Julia's Screen Test

by Mark Andrew Runnells

       Julia Green was in the bedroom of her mansion and it was another beautiful morning in Raliegh, North Carolina.  It was hot out and a breeze was blowing through her open window.  Julia removed her bathrobe and tossed it aside, sitting at the vanity in the corner of her room.  The first thing she did was powder her nose, paying no attention to the fact she was in her lingerie.

       Crash— crash, thud!

       Julia turned her head toward the sound coming from her open window.  She grasped at herself and, for a moment, was motionless.  She then got up, clutching at her bathrobe and, holding it out like a shield, walked toward the window to close it. 

       It was then a hand rose up to the window and then a second one.  Julia screamed.  Quickly thereafter, Mark Runnells pulled himself up to her second floor window and crawled in.  He rolled down on the floor and was scrambling to get up.  He stood before her and smiled.

       "Mark!" she yelled, stepping back and hiding behind her chair before the vanity.  She felt a mixture of shame and anger.  "I did not invite you here.  What!  What do you think you are doing?"  Her cheeks were red and and eyes darted to and fro.

       Mark said nothing, taking a duffle bag from his shoulders, instead.  He reached into his pocket and removed something.  He held it before her eyes. 

       It was the crystal, a device he had used on her over and over again.  He let it twinkle and soon, Julia's tense, angry face relaxed as her features became slack and her mind blanked.  Her arms fell to her sides and she dropped her bathrobe. 

       Mark smiled as he rummaged into his duffle bag and took out his video camera.  He started filiming.  All alone in the room he was with her and it was a pretty sight.  There was Julia's canopy bed in the center, her vanity and make-up kit to the left of that.  There stood Julia, motionless, in her white ruffled push up bra and pink panties.  On her feet she wore tan bunny slippers.  Mark smiled as he filmed her. 

       He commanded her to walk back and forth a few times and then told her to freeze in place.  He loved the way her buttocks and hips rounded out so and the way her long, long legs spilled out and down, tapering in their own, delicate way.  She did everything he asked.  Mark filmed some more. 

       He then told Julia she would not remember his being here as he put away the camera and left for the day.  He had to send his film clip to LTBSA.com for their approval. 

       Oh!  What a day.

                                                THE END

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