Balancing The Books

by Johnsan

Monica waited nervously outside her supervisor’s office. She went over the past few weeks events in her mind trying to see where she had gone wrong. “What have I done to be called on the carpet after all! I’d just discovered some irregularities in the books. You’d have thought they would give me a promotion instead!” she told herself with some bitterness.

She thought back to how she had first come here to work in this store. It was well known for the realistic mannequins it used and they’d won awards for their window displays as well. In a way that had been what had first attracted her to them. When she’d found out they were hiring an accountant she had immediately applied for the job.

Monica often found herself attracted to the displays and the frozen plastic women who stood in them. “They just seem so beautiful and peaceful. As if they wouldn’t want to be anyplace else. If they were alive that is.” that stray thought made her giggle. As if mannequins were alive, ridiculous!

Monica had also met her new boss, Lucy. She was a very friendly warm person. While she stood only five feet tall in stocking feet she seemed to enjoy wearing very high heeled shoes and boots.  Her wardrobe was often short skirts and boots usually leather skirts which Monica had to admit were quite chic on the small framed Asian woman.

Monica on the other hand was a somewhat more conservative dresser - not that she dressed down - she just wasn’t one to wear anything too provocative, at least in public. Although at home or in more intimate circumstances attractive, sexy lingerie were something she took to with gusto. Lucy would often tease her about the way she dressed telling her she was dressing like an old lady and not the hot young thing she was. Monica would just blush and wave aside such things.

“Now come on Monica, you should wear something to show off those wonderful curves of yours honey!” Lucy invited with a warm smile. “I’m so jealous! You have that beautiful body and you always hide it,” she said to Monica grinning.

Monica blushed deeply her pale skin becoming bright red. “Oh stop it please! I’m just average looking,” she said with a smile.

“Oh I think you underestimate yourself Monica. You should try it. Here!” Lucy handed her a business card for a clothing store. “Go there and tell them I sent you. They should help you find something to bring out that sexiness we all know is lying right below the surface,” Lucy grinned “Oh and you should use this to pay for it. Your bonus check!” Lucy handed her a check drawn from an account she’d never seen before with a generous amount written on it.

Monica smiled brightly “Well this is wonderful but are you sure you got the right person? I mean, I’ve only been here for 6 months.” she asked curiously.

“Plenty of time for me to see what a hard working and conscientious employee you are. You personally have saved the company ten times the amount on that check, so take it and have fun Monica! That’s an order!” Lucy smiled as she commanded her.

“Well thanks,  Lucy this is so wonderful!” Monica began blushing again “I will visit that store.” Monica promised Lucy with a smile.


Later that week Monica did and used the bonus money to purchase some very nice things there. She even bought a few leather skirts and a dress. As she was leaving she saw a latex mini-dress and ran her hand over it feeling very naughty as she did. The rest she had spent on teddies, nighties, bras, and panties. Although Monica was toying with the idea of buying one of the corsets as well. It just seemed to enhance her figure even more.

“I think these are my best asset,” she told herself as she modeled the corset in the changing room admiring her breasts. “I think I’ll take it. Why not spoil myself. Who knows when I’ll get the chance again.” Monica thought to herself as she struck a pose in the mirror. “I wonder if I were a mannequin if they’d dress me like this all the time?” she giggled.

Monica dressed then grabbed the corset and her belongings as she walked up to the register to pay for it. The woman that waited on her had classically beautiful looks, almost as if she’d stepped out of a window herself, as she smiled and began to ring up her purchase. “Oh wait -- this has some loose thread here. Let me get you a better one,” she announced with a smile as she disappeared behind the curtained off section behind the counter.

Monica looked around and like many times before was drawn to the mannequins and forms throughout the store. “These ones are just as realistic as the ones at the store. They must know the manufacturer. You could almost swear they were alive!” she marveled. Monica then wandered over to the lingerie section and passed her gaze over the bra forms as the sat on a shelf showing off their bras.

Monica looked around and ran her finger over one of them imagining how she might feel if those were her breasts. In the back of her mind she began to imagine it might be her as the form but it was a fleeting thought. She laughed at the thought “I’m being silly!” she told herself as she started looking at the other bras.


