Planet of the Amazons - Part 1

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She transmitted an instruction to the guard supervisor: “Capture samples. Use the neural resonator beam only.”

This weapon paralysed Terran class life forms by resonating with their basic instincts, amplifying them to swamp all conscious thought and rendering the victim incapable. Domesticated humans were instantly frozen with fear. She hoped it would be effective on this wild variety; she didn’t want to damage valuable specimens by using
more lethal weapons.

So she’d modified the beam modulation parameters based on what she’d learnt from her research, and increased the power.
It should be effective.

Helen instructed a gynoid to approach the primitive
humans, to test their response and their capabilities.

Without question or hesitation, it obeyed.

Alyssa’s archers readied their bows.

Dawn watched the unit she called Zoe advance toward the archers. She thought how brave the young gynoid was, then remembered that it didn’t understand the concept; it just followed its instructions automatically.
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