Please tell me you're kidding.  It's actually UP?!?!

NOTE BY LEEM: As you might expect from a cached Links page of this vintage, many of the links nowadays lead only to the forlorn wastelands of 404, from which not even the Internet Archive may be able to rescue the original sites. I have made every effort to find archived versions of sites, and in a few cases I have succeeded. A couple of them are now hosted by me. At any rate, I've indicated which of the sites are :-) still available in one form or another, which :-( aren't, and which :-| are only partially available.
For a more or less current 21st century list of ASFR sites, go to the Pygmalion Syndrome Links page.

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Places to Go, Things to Do, People to See...

Okay, I promised this page for god only knows how long... Thought maybe I should finally get to working on it and get it posted.  Here, as you might suspect, you'll find links to the places where I spend most of my time when I should probably be doing work on this site.  I've categorized these as best as I can, and where banners were applicable, I pulled them from other places who said by all means use them. {The banners for Statuephiles, In Praise of Golder Women and Female Android Cornucopia, were created by Hepzibah.}

As a side note, I have tried to note all sites whose links no longer work, but in the interim I have put the last known web address for the site as the link.  If these sites have changed addresses to new ones, please inform me or have the owner inform me so I can change the link as soon as possible.  This sort of thing tends to happen a lot, especially with the advent of free sites who have no compunction for questionable content or images, as was the case with the Medusa Realm.

How do I become a Hall of Statuary Link Member?

First off, I heartily suggest your site either has some sort of ASFR or statuary-type content somewhere on it, or at least has something that can be of definite use to statuephiles or the people who frequent the Hall of Statuary.  As much as I'd like to, I'm a lot less apt to link to sites that have nothing to do with statuary or transformations into it, or something at least remotely ASFR-ish.  Call me curmudgeonly.

So your site does have some sort of material like that and you do want linked?  Well, this can be done fairly easily, in one of two ways.  If your site has a banner, send the banner to me (or at least tell me where I can find the banner so I can get it) through e-mail.  Then take my banner below and link it up to this homepage: .  (I'm withholding from linking to my mirror site because I do almost all my most frequent updates just to the main page and then get back to updating the geocities site as I can.  Besides, the mirror site was put up because IUPUI had a limit on how much throughput you received daily, which has not yet affected my account.)  All I ask is that you reciprocate me putting your banner on my site.

If your site has no banner, don't worry about it.  Not every site has them.  Again, all I ask is that somewhere on your page you plug this site.  Just a simple 'Check out ArgoForg's Hall of Statuary for some statue-based stuff ' is fine with me.  Hey, we all get our perks where we can.   Thanks a bunch!


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Special thanks again to Darin Brown for the waycool banner!

Leem speaking: The irony won't have escaped you... the only link banner that's missing from this page is the site's own one. I don't even have a filename for it. Has anyone out there got a copy?!


This site is an ASFR-dedicated site.The following sites have publicly called themselves (or have been categorized as) an ASFR-dedicated Site, an ASFR Site or an ASFR-related Sites.  Special thanks to everyone who has followed through with (or at least have not chewed me out for) the idea of naming their site as an ASFR-dedicated site, and I you'd like to take the little icon here and put it on your page to show that you consider yourself a member of the ASFR fold, feel free to do so!  This is entirely voluntary, by the way, but I like to think of it as just sort of show of solidarity.

BLATANT THIEVERY NOTE:  Any sites who have no known banners or whose banners are no longer up, I have shamelessly used small gif images (preferably from your site) to link your site to.  If you would prefer me to use a banner or image of your design, please send it to Leem so he can get it posted ASAP.  Thanks in advance!

The Frozen Girls Club on Yahoo! is very quickly becoming THE place to be if you're a statuephile.  Here you'll find a cool chatroom, photos, messageboard, and just get a feeling of spamless belonging that it's sometimes hard to get in the newsgroup when you have to sift through messages with several thousand exclamation points touting a site that has nothing whatsoever to do with ASFR or Petriphilia.  I give this place the way high thumbs-up and heartily suggest you join, and what's more, speak out!  Highly Recommended! 
There are several other Groups you might want to check out. Not all of them buzz with activity and some suffer badly from spam, but their Files and Photos sections contain lots of good stuff.

ASFR Showplace | Celebrity ASFR | Comic Book Statuary | Gorgon Art | House of Living Dolls | Jay Petto's Playroom | Living Statues | Mannequin Madness | Mannequin Madness II | MM Five | Northern Chill Stories Stuff | Petrification Parlour | Petrification Parlor Two | Statue Fetish Archive | Statue Fetish Gallery

Mannequin Lover's Site is sort of the Orginal that started the whole snowball of ASFR sites a-rolling, and is still the peak that most other sites try to emulate, like it or not.  Despite the name, ML's site delves into all manner of ASFR stuff... his ASFR images run the gamut from mannequins to statues to bots of all types, and his Story Archive is one of the biggest you'll find this side of the Library of Congress.  He's added a new Living Mannequin section, a message board, and a lot of other fun things.  His links page is probably a lot bigger than this one will ever be, to boot.  This was the page that first turned me on to ASFR, so I'll try not to fawn too much, but face it, ML's is your primo starting point right here.  Highly Recommended!

