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Women Statues on Film (Part 2)

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This is the original iceman's List (from sept 96).
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TV Series Star Trek (original series) "Wink of an eye" [2**] Aliens are accelerated in time. From their view, everyone else is frozen. A few brief shots of crew members "By Any Other Name" [2**] Aliens want to take over the Enterprise to take them back to their home planet. They wear a belt which has a Paralyzer weapon in it. Only 2 brief scenes involving female crew members frozen. If I were Kirk, I would have traded the Enterprise for one. ["Charlie X"] [3***] In another Star Trek episode there is an alien boy with magic powers. He does lots of mischief. He seems to like making people disappear. (What a waste of talent). Still, in one scene near the end, he freezes a female crew member as she walks by. Brief scene but of my favorites. (Trivia question) Star Trek, The Next Generation: "Timescape" [2**] In this episode the Enterprise and crew are frozen in time. 2 or 3 good shots of babes froze. "The Naked Now" [2*] The Enterprise comes across the wreckage of a ship where everybody went crazy and killed themselves. While investigating that ship, Geordi goes into a room and finds a whole bunch of people frozen (because they turned off the ship's heat). These are portrayed by real actors that you can see breathe every now and then. He then steps into the bathroom section of this room and discovers a woman who falls out of the shower frozen into his arms. "Encounter at Farpoint" [1*] In a mock court room trial with 'Q', Lt. Yar gets frozen by a cold spray. The Avengers. "Super Secret Cypher Snatch" [3***] In one episode with Tara King, she goes undercover in an office to find out why things are being stolen. Turns out that the crooks have a gas which hypnotizes people like statues. At the end of the show, the entire office and all of the babes are frozen. Great shot of Tara frozen. Gotta have this one! Get Smart 2 episodes, both disappointing. [2**] The 'Imobilo' drug which paralyzes people, 99 gets it at the end. Another episode where Kaos is turning people into mannequins by spraying them with a plastic solution. Neither episode is done to my liking but worth looking for. Wild Wild West: At least 2 known episodes. (Unknown titles) [1*] One of the villains invents a drug that paralyzes people, He freezes a whole town by putting it in the water. One brief scene at the beginning is all we get. Too Bad. [2**] Another villain invents a time machine that accelerates him in time. Good scenes of statue women, but donít expect any bikinis. [?] There is another episode where the female lead is turned into gold by the Philosopherís Stone at the end of the story. Man From Uncle [3***] "SAM Affair" (Suspended Animation Machine) A scientist invents a small hand held device which freezes people. The entire episode is loaded with people getting zapped. This show is one of the best freeze 'em ups Iíve ever seen. Probably the most number of frozen women, as well as the longest duration, second only to perhaps the Mannequin movies. Dick Tracy "Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome" [2**] The old TV series from around 1950. Someone invents a gas that freezes people. Of course, crooks use it to rob a bank. Unfortunately, back then bank tellers were all men. One lady gets frozen, its worth seeing. No other scenes. Lost in Space The Robinsons must be used to becoming statues, they got frozen by aliens all the time. "Space Beauty" (episode with a beauty contest) [2**] A mysterious knight has powers. He freezes the crew toward end of show including the girls. Penny is in a good action freeze, and Judy walks out in a hypnotic trance. "Target Earth" [2**] An episode with shapeless blob creatures who all look alike. They board the ship and freeze everyone once, at the beginning. Judy is the star statue in this one. "All That Glitters" [1*] Dr. Smith acquires the Midas touch' and everything he touches turns to platinum. Penny gets statueized. She's a little young in this one but still makes a nice statue. [0] An episode where alien criminals are kept in 'frozen sleep' on a prison ship. I dont recall seeing any females in the bunch. Twilight Zone "A Kind of Stopwatch" [2**] A magic stopwatch has the power to freeze time. The guy who finds it uses it to rob a bank, and also freezes the people at his office, a few secretaries. I think Rod Serling invented the magic stopwatch idea. Its been copied many times since. Ever since seeing this episode I have been buying old stop watches, hoping they would work that way. No luck so far. "After Hours" [2**] A Mannequin in a department store comes to life. The new Twilight Zone series (about 10 years ago) had