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Well, here are the results to the first-ever FoFW Poll. I would like to thank everyone who played along and made the tough decisions when it came to choosing their particular favorite frozen women criteria. I had 20 responses as of Tuesday, November 4th and have rounded off the percentages when appropriate. When respondees chose more than one answer (and I couldn't contact them in time to narrow their votes down), rather than throw out their vote, I chose to split their single vote into a fraction of a whole vote ( one respondee originally chose all of the above on ALL the questions!-you know who you are!).

On to the results!


1) How do you prefer women to be frozen:

a-immobile, yet posable

b-immobile, completely rigid

c-mannequin (plastic OR fiberglass resin-thanks ML!)

d-statue (stone, gold, etc.)

e-encased in hardened substance (ice, plaster, etc.)

f-deactivated robot

g-other (please specify!)

As I figured, the various ways of freezing a woman led to a variety of preferences.

 - 42.5% would like to paralyze a woman but still be able to pose her body.

- 26.3% liked to turn women into statues

- 10% chose to do so in another method than I specified (robot).

- 7.5% chose the deactivation path.

- 6.3% chose to make her stiff and unyielding.

- 6.3% chose to encase her in some sort of hardened substance.

-1.3% mannequinized.


2) How do you prefer the freezing process to be initiated:

a-magic spell

b-ray beam weapon/device

c-orally administered ( drugged drink/food)

d-sprayed or dipped liquid

e-hypnosis/mind control

f-mechanical chip/gadget attached to the skin

g-other (please specify!)

This question posed the most difficult for most of the respondees. With so many different methods of freezing a woman, the votes were all across the board.

- 24.8% of the respondees chose the sci-fi raybeam method.

- 23.5% attached some sort of gadget to her skin.

- 14.8% froze in the magical way.

- 13.5% wanted her to look into their eyes.

- 11.3% liked to use liquid in some way to freeze her.

- 10% decided to immobilize in another way (most notably:time stop--how could I have forgotten THAT one?)

- 2.3% sneakily slipped something into her dinner.


3) How long do you prefer women to be frozen:


b-indefinite yet reversible

c-strict time limit

Of all the responses, this question proved to be the most agreed upon.

- 73% chose to have women frozen indefinitely but with the option of restoring them to mobility

- 20% chose to permanently freeze our women into trophies.

- 7.5% chose to release their frozen women after a specific time limit.


4) Do you prefer women to be frozen:


b-forced unwillingly

c-tricked unwillingly

This question was a race to the finish, with the top vote-getter changing almost every time I got a batch of results.

- 42% chose to freeze women by force.

- 29.2% chose to trick their women into becoming frozen.

- 29.2% preferred the more politically correct choice of "a".


5) Do you prefer frozen women to have an expression of:



c-mixture of fear and surprise

d-no expression (blank faced)

- 42.5% preferred the good old blank faced look.

- 35% of us preferred our women to be immobilized with that special blend of fear and surprise frozen on their face.

- 22.5% preferred pure surprise. Guess we STILL don't like to give them a heart attack because 0% responded with choice "b".


6) Do you prefer frozen women to be frozen in a pose:

a-in reaction to the freeze effect (i.e. in the middle of doing something)

b-standing (i.e. at attention with hands at sides and legs together)


d-selected pose (chosen by victim/subject)

e-unselected pose (positioned by someone else)

f-other (please specify!)

- 42.4% of those polled choose to have their women paralyzed in the middle of a reaction.

- 21% chose to pose their frozen women themselves.

- 22.7% picked the simple standing position.

- 6% chose to let their women have a voice in the matter of posing.

- 5% required other criteria (doll-like), and

- 2.5% want their women frozen while masturbating (surprise, surprise!).


7) Do you prefer frozen women to be:


b-partially undressed (topless/bottomless)

c-provocatively dressed (lingerie/swimwear)

d-fully dressed

Well, this could hardly come as a surprise...

- 47.5% of us like our frozen women uninhibited by clothing.

- 35% preferred them in a provocative outfit.

-15% prefer they wear at least a top or bottom.

- 2.5% of us had the decency to keep our frozen women completely dressed.


8) Do you prefer frozen women to be:

a-unconscious/inactive during frozen state

b-subconscious active but not fully aware

c-fully conscious and aware

This was one of the questions where I thought the majority of respondees would answer similarly and I was not far off of my prediction. By far the most popular answer was to have our frozen women fully conscious and aware of their predicament.

- 46.7% were in favor of keeping frozen women aware.

- 29.2% desired the subconscious active.

- 23.3% of the vote chose to keep them unconscious.


Sooo...if we are to deduce anything from this totally unscientific, yet illuminating, poll, we FoFW would like to use a raybeam to forcibly freeze a nude woman against her will in the middle of an action with a blank expression on her face. While she remains indefinitely in her frozen, yet reposable state, she is completely aware of her fate...

Hey, STILL works for me...

I really had a lot of fun creating this poll and met a lot of fun people along the way.



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