All Under Control!


by EHY


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A week later, Lianna awoke from stand-by mode when Henry came home.

"Welcome home, Master," she greeted him. She accepted his brief kiss, then took his jacket from him to hang up, and engaged in the usual evening ritual of finishing his dinner and serving it to him.

"A man tried to hit on me again in the laundry room," Dianne told him as he ate. She spoke willingly. She knew she had nothing to fear. "I think it was the same man I told you about last week."

"Really? What happened?"

"I greeted him politely when he spoke to me. When he noticed that my behavior was not as it was last week, he asked if you had discovered what he had done. I told him yes, and that I could no longer do what he wanted to."

"What did he say?" Henry asked.

"He was upset, and worried about me. I reminded him that I'm not a real woman, and he shouldn't worry about me. I'm not sure he really understood, but he didn't bother me. He tried to kiss me once, but when I prevented him he didn't try again."

"Good," Henry said, and continued eating. After a few more bites, he looked up at her again. "Did you want him to try again?"

Dianne didn't answer immediately. She sort of had wanted him to, but... "No, Master. I could not let him touch me. You ordered me not to."

"But did you want to?" Henry insisted.

This question she could not evade. She had wanted to let the man touch her... and after a moment, Lianna said so. "But I don't mind," she added. "You're my master, Henry, and my purpose is to serve you. I wanted to make you happy, more than I wanted to be kissed by a stranger... even if he was cute."

Henry smiled. "I'm glad to hear that," he said. "Tell you what. How about later tonight, you show me what you wanted to do with him."

Dianne hesitated. "Are you sure you want that, Master? I mean, after what you told me about your ex-wife..."

"Well," Henry said, "it'll be my own fault if I decide I don't like it."

And it turned out, later that evening, that partway through their lovemaking he decided he didn't like it. But it was all right. He ordered Lianna into Passive mode, and told her what he wanted her to do, and she did it.

And as she lay next to him as he fell asleep, Dianne knew she had once again pleased her master greatly. How different this new, computerized life was than her old one. Dianne had never in her organic life been confident of her ability to please anyone, even her husband. But now, as a lovely android, she could not help but please her master. The happiness that gave her was unlike anything she had ever known before.

And tomorrow, she knew, she would please him again, even if she didn't know -

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The End

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