by Vogon

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She entered the stylish lobby of the pleasure center. For this time of the evening there were only few customers.

A kissing couple, one guy drinking at the bar and of course herself. Looking around, she noticed the selection terminals at the other side of the room and walks up to the nearest. The terminals were simple screens where one selected a sex bot to share the night with in the rooms above the lobby.

Without real enthusiam she browsed through the available models. Mostly females in all shapes and sizes. From humans of all types, the average blond heavily busted bimbo sex toy, elven-like fragile beauties, a sweet goth vampiress, pre-adolescent looking child bots, to inhuman shimmering robot dolls and furries and at last also animal bots. The paying customer could get everything for only a few credits.

She only browsed through the human female models, considering the animation of a android with a rather skinny body, long shapely legs, nice pert breasts, long flowing brown hair, prominent cheekbones and a pale face with intense looking dark gray eyes.

After a moment she notices that the guy from the bar took a place at another terminal next to her. When she turned to look at him he said, with a lame grin in his face, "It's a shame that there is nothing like you on the list." She wanted to tell him what an asshole he is and where he could put his opinion, but she only shot him one of those die-right-here-idiot looks and stormed out into the cool night.

Outside, walking home to her apartment, she thought about what happened. The reason why she went to the pleasure center and why she had looked over minutes at the advertisment of that particular bot. Of a bot looking very similar to herself.


Two days later she went again. This time she didn't hesitate, selected and paid for the brown haired model called "Susan" she had looked at so long the last time. Only half a minute later the bot emerged from a door near the terminals and came towards her.

"Hi, I'm Susan and I'll be yours tonight." the bot said smiling, took her hand and led her upstairs to one of the rooms.

With a vacant look the bot stood expectingly in the middle of the room. The woman sat on the bed and just watched the bot. "Strip." she said and with slow and seductive movements the bot started removing the black satin teddy it wore. Again she just watched, then walked around the bot, touching the data access port in its neck, then giving it commands to move and just watching it. After about an hour she left, having not really used the bot for the purpose most clients pay for.

The next time she went to the pleasure center she saw how another customer took the "Susan" model - she didn't know if there was only one of it - upstairs, fondling her tits and slapping her on the ass while they got out of sight. She went to a terminal and quickly resolved that a "Susan" was still available. So she paid for her and soon enough a second "Susan" bot appeared and greated her. She told the bot to wait and made another request at the terminal and shortly after that a standard but well hung human male bot joined them. She ordered them to show her the way and upstairs they went.

This time she made herself comfortable on the king size bed, loosened her clothes while ordering the two bots to engage themselves. She also commanded the male bot to act and talk like he was a customer at the pleasure center and the "Susan" to act like the bot she is, not talking just complying, which of course was no big deal and useless to mention. As the two bots got more and more agitated, the male telling "his bitch" to take "what she deserves", the woman started fingering herself and caressing her breasts while intently watching the coupling bots. When "Susan" cried out in bliss as her "client" grunted and shot his seed into her the woman absently minded touched the cylindric metallic access port hidden under her flowing hair.


In this afternoon only a few minutes before her work day ended she looked through dozens of inbound client documents of the real estate agency she worked for. Her job was skimming through the files, analyzing them and doing reports her superiors would rarely read. There were endless columns of numbers, client names and contract variants to be considered and to decide what offers to accept and what relations to cancel. But each day had an end and when she finally unplugged the computing interface from her data port she let out a sigh, grabbed her purse out of a drawer and went out of the building into the subway still half an hour until she was home.

Later that night laying in the darkness of her bedroom she dreamed of the "Susan" bot almost motionless and obliviously moaning getting vigorously fucked by an uncaring anonymous but paying customer. Again and again imagining the same scene. A vibrator humming in her pussy finally got her into a satisfying sleep.


A week later she sat on the bedside in one of the rooms of the pleasure center and ordered "Susan" to come to her and turn around. She plugged a cable into the bot's data port and connected it to a portable computer she took from her bag. She entered some commands and waited for the transfer to complete. When it was done she unplugged the bot, told it she was finished for today and sent her away.

After the door closed and she was alone in the room she stripped, plugged the loose end of the cable into her data port and started a prepared program.

When she felt the initial sex bot programming to start she plunged her left hand deep into her slit and used the other to pinch one of her nipples hard. She bit her lower lip and moaned feeling her mind being fucked up by the intense programming. Feeling her neural pathways shifting, she finally goes over the edge and lays sweeting and heavily breathing on the floor. While the programming continues, thoughts of obedience, servitude and compliance form in her mind and moments later her masturbation turns slower and ceases. Finally her face relaxes and her eyes go blank and unfocussed.

Two minutes later the 'bot' stood up, unplugged the cable from its neck, threw the computer and cable into the trash can and walked out of the room. From the floor the bot went through a service door along a maintenance passage into a cleaning chamber. Dressed again and fully cleaned, the bot went into the darkness of the storage room and silently took her place in an empty slot between two other similar looking models. A probe activated and fitted a cable into the bot's data port. A maintenance program started idling the bots thought processes.

Time passed and now and then one of the other bots started out and went through the exit which leads into the lobby of the pleasure center. Maybe a lot of time had passed when the new bot finally activates, the data port connector retreats and the bot walks out into the brightness of the now busy lobby room.

It recognizes the customer who requested it and walks towards the bar where the man sits. Feeling its nipples stiffening the bot smiles and says "Hi, I'm Susan and I'll be yours tonight."

He stares at her unbelievingly and he finally says "Now you are exactly where you belong."


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