a remake of this one but it wasn't very good (from a statue perspective). I think the episode was called 'A little Peace and Quiet'. [Note by Leem: the remake had the same title. "A Little Peace and Quiet" was a different episode that had a timestop theme.] Jason of Star Command "The disappearing Man" [3***] This Saturday morning sci fi from around 1980 featured a spaceship full of teens. In this episode, a man from another ship is accelerated in time. When he boards the ship, every one is frozen. Lotsa babe statuettes. I doubt if this is still around, too bad. Super Force. Unknown title [3***] Another Saturday morning sci fi, from around 1990. An episode featuring the Fat Boys has a deranged carnival host who kidnaps pretty girls and freezes them. He keeps a nice collection in his tent. You may call him deranged, but I think he's got the right idea. This one may also be lost forever. -- No, it's available within our group! Mork and Mindy. [2**] The episode where a kid comes from ORK to visit Mork. Near the end, he points his orkan finger at Mindy and freezes her. I'm wondering why Mork didnt think of that a long time ago! Happy Days [3***] The episode where Mork visits Ritchie (may be more than one) Mork (yes, Robin Williams), pays a visit to Ritche and Fonzie. He freezes the family including Adrienne Barbeau and Erin Moran. They make great statues. I'm sure we'll see this one again sometime. Friday the 13th, the series: Unknown title [3***] This episode was shown very recently. Its from around 1992 I think. A sculptor lady possesses the 'shard of Medusa'. She has models pose for her and turns them into stone statues. One excellent transformation scene at the beginning. Later on, she tries to get that redhead babe, but unfortunately she gets away. Interesting thing is that the sculptor lady gets away at the end with the medusa so there might be another episode. Note that this episode has another plot about a boy who meets a ghost and it starts off with that plot, so donít be fooled. There is another episode worth mentioning from this series, where a bad guy has a watch that stops time. No good statue scenes though. That watch seems to show up in lots of shows! A Friday the 13th episode has a guy who kills people and stuffs them. Has a scene where he dances with one. Out of This World. [2**+] This is a TV sitcom from around 1992. A girl in this show is an alien who can freeze time. She does it in most episodes. I watched about half a dozen shows and didnít see any good freeze scenes, until I got a tape from participant and...yes there is an excellent freeze scene in a punk rock club. 2 or 3 babes in miniskirts clearly visible frozen! Tales from the Darkside. "Everybody needs a Little Love " [2**] An episode aired recently (made about 1989) features a man who lives with a mannequin. The mannequin comes to life at the end and kills him. The show implies asking the question of whether or not the Mannequin is alive, or if the guy is crazy. We know he's not. "Miss May Medusa". [1*] Medusa is a mannequin come to life when the mirror she was staring into is blocked. She turns a would-be (male) thief into a mannequin. At the end of the story she accidentally looks into the same mirror and becomes a mannequin again. Fair. Kolchak the Night Stalker [2**] One episode features mannequins that come to life. Another has a greek goddess who gets turned into stone at the end. The Time Tunnel [1*] Aliens come to earth to steal our atmosphere. They can freeze people by touching them with their finger. They freeze a town and one female. Too bad these aliens werenít horny. The Invaders [1*] I recall an episode where the aliens froze everyone in a town, but I donít think it was very well done. Dr Who. (These comments are from WK and me (ice) ) "The horns of Nimon" - "sacrifices" frozen and stored. "The Eternals" - Tegan frozen in time. "Time and the Rani" [2**] - Mel is frozen by a bat creature and stored in a cave. (one of the best inductions I've seen, highly recommended)-- WK They pick her up and she is clearly rigid. -ice "The Ark in space" - Humans are stored on a space station, the Doctors assistant is "processed" by mistake. "Face of Evil" [1*+] - Janis thorns freeze and kill (except when Leela is frozen) Leela is paralyzed by one of the thorns. She falls down, but her face shows that nice vacant frozen look on it. "Logopolis" - Nyssa is controlled by a bracelet "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" [1*+] - Chinese guy hypnotizes girls so his master can use their "life essence". Good hypnosis scenes. "The Armageddon Factor" - Astra (who later plays Romana) controlled by device on the neck. "Four to Doomsday" - race of androids on there way to Earth to "relieve us of the fleshtime". Good scene with Nyssa hypnotized. One is deactivated. "Time-Flight" - Nyssa frozen