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United When the Lights Go Out
I seem to recall that this strip was submitted by a member of the old Medusa Realm Message Board. After doing a bit of research I have discovered that it was published in a British girls’ horror anthology comic alled Misty in 1978, although without knowing that I had previously assumed from the style that it was at least 5-10 years older. (I did have the exact issue and date, but I’ve currently misplaced that information.) The original page scans were black and grey, so they’ve needed a bit of tweaking, and the resolution isn’t great, but fwiw...
Misty was one of at least half a dozen girls’ comics of the time, all of which published stories with the same type of hopelessly old-fashioned moral message: rebel against the status quo and fate will punish you for it.

When the Lights Go Out - 1    Nancy and the Statues - 2    When the Lights Go Out - 3    When the Lights Go Out - 4

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