My Private Pool Party
Story and Artwork by Panic

It was early one summer morning, so I lounged at the pool, waiting for calls.  I had a few film projects in the works, so I was looking forward to assembling a strong cast for my latest script.  I was eating a bagel and reading the paper when the phone rang.

"Hello?" asked a timid voice on the other end.

"Yes, this is Ira, can I help you?" I replied.

"Uh, yes, I think," the tiny voice hesitated.  "Are you the famous screenwriter, Ira Ratzenberger?"

"The one and only," I said, "You found me."

"Wow! I love your movies," she confessed.  "I must have seen 'Deadly Desire' 15 times!" She sounded so nervous.  "Anyway, my agent, Paullie from the Traskin Agency, told me you were looking for a blonde bombshell for your latest picture.  So, I thought I might give you a call, and see if I could convince you to cast me."

"So, you're an actress," I said, "and you want to arrange a screen test?"

"Well, I thought maybe I could stop by and show you what I've got to offer right now," she growled, sounding more confident now.  "Tell me where to meet you, and I'll stop by and read the script for you."  She sounded eager.  I liked that.

"Well, Miss...," I paused, waiting for her to reveal her name.

"Snowden," she offered.  "Denise Snowden."  Another young girl looking for a break.  She might be perfect for another project of mine.

"Well, Miss Snowden," I continued, "I don't normally do screen tests at my house.  Did you really talk to Paullie about the new film?"

"Well, I heard him talking about it," she confessed, "so I guess he wasn't directly talking to me about the project.  But, I heard what you're looking for, and I think you'll find I'm the perfect choice."  She recovered nicely from her little deception.  It also meant nobody would ever know if she came to see me.

"Ah...," I paused, trying to make her sweat a little bit.  "All right! I'll see what you've got to offer.  You're not wasting my time, are you, Denise?"

"Not at all!" she reassured.  "I'm a beautiful blonde with a fantastic figure.  I'm 5' 8" with long hair, large breasts, a slim waist and a pretty face.  I think you'll be happy with me!"  If she lived up to her description, this could prove to be a magical morning indeed!

"Okay, Denise, give me about an hour to wake up a little.  Let me give you my address.  I'll be waiting for you by the pool.  Oh yeah, you'd better bring a swimsuit."  I gave her my address then said good bye.

I had a lot of preparations to make before she was due to arrive.  I decided on using the spa tub, so I began to fill it up with the special solution developed by my special effects team.  It was a solution specifically designed to marbleize normal objects using an aggressive mineralization process.  Any object submerged into the solution was molecularly changed to stone.  Even if an object was partially submerged into this liquid, it would absorb deep into the object and petrify even the unsubmerged portion into fine art marble.  It's fascinating stuff!

I had to empty about half of the water from the spa tub, then refill the tub with my special transformation liquid.  The solution was clear and odorless, but unbelievably powerful.  I took every safety precaution when using this stuff.  Once I was satisfied everything was ready for my undiscovered starlet's debut, I redressed in casual attire and waited for her by the pool.

After ten minutes of waiting, I saw a striking blonde speaking with my butler.  She was wearing a tiny, yellow two piece bikini that really highlighted her fine, slim figure.  I grew with excitement as she tip-toed up to me.

"Hi, Mr. Ratzenberger! At last we meet!" she beamed with excitement.  "I'm Denise Snowden."

"Wow, your description was right on the money!" I exclaimed.  "You are an incredible beauty!"

"Thanks," she blushed.  "You have a beautiful pool here.  Wow, you even have a Jacuzzi!"

"Yes, I do have a Jacuzzi.  Would you like to take a warm dip in it before we begin with the reading?"

"Sure!" she cheered with girlish enthusiasm.  I looked on in shock as she removed her bikini, revealing her perfect body.  "I prefer swimming in the buff," she giggled.  She dipped a toe into the bubbling hot tub and howled in delight.  "Oh, that feels so good!" She instantly stepped into the small pool and took a seat along the edge.  She pulled her hair up, making sure not to get it wet for the reading, then leaned back.  "Don't you want to come in with me?"

