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Welcome to the Statue Art Page! Here you will find artwork by many artists featuring a similar theme: women turned into stone, gold, silver or plastic statues! I would like to thank all of the great artists who have submitted their hard  work to The Medusa Realm for posting.  I think you'll agree, these pictures are great! If you would like to contribute photos, artwork, or scans to The Medusa Realm, please e-mail me at .

Alabastard Page One Naga Original Art
Alderfek Page One Nova Page One
Alex the Great Page One Panic Page One
Animated Gifs Page One   Page Two
Basilisk Art & Scans   Page Three
Bob Page One Pete M. Page One
  Page Two Pop Page One
  Stone Illustrated Redraven Page One
Bowler Shoe Page One Rodin Page One
  Page Two   Page Two
Chymist Page One Servo Page One
  Page Two S.M.D.C. Page One
Collector Page One Sports Illustrated Statue Series
Crinklestein Page One Statue Lover Page One
Drake Page One   Page Two
  Page Two   Page Three
  Page Three   Page Four
  Page Four   Page Five
  Page Five Statuemarmo Page One
  Page Six Terran Page One
  Casting/Alphabet Various Artists Page One
  Anime One   Page Two
  Anime Two   Page Three
  Anime Three   Page Four
Eocene Page One   Page Five
  Page Two   Page Six
  Page Three   Page Seven
Great Cthulu Page One   Page Eight
HOS (Argo) Art Page   Page Nine
Ilpietrificatore (images removed at artist's request) Web Finds Page One
JKD Page One   Page Two
JLS Page One   Page Three
  Page Two   Page Four
  Page Three   Page Five
JMD Page One   Page Six
Leem Page One   Page Seven
  Page Two   Page Eight
  Photos & Vidcaps   Page Nine
Mad Bird CZ Page One Will_am_son Page One
  Page Two TBEs Page One
  Page Three   Page Two
Mr. Freeze Page One Medusa XL and The Gorgon Garden - surviving imagesPage One
  Page Two

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