). What I'm left with is a site that looks pretty much like the original, but with much smaller file sizes... and very sore fingers!

EHY later sent me the original pages without FortuneCity formatting, and I restored the pages that weren't on the Wayback version: Hatch 22's Configuration Settings Appendix and The 'Julie' chat logs. Enjoy!

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Welcome to All Under Control!

In this site, you will find material (but not images) which you may find offensive, perverted, or just plain weird. Some of it is sexual. Some of it deals with what could be thought of as objectification of women, kidnapping, slavery, or rape. Please recognize that such topics are, in this context, fiction and fantasy. It is presented purely for my enjoyment and yours. It is not intended as a political or philosophical statement of any kind.

Some people and some laws might consider this material inappropriate for your viewing. If you are under 18 years of age or otherwise forbidden from reading this material, I regret that I must politely ask you to surf elsewhere. If you feel you are likely to be offended by the sort of material you will find here, I invite you to go elsewhere.

There are some holes here and there where I haven't finished writing the content. Oh well.

Feedback is invited and welcome. Especially positive or constructive feedback.

Android owner's manual:    Configuration Settings Appendix (by hatch22) added. Confused about what various settings really mean? This should clear it up for you. Appendix and Orders sections updated a little on Oct. 10, 2004.

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