All Under Control!


by EHY


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3. Henry's Android Slave

"What shall we do now?"

What they did now was to leave the store. Lianna carried the shopping bag full of accessories he'd bought for her, including a thick owner's manual. For a moment, she was annoyed with him for making her carry the bag - forty-some-odd years of womanhood had trained her to expect that while she certainly couldn't expect a man to offer to carry her loads, he just as surely wouldn't expect her to carry his. But then, she wasn't really a woman anymore; she was Henry's android and his slave. Of course he would have her carry the bag. They held hands as Henry led her... wherever he was taking her.

She found herself in a large shopping mall; somewhat to her surprise it looked just like any shopping mall in Texas, despite being in Ohio. Idly, she mentioned the fact.

"When were you in Texas?" Henry asked.

"I lived most of my life there," Dianne said. Then Lianna corrected her error, saying, "I mean, my personality is based on a woman who lived in Texas. I was built at IPM's manufacturing facility in New York, and first activated here in the showroom."

"Were you named Lianna before you became an android?"

Dianne would have answered, but Lianna blocked her and answered instead. "I'm sorry, I'm not programmed to answer detailed questions about my personality donor. She has a right to her own privacy. By the way, what would you like me to call you?"

Henry grinned. "Hmm... how about `My Lord and Master?'"

Eek? "Certainly, My Lord and Master," Lianna said, unable to stop smiling at him.

(He can't be serious! We're not really going to call him that, are we?)

(You will refer to your master as he desires.)

Henry frowned. "No, that's silly. `Master' will do. You can call me Henry from time to time too, when it's appropriate... but never when there are other people around."

"All right, Master." That was better, Dianne thought. Most androids called their owners Master or Mistress, and other humans Sir or Ma'am.

They walked past an ice cream store, and Dianne looked hungrily at it as they passed. Ice cream had been a rare treat for her, in her old, overweight body. Henry noticed her looking.

"You don't eat, do you?" he asked.

"No, of course not," Lianna said. So much for ice cream, Dianne thought. "I can eat and drink small amounts for social purposes, but it isn't really recommended. I do like ice cream, though," Dianne added wistfully, a bit surprised Lianna let her say that. Well, she was there to add personality. And a personality that didn't like ice cream wasn't much of a personality, was it?

As they approached the mall exit, Dianne noticed Henry zipping up a thick winter coat that she hadn't especially noticed he was wearing until then. When did it become winter? she wondered. It had been mid-May when she last saw the outdoors, and that felt like just a few hours ago. It must have taken several months (or over a year?) between the time her personality was scanned, and the time she was ready to go on the market. Or perhaps she - the Lianna model - had been on the market for a long time already, but she - this particular Lianna - wasn't one of the first to be shipped? Dianne asked her director.

(Your central processor was initialized on October 2, 2054.)

So over a year had gone by without her noticing - or technically, without her even existing. She found that a little scary.

She stepped ahead to open and hold the door for her master, prepared to be very cold, in her cotton blouse and skirt. Sure enough, it was cold outside, with old snow on the ground. But she found that while she noticed the cold as a fact, it didn't particularly bother her.

(Lianna, how cold can it be before it affects me?) she asked her director.

(You are rated for temperatures down to ten degrees Fahrenheit, and can function for limited periods with a possibility of slight problems down to eighteen below. The current temperature is well within limits.)

Well, that was good to know. Together, she and Henry slogged their way to his car. She felt snow chilling her feet and dampening her nylons, but it didn't hurt the way it would have hurt her old living feet. The doors of the wide, businesslike Oldsmobile opened as Henry approached. She saw Henry heading for the driver's seat, so took the passenger seat next to him.

"I'm able to drive, if you'd like me to," she mentioned as the doors closed.

Henry started the car, and Dianne felt it rise up on its air cushion. "No, I'll drive myself. But... I suppose you know how to shop?"