The salesgirl finally returned with her lingerie. “Here you go ma’am, good as new!” she smiled warmly. “Would you like to wear this home?” she  asked.

“Well I was…uh..” she quickly thought “Why not if I wear my blouse over it no one need know!.” she admitted with a smile. “Yes, I will wear it home thank you.” grinning as she grabbed it and returned to the dressing room to put it on. As she closed the door to the dressing room the sales girl began making a call.

Monica stepped out of the dressing room just as the salesgirl was hanging up the phone. The salesgirl smiled at her again “Well, don’t you look wonderful in that! It really complements your excellent figure! Makes you look like a new woman!” she flattered Monica with that practiced smile.

“Thank you!” Monica smiled back as she felt how the corset held her in and pushed her breasts up. She had to admit the salesgirl was right as she smiled and paid for everything.

The sales girl finished the transaction and gave back the change then handed the bagged items back to Monica. “Thank you for your business, ma’am. Please come again we enjoy your business. As we like to say, you have a home here.” she giggled as she helped Monica.

Monica smiled “Oh I’ll definitely keep this place in mind. Thanks for your help and goodbye.” she waved and left to head home for the day. As she was walking to her car she felt like she could feel peoples' eyes on her new appearance but instead of feeling embarrassed she kind of liked it. Which quite amazed her as she was driving home but she thought it was probably just her excitement at dressing so provocatively.

The next day at work people noticed her change in wardrobe and complemented her on it.  She could feel the looks of appreciation as she walked by but instead of feeling nervous or self-conscious she felt prettier than she’d ever been. All during the day she just smiled and generally felt good about herself and everything.

Even Lucy commented on her new look and demeanor. “Monica you look wonderful. See I told you, you can dress in business attire and still look sexy,” she smiled and motioned for Monica to give her a three hundred and sixty degree view. “Marvelous -- you keep this up and I’m sure promotion will follow. You see in this corporation, it’s not just performance but also appearance!” she smiled at Monica while admiring her. “Now, back to work or you’ll never get anywhere!” she grinned as she mockingly threatened Monica.

Monica smiled “I will!” and she went back to work happy with how things had turned out. As she was working, she came across something in one ledger that gave her pause. It was just a small discrepancy; she wrote a memo to Lucy about it and continued on with her work. When she went home that night she never felt better.

Month after month things went on like this, more or less. Lucy, being the best boss she’d ever had, was giving her excellent evaluations and wonderful bonuses. She’d encourage Monica to spend the money on more sexy clothes and other things to pamper herself. Lucy even gave her the number to an exclusive health club where using her new found assets to acquire a membership. Monica would receive many wraps and exclusive spa treatments which seemed to make her skin even more perfect than it had ever been before. “I can’t believe just how fortunate I’ve been to find a company like this and a great boss like Lucy!” was all Monica could marvel at as she lay on a massage table

The only thing that seemed to cast a pall over this was her finding more discrepancies in the books. They were really minor of themselves, so she really didn’t give them that much notice; all she did was note them and send an email to Lucy about them.

As the months went by though she began to see a pattern that led Monica to believe it was no longer a minor problem. With her analytic bent Monica began to explore just what was going on. She began to spend long nights going over and over the figures. Lucy and her fellow employees were suitably impressed by her dedication, if they didn’t begin to believe she was just trying to brown nose her way to the top.

The results of all this work was a suspicion that someone high up was embezzling funds from the company. Monica then sent a detailed report to Lucy about what she found and her suspicions.

It wasn’t long before she began to receive the answers to her emails but the result was quite unexpected when she read them. Instead of acknowledging her hard work and raising concerns about the matter she began to receive notices of reprimands. Monica was taken aback at that. While technically valid, each was a rather minor faux pas on Monica’s part, she knew would have been ignored but for some reason was not. Then the evaluations from Lucy became unfavorable to her.

It all seemed to rapidly snowball until she was ordered to Lucy’s office for what she could only expect was an official dressing down if not termination. So it was Monica found herself outside of Lucy’s office waiting to see her.

