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Editorial Guidelines


How to Submit Stories


1st  -If you have an HTML editor, send it in this format with the background etc. set as you would like. Please zip the file.

2nd - If you have Microsoft Word 98, 2000 or 2003 on a PC, send as DOC.  Otherwise, send as HTML.

3rd - If you are on a MAC, send in RTF (rich text format).

4th - Otherwise for whatever editor program you are using, send in an export to one of 1~3 above mode
        (e.g. if Word Perfect has a export to HTML; then use that). 

5th - If all else fails, save and send it as a simple text file.


Where - Send via email to, enclosing the story as an attachment. Specify any special instructions.

When - Updates to the story page will occur periodically. You should check the update date at the top of the list for changes.

Corrections - If you see a problem with the posting of your story, please notify the editors via the email addresses above.

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