It was on Halloween. The night was dark and Mary glimpse the barren countryside through the howling wind. A chill ran up her spine as the area was still and deserted. With the feeling of eyes watching her from everywhere, she wished she never got the telegram saying that some inherited some building out in the middle of nowhere. When the car got a flat tire; she wished she didn't come alone.

In the distance she then heard a load groaning sound. The old house that appeared from behind the tree tops looked forbidden against the moon lit sky. Seemed her Uncle; who once lived there, used it as a shop to sell ladies swimwear. A sign on the road was found barely readable at the lake shore. A sign that read:



The telegram had said that her Uncle's ghost could sometime be seen inside the place on moon lit nights. But everyone knows there is no such things as ghosts. As she approached it, she knew it was beautiful at one time with a beautiful garden in front and inviting displays in the front window. That was seven years ago. Seven years since her uncle vanished and his body was never found.

As Mary moved up the walkway to get out of the coming storm, the bare trees seemed to wave her to return where she came from and never return to the house. At the same time a mysterious voice seemed to flow over the wind and call her inside. With the storm coming, she'd want to go inside anyway.

Mary reached the front door and reached for the door knob to see if it was unlocked. Just before she touched it; however, the door creaked opened all on its on. "Must be this strong wind." Mary convinced herself. The driving rain that started on her backside seemed to push her on inside.

Lighting lit up the large room filled with full and part mannequin. Some were still dressed in swimwear while others were naked. To her surprise a light seemed to come on in one of the upstairs rooms for just an instant. She wondered if the lighting was playing tricks on her or if someone else was in the house with her.

A broken shudder suddenly drew her attention and cause her to stumble backwards into a pantyhose form. As she got out her flashlight from her purse, she turned to see what she hit. "That's odd." She thought as the light it the mannequin half. "That leg has a scare on it that perfectly matches the one on my Uncle's leg."

Mary really didn't want to stay in the house another minute; but the rain didn't give her a choice. That when she heard a creaking like someone was walking around upstairs. Something was indeed coming toward her. She could see its shadow on the wall. Mary took off running into the closest room. She was starting to understand why people been afraid of the deserted house due to the strange sounds often coming from it.

As the strange footsteps entered the previous room, Mary heard a strange pounding. "Wh- Who's there?" Mary asked in a horse whisper. "Is someone out there? Did someone see my car with the flat tire?"

Mary was determined to return to town. She knew she couldn't be afraid if it meant getting back home with her family and friends. With a renewed sense of courage, she went to the door and listened for the sound of anyone on the other side.

Suddenly she heard someone laughing and stopped dead in her tracks. "Maybe this house is full of ghosts." Mary thought to herself. "Maybe I should just get out of here while I can and let the town board have the house to do with as they please."

Just then more footsteps were heard. These were louder than the previous ones. "If only I could fucking see." She whispered to herself as she found her flashlight batteries going dead on her. Just as she was about to turn the door handle, she heard the sound of scratching at the door.

"Could it be a ghost or some kind of vampire?" Mary said to herself wishing there was someone she knew with her. She backed away as the door began to creak open. The mannequin form with a scar on the leg walked in the room on its own. "Uncle?"

The sound of a tree breaking the window glass got the legs attention and allowed Mary the chance to run pass safely. The musty odor filled her noes as she headed upstairs through the dust and cobwebs that seemed everywhere.

The board beneath her feet seemed to bend down low, threatening to break even under her light weight. She began to panic. If her foot got stuck in the boards, she'd never escape. Outside the storm raged and forced her up against the walls with pealing paint.

The roof began to leak and small puddles appeared on the floor. She found herself confused on which way to turn. She moved just in time to avoid being buried in the fallen ceiling. A ghostly moaning was coming from the very walls. She wasn't sure if the house was in pain or trying to frighten her.

As Mary made her way upstairs to a hall gallery of paintings, she could hear the sound of chains rattling. She paused a moment and pondered if she should continue upstairs or head back down to where the legs of uncle were now a sexless pantyhose form wearing a bikini bottom.

She continued up the old staircase. The steps creaked with pain as she moved from the darkness below to the darkness above. "This just gets creepier." She thought as she reached the top and found it dimly lit by the moonlight that shone through the broken upstairs windows. Rocks were scattered by her feet from kids who enjoyed using the upper windows for target practice outside.

