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Sites listed on this page do NOT feature nudity (except in the context of fine art) or sexual content
I’d like to apologise for not keeping this page as up-to-date as I’d like. I hope to do a proper update in the near future, but with me the near future has a way of becoming the far future...
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Quick Links:
Use these links to go directly to the sites, or scroll down for more detailed information about them

The Wotch | Wikipedia | The Kabalarians | | The Cybertoilets | Buttocks in the History of Art | The Test Card Gallery | Lemony | Movie Mistakes | The Boy with Immovable Hair

Detailed Links:

The Wotch Banner
The Wotch
The Wotch by Anne Onymous and Robin Ericson is an ongoing webcomic featuring lots of weird and wonderful transformations in and around a high school campus. Canadian student Scott (note the maple leaf sweatshirt) is especially prone to transgendered freeze transformations....

The Wotch: Scott makes a wish...LEFT:
Scott arrives and makes a wish
that he’ll soon regret
(April 18, 2003)

Scott gets a permanent position in the park
(May 22, 2003)
The Wotch: Scott beautifies the park
The Wotch: Scott gets the Medusa treatmentLEFT:
Scott sees his Medusa-transformed girlfriend, after he’s already been turned into a female elf
(September 16, 2003)

Scott is restored to (female) flesh and blood
- at least for now...
(October 15, 2003)
The Wotch: Scott is freed - for now

I can’t recommend this webcomic highly enough. It's silly, funny, zany, wild and crazy and has more magical transformations than you can shake a wand at. Oh, and there’s also a dark lord who’s plotting to destroy the world. I discovered The Wotch one weekend and sprained my mouse finger from clicking on all the archived pages. So be warned - go and enjoy it, but keep a supply of splints for those fingers!

Wikipedia Logo

Have you ever read an encyclopedia article and thought, “What a load of factually-inaccurate tripe! I could do better than that!” Well, now you can! Wikipedia is an open-source encyclopedia, which means that you - yes, YOU - can look up any subject on Earth, and if you don’t agree with the content of the article, you can rewrite it! Bear in mind, though, that spam and abuse will not be tolerated, and if somebody doesn’t like your article they’ll rewrite it!

Bookfinder Logo

“The ultimate resource for book shoppers! Over 20 million new, used, rare, and out of print books at your fingertips...” says here. If you’re tired of paddling up the Amazon in search of books, try this site as an alternative.

Cybertoilets Logo
The Cybertoilets

The world wide web has bookstores, art museums, reference libraries, clubs, casinos, radio and TV stations, record stores and adult entertainment centres. And now it has acquired the one thing it previously lacked...its own public toilets. How very...convenient!

Buttocks in the History of Art logoButtocks in the History of Art logoButtocks in the History of Art logo
Buttocks in the History of Art

As the name suggests, this site features prominent (sic) bottoms from nude paintings and statues. My only problem with this is that it does not place the buttocks in context by showing the whole of the figures’ naked backs and legs as well!

The Test Card Gallery logo
The Test Card Gallery

Experience all the excitement and mystery of television test patterns (mainly British) through the ages! (My favourite is the girl at the blackboard - but then, isn’t it everybody’s?)

Please run for your life

A most uninspiring website, inexplicably devoted to that most depressing of writers, Lemony Snicket. Born and raised in a town where the inhabitants were suspicious and prone to riot, Mr. Snicket has gone on to write at least eleven distressing children’s novels, collectively entitled “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, chronicling the increasingly awful misfortunes of the three Baudelaire orphans, and shows no sign of stopping. He is even reported to have issued an Unauthorized Autobiography. Mr. Snicket is widely regarded as one of the most difficult children’s authors to capture and imprison.

Should you, like myself, fail to heed the timely warning given above, you might just possibly find this site surprisingly witty - a word which means “both clever and funny” - and if you give the books a try they could prove to be Very Fine Diversions. But then, perhaps that’s just a reflection of my poor taste....

Movie Mistakes logo
Movie Mistakes

Possibly the finest collection of Hollywood howlers anywhere. And if your favourite movie mistakes aren’t included you’re more than welcome to contribute to the site.

The Boy with Immovable Hair logo
The Boy with Immovable Hair

And now for something incredibly silly. Permit me to quote the site intro...
It’s zany! It’s wacky! It’s funny! It’s offbeat! It’s crazy! It’s amusing! It’s both humorous and humourous! It’s a cartoon! It’s a comic strip! It’s an adventure! It’s drawn in ASCII! It’s a complete waste of your time! It’s a soup and a meal! It’s a block of text written for the sole purpose of getting hits from search engines! But mostly, it’s...

So now you know...or do you??????

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