"Of course, Master." It had been a long time since Dianne had shopped for anything other than clothes... for many years she'd had her own androids to do that for her, and it was a chore she'd been happy to give up. Her director would not let her say so, of course.

"Good. I need to pick up some groceries on the way home. You'll do that." He ran down a short list of groceries to be picked up. Lianna asked for more details - what kind of milk, any particular brand, and so on.

"When I have the chance," she said, "I'll see what you have in your kitchen so I'll know what to buy."

"Good. And remind me to give you my credit code and authorize you to use it." For this trip, he handed her some cash as he parked outside the supermarket.

Strangely enough, as much as Dianne had hated shopping for herself, she found she didn't mind shopping for Henry. Not that she had any choice in the matter, of course. Perhaps it was something about knowing that the eyes that watched her were admiring her beauty, rather than wishing she'd get out of the way. Then again, somehow she never really seemed to be in anyone's way... Lianna seemed to know how to make her way around the supermarket without interfering with anyone else, human or android. And when those others got in her way, she wasn't able to tell them off, or even look annoyed. She just said, "Excuse me," in her soft, pleasant voice, made her way around the offending shopper, and went about her business. It made the whole experience much smoother. And the androids-only checkout lane moved along quite quickly. They hadn't had those the last time she'd been in a supermarket, but it made sense - unlike humans, androids could be relied on to have coupons and money ready, and you didn't have to be polite to them if for some reason they misbehaved.

A few minutes later, Henry parked his car in the underground garage of an apartment complex, and he and his new android got out. Lianna, of course, carried both the bag from the Companions Showroom, and the two bags of groceries, up to his roomy ninth-floor apartment. Her attention was first caught by a small orange-and-white cat lying on a recliner which had once been blue, but was now mostly orange and white. He woke up and stretched as they came in.

"Oh, he's so cute!" Dianne exclaimed. She wanted to run over and pet the cat, but Lianna insisted she put away the groceries first. "What's his name?" she asked instead.

"Noxious," Henry answered, grinning. "Short for `obnoxious,' which he was when he was a kitten. My idea. Ellen couldn't decide what to call him, so Noxious stuck."

"Well, I think he's adorable. May I play with him?"

"Not right this minute, but in general, sure. Just don't think you have to obey his orders. He can get pretty demanding. Oh, and if you see him start to scratch the couch or the carpet, snap your fingers at him. If he doesn't stop, make him stop and bonk him on the nose. That's an order, by the way."

"Yes, Master. Is he allowed to claw other things?"

Henry listed a few other things Noxious wasn't to be allowed to claw (including Lianna herself), and a few things considered expendable, such as the recliner.

"By the way, Master, may I ask who Ellen is?" Dianne asked when he had finished.

"She's my wife," Henry said, briefly surprising Dianne. "My soon-to-be ex-wife, I expect. We've been separated for a few months now. I don't expect you'll meet her. I waited before getting you till I didn't think we were likely to get back together."

"Oh," Dianne said. "Should I say I'm sorry?"

"No," Henry decided after a pause. "You, in particular, should not. You should in fact not mention or think about Ellen unless it's absolutely necessary."

"Yes, Master."

"Now, let me show you..." and he led her off to the kitchen to point out where the items she'd bought from the store should go. After she'd finished putting things away, Henry led her to his bedroom.

"Why don't you try on one of those new outfits," Henry suggested, to Dianne's delight.

"Yes, Master," she replied, suddenly fearful again - yet eager, too. "Um... do you want me to change in front of you?"

"Yes..." Henry began, then corrected himself. "No, actually, use the bathroom. I want to see you come out sexy."

"Yes, Master," she agreed, taking the package with her as she left the room.

Once in the bathroom (which she hoped she wasn't going to have to clean), the first thing Dianne did was to quickly strip off her clothes and look at her own body for the first time. It hadn't occurred to her to strip the Lianna she had examined back at IPM, when she was still human, and even if it had, she probably wouldn't have had the guts to do it. But now that she was living in it, she wanted to know what she looked like! She looked at her body in the mirror and was even more pleased at what she saw than she had expected to be. "Dark Temptress" indeed!