Mary had to put her arm on the wall to make her way down hall. She was careful not to get splitters stuck in her. She was careful not to make any more noise than she had to. That meant stepping out of her heels and continuing in her nylon coated feet.

She opened the door to the room containing the rattling sound. She could only stare in disbelief at what laid before her. The woman she recognized as the real estate agent that contacted her by telegram was chained to the wall. Her body was frozen plastic from the waist down, ending with toes fused together into a solid foot.

She shrieked in pleasurable orgasm that shook only her fleshy upper body as Mary turned and ran off with terror in her eyes. There seemed to be no escape as the walls seemed to crumble all around her. She knew the window was too high to jump and soon slid across the floor like a baseball player into home when a heavy beam dropped down beside her.

On her knees she began to sob in uncontrolled terror. "This can't be real." She cried to herself. "People don't turn into mannequins. There is no such things as haunted houses."

The moans and voices grew louder and penetrated her eardrums. Summoning her last bit of courage, she ran down the stairs and out the front door with the sound of chains still ringing in her ears. She didn't stop until she was outside before she collapsed on the ground again. Mud seeped through her nylon and touched the skin of her feet and legs.

"I didn't see that." She said to herself. "There is no such thing as a force to turn a living being into a plastic mannequin."

"That's right." Mary said as she got back to her feet. "There is no such thing as a haunted house. "I bet the real estate woman rigged the house to scare me away. Make me want to sell it so that she can get lake front property at a cheep price."

All at once the storm seemed to worsen. The iron gate at the entrance banged loudly as did the shutters of the house. Without warning a flash of lighting took down a tree nearby. That was followed by a freighting loud crash of thunder.

Nervously she went back inside and sat down on one of the oversize sofas in the room. She considered going back up for her shoes when she noticed them on the floor beside her. "How'd they get down her she wondered as she leaned again the couch while she put them on her feet.

She could hear the house suddenly moan sorrowfully. She decided to check out the downstairs some more and make the prankster stop. She had to feel her way along the walls with only flashes of lighting to lit the way. The moans seemed to come now from inside the walls themselves and made her thing of the remake to the movie THE HAUNTING.

Just when Mary thought she was getting somewhere, the wall she was touching began to give way. Before she could stop it, it spun around and sent her flying into another room. An evil menacing laugher came from all the walls around her. As much as she wanted to run, she didn't know which way to go.

As the laugher got closer, she felt a tingling sensation fill her feet. She wiggled her toes in her shoes and felt the mud her nylon encased feet that gotten inside them. Over powered by fear she just ran, listening to the laugher grow weaker but still too scared to stop. Only to finally stop when she heard footsteps approaching her direction.

"Go away!" a horse whisper grew louder. The voice sounded like that of her Uncle. It wasn't alone. It was with other unknown voices. She re- thought about the real estate agent that she saw chained upstairs. She was now more confused than ever on if it was a trick or not.

Gathering up her courage, she went back up the stairs. Hoping her theory of it all being a trick was true. She went to the door where she thought she heard a tapping coming from. She opened the door and saw the pantyhose form tapping its foot on the wooden floor. She gasped and backed up toward a painting. The figure in the frame reached out and grabbed her arms, causing her to gasp in disbelief.

She saw a figure move through the door at the other end of the room. As the moonlight fell on its plastic, frozen eye form, she noticed it to be the real estate lady. She was now naked and her breasts where fuller and her sex slit was gone. Her toes were fused together and her movements were almost mechanical.

Mary found frustrated and betrayed. The tingling sensation started up in her feet again. If she could see into her shoes; she would of noticed her toes had fused together. As she looked down in her struggle, she noticed a surreal skin tone through her nylon. Although she was held fast, she could still be down far enough as a orgasm hit her to see her sex sealing up and becoming a Barbie doll crotch. The orgasms continued to rock her as it rose up her torso and caused her nipples to deflate.

"No, don't." Mary pleaded in vein as the mannequin removed her clothes. When the bra was removed her tits remained erect and tight. "This can't be happening to me," were her last words before she lost her voice.

"Be glad to be a girl." Her uncle's voice came from the pantyhose form. "Men like me are turned into forms. The house doesn't let anyone go... ever."

'Why?' was all Mary could think as she suddenly heard her own lost voice crying out from within the haunted house's walls like so many others from the past. Her questions would never be answered. She could only hope that the house would be torn down and the mannequins inside sold to department stores before any more lives were taken.