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Taral Wayne
Doubtful Taste
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.
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Taral Wayne - Doubtful Subject - click for super-size version
Note by Leem: Scaled to fit - see super-size version. A sequel to Doubtful on FurAffinity (Mature login required), which showed an unfrozen guy with a doubtful expression. Taral’s comment on the earlier picture was: What’s he doubtful about? Possibly anything. What have you got? One or two of the replies suggested he was about to be petrified, so Taral obliged with Doubtful Subject in his Scraps section (also Mature, naturally), saying: A few viewers seemed to expect this, so I thought I’d not disappoint them. Evidently, the subject had much to be doubtful of. Whether it comes to an end is also doubtful.
The final version is Doubtful Taste, posted (smaller) in his main FA Gallery, with full shading and gradient background. There Taral talks about some of the technical issues involved:
A fresh scan didn’t eliminate the problem I had airbrushing this art, but may have shed a little light on the root of the problem. It seems that what looks white on the monitor is not necessarily white to the software, and painting over the two “whites” produces different results. In future, I’ll have to make sure the image is bright enough, despite worries about washing out lines. In the meantime, I was able to overcome the problem by using the bucket fill and paint brush (as required) to level out the background white, and managed to finish airbrushing the piece. I think he came out pretty well ... though he may not be so sure.
Doubtful he may be, but that hasn’t stopped him appearing... um... enthusiastic in one respect!
See above... and below.
Taral Wayne - Doubtful (click for FurAffinity version)
Taral Wayne - Doubtful Subject
Doubtful Subject
Taral Wayne - Doubtful Taste
Doubtful Taste

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