Room Service - 2

by Johnsan

Some time after the events in Part One...

" …He, he!" thought the love doll that had formerly been a living breathing women named Ann. She stood there, arm in arm, with the rigid mannequin that had been her friend Cheryl. Both of them were leaning against a chair in their room at the resort where their deepest fantasy could be granted …at least for a price, that is.

Unfortunately, their fantasies had not originally been to be changed into the forms they now found themselves in. When Ann had discussed the options for her fantasy with the management of the resort, they had informed her of the more unusual choices for the more exotic in taste.

When they had told her of the love doll option, she giggled then smiled and immediately requested it. Often she had fantasized about being one when she was with her lover or playing with one of her toys in her room late at night. So, when offered the chance to have it come true, she jumped at the idea without hesitation, which surprised even her.

They then asked if her companion was also interested in these special selections. Her brow had furrowed in thought wondering just how Cheryl would entertain this proposition. She then looked at the resort representative “Would it be alright if I choose an option for her, as a surprise?” she asked

The resort representative smile broadly and nodded her head affirmatively “That's not a problem, Ann. May I call you Ann? ” she asked pleasantly.

Ann smiled warmly and nodded as the rep continued to speak with her own broad smile visible on her face.

“Ann, we get that request a lot and as long as you both sign the associated releases to indemnify us, it's not a problem.” the rep said smoothly.

Ann softly clapped her hands in glee and chose the new outcome for her friend, which in turn led the two to find themselves posed stiffly in their room waiting to be delivered to their respective fates.

They had been standing there enjoying their new forms and the breeze from the room a/c blowing steadily over their new plastic and latex skins that were now so incredibly sensitive to any touch, even that of air molecules, that it caused them to constantly orgasm when the door suddenly opened.

Their concierge Mel walked in along with a very pretty blonde wearing the typical hotel uniform. He looked at the two former girls and smiled expansively. “Cheryl, Ann, this is Cindy and she will be helping get you ready to continue your fantas
ies,” he announced.

He then looked over at Cindy “Go get the boxes and I'll start taking Cheryl apart.” he told the blonde woman.

Cheryl, who was enjoying herself greatly, was brought back to earth upon hearing this “Did he just say he was going to take me apart ? ! " she thought. Before she could think of anything else, he removed her right arm.

Cheryl was overwhelmed by the torrent of feelings and could only think of how strange but wonderful it was. " Oh my, oh my, yes touch me all over.... keep doing what you doing !! " she thought excitedly.

Mel, for his part, knew from past experience what would keep Cheryl in an orgasmic paradise and proceeded to sensually caress her as he began removing her other arm. His hand proceeded to caress what would have been her moist mound but was now smooth plastic and removed her torso from her hips.

If Cheryl could have moved, she would have jumped Mel and gave him the screwing of a lifetime. Instead, all she could do was sit back and enjoy it.

Mel continued disassembling Cheryl except for the occasional stroke and caress guaranteed to erotically pleasure Cheryl in her new form. Within a few moments, she was in pieces on the bed, lost in an orgasmic dream the likes of which she had never imagined.

Leaving Cheryl to her own devices, he moved on to Ann. Grabbing her and stroking her latex skin and massaging her in her very erogenous zones, the actions led her to a similar tidal wave of orgasmic pleasure as Cheryl had felt. " Oh gaaa… oh, oh, oh please don't ever let it stop! Just fuck me, fuck me now !! " Ann shouted silently.

Mel then kissed Ann on her mouth and, at the same time, reached around to her inflation valve which he opened. She then began to quickly deflate causing Ann to feel both ecstasy and fear at the same time. " Oh, aaahh what's going oooonnnnn!! I'm deflating yet it feels so good! I love this !! " Ann thought to herself.

By this time, Mel's assistant had returned with the boxes  for the both of them. The one for Cheryl was nondescript but the one for Ann was typical of a love doll with her picture and her name ‘Annie Latex Love Doll’ written on it. Both were quickly packed away and sent to their respective destinations.

Cheryl awoke when she again saw daylight. "Wow, I must have fallen asleep; being a mannequin is so relaxing. The stillness and quiet solitude is just what I wanted! I wonder what they're going to do with me now? " she thought in wonderment.

As if to answer her question, a middle aged women wearing a name tag you'd find in a department store began taking Cheryl's parts out of the box and setting them on a cart next to her support rod. "If someone just touching me can make me climax, what will that do when I'm impaled on it? I can't wait to find out!" she immediately thought when she saw the rod.

In no time at all, Cheryl found herself in a display being reassembled and dressed. When it came time to mount her on her support rod, she mentally wailed so loud that if she had the ability to talk, she would have deafened all the nearby visual merchandisers. Even so, one young lady looked up from what she was attending to and looked around “Did you hear that?” she  asked the other girl.

“Hear what?” the other woman asked.

The original girl shook her head. “Nothing. I'm just hearing things.” she responded before turning back to her work with the episode forgotten.

