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The good news: Part Fourteen has arrived!
The bad news: it’s not the ending...

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Welcome to Ketrin’s World. I’m Leem, and I have set up this site in a shameless attempt to get feedback on my ongoing jungle science fiction fantasy adventure novel Ketrin (the story of a Misplaced Orphan With Grafted Lupinoid Instincts), and other stories that take place on the same planet.

June 2014: I’ve tweaked the site design by putting the pages inside borders, thereby confining the text to narrower columns. The full-width text was causing me a few problems, so I figured it must also cause some for readers. Any comments on the new design would be welcome.

Let’s try to clear up one ongoing bit of confusion, shall we? Just as The Nice did not in fact release an album called Five Bridges Suite - the album was called Five Bridges, while “Five Bridges Suite” was one of the tracks - likewise, Ketrin’s World refers to the title of this WEBSITE. The actual STORY of Ketrin and his friends is simply entitled Ketrin. Everybody got that? Sigh. One lives in hope.

Early instalments of Ketrin, along with the other stories, originally appeared on my other site, The Pygmalion Syndrome. Most of the stories on that site were written solely (and unashamedly) for purposes of titillation. Ketrin and the other stories I’ve singled out to showcase on this site do have their fair share of erotic moments as well, but they also have more complex plotting and characterisation, and I hope you’ll agree with me that they possess some literary merit.