Timeless Beauty
Story by Liv | Artwork by Panic

It had always been a dream of Sabrina's to become famous.  She was determined to make that dream a reality, no matter what the cost.  She was young, beautiful, and ruthless.

Sabrina joined the Caulfield Agency when she was thirteen years old.  She was hired for a variety of modeling jobs, and even did a few commercials.  She wanted more.

Max Caulfield was the owner of the agency.  Max had an intense dislike for Sabrina that began the day he met her.  She was gorgeous though, so he put up with her primadonna attitude.  He really had no idea just how far she would go to achieve her dream, until his business began to lose money and clients.

After two years working for the Caulfield Agency, Sabrina was certain that Max was preventing her from excelling in her field.  He wasn't giving her the best jobs, the ones that could launch a career and made her rich in the process.  She knew she was worth much more than a couple of thousand dollars for a photo shoot, after all she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Sabrina decided to strike out on her own (sort of), she stole the Caulfield client list and tapped the phones.  Sabrina would listen to the incoming calls, then contact the client claiming that the agency had requested she call them.  Once she got the job, she would set the price, then she just had to convince them to pay her directly.  "...you would cut out the middle man, no agency fee, no wordy contracts, just cash up front, blah, blah, blah."  It worked.

Soon, Sabrina had all the clients she could possibly want.  Unfortunately, she found out that Max hadn't been holding out on her, she had been getting his best jobs, they just weren't good enough.

Sabrina had virtually ruined the Caulfield Agency and now realized that she needed more.  Los Angeles was a big city and there were a lot more agencies.  Sabrina worked her way through every prestigious agency until she had every client in the state of California.  She had cornered the market.  She had worked her way from small photo shoots and commercials to movies.  She was now a star.

She had fame and money, but still she felt she was entitled to more, that is why she had accepted to go to New York and star on Broadway.  The infamous Broadway mogul Theodore Birchman had personally requested she come to New York and play the lead role in his latest effort, "Timeless Beauty".  The title said it all, she was perfect for the role.

Naturally, Ted, had offered to spring for first class airfare and get her a penthouse suite at the most exclusive hotel in the Big Apple, but Sabrina knew he could do better.  After all she wasn't just anyone!  She was Sabrina.  She demanded and received a private jet at her disposal and appropriate housing for a woman of her stature.

Upon landing, she was met with a limousine and whisked away to Tate's, the most exclusive restaurant in the city, for a quick meeting with Ted.

Sabrina stayed for just a few minutes, long enough to get Ted to gush over her and reassure her that she was perfect for the role.  She pretended to be exhausted from the long trip and excused herself.  She really just wanted to prove that she had the control in this relationship, and she wanted to get a look at the mansion that Ted had secured for her, just to make sure it was up to her standards.

Over the next several days, Ted, had to look for a better place for Sabrina to stay and, he had to replace her staff a record 12 times because they "couldn't do anything right".  He was beginning to understand why his friends had warned him about her.  Finally, she was content with the "relatively adequate" home he had chosen, and she hadn't fired anyone in the last 24 hours.

Sabrina had laughed at Ted when he dared to suggest that she, Sabrina, would need to begin to rehearse.  When he continued to insist that she would have to come down to the theater prior to opening night, Sabrina hit him with a verbal debasing unlike any he had ever received in his life.  He relented, agreeing to send her a "basic overview of her role that she could peruse at her leisure".  She had won again.

One month later the theater was packed, the sets were dressed, the cast was in place, and the curtain was ready to go up.  It was opening night.  Sabrina was in her luxurious dress room, which had been designed to her specifications, (it more closely resembled a large apartment suite) and was taking her time getting ready.   The audience would wait.  After all, she was Sabrina.

She sat in front of her mirror, staring at her own reflection.  "God, I am gorgeous!"  She smiled to herself.  Tonight she would achieve her dream.  She had no idea that hers was not the only dream to be fulfilled tonight.

Sabrina extracted herself from the mirror and made her way to the stage.  The stage was decorated as a lush forest with a sparkling reflecting pool in the middle.  All throughout the forest trees, extras were dressed as fairies, preparing to flitter about and be drawn to Sabrina's beauty.