Cheryl was finally able to relax. She was in one piece, mounted, and dressed in the beautiful kind of clothing she could never have afforded. Cheryl saw her reflection in the window display and was impressed to say the least. "I'm so beautiful! No one would recognize me if they saw me. I think I really do belong here. Ann was right to do this to me. It's better than my original idea by far. I'm so happy ! " she thought to herself.

Meanwhile, elsewhere at the resort…

Ann was in her box contemplating her new state and the transformation that got her here. "I can't believe how good it feels being a love doll even when Mel pulled my plug and deflated me. I was terrified when it happened but the incredible wave of pleasure was adequate compensation. But I'm feeling so horny! All I want is someone to use me like a good dolly!"

Shortly thereafter, Ann was delivered gift wrapped, with a note of explanation lying in front of a door. The note read

Dear guest:
   The item you required for your fantasy is within. Enjoy with
   the compliments of the management,

The door opened and Bob looked down at the package with a broad grin. He then read the note and mouthed a silent yes. He hurriedly grabbed the box with the lovely redhead on the front and looked furtively around then headed into his room.

Bob opened the box and hastily unpacked the redheaded latex love doll and laid her on the bed. He looked down at her at her shoulder length auburn hair, large breasts, open inviting mouth, and vagina. She was very attractive especially since Bob knew she wasn't an ordinary love doll but some women who had requested this. Bob could feel the tightness in his crotch and feel the stiffening member pressing against his zipper.

As Bob began caressing Ann's smooth latex skin and examining every inch of her, Ann was mentally screaming "OOOOhhhh inflate and use me already, sexy. I can see you have something for me in your pants and your dolly wants it in her now!!" she thought as the erotic euphoria gripped her hollow body.

Almost as if he had heard her, Bob grabbed the electric air pump and attached the hose to Ann's inflation plug before he switched it on. Ann began to inflate with the requisite torrent of orgasms assaulting her. "Oh yes, yes! Fill me up with air then fill up my pussy! Oh hurry, hurry!!" she thought over and over.

As Ann finished inflating, Bob quickly closed her inflation plug and flipped her back so she was face up again. Bob then caressed her with a big grin on his face. “Annie, I'm going to give you the best two weeks a love doll could ask for! ” he said.

He then began to take off his clothes when there was a knock at the door. Quietly cursing, he put his pants back on and went to the door. Bob looked through the spy hole and shook his head “Oh, shit!! It's my wife how did she find me!? ” he cursed softly.

Ann, while normally lost in her dolly experience, heard what Bob said and was ticked. "WIFE ! You're supposed to be single. This isn't my fantasy! I want to talk to Mel!" she mentally yelled, with some indignation.

Quickly fumbling with the door, Bob plastered an ingenuous smile on his face. “Honey, you're here. I'm so glad to see you, but why are you here? ” he loudly proclaimed.

“ The question is why are you here?! Where is she, where is the little slut?! ” she snarled at him with a look of utter contempt.

“She? She who, dear? You're the only woman here.” Bob replied with a look of complete innocence on his face which strictly speaking was true.

Bob's wife Mary wasn't buying it though. She began to tear the place apart, seemingly blind to the love doll on the bed, so intent on finding the ‘living’ girl that she ignored it. After finding nothing, she came back to it and this time seemed to recognize it.

“What's this?” she said with a look of distaste on her face. “Is this your idea of what a women should be?!” she shouted looking at him pointedly with a look of disgust. “You're even more pathetic than I thought!” she announced contemptuously and with her face screwed up in fury grabbed Ann the doll and savagely pulled her plug and deflated her then shoved her into the box she came in.

Ann witnessed all this with a mixture of dismay, anger and fear. Dismay for having her fantasy end, anger that she was deceived and she had to suffer for it along with the rough treatment she received from Mary, and fear of what Bob's angry spouse would do to her now that she was so vulnerable. "Mel!! Mel if you can hear me I want out. This bitch is crazy ! " Ann mentally cried out.

Bob tried to allay his Mary’s anger and jealousy but the wife's tirade continued.
“This is what I think of your plastic girlfriend!”
She the took the box with Ann inside and shoved it into a trash can then left the room with it. Mary then found a maid's cart and shoved the box with the hapless living latex love doll into the trash bag on it. “There that's where you belong, bitch!”

Bob followed her and was aghast since only he knew the doll was alive. That made him responsible for it and the resort had told him if anything happened to it he would have to make a substantial payment with the possibility of criminal charges, including murder. So it wasn't surprising that he made an attempt to recover it but for Mary that just justified her anger even more. She grabbed him and began to drag him back to the room “Where do you think you're going? If anyone is going to be serviced by you, sunshine, it's going to be me!”

Bob sputtered along trying to explain but gave up, knowing it would be best to wait. After an hour and a half Bob was lying naked in bed with Mary.  She had finally calmed down. Bob choose this as the best time to explain. Bob lovingly gazed into her eyes while softly caressing her “Dear you were right. I was going to be with someone else. You know we haven't had the best relationship lately. So I knew you wouldn't have sex with me much less indulge one of my fantasies. So I came here to this resort where they specialize in fulfilling people's fantasies no matter how bizarre.”

