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Dear Mr. Tolkien,

Thanks a lot for accepting answering this questions for the Dibujarte magazine.

On your father's work:
1. You were one of the first readers and critics to The Lord of the Rings; how far did your opinion influence your father's work in progress?
2.  Your father worked to you once that you were one of the few people that could fully understand what Lord of the Rings was about.  What did he mean?
3. Was your father aware that his book was to be, in many ways, a revolution in both literature and the fantasy genre?
4. Did your father use any real-life models to create the characters of his books? Could you tell us about some of them?
5. The Lord of the Rings was called the Book of the Century in 1999. What was your reaction?
6. And what was the reaction of the media? Did the selling of the book increase?
7. Many essays about your father's work have been written. Have you read any of them? Is there any particular one you would recommend?
8. Are there any plans to publish more Tolkien books -- drafts, drawings, photos, etc.?

On films:
9. When were the filming rights of The Lord of the Rings sold and which company bought them?
10. What do you think about the former Hobbit and  Lord of the Rings animated movies (by Rankin & Bass and by Ralph Bakshi)?
11. Have you been asked for consultation on any of The Lord of the Rings' adaptations?
12. So far, how satisfied are you with Peter Jackson's work?
13. Do you know of any big changes that have been made to the original plot? Which ones?
14. What kind of changes, do you consider, would be disrespectful to your father's book?

On fandom:
15. How much are you in contact with the different Tolkien fan associations?
16. Do you know of any Mexican association? Do you know if there are many Tolkien readers in Mexico?
17. What do you expect will be the effect of the new Lord of the Rings movies on the book sales, fandom, etc?
18. Have you ever been told about the making of a "sequel" to The Lord of the Rings (similar to what happened with Gone With the Wind)?
(God forbid -- just a personal comment).
19. It is said that the new Lord of the Rings movies will draw the attention of a whole new generation of readers. How old, do you think, are most of Tolkien readers nowadays?
20. Are you planning to be in control of all the commercial stuff that will probably come out after the movies?

Thank you for your time and kindness.