The Alternative

by Freezefan6

It was only two months ago that Becky had considered suicide, but now she is a happy statue!

Becky was a beatuiful woman, completely hot, very intelligent but recently completely depressed. She just didn't know how to communicate well with people, tending to stutter when nervous. She was socially inept. She had trouble meeting new people and maintaining relationships. She hated being made fun of and refused to have one night stands.

However, she very much enjoyed being looked at! She got off on it; her only chance to be wanted without anyone knowing who she really was. She would dress up in all kinds of sexy outfits. She loved hypnotizing men into confusion and blank stares with her intentionally risque poses and shapely physique. All contact was from afar; Becky would panic when someone approached and she would just walk away. Being stared at, watched, in her eyes, it was her only chance to be perfect in the eyes of both men and women. For those seconds she was not only an equal but she was in fact superior to them!

Right now as we speak Becky is a mannequin in a sex shop. She is so gorgeous, so real looking, that many people come around, take pictures and stare. At first, they thought she was a freezemodel. They would walk right up to her and touch her, despite the do not touch signs. They would be shocked to find out that her exquisite body was solid to the touch. Sometimes the people would put their arms around the lifelike mannequin, or feel her up. This groping sent shock waves of pleasure through her entire body; Becky was in heaven as she thought back on what had happened.

Gilliam was the owner of the adult bookstore that she frequented. Gilliam thought it was strange for such a hot chick to come into his store alone, always alone, and behave the way she did; so awkward and all. She would buy her stuff, mostly romance paperbacks, and leave quickly, without a word to him. Then one day he told her that she looked sad. She confided her depression with him. He offered her a chance at peace.

He told her that if she agreed to a secret procedure that she would be appreciated and admired by everyone who came in contact with her. He explained that he had discovered a way to help people like her. She knew that her life would be changed by doing this, though she didn't have any details as to exactly what was going to happen; she was only told that after the procedure everything would be different. She also knew (through their conversations) that he was a man of science.

Becky only she wanted to escape from a world where she would have to interact with people. She was told this was an alternative to her choice of suicide. One night after the bookstore had closed, Gillam brought her into the back room. There, among stacks of video boxes and magazines ready to be put on the shelves, he prepared for the procedure.

"Here, drink this," he eventually said as he handed Becky what looked like a milkshake only this one bubbled fog over the brim of the glass.

She sipped the drink slowly.

"No, you must drink it quickly or it will not have the desired effect!" he urged her.

She was so desperate for change that she downed the rest of it like a sailor on a weekend pass. Suddenly, she felt a warmth overcome her, then a cold so intense that chills erupted all over her body. She stood up, dropping the glass on the floor, then stopped in her tracks. She stiffened instantly, vibrating in place like a diving board someone had just jumped off of. Her lips were frozen, slightly parted as if she was going to say say something. Becky was in shock. She couldn't move at all, she felt like rock or a statue. She was completely helpless. The hardness that she felt on the outside was penetrating deep into her inner core, making her become completely solid. She felt like she weighed a ton. As she struggled helplessly, all afforts to move translated into slightly less visible vibrations until she eventually became completely immobile. Scant minutes had passed.

Gilliam took out a pair of scissors and removed her clothing. He heard a solid click as her blouse button bounced off her cold, hard, breast. It was his good fortune that her arms, hands, and body postion were so conducive to his intentions; that she would become a mannequin in his store. An anatomically correct mannequin, down to the last detail, she would be getting a lot of attention.

She wanted so badly to thank Gilliam for turning her into a mannequin. She had finally gotten what she wanted. Everyday men and women would come into the the store just to stare at her. Even Playboy magazine was called in to interview the owner to try to find out who made this lovely work of art. Soon she was famous; she got tons of attention and admiration. She was the first mannequin to be published in a Playboy magazine spread as a sex object. The caption read "Looks Too Good To Be Real" She imagined that men all over the world would be admiring her image.

The popularity of her photographs started a whole new generation of statue lovers, many who visited her in the store, gazing first hand at her motionless beauty. They would never require her to speak. Her only purpose was to look good and be admired. She was one of a kind.

Gilliam told himself that he would never perform the procedure again. He feared that she hated it. He knew that the mannequin she had become was alive and was aware, and he felt bad about her fate. He was going to turn himself in but he feared that the government would steal his formula and use it for evil purposes.

One day when Gilliam was alone in the store, the living mannequin suddenly moved!!

"Gilliam," she shouted, "I can move!" She took a few unsteady steps, not used to wearing latex and very high heels.

"I'm so sorry Becky, I thought you might like being a mannequin," Gilliam cried. "I should have told you beforehand.."

"Like it... Like it?" she screamed.

"I'm sorry," he said, fearing the worst.

"I love it!" she she yelled.

"You love it?" he asked, surprised.

"Oh my god, it feels perfect to be owned by you, put on display! You are so protective of me; you even got that expensive alarm sytstem to prevent me from getting stolen," she insisted, moving closer to him, looking very sexy in her outfit. "It feels great to be frozen like that. I had permanent chills! Everyone looked at me! I felt great!" She exclaimed without stuttering.

"You look marvelous," he managed to say while blushing.

"But now that I can move, I want you to make love to me," she boldly stated, "Bbut I want to be frozen while you do it!" she said.

"Okay sure, but it looks like yor speech impediment is cured. You can face the world!" he exclaimed.

She smiled suggestively. "I know, but now I love it to just be here with you!"

It was his dream come true. He had accidently invented the immobilizing chemical while trying to preserve insects; you see, he was a nerd just like her! Upon discovering it, he immediately thought of trying the potion on beautiful women. He always wanted to be near one, a perfect specimen for his collection, one that wouldn't argue with him or reject him. Until Becky, he just didn't have the heart to hurt anyone. When he heard that she didn't want to live, he thought he would offer her the procedure as an alternative.

Now, she was his forever, and she was happy being turned into a mannequin! Eventually he perfected the formula so he could freeze her for certain durations and release her when he so chose, at cetain times. He was also able to limit the amount of stiffness and density in her body to keep her soft on the inside when she became solid as stone on the outside.



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