This was something I had planned for.  "I'm sorry, darling, but I can't I'm afraid.  I have to take a quick conference call from the studio.  Please, make yourself comfortable here while I take this call in the house.  Then, when I get back, you can hop out of the tub and read from the script for me, okay."

"Sure, no problem," she said, just slightly dejected.  She was getting turned on by the warm, pulsating water.  Her head rocked from side to side as she felt her skin tingle from head to toe.  I walked inside and watched her from my desk.  My heart pounded in my chest as I watched her soak in my petrifying bath.  I returned to the pool after about ten minutes, carrying my new script.

"Okay, I'm done with the call.  Time for your reading now, Denise!"

She didn't seem to notice me at first.  I think she was so involved in her intoxicating bath that my words didn't register right away.  Then her eyes snapped open, and she ascended the stairs.  She seemed to dance as she tip-toed around the pool, picking up her petite swim wear.  She tied the bottom string of the bikini top into a loop knot, near the small of her back.  Then she swaggered over to me and said, "That was the most rejuvenating bath I've ever had!"  She tossed her bikini bottom at me and then proceeded to play breast hide-and-seek using the partially loose bikini top.

"I was hoping you'd like it out here beside the pool," I laughed, while thinking, '...since it's where you'll be staying, from now on!'

"Oh, yes! I love it out here!" She took a seat on the chair across from me, still hiding her breasts behind her bikini top.  She adjusted herself on the huge chair like a playful little girl would, as she settled into a reclining pose.  She laid backwards on the chair and swung her feet in the air behind her.  She set her bikini top under her round breasts and left the top strings unattached, allowing them to drape freely on the chair.  The hot sun and dry wind was already beginning to evaporate the water droplets that were glittering on her flawless skin.  'What a beautiful girl,' I thought.

I handed her the script and began to explain the story.  She looked at me with lusty eyes as I pitched her the synopsis of the film.  Then, I thumbed to the page I wanted her to read from.

"Why don't you start at this point," I said, as I pointed out the passage to her.  She began to read.

Her voice was strong, but unfocused, as she read from my script.  She began reading with a rapid pace, but her inflection began to change.  Her pace was beginning to slow.  The little feet dangling in mid air behind her began to slow their swinging, until they seemed to stop swinging all together.  Her eyes opened and closed very slowly, each blink lasting several seconds.  Her slow reading became even slower, more paused, until it halted completely.  She just stared blankly at the page, like a wind-up doll whose time has gone out, its energy spent.  Even her hair ceased its movement.

I spoke to her motionless form, "The bath you just soaked in was filled with a solution that is freezing your lovely body into solid stone!" I heard a final gasp escape from her now motionless lips.  "I think you'll find all of your senses will be completely intact, as every inch, every muscle of your stunning body becomes molecularly transformed into hard, lifeless rock.  You will remain here forever, Denise Snowden, as a lovely monument of marble, for all to see and enjoy.  Your naked beauty will be formed into a statue that will mirror your own special beauty until the end of time."  Her body began to quickly change, as a wave of crackling energy began to engulf her helpless body.  I watched with rapt interest as her arms, legs and stomach became glowing stone, streaked with minerals.  It rolled across her body until her lovely buttocks proudly solidified into unyielding stone.  Her feet, shoulders, and finally her head, rumbled with force as they were also transformed into alabaster.  The powerful energy faded, revealing a flawless stone statue, reclined where a once living girl was lying.  I tapped my fingers on her forehead, and heard a "click-click" sound greet my ears.  I untied the loop knot holding her bikini top in place and gently pulled the silken fabric out from under her now heavy breasts. I ran my finger around her erect nipple and smiled. No doubt about it, she was a masterpiece!

As my butler and I lifted her stiff figure onto a suitable pedestal near the pool, I whispered into her the folds of her petrified ear.  "Congratulations, Denise, you finally have a long term assignment!"

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