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The Pygmalion Syndrome Female Stories
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These are my tales of beautiful young women who find their nude bodies transformed into stone or bronze or rendered motionless as dolls, but always remaining sensitive to the slightest touch....

All stories are copyright 1999 - 2017 by Leem. Stories may be reposted provided that 1) Leem is credited as author and that 2) no changes are made without the author’s permission. All characters are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons living, dead or petrified is entirely coincidental. Word counts are given to the nearest hundred. Ratings are not endorsed by the MPAA, BBFC or ELP. Freeze-type symbols based on original designs by ArgoForg.
Follow these quick links to the stories, or see below for a detailed Index.

Non-series stories:
Adrift living statue/mannequin | The Agency solid statue | Cendriller solid statue | Chola and Seki Parts One and Two living statue/mannequin | The Chosen living statue/mannequinsolid statue | The Encounter solid statue | The Enchanted Grove living statue/mannequin | Flora and Fauna living statue/mannequin | The Fountain living statue/mannequin | Gillian in Bronze solid statue | Graces solid statue | Horny Goddess living statue/mannequin | The Hours After solid statue | Infinite Voyage living statue/mannequin | Interlude in Bronzesolid statue | The Last Rose solid statue | Museum Peace solid statue | Niche Occupation solid statue | One Perfect Moment solid statue | One Perfect Moment (revised ending) solid statue | One Perfect Moment: The Screenplay robotic | Pleasure Trap living statue/mannequin | Shalvi living statue/mannequin | The Singer solid statue | Soulsnight solid statue | Suspended living statue/mannequin | Thirsty Goddess (after Margaret St. Clair) living statue/mannequin | The Treasure of the Ancients living statue/mannequin | Valley of the Domes living statue/mannequin | Walking robotic

Flotsam Series:
1. Flotsam living statue/mannequin | 2. Flotsam: The Beginning living statue/mannequin | 3. Flotsam: General Paralysis living statue/mannequin | 4. Jaskri and the Flotsam living statue/mannequinsolid statue | 5. Flotsam: The New Goddess living statue/mannequin
Jaskri Series:
1. Jaskri and the Maiden: Original 1999 Version solid statue | Revised 2000 Version solid statue | 2. Jaskri’s Child solid statue | 3. Vacation in the Park solid statue | 4a. Silent Witness: the Arrival solid statue | 5. Jaskri and the Flotsam solid statueliving statue/mannequin | ? Sondra and Veyy solid statue | Timeline for the Jaskri Stories
Special Features:
Terrorvision: One of a Kind (television transcript) living statue/mannequin | News Item: I’m Dating a Model | News Item: I Married a Dummy
Female Stories
Key to symbols:
living statue/mannequinLiving Statue/ Living Mannequin: The body retains its normal texture and (usually) colour and may be malleable, even though the person is incapable of moving voluntarily.
solid statueSolid Statue: The body takes on the appearance of stone, metal or wood, becoming totally rigid and immovable. There is usually no discernible breathing or other sign of life, and the person can be mistaken for a statue even though she may be fully conscious.
roboticRobotic: The body is entirely under someone or something else’s control. Its owner is incapable of moving of her own free will. (Infrequent.)
Non-series stories (in alphabetical order):
living statue/mannequinAdrift
4,800 words, rated PG
August 2017
Tyenna was cursed to wander the oceans forever in her tiny boat. Could she ever hope to meet another human being again?
solid statueThe Agency
1,500 words, rated PG
September 2010
The Agency had a way of dealing with people who had become embarrassing... and lots of places to put them afterward.
solid statueCendriller
10,300 words, rated PG
December 2004
The story of a girl whose stepsisters wouldn’t let her go to the ball...only not quite the way you remember it.
living statue/mannequinChola and Seki
Parts One and Two
4,000 words, rated R
January 2006
In Part One, our two space-travelling heroines are abducted by aliens, who want to... just put them in storage and forget about them.