by foamy cloud. Actually, its just a bunch of soap bubbles. Sorry WK, no stars for this one. Benny Hill Show [2**] Benny comes through nicely. In one episode, he comes across a TV remote control that can freeze time when you push the stop button. He uses it on a tropical island with 3 babes, but after they are frozen, he doesnt seem to be interested anymore. I suppose that with the huge number of Benny Hill shows that were made, it will be tough to find this one. Bewitched [1*] Samantha often freezes people. I donít recall any very memorable ones. An episode where Samantha brings a statue of Venus to life. Wonder Woman [1*] "The Fine Art of Crime" A couple of fellow statuephiles have mentioned episodes from this series. I saw one show where they had a device that freezes people, but there was only a brief scene with WW frozen and not to my liking. Dave Allen at large [?] A babe touches King Midas's cheek and turns to gold. Time Trax episode [?] spinning ball freezes those without special glasses for a minute. One decent scene. Deadly Games episode - Loren is frozen by the game character "Shirley Freeze". Looks like they used a pretty decent frost-covered mannequin for the job. ---------------------------------------------------- TV MOVIES and OLD MOVIES ---------------------------------------------------- The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything. [3***] 1980's TV movie pair. Robert Hayes and Pam Dawber (from Mork and Mindy). The old time stopping stopwatch again! When he first figures out what it does he freezes time on a beach scene (near beginning). Even better is the scene near the end where Pam Dawber is frozen, and he poses her on a bench. Not much in between from what I remember. Catch it if you can. The Girl, The gold Watch and Dynamite. [2**] Sequel to the above, this time Morgan Fairchild gets it toward the end of the movie. I donít recall too much else, but she's worth it. I Dream of Jeanie, 20 years later. [2**] I never saw Barbara Eden freeze people in the TV series. In this 1980's movie she finally gets her act together. In one scene at a party, she freezes everyone. Its near the end. This movie is aired occasionally on the Lifetime channel. In Like Flint [1*] Evil ladies plan world domination, and keep uncooperative girls frozen in tubes. This is only shown briefly near the end, but worth seeing, it's still shown on tv and probably available on video. The Cape Canaveral Monsters [2**] A 60's horror flick, I used to see it on TV. Aliens are transporting people back to their planet. First, they freeze them. In one scene, 2 teens (m & f) are paralyzed in a cave. Then they are frozen in tubes. One star for each scene. Ghost in the Invisible Bikini. A 50's beach move. I think this is the one where the ghost girl is back on earth and freezes time occasionally. Might be worth watching. I havenít seen the whole thing. Goddess of Love. [2**] The movie where Vanna White plays the Greek goddess of love. She gets turned to stone a couple of times. Bucket of Blood [1*] A 50's horror movie where a nerdy artist finds out that if he kills people and makes statues out of them, that everyone will like his 'realistic' work. He does it to a cat first, and later to a female model. The cat scene is better. Kiss the Girls and make them die [3***] A James Bond type spy movie from 60's or 70's. A deranged scientist wants to be the only man capable of reproducing. He keeps a collection of girls frozen in glass tubes. One scene of an Asian girl being added to his collection, and late in the movie the entire collection is revealed. If you can find this one, catch it. Mill of the Stone Women [2**] Old horror flick. They like turning women into stone statues. I think there was one good scene where they transform a girl into a stone statue. Thatís about all. Abbott and Costello go to Mars [2**] In this movie, their rocket ship lands back on earth, and 2 crooks find a ray gun on it. The ray gun shoots paralyzer rays. Naturally, they take it right to the bank to rob it. Too bad bank tellers were men back then. Everyone gets frozen, one girl. Not a great scene, but I love the ray gun concept. Oh, they freeze a rabbit too, if anyone is into that. Carry on Screaming [?] 