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Taral Wayne
Art Taral Wayne. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

See note below picture
Taral Wayne - Uluria
Note by Leem: Posted on Taral’s FurAffinity pages, where Taral explains the title:

Uluria is not actually her name, it’s just short for "Uluriamimsi" the name of her people.
I couldn’t name the file that, however, because my next post was already named that.

Anyway, she seems to have “made a hard decision.”

The next post referred to is a non-petrified version of the same pose,
in which Taral provides a lengthy description of the species in question:

This is a design for one of the major players in my alternate history, in which Saara Mar “discovered” the Earth in 1970. It’s a bit too humanoid, but I may end up going with it since I haven’t been able to satisfy myself with more elongated and deer-like heads. The Uluriamimsi are a people fascinated by abstracts and make superb mathematicians. The same faculty that makes them good at figures, relationships and processes also makes them whizzes at certain kinds of business -- banking, mainly. Which is why in my alternate history they Uluriamimsi own something like 30% of Earth by the year 2000. However, they are not really interested in owning material things, and are apt to acquire a controlling interest in the hotel business, say ... and then give it away to the Girl Scouts to use in some charitable capacity, or to Michael Moore just to see what he would do if he were stinking rich. Or maybe to *you* so you could retire and use your remaining years to refine your artistic skills. They drive Republicans and Randroids nuts...

As mentioned above, this is a reworking of the non-petrified Uluriamimsi.

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