The Medusa Realm is Panicman's foray into the realm of the statue lover, and is one of the best bar-none statuephile sites out there.  It's back up now, in its new area at, and hopefully, it will stay up for a long time to come.  This place absolutely ROCKS!  (No pun intended.) Highly Recommended!

Phoenix Feathers is filled with some heady thought and has a couple waycool pics of Nova-Phoenix, the android, herself.  She can do some bloody awesome 3D artwork as well, some of which are available on Solo's page (See below).

Statuephiles - Iceman still has the ORIGINAL Statuephile homepage (much bowing, groveling and fawning, because none of this would have been possible without inspiration from his site!  Thaaaaanks, Ice!).  There are some pics on his site you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else, vidcaps from TV shows, and PLUS!  It has the ORIGINAL Guide to Freeze Scenes in Live Action TV and Movies which is available nowhere else and is the inspiration for the Hall of Statuary's Cartoon Freeze List.

In Praise of 'Golder' Women - is a site to behold all in its own.  Besides being devoted to women turned to or painted Gold and Silver, he also has some great links to other bodypainting pages and pictures of other bodypainted women.  He also has a couple of really decent stories on his page about King Midas, which as a fan of myth, is a natch for me.  His site was one of the big inspirations for this site, as well, so show some appreciation and thanks by hitting his site and telling him Argo sent you.  You won't be sorry. {Goldlover is desperately looking for stable and free web space. The link here will take you too his message board.}

The Female Android Cornucopia - Solo's site, (FAC, to those in the know), is one of the best places on the net to find original artwork devoted to the robot side of the ASFR fetish.  There are some truly humbling pictures here, including a lot of primo 3D stuff from Nova and some photomanips from various people in the ASFR world.  But there's more!  Stories and Links and even a statement of purpose... you GOTSTA like someone who can put a Statement of Purpose on their page!

House of Living Mannequins - Kimy & SC's site recently made a move to its new site address (so don't be fooled by what the banner says, just click on it), offers Java-enhanced versions, and has been updating pretty rapidly.  While most of their site is devoted to Living Dolls and Mannequins, they have a few robot pics and some artwork done by folks in the ASFR room, as well.

The ASFR Webring and Main Siteis NOW BACK ONLINE!   This is like the Hub of the whole operation, and you had to love the address.  It's simple, it's profound, and face it, it brought a smile to any ASFR-lovers' face. Here's where you can find a lot of stories dealing mainly with the robophilic and hypnotic, although there are a few Living Statue and Mannequin stories interspersed in, as well, and various links and other fun things.   Thanks to RobotDoll for getting this place back up so quickly.   A lot of ASFR folk are happy to see their name in the URL lights again.

The Gynoid Gallery is a page devoted to female androids, especially in film and on TV.  Noidguy's put together a plethora of Vid Captures and has a long and ever-growing list of Androids in Film and TV.  The Gynoid Gallery also has a really nice user-friendly intro page, so you don't hop around any pages you don't want to.

The Living Doll House is a nice little cozy site where you can find some great pics of Living Statuary (Think of Living Mannequins with stone-look pain.  Rocking!), as well as the namesake Living Dolls.  Some of the pics have to be seen to be believed!

Studs In Stone is *the* site to visit if you prefer to see the males of the species on the recieving end of the petrifying devices/serums/magicks!

Robo-Lover's Homepage   This is one of the ORIGINAL ASFR-ish sites, devoted to stories about androids, robots and nanitical types, usually of the female persuasion.  A great little place to hang out and catch up on your reading, but watch out for the nanite infestations.  Those little buggers will assimilate you in nothing flat.

The Cobalt Jade Website Cobalt Jade has been responsible for some of the most talked-about stories here on the Hall of Statuary and would deserve an unabashed plug even if her stuff didn't appear here.   CJ's stuff has a very gripping writing style that makes you take a look at a story and say "Wow," then settle in to read it all again... Take a gander here and I guarantee, if you read for enjoyment, you'll enjoy what you find.

THE SPANDEX TIGHTShomepage deserves a blatant plug here.  Besides being one of the best 'Superheroines in Bondage' books around, our buddy CMQ has done some primo artwork for them.  Check out the page, you won't be disappointed.

Darin Brown's homepage also gets a HUUUUUUGE plug from me because of his fine artwork with my opening page animated gif and my site link-banner.  He's also got some pretty awesome artwork on his page, as well, so check it out for the aesthetics' sake, eh?   Tell him Argo sent you: It won't get you any discounts or anything, but it'll go a long way toward showing your appreciation for the fine work he's done around the sometimes-stagnant Hall here.

The Official Lady Cyrrh Website is a place where Lady Cyrrh rates and reviews other erotica and erotic fiction sites.  Check her page out and you can find which sites to check out and which to avoid.  I reccommend this site pretty highly, because she hasn't backed off from giving her honest opinions on the statue-lover and ASFR sites.