Cocoon, a fetish-fic


Disclaimer: This fic contains latex fetish material, and innuendos of sex. If you don't this kind of stuff, I advise you to find something else to read.


"Is there anything more you want me to do," Servant asks after closing zipper in suit's backside.

"No that's all," I answer while I arrange hood, to fit better on my head.  That done I'm completely covered by thickly padded latex-suit; only my face and my manhood are visible. I turn around, and see servant that's still standing there waiting for instructions.

Sometimes I curse myself, for the fact that my servants are low-tech models. They might look a sight to sore eyes, but don't own a drop of initiative. But if you run an installation like mine, you appreciate the fact that your staff do what you want, when you want.

"You can go now," I say to her.

She wishes me "good night", curtsies and exits from room.

Now that preliminaries are done, that is what I'm going to do. But not in any normal bed. In front of me lies metal cocoon, that my employer manufactures, (among other things). I had one installed there in my quarters where it sits, its matte finish shining dimly, inviting me to its embrace when the night comes. Tonight, as most nights, I accept that invitation.

Firstly I take headpiece, and fit it so it sits tightly over my mouth and nose, rejecting the gag-effect that feeding-tube causes when it enters my throat.  Once it fits tightly, I secure it place with two straps; one going over head between my eyes, and another one behind my back. Lastly I inflate fittings, to fill excess-space in my mouth.

That done I enter the cocoon itself. Even familiar elated feeling raising its head, I have to force myself to move slowly now, because mask makes breathing much more labored. Carefully I settle my legs on places molded for them. From there I reach onwards to fit waste disposal-unit over my crotch. Familiar tug, caused by vacuum on my cock, causes ripple of pleasure on my spine every time and this time is no exception. I settle it tightly over my crotch, and press button that closes clasps between my legs, and over my waist. Once it's secured tightly on my crotch, I reach for the feed/breath-tube and connect it to mask.

Then I lay my back over my legs, and relax.  Mask fastened to system, my breathing comes easier. I wait for a while that my lungs get used to machine-assisted breathing, before sealing to cocoon. Now all to do is relax, sleep, and wait that servant comes to wake me up in the morning.

*           *           *

Something pressing me into small on my back, wakes me up. Irritated I open my eyes, to check the time from clock installed into casing over my head. Green digital display shows that it's still too early for wake-up. So I try to get sleep, but the pain in my back prevents that. I give up, and decide to find out just what is harassing my sleep. But that's easier said than done.

Even cocoon has some space inside it, it's still quite cramped. But after lot of careful maneuvering, I finally get one hand behind my back. From there I find small thing that feels somewhat familiar. When I manage to get my hand into my field of vision, the item in my hand gives my quite a shock.

Thing in my hand is none other, than the remote for opening the cocoon! How on earth has it got INSIDE cocoon, where it has no use? Cocoon isn't meant to be opened from inside, that's why servant comes in the mornings to open it with remote. The fact that I have it, won't do me any good; Cocoon is designed so that no signal will penetrate it to prevent tampering.

When servant comes in this morning, without finding remote, it will go away because it can't do what it was programmed to do. It won't tell anyone about anyone because it isn't programmed to do so. It then comes back next morning and tries again find remote. Repeat. So it seems I'm stuck.

*           *           *

I now had have long hours to regret few modifications I had installed into this particular cocoon. What were originally meant to be improvements, now turn against me.  Waste disposal-units vacuum is considerable amount stronger than normal models.  That way I can feel it tugging my cock. This excites me enough for a serious hard-on, but not enough to reach orgasm. Normally this wouldn't matter, since I can release my tension when I get up in the morning. But now there's no release in sight, and I'm continuously in the brink of orgasm, seriously hampering any attempts to get rest.

Another thing is digital watch directly over my eyes. It keeps me painfully aware about length of my captivity, and I can't move my head enough to get it out my line of sight. Already it's way past time when I normally wake up in the mornings, but knowing this won't do me any good. I take care of the normal daily routines through my servants, and have explicitly told my staff not to trouble me in person if isn't absolutely vital to do so. My servants will also deal with any possible incoming calls in that I won't answer.

There is one last thing; my clothing. I'm wearing an extra-thick latex-suit with thick linings, for sake of excitement. With this much extra insulation, my own body-heat is already raising cocoon's inside-temperature. Blinking sweat from my eyes, I try my best to fight against rising panic when I realize that I will probably spend good while inside cocoon.



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