(You have been ordered to dress,) Lianna reminded her silently. But Dianne didn't answer, and Lianna allowed her to continue admiring her new body. Her skin was perfectly smooth all over, with a light unblemished tan. Her face was lovely, with precisely shaped and colored lips, unchapped and, Dianne assumed, unchappable. Her teeth were white and even, her eyes brown and bright. It hardly seemed possible that a body so perfectly human in appearance and texture could be artificial - and yet, she knew perfectly well that beneath the shapely exterior was not bone and blood but plastic and circuitry.

(You have been ordered to dress,) Lianna repeated.

(I know, I know,) Dianne acknowledged, leaving off her self-examination and looking toward the package of Sexy Looks. She'd never really been able to look desirable for her man before; the most she'd ever been able to do was to mitigate her unattractiveness. Dianne Paris could never have worn anything like the lace undergarments, tight-fitting skirts, or slender strapless evening gown the Sexy Looks package contained without getting scornful looks. But now...

Indecision set in. What should she wear? The gown looked nice, but wouldn't that be too formal? Maybe she should just wear the blue silk bikini... What would Henry think if she picked the wrong thing? (Lianna, what should I wear?)

Lianna answered by taking control of her body, picking out a red silk bra and panties before Dianne realized what had happened. (I didn't mean for you to take over!) she objected.

(You can take over again if you want, so long as you obey your orders,) Lianna replied. And indeed, Dianne realized she could still look around freely while her arms dressed her in the panties. She was even able to take control back and put on the bra by herself... though she gave control back to Lianna to fasten it when she realized she wasn't quite sure where her back was. She was used to shorter arms and a much pudgier figure.

(Is that all?) she asked, when Lianna did not move to put anything else on over the undergarments.

(I think this is adequate. You are free to wear more if you like. I would recommend a change of hair style, though.)

Additional clothing seemed like a good idea... but if Lianna thought silk lingerie was enough, why should Dianne object? In fact, she looked forward to removing even them for Henry. This was going to be fun, she thought, if only she didn't screw it up somehow. Hair, now... She let her dark hair out of its short braid and fluffed it out, letting it fall softly down her cheeks.

(I would recommend a style that does not hide your face.)

(Oh.) She frowned. Like what? (You do it.)

She let go of her body, and watched in the mirror as Lianna pulled her hair back in a pony tail, which she tied with a blue ribbon. Dianne thought she preferred her hair down, but if Lianna thought it was best to pull it back, she wouldn't argue. She was probably wrong anyway.

(What about makeup?) she asked silently.

(You require no cosmetics,) came her director's response. Dianne shrugged, closed the package of clothes, and... was suddenly struck with a panic attack. What was she supposed to do? Henry expected her to come out and... do what? Seduce him? She didn't know how! Or was that what he wanted at all? How could she know?


(I will guide your actions, but I recommend that you maintain control.)

(But what do I do?!)

She almost jumped at hearing Henry's voice, until she realized it too was only in her head, like Lianna's. Lianna must be playing back his order: (I want to see you come out sexy.)

Well... she had to come out of the bathroom, then. She put out her hand and opened the door... and felt her face compose into a sultry smile, and her hips begin to sway as she walked. Lianna "guiding" her actions, she realized.

Henry was barefoot and bare-chested when she returned to the bedroom. She entered the room striding sexily, brushing her fingers against her bra. "How do I look, Master?" she asked, striking a pose. She could feel Lianna's control adjusting the angle of her knee, guiding her left hand a little lower on her waist than she would have put it, lowering her eyelids just a bit more than seemed comfortable.

"Mmm... Lovely," Henry sighed, dropping her manual on a chair. He approached her as if unable to take his eyes off her. He closed on her, pressing her right hand against her breast with his body.

