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Statuephile Home Page

Updated 7/98

This page is dedicated to the erotic concept of women being frozen like statues.  It is one of many ASFR ( sites.  And is devoted specifically to the 'Freeze'.

Purpose: 1. A place for people with such interest to share thoughts.

                  2. A way for us to help locate other occurrances of frozen women on film.

If this is of interest to you also, please let me know who you are, and what interests you.

Email to:

This page contains adult  ('R' rated) material, but has no pornography. Last update: 5/98

What's new -7/98

I have made a minor update.  A few new shows added to the movie list, and removed some of the obsolete stuff.   Please send in any new material you have on shows, or pics...!!

I received a survey taken by Cmq on people's tastes in frozen women.  Click for the FOFW (fans of frozen women) survey!


Throughout the years I have seen many occurrences of women statues on film and TV.   It is a subject that does not get much attention, unfortunately. I have compiled a list from memory, and  I would like to share it with you.  Please let me know any other shows that you know of.

My list of women statues on film: Page 1 | Page 2

I have a collection of video clips of some of the films.  It is available for trade.    If you have any shows on video, and would like to trade, please let me know.
Click here to see what shows I have available for trade---> My Video Collection .


Statue Trivia.  If you have been wasting your time like me, looking for women statues on film, you may know the answers to some of these trivia questions.


Statue Pics!  I've received a number of women statue pics from you guys, so here they are!


Movie Sources.  Places to find videos for sale.


There have been lots of other ASFR related sites recently, they are ever-changing, so please go to Mannequin Lover's link page to see the latest activity.  He updates regularly.

[Note by Leem: Mannequin Lover's home page is now defunct.
Click here to go directly to The Pygmalion Syndrome's link page instead.] is a news group specifically for this, and similar fantasies, such as the robot/mannequin concept.



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