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There are many places that sell videos over the internet, or by mail order.  Many of our movies and TV shows can be purchased.  You may also be able to find some new statuephile stuff.


MOVIES UNLIMITED. This is a mail-order video store based in Philadelphia. They literally have EVERY SINGLE RELEASED TITLE including those hard-to-find films. They also have an impressive selection of x-rated tapes. Far superior to searching video stores for those hard-to find titles. Their toll free number is 1-800-4-MOVIES. As a general rule, Except for some small amateur productions, if you can't find it at Movies Unlimited, it doesn't exist. I suggest you try to get their catalog (300 pages). [Note by Leem: since this was first written they've got themselves a website. Good hunting!]   - courtesy of SM

The internet movie database ( has listings and reviews of thousands of movies.  You can search the database by subject.   If you search for 'statue' or 'mannequin' you'll get a few entries.

Ronnie Cramers Cult Film page AT, lists cult films.   It's also searchable and has a couple of entries for 'statue' or 'mannequin' that someone should try for us.


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