In Part Two Chola is taken out of storage and finds herself on a nice warm planet where she has nothing to do, and no way to do it either.
living statue/mannequinsolid statueThe Chosen
9,100 words, rated R
July 2000
The island seems like the perfect spot for a tropical holiday, but when Kendra’s boyfriend cheats on her with one of the native girls she soon discovers that the local Goddess would like her to stay a little forever!
living statue/mannequinThe Enchanted Grove
4,500 words, rated PG
March 2004
When Shaveena escapes from her abusive husband and finds herself in a mysterious faerie grove, the first things she wishes for are the perfect lover and peaceful stillness. Both of her wishes are soon granted....
solid statueThe Encounter
2,700 words, rated PG
October 2008
I’d been abducted and turned into a statue. The other girl had been abducted and turned into some kind of human-animal hybrid - with quite a lot of animal passion. Fortunately being turned to stone didn’t mean I couldn’t feel pleasure...
living statue/mannequinFlora and Fauna
5,600 words, rated PG
April 2007
Chloris thought the planet, with its very friendly natives, might make an ideal vacation spot - until she learnt the true meaning of flower power....
living statue/mannequinThe Fountain
5,900 words, rated PG
February 2006
The Fountain holds the promise of immortality, linking the destinies of those who would seek it out and the keepers of its Shrine.
solid statueGillian in Bronze
900 words, rated G; September 2004
I was holding a small party to unveil my art project: a statue of Gillian, who had left under mysterious circumstances. Of course, only I knew where she really was....
solid statueGraces
9,400 words, rated PG
August 2001
It seemed like such a simple assignment. All we had to do was imitate Antonio Canova’s intimate female statue The Three Graces for a photo-shoot and pick up a generous pay cheque. Nobody told us anything about living goddesses or time travelling art thieves!
living statue/mannequinHorny Goddess
7,500 words, rated R
August 2006
Byrna was fleeing an enforced marriage that would have trapped her in a fate worse than death. But was what awaited her in the shrine any better?
solid statueThe Hours After
2,700 words, rated R
March 2000
Or, how we stayed behind after class and got “stoned”!
(Based on an image by JLS [no relation to the band])
solid statueInterlude in Bronze
2,800 words, rated PG
September 2011
Have you ever dreamt about waking up in public to discover that you’re naked and you can’t move? Well, when it happened to me I quickly realised it wasn’t just a dream!
living statue/mannequinInfinite Voyage
1,300 words, rated PG
August 2017
I went on a brief space jaunt to get a little peace and quiet. Only now, thanks to an alien ray, I’m more peaceful and quiet than I ever wanted to be!
solid statueThe Last Rose
2,300 words, rated R
November 2011
The time-roses seemed to be the two scientists’ only hope of survival. But did they dare to squander such a precious resource for their own ends, and if they did what would happen to them...and to time itself?
solid statueMuseum Peace
1,900 words, rated PG
November 2011
All Simri wanted to know was where Kyla had been hiding for the past few months. So why had Renzi arranged to meet her in the art museum?
solid statueNiche Occupation
6,700 words, rated PG
June 2011
My mistress Ildris had the perfect plan for spying on the Wizards’ conference. All she had to do was turn me into a statue so that I could eavesdrop on them. What could possibly go wrong?
solid statueOne Perfect Moment
7,500 words, rated R
October 2010

I loved Siderea even though she was born in a different time, and I wished that I could be with her forever. But that was before I understood what forever really meant...
solid statueOne Perfect Moment
(revised ending)

7,500 words, rated R
October 2010 - September 2012

Revised to place greater emphasis on the heroines’ experience at the end
roboticOne Perfect Moment: The Screenplay
2,100 words, rated R
February 2012

A reworking of the above story in screenplay form. Same basic plot but with a slightly different resolution.

I loved Elzia even though she was born in a different time, and I wished that I could be with her forever. But that was before I understood what forever really meant...
living statue/mannequinPleasure Trap
1,000 words, rated R
October 1999
The same basic plot as Flotsam, but only a thousand words in length.
solid statueThe Singer
12,400 words, rated PG
April 2004
The Empire planned to conquer the world with its sorcery. How could one humble slave girl ever hope to bring the Empire’s plans to a standstill?
NOTE: This story brings my total fiction word count to over a quarter of a million. Hooray.
living statue/mannequinShalvi
3,300 words, rated PG
May 2005
Shalvi had betrayed the sorceress and now ths sorceress had to decide her punishment. All that Shalvi asked was that her life be spared....
solid statueSoulsnight
5,300 words, rated PG
October 2005
Zyrra only spent a night in the haunted cemetery for a dare, but it didn’t take her long to discover why so many of the graves were adorned with erotic statues.
living statue/mannequinSuspended
3,800 words, rated PG
April 2004
Zyla was travelling to a new colony when a malfunctioning stasis unit gave her a close encounter of a very unexpected kind - assuming the whole experience wasn’t just an hallucination....
living statue/mannequinThirsty Goddess
A parodically eroticized rewrite of
Thirsty God by Margaret St. Clair

3,700 words, rated PG
May 2014
When Brinna tries to avoid being raped by a purple-skinned Venusian girl, an ancient shrine seems to provide the perfect refuge from her vengeful family. But thanks to a malfunctioning alien device, that refuge soon turns into a prison with a sentence of helpless orgasmic bliss....
living statue/mannequinThe Treasure of
the Ancients