Mary looked at Bob with a look of curiosity and incredulousness “Really?”

“Really! Well mine was to be with a women who had been turned into an inflatable sex doll.” Bob admitted, looking at the foot of the bed, somewhat shamed.

“Bob, stop your teasing!” his wife smiled giggling.

Bob then gazed into her face deadly serious and announced “I am serious, that doll was alive. What's more, I'm responsible for her and if I don't recover and return her safely, I could be arrested and possibly charged with murder along with paying a substantial penalty of up to half a million dollars.”

Her smile melted “You're not kidding, are you?” Mary asked with a look of concern.

Bob with a flat expression “No I'm not.” he acknowledged.

“Well, let's find her and get her back,” his wife ordered with a sober expression on her face as she pulled on a robe.

Bob and Mary finally found Ann two floors away, still in the cart, with a bewildered maid wondering why they were so worried about a tacky sex toy, at least to her eyes.

As Bob was talking with Mel about why he was returning Ann his wife was looking at the box and the doll inside with an air of playful interest. “So they can change women into love dolls -- hmmm. This has possibilities!” Mary thought to herself.

Later that day…

Mel had a frown on his face and an air of exhaustion to the rest of him “What a day. In addition to all the normal problems associated with a luxury resort I've got things like this.”  he thought as he absent mindedly fingered the Annie latex love doll box.

Well at least we were able to find a solution to Bob's fantasy.” Mel surmised as he smiled and scanned the new guest photo of a brunette love doll with her legs open to expose her pussy and her hands on her luscious breasts lying on the pink satin sheets. Mel had to admit she was as lovely a doll as she had been a harridan earlier. He just wondered if her husband would want to make it permanent?

But as for Annie, Mel was at a loss since there was no one to pair her up with until after her two week period was up. Finally a solution came to him.  “I just hope Ann and Cheryl will go for it. Until then I'll just have to keep her amused myself.” he thought and smiled devilishly as he grabbed the air pump.

Two weeks later…

Cheryl was back in the same room she had started her strange adventure from two weeks earlier. She was still a mannequin, but this time she wasn't panicked or in fear for her life. In fact she felt at peace and relaxed like she had never been before. Still she was looking forward to going home. She was also glad to find Ann there next to her and still as a love doll. Cheryl wondered
"Did Ann have a good time. I hope so. We'll have to come back then maybe I'll be the doll and she can be the mannequin," she giggled to herself.

Ann on the other hand was glad to see Cheryl and also hoped she had enjoyed herself too. But Ann was unhappy with the resort. They had guaranteed her fantasy but then it had gone horribly wrong. "If they think I'm going to pay for this they're crazy! While Mel did his best, and oh it was so very good, it still wasn't what I requested!" she fumed to herself.

Mel came in with that stellar smile and looking at the living love doll and living mannequin addressed them both: “Ladies, welcome back. Cheryl I hope you enjoyed yourself and Ann I'm must extend the resorts most heartfelt regrets that your fantasy didn't work out.” he said genuinely.

"Damn straight. What are you going to do about it?" Ann responded silently.

" What happened to Ann? Is she alright?” then somewhat angry “What did you do, Mel?" Cheryl quietly inquired.

As if in reply Mel spoke “Cheryl don't worry; Ann's okay. We just had a problem with a spouse but no harm came to anyone. Now Ann the resort is prepared to give you your alternate fantasy for two more weeks free of charge and since Cheryl’s with you she'll be included. I'll just spray Ann with this special compound and you'll be in your new form in no time at all.”

Mel sprayed Ann's inflatable latex body and as he did Ann felt the changes rather quickly " My alternate? Hmm maybe this will work out! Oh that feels cool on my latex skin. Whoa now I ‘m changing I can feel it! This feels good too!" Ann thought to herself.

Before Ann and Cheryl’s fixed gaze they saw in the mirror the transformation of Ann from soft flexible latex to hard plastic. Ann's skin color changed getting darker in shade and her pink areas on her breast, vagina, and mouth faded away to the dart tan color. She felt her pussy close up and saw it become a smooth expanse like Cheryl’s. Like Cheryl she felt the same surge of orgasmic feelings inundate her. Ann noticed her mouth became a warm open smile instead of that ovular orifice for the male reproduction organ.
She felt her anus move and become a metal receptacle for her stand. Ann also noted the other changes into mannequin form " Wow are those seams? Now I can be taken apart! This is so cool! I love it! All is forgiven Mel!" she thought in a mix of joy and wonder.

For Cheryl the shock was profound "This was her alternate fantasy? I'll never understand that girl! I guess this means we're going back to the store! Good!" Cheryl mentally added.

Mel quietly admitted “You're right Cheryl - it’s all  good!” as he nodded in agreement.

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