Sabrina was led to her mark next to the reflecting pool and instructed to hunch down on her knees as she stared into the pool.  She put on her most spectacular smile and listened for her cue.  The orchestra began to play and the curtain lifted.  The fairies began their dance through the trees.

Her smile spread as she stared at her own luscious reflection.  Suddenly the pool began to swirl and change colors, she was mesmerized.  She could hear shouting from the audience and thought she may have missed her cue, but a quick glance over to side stage and she knew that she hadn't.  Someone else must have screwed up, and they would pay for it later.

She turned her attention back to the reflecting pool.  Sabrina was enchanted.  She could still hear shouting, but she couldn't tear her eyes from the pool.  It was swirling quickly now, and the colors changed in a rhythmic pattern.  Her features became distorted, and a dark shadow was forming in the center of the pool.  It appeared to be moving closer, overtaking her own reflection.

The colors changed wildly, and the shadow became a form.  It was someone else's reflection peering back at her now.  The closer the person got, the clearer the reflection became until she was face to face with it.  Through it all, Sabrina kept her poise, the smile never fading from her perfect face.

The realization of who was in the reflecting pool staring back at her came too late.  She couldn't look away even though she desperately wanted to.  The reflection smiled at her, then laughed as her prey stared helplessly, the recognition showing only in her terrified eyes.  Medusa!  Sabrina managed to turn her head slightly to the left when she heard her name being called.  It was the last movement she would ever make. 

The music died down around her, and the lights went down.  Only a small spotlight remained on Sabrina.  Stage hands began to breakdown the set.  In a matter of moments, the once lush forest was replaced with a plain blue backdrop and a pedestal.  The simplicity of the new set was chosen to accentuate the main attraction.  Several people emerged from off stage and picked up Sabrina's stiffened form and placed her on the small pedestal.  She was moved close to the edge of the stage so the audience could get a perfect look.

Sabrina's body began to hum loudly as her body transformed from flesh to stone.  The voices that she had heard shouting from the audience had not been voices at all, it was the sound of her own mind betraying her.

Every inch of Sabrina's body had become smooth stone.  She stared blankly at the audience, her wide terror-stricken eyes had become vacant orbs, and her sensuous smile remained etched on her face for all eternity.  Her long hair that had hung in loose ringlets down her back was now changed to smooth alabaster, each strand perfectly detailed.

Sabrina's voluptuous breasts were now smooth globes, the nipples erect like perfect little marbles strained against her tight shirt.  She was breathtaking!  Her tight, flat stomach gleamed in the soft glow of the spotlight.  The sleek outline of her flexed  buttocks ran smoothly into her perfectly toned legs.  Upon close inspection, you could see every detail of her petite feet, the slight wrinkles of her arches.  Her whole body was balanced expertly on the balls of her feet.  The overall effect of her transformation was stunning.

The audience suddenly broke out of their silent admiration and burst into a raucous applause.  Sabrina received a standing ovation.  She could hear the approval of her adoring fans as if from a distance.

The applause slowly died down and Sabrina could hear Theodore Birchman speaking to her.  "Sabrina, dear, you are a Broadway success.  Its too bad this will be your only performance.  Not to worry though! I plan to keep you here as a reminder to all prospective actresses on what can happen to you when you become too self indulgant and narcissistic.  In case you are wondering how something like this could happen to you, I want you to know that I did not accomplish this feat on my own.  You can thank all of the agents, models, producers, directors and actors you've hurt and destroyed in your foolish napoleonic attempt at infamy.  If you had bothered to take notice of those around you, you would have seen that the entire cast, crew and audience was made up entirely of these people."

Ted moved closer to her and whispered into the petrified folds of her ear, "A special thanks should go to Mr. Orion, who was kind enough to donate his prize find from the archeological dig near Mount Olympus two years ago.  Yes, the tale of Medusa is real and her image was captured in this device.  Looked like an ordinary reflecting pool didn't it my sweet," his laughter filled the theater, and soon everyone else joined in.

The last sounds Sabrina ever heard were those of champagne corks popping as a toast went up, "To our Timeless Beauty, Sabrina!"

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