Finally she was called in and found a chair and sat down with an air of tension that was palatable in the room. Lucy sat looking at the screen of her laptop, her features betraying nothing about her thoughts. Monica sat looking at Lucy’s desk nervously waiting. Finally Lucy looked up this time without smiling; a mask of accusation on her face.

“I’m really sorry that it’s come to this, Monica!” Lucy announced while shaking her head. “I believed you enjoyed working here with us. But as of late your performance has been dropping off now that wouldn’t have been that serious but then there’s this!” She slapped the documentation Monica had sent to her about the discrepancies.

Monica was taken by surprise. “Yes, I would have thought I would have been congratulated on finding that out!” she blurted defensively, with an expression of surprise and a little outrage.

Lucy sneered “Yes; let’s discuss this tissue of lies and unproven allegations.  Never have I seen a more libelous document. You see I investigated and found that you are the one responsible for these discrepancies to hide your own acts of theft against the company!” she said with more venom than Monica had ever thought Lucy was capable of.

Before Monica could defend herself, her boss continued “Now with the evidence that I’ve accumulated against you, I can do one of two things. I can call the police and have you arrested or we can do this in house. The decision is up to you.” She folded her arms and gave Monica a look of derision.

“In house? What’s. . . that?” Monica asked with a puzzled look mixed with apprehension.

“That’s right, you never found that out, did you? Well you’ve seen all the attractive mannequins here at the store, I’m sure.” Lucy grinned in a way that Monica found discomforting.

“Well, yes, that’s one of the things that drew me here frankly,” Monica admitted.

Lucy’s grin became more predatory “Excellent; then you’ll really appreciate this then. As I was saying all our mannequins are the most realistic looking because they all started out… as actual living women!” she related with that same avaricious grin.

“What?! You’ve got to be kidding!” Monica exclaimed. “I don’t believe that for a minute!” Monica shook her head incredulously.

Lucy stood up “Follow me then and I’ll show you!” she challenged a confused and ill at ease Monica.

“Wait, I’m not guilty of anything, so how can you even think to get me to agree to any kind of in house action!” a hesitant Monica objected.

“Quite simple; with the mountain of evidence I’ve found, just one call to our lawyers and your quick termination followed by our security holding you for the police. You’ll be arraigned by evening and in jail in no time at all.” Lucy described with a toothy grin, obviously enjoying Monica’s discomfort.

Monica knew she was innocent but considering how sure Lucy was, she felt her boss was indeed foreseeing events as they probably would transpire. “I just can’t take the chance she’s right. I might as well play along with this ridiculous dog and pony show she wants to show me. Maybe I can figure a way out of this!” Monica told herself as she considered her response.

“Alright, I’ll follow you and see what you want me to consider before I tell you my decision.” Monica answered with an emotionless mask, trying not to betray her feelings to Lucy.


Moments later the two women were standing in a large workroom deep in the bowels of the department store. Monica looked around, amazed at what she was seeing. “I had no idea this was here! I just thought all they had down here was the plumbing and storage areas, not this!” she thought to herself with an expression of amazement on her face as she saw what anyone would have described as a lab.

“This is where we first discovered the method which allows us to transform beautiful women into beautiful mannequins! They first discovered it back in the early eighties; then it was quite an involved operation. Now it’s a little more streamlined, thank goodness.” Lucy explained as her role changed from accuser to travel guide. With a knowing smile, she continued “I’ve even gone through the process myself!  I think it’s wonderful, but then I’m partisan. I’ve always wanted to try it once I found out about where this company gets its display figures!” she admitted with a puckish grin.

Monica just stared at her amazed and shocked at Lucy’s combination explanation and confession. “Aren’t you a little short to be a mannequin? I mean they’re usually around five feet nine inches tall or so,” she asked skeptically.

“Oh we can alter your height, body type, and your face as well these days.” Lucy waved her hand dismissively. “Not like the old days where we had to find girls who were already tall and looking a lot like mannequins already.” Lucy grinned at the thought.  “You wouldn’t have recognized me in the window, I can assure you!” she added with a smile born of pleasant memories.