60's British comedy. This movie shows up in the internet movie database. About someone who turns girls into mannequins and sells them to department stores. We're all looking for this movie! [Note by Leem: this film has now been released on DVD on both sides of the Atlantic] ------------------------------------------ Recent Movies ------------------------------------------ Meatballs III [2**] In this sequel to Meatballs, an ex porn queen comes back to help a nerd. She brings with her the power to freeze people. Could have been a lot better. I recall one scene where the nerd is kissing his date, and she gets frozen. There are one or two others. Rocky Horror Picture Show [3***] A classic. Janet and the others get turned into stone statues by a 'medusa' ray. It's near the end. The whole movie is erotic. If you havenít seen this one yet, check it out. It's available at video stores. Trancers I-IV [?] A recent Sci Fi where time travelers have the ability to freeze time. I saw the first movie, and there wasnít much to talk about. I recall one brief scene where the guys girlfriend is frozen in time. There are 4 of these movies, so if anyone is willing to sit through them, please let me know what you find. Tourist Trap [2**] Horror flick from around 1980. A disappointment in my book. Chuck Conners plays a loony who has the power to turn people into mannequins. Instead of using his powers wisely, he seems to like throwing axes at their heads. One good mannequin scene where he shows his statue wife, and a few brief glimpses otherwise. Another waste of good talent! Two of Us [2**] John Travolta and Olivia Newton John Angels from heaven are fooling around on earth for some reason, and of course, they can freeze time. One very good scene in a restaurant (near end) where they freeze everyone, with at least 2 women clearly visible. An earlier scene has Olivia in statue form. Flesh Gordon. [2**] The bad guy in this flick has a thing for ice. They use weapons that freeze people in ice. Great scene of a frozen babe named Dale, and a few others not worth mentioning. Fourplay [1*] A movie from around late 70's I think had a scene with Pat Paulson and Ursala Andress, who is his robot. He takes a bath with her. Good for robo-fans. Bufords Beach Bunnies [1*] Honorable mention; no statues, but one (maybe two) scenes where a magician hypnotizes girls into taking off their clothes. I liked it. Aria [3***] A collection of erotic shorts. In one scene, 2 girls are standing as statues, nude, for no apparent reason. Revenge of the Teenage Vixens form outer space. An adult Sci fi. [2**] The alien girls like turning teenagers into vegetables (literally). In one scene, several teens are frozen like statues, before being turned into carrots. The scene has no explanation as to how they got frozen, and is not repeated, but hey, we take what we can get! Cyborg 2- the first of this series isn't worth renting, but this one has some good deactivated scenes at the beginning. There is a 3rd one. The Puppet Masters has a brief scene of a room full of hypnotized-looking people, and Our Man Flint has some hypnotic scenes as well, but with most I have been disappointed. Thief of Baghdad: [?] [Note by Leem: The 1978 remake? Definitely not the 1940 version] I think that this is the title of the movie. The hero, on a quest for the Blue Rose to cure his beloved, comes across a realm of women. The leader tries to slip the hero a drink with powder she secretly added, only to have the hero switch drinks on her. She drinks from the tainted cup and is turned into stone. pretty good effect for the era this was shot in. "Altered States" [1*] That scene where William Hurt is hallucinating about a desert scene with his girlfriend. She becomes like a sand statue, and erodes away. If she wasn't in a crawling position, it would get another star. XXX: "The Golden Touch". [?] Crystal Gold turns herself into gold at the very end of the video. Excellent body paint job, but a disappointingly short scene. "The Midas Touch". [?] Various women are turned into gold... the first one is okay... the rest are so-so. Body paint jobs aren't that great. And of course... Mannequin [3***] I liked the babe in the second one better. Mannequin 2 (On the Move) [4****] Somebody tell me where I can get one of those necklaces! -------------------------------------------------- Music Video -------------------------------------------------- David Lee Roth "California Girls" [4****] This is the 'creme de la creme' of women statue videos. A long scene at the end of the video has 2 rows of bikini clad babes lined up , just the way we like em, frozen!. Thanks David! Aerosmith "Love in an Elevator" [2**] 2 store mannequins become bikini babes. pretty good one. ---- Worst movie of all time --- Looker [0] This is My most disappointing, waste of time ever. If anyone else sat through this one, you know what I mean. Stars James Coburn and Susan Dey (Partridge family and LA Law). A 1980's movie which could have been the BEST statue movie of all time. They invent a gun that hypnotically freezes people, and the people they use it on are supermodels. Sounds great right! NOT ONE SCENE OF A WOMEN STATUE IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE. I suggest we burn all copies of this movie so that no one else will waste their time with it! By the way, my video collection has some special treats not listed here.
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