The Boudoir Photograph
Story and Artwork by Panic | Original Photos courtesy ofSoftwear Productions

I was just starting to lock up the studio, when a beautiful lady appeared at the front door. My jaw nearly dropped as she approached me. She had a perfect body, with long, muscular legs, a narrow waist and a pair of lovely, round breasts. Her brown hair fell just past her slender shoulders, accenting her full, pouty lips. I was spellbound.

"Is this the place that does boudoir photographs?" she asked plainly.

"Yes, it is," I stammered. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, I would like to have my picture taken," she said, as she handed me one of my gift certificates. "My girlfriends gave me this for my birthday on a whim. I'm hoping you can take my picture this evening, if you can fit me in. I'm very nervous about doing this, so it took a bit of courage for me to come down here."

"Don't worry, there's nothing to be afraid of. You are a striking young woman! I'm certain it won't be difficult at all to illuminate a beauty such as you! My name is Lucas. What's your name?"

"Hi, Lucas. My name is Taylor," she blushed slightly. "I just recently moved to town on business."

"Hi, Taylor," I said as I offered my hand. She grasped my fingers gently, offering a slight squeeze. Her fingers were flawlessly manicured. "Why don't we get started now?" I asked, as I locked the door and flipped the sign to closed. "It's getting kinda late, so I'm going to lock up now, okay?"

She nodded, "Okay, Lucas, where do you want to begin?" She sat down in a chair across from me. I quickly evaluated her body and face in order to gauge the lighting that would be needed. She had flawless skin, so I wouldn't need to wash it out with heavy lighting.

"Okay, Taylor," I started, "is this going to be a gift for a boyfriend, husband or lover?" I assumed a girl this gorgeous would be attached, but I thought I ought to ask anyway.

"No," she explained, "I left my boyfriend right after my birthday, so I don't have anyone in mind right now as a recipient." She folded her arms defensively and said, "I was afraid the gift certificate would expire." I got excited as I heard this. Now I realized she probably wouldn't have any devoted lovers looking for her if she came up missing. Plus, she just moved out here, so she wouldn't have too many friends yet. This would be the night for me to test my newest technique. She would be the one.

I smiled and said, "I'm sorry to hear about the break up, Taylor, but I wouldn't worry too much. After this photo session, all your troubles will be gone." I gave her a wink that brought out a radiant smile. "Besides, now we can do any kind of picture you'd like. Do you like to dress up in sexy clothes, Taylor?"

She nodded and said, "Of course!" Her eyes lit up a bit, and it seemed as if her tension about revealing herself to me and my camera was diminishing.

"Great!" I said, as I held out my hand. "Follow me to the change room."

She walked with me to the large change room and let out a gasp. I popped open a bottle of wine, making sure not to spill any of it. It was an ancient vintage full of magic and power. "All of these clothes are fantastic," she beamed, "I don't know where to begin!"

I handed her a glass of wine and said, "Take your time and relax. We have all night, okay, so I order you to have some fun and enjoy this!" She pulled down a pair of sexy pantyhose and rubbed the smooth silk along her face. "I'm going to set up the lighting, okay."

"Okay," she said dreamily, as she rummaged through a pile of lingerie. I went into the studio and began to set up the lighting and props. Then I made certain to test the new mist unit. Tonight would be the night that I'd finally get a chance to test everything out on a real person. My stomach danced with anxiety as I practiced triggering the unit. After all, there would only be one chance to get it right. I centered everything around the left corner of the couch, since that was where I planned on having her pose for me. Just as I finished all my preparations, she tip-toed into the room wearing a beautiful pink and black bra and panty set and pink thigh high stockings. In her hand she held her empty glass of wine. "I couldn't find any shoes to match this in there," she said as she rubbed her left hand across the soles of her feet. Even her feet were perfect.

"Don't worry," I said taking the glass from her, "you look stunning just as you are right now! Why don't you sit over here on the couch. I can't wait to get started." She sat right where I instructed. I quickly checked the light settings, then moved the camera closer to her position on the couch. Now, all I had to do was calm her and guide her into position.

"You look great, Taylor! Now, let's get you posed a bit, okay?" I had her sit with her legs crossed first. I snapped many rapid shots with my camera. A kneeling pose was the next pose that I guided her into. She took posing directions very well! It was almost too bad this would be her last session.

I continued with the posing directions. "Turn your body so it is angled to your left. Great! Now tuck your arms under your knees and pull your knees towards your chest." I snapped several shots as I walked closer to the mist trigger unit. Her wine was laced with a chemical that would work in conjunction with the mist. Separately, the mist and the chemical are harmless, but when combined, they can turn anything they touch into solid gold. "Now, angle your neck so I can see your face behind your legs. That's it, hold that! You look incredible, Taylor!" She tossed me a sultry look as I snapped a picture. "Now lift your feet a bit higher, and make sure your legs are lined up together while you move them, okay?" As she adjusted her pose, I triggered the mist sprayer. The invisible mist began to pour out from under her position on the couch. Her body reacted immediately to the mist as she stopped stock still in her tracks. Her eyes locked into place while she was checking the positioning of her feet, and her arms were frozen while guiding her legs into position. She looked like a vision. A vision soon to become more permanent. I readied my camera and waited.

A golden light began to spread up her helpless body. It began to move up her lovely buttocks and crotch, and quickly began to spread until it conquered her silken calves. Her hands became fused to her legs as they too transformed into luminous gold. A metallic ringing filled the air as her flesh continued to transform. The golden wave crept down Taylor's slim arms and up her slim ankles. As it coursed up her neck, I approached her motionless face and took several snapshots. As the ringing began to fade, I watched as her feet and face settled into what would be their immortal state. I touched the cold folds of her instep. Even the texture of the pantyhose was embossed on her shiny legs and feet. I felt her manicured fingers and traced a line down her smooth thigh. Every detail of her flawless body was now rendered in solid gold!

As daylight began to stream into the window, it danced across Taylor's body. Golden reflections filled the room with warmth. A new golden statue now sat before me, more priceless and precious than anything else I'd ever created. Her beauty would now last forever.

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