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At last, after months of searching, I have found the page head photo for the Salon des Living Dolls page on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. The jigsaw is finally complete. Some of the pictures may be substitutes and some of the links may be missing, but I'm pleased to announce that I have finally restored this site as closly as posible to its original glory. As always, any comments are welcome.

Living Doll House 

Living Doll House - THE MAIN HALL

Latest update:
August 22, 2002 (A l c a z a r on Barbie Lives)

Living Doll House is a virtual community for people who dress up to look like (their) dolls in particular and like toys in general. And while we are at it, we will fit in the Living Statues too. Just as the ConFURences are full of fake fur, paws and long wooly ears, there are people who identify with their Barbie, their pet bear ... not much, but they are out there. So, a few pictures, links and stories here.


Note: Although I occasionally love to help people in finding a suitable Living Statue or Living Doll for their events, I'm not a booking agency and I'm in no way connected to the acts mentioned on this site. If there isn't an address mentioned, chances are I don't have it.

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