5,200 words, rated PG
July 2004
I’d found the legendary ancient alien city with all of its fantastic technology. Nothing was going to prevent me from becoming the richest woman in the universe...not even a bunch of sex-mad natives, no matter how cute they were!
living statue/mannequinValley of the Domes
6,400 words, rated PG
May 2005
The domes were almost as mysterious as the locals. The locals wouldn’t talk to us and the domes wouldn’t let us in. Until we found some domes that were made especially to house us, for the locals’ benefit!
760 words, rated PG
September 2016
I’m walking. That’s all I do. I can’t stop. I’m walking from nowhere to nowhere. How did this happen to me? A witch’s spell? An alien weapon? No matter how I try, I can’t remember anything from before I was here.
Flotsam Series:
living statue/mannequin1. Flotsam
10,200 words, rated X
September 1999
Jenette and Alyssa become lost in a “Bermuda triangle” of space, and find themselves facing an eternity of sexual bondage to a primitive alien species.
living statue/mannequin2. Flotsam:
The Beginning

8,700 words, rated X
February 2001
Centuries before the events of Flotsam, Sevrina’s spaceship crashes on a strange planet, and she becomes the first human to discover the dubious delights of frozen alien sexuality.
living statue/mannequin3. Flotsam:
General Paralysis

2,700 words, rated X
September 2001
A puritanical female general finds herself paralysed on the planet of the alien erotomaniacs and tries desperately to resist their sexual stimulations.
living statue/mannequinsolid statue4. Jaskri and
the Flotsam

22,700 words, rated R
March 2002
A crossover with the Jaskri Series (see below).

A dying girl begs the living Maiden statue for help, and discovers to her surprise that the best way to save herself may involve the paralysed Flotsam....
living statue/mannequin5. Flotsam:
The New Goddess

9,500 words, rated X
April 2003
A new girl gets trapped on the alien planet and the natives are determined to treat her like a goddess - whether she likes it or not.
Jaskri Series:
solid statue1. Jaskri and the Maiden
     Original 1999 Version
       8,200 words, rated PG
April 1999

     Revised 2000 Version
       9,300 words, rated PG
June 2000
What is the connection between Jaskri, an ordinary village girl, Diann, the mysterious healer, and “The Maiden”, an enigmatic work of art? The answer turns out to be stranger than Jaskri could have imagined!
solid statue2. Jaskri’s Child
6,300 words, rated PG
March 2000
Jaskri’s one regret in life was that she never had children, and the events of the previous story seemingly made it impossible. But where there’s a will (and a mysterious healer) there’s a way!
solid statue3. Vacation in the Park
2,300 words, rated PG
August 2000
Some people like to take long, idle vacations. Diann’s might just turn out to be one of the longest, and certainly the most idle, ever taken!
solid statue4a. Silent Witness:
The Arrival

5,800 words, rated PG
August 2001
On planet Sornel, the arrival of an erotic statue is met with disapproval by the planet’s despotic rulers. Elsewhere, Diann recruits a young woman for a simple and pleasurable mission....

Mea culpa: Although I have now added a compromise ending, I never did get round to the second half of this story. I may do some time, but please don’t hold your breath.
solid statueliving statue/mannequin5. Jaskri and
the Flotsam

22,700 words, rated R
March 2002
A crossover with the Flotsam Series (see above).

A dying girl begs the living Maiden statue for help, and discovers to her surprise that the best way to save herself may involve the paralysed Flotsam....
solid statue? Sondra and Veyy:
A Story of Jaskri’s Legacy

19,400 words, rated R
June 2002
Two thousand years later...
When two girls are forced into virtual slavery aboard a sleazy space station, a strange alien artifact seems to offer a way out, not only for them but for other victims as well. Meanwhile two Friends of the Maiden are keeping a close eye on the girls, while the TC’s keep an eye on them....
Timeline for the
Jaskri Stories
If you’re confused about how the Jaskri stories fit together chronologically, check out this timeline...and soon you’ll be totally bewildered!
Special Features:
living statue/mannequinTerrorvision:
One of a Kind

Television transcript, rated G
A transcript of the 1980s TV episode, in which Brenda accepts a modelling assignment because she wants to look as good as the mannequins in the window!
News Item:
I’m Dating a Model

300 words, rated D for Dumb...
It’s the same old story...a guy gets drunk, a guy sees a pair of alluring eyes, a guy ends up feeling a dummy!
News Items:
I Married a Dummy

560 words, rated DD for Dumber...
When a man has 39 female mannequins all to himself, how can his wife help but feel extreme jealousy? (Mmmm... mannequins...!)
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