(Wow,) Dianne thought. (A girl could get used to this!) Without waiting for Lianna, Dianne tilted her face to receive his gentle kiss on her lips, and her smile widened. She began to reach out with her left hand, to pull him against her.

"Switch to passive mode," he ordered. Nothing happened outwardly, but-

IPM Android S/N EN-T-05-A147 (Lianna) Passive mode (immediate verbal instruction)

- Dianne felt herself lose control of her body. (What did I do?) she wondered. Her arm stopped where it was, just slightly outstretched, and nothing she could do would move it. She longed to respond to the gentle touch of Henry's hand against her cheek, but now Dianne was little more than a helpless passenger in Lianna's robotic body.

Without another word, Henry walked out of her sight. He was gone for several minutes, leaving Dianne standing, sexily helpless, wondering when he would return. Then she heard the sound of a flushing toilet, followed by running water. Soon after, she heard Henry's footsteps behind her, then felt cold, damp hands on her arms. He stood behind her, pressing his body against her back as he touched her, felt her skin, caressed her breasts through the silk bra she wore. She longed to lean back into his arms and sigh, but she could only stand helpless as Henry had his way with her.

He came around in front of her. His hand gently moved hers away from her breast, before he reached around her body and unhooked her bra. Then she felt his fingers slide inside the elastic waistband of her panties, and slide them down her long legs.

"Undress me," Henry said softly.

Now she moved, but Dianne still had no power over her body. Lianna's hands moved to his trousers and deftly unbuttoned them, then lowered the zipper. Caressing his hairy thighs, she lowered the pants down his legs, and he raised each foot so she could remove them completely. Then she carefully did the same with his underwear. His cock stood at full attention. Dianne wanted to touch it.

Once he was as nude as she was, Lianna stood again. Dianne wanted to embrace him, or at least say something invitingly sexy, but he hadn't ordered her to do anything of the kind, so she could only wait for him to choose the next move. She couldn't think of anything she was confident enough to say anyway. But he seemed so sexy to her, so handsome in his mature way, it was so hard for her to simply stand here, unable to talk to him or touch him... and yet, no matter how hard she tried, she could not move a muscle until he told her to.

Henry moved out of her view for a moment, but then she heard him order her to "Come here." She looked around to see him sitting on the edge of the bed, and she stepped in front of him. "Kneel down. There. Good. Now take me in your mouth... yes! You know what to do now, don't you."

Clearly, Lianna did. She sucked his swollen member, and gently teased it with her tongue. She actually knew far more about this sort of thing than Dianne did - poor ugly Dianne had never been any man's choice of woman to get a blow job from, even if she'd admitted to being willing. But Lianna was well programmed - at least, to judge by the moans and sighs and gasps coming from Henry above her. She felt his hands on her shoulders and back, and she would have used her own hands to caress his thighs and waist had it been up to her. As he came hugely into her mouth, she felt his fingernails bite into her back with a pressure she could swear would have drawn blood from a real woman. She took swallow after swallow of his juice... (Where does it go?) she wondered. (And why can't I taste it?)

Lianna was not too busy pleasing her master to be able to answer. (You have a small reservoir for storing ingested material until it can be disposed of. You are not equipped with taste or smell sensors.) Well, that answered that.

Henry, spent, lay back on the bed as Lianna carefully licked Henry's penis clean, then sat back on her heels. Had it been up to her, she would have joined him on the bed, kissed him, touched him... but she wasn't a real lovely girl, she was only his robot, and he hadn't told her to do that. She waited, watching Henry's erection slowly subside, wishing she could please him herself.

After a few minutes, Henry sat up again. He leaned forward and gently caressed Lianna's soft cheek. He nodded slowly, smiling. He didn't say anything, but Dianne imagined him saying, "Yes, I'm glad I bought you." And she was glad he had too.

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