Monica just stared at all the equipment, surreptitiously looking for an exit and finding none, while Lucy went on. They then spotted a woman and man accompanying a nude woman. They seemed to be helping her into a large pedestal. The model was only wearing a pair of high heeled sandals as she stepped up and with the woman’s assistance adopted a mannequin like pose. They left her standing there, holding her pose, while they retreated to a control panel. From there, they began making adjustments to the control panel and in moments the nude woman began to change as well.

She began to grow taller, leaner, more willowy. Her face began to undergo a subtle morph as well as her cheekbones became more pronounced and her eyes more slanted and larger. Her nose became more esthetically shaped and her lips adjusted as they became fuller along with a taking on a deep red color. Even her make up changed, becoming more intensive and pronounced. As her limbs lengthened her breasts began to alter as well becoming firmer even pert as they seemed to lift on their own. The woman’s over-all muscle tone changed as well, along with her skin tone, becoming even if not subtly glowing from the lights in the room. The nude woman’s hair was not left out as it changed too, becoming more like she had just stepped out of a salon. The rich brunette color with gleaming highlights looked more like it belonged in a shampoo commercial.

As all this was happening a sound escaped the nude woman’s lips, much like a soft moan of pleasure. Monica could tell even as the young woman held the subtle alluring smile on her face, her eyes were lit up with a passion that Monica knew could only be an orgasm. The moan only substantiated that conclusion. “If we wanted to we could stop there, leaving her looking like a model and totally unrecognizable to anyone else!” Lucy giggled then continued “Of course we’re not stopping there!” she added with a wicked grin.

As she said that the techs at the control panel did something and a low humming sound emanated from where the nude young girl was standing. The girl seemed frozen, to Monica’s eyes unmoving, as she began to change again. This time he skin began to take on a glossy appearance just like plastic while Monica could have sworn her eyes were taking on a glass like façade. As if to confirm her suspicions Monica looked on in a mix of surprise, fear, and she didn’t know why -- elation -- as she saw this young girl become indistinguishable from any of the mannequins Monica would have seen in one of the windows. “They changed her into a Mannequin!! I can’t believe it! “ Monica thought in wonder, but a part of her seemed to whisper “That could be you Monica! Beautiful and immortal - you know you’d like that!!” she shook that image off, trying to distance herself from the thoughts that wanted to betray her.

A very smug and satisfied Lucy looked at Monica. “There, as I told you, we can make any woman into a mannequin. The model can remain that way for up to a year with no ill effects. Some have been transformed for even longer periods, but that does require some additional preparations.” Lucy grinned at Monica “The transformation can even become permanent!” she added with an air of wistful longing. “Now, what is your decision then?” Lucy demanded with a grin.

Monica looked around as if in thought whilst actually looking for an escape route “Damn, no obvious exits! I guess I need to stall her a little more,” she thought to herself as Monica considered her options.

“How long will I be a… mannequin?” Monica asked Lucy, vying for time. 

“Oh, I think at least a year; then we’ll bring you back for a short time, then back you’ll go for another year minimum,” she answered impatiently while waving one of the techs over. “That should be enough time for your indiscretions to vanish from our books.”

Monica was shocked “Two years of my life as a plastic dummy!! There has to be a way out of this!” Monica desperately thought to herself. “Two years! You can’t be serious!” she blurted out to Lucy who just gave her a cold look of derision.

“It’s either that, or I’ll guarantee you spend the next ten years in a prison cell!” Lucy threatened bluntly.

Monica just stared in stunned apprehension, her mind racing wildly. “I don’t know what to do, damn it!” she sighed in reluctant acceptance of her fate “I might as well go through with it 'till I find some chance to escape this!” Monica fumed to herself. “Alright, you win, what do I have to do?” she asked, downcast as she relented.

“Excellent; well first you need to disrobe and Susan here will show you where to do that. Then I need your purse and ID. Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of your things for you. Oh, there is one benefit I forgot to mention. One thing we do for our models is to give a percentage of the sales of the item displayed to the mannequin whose displaying it. It’s placed into an account you’ll be able to access after you’re released. Your's won’t accrue at the same rate as one of our regular mannequin models would, but then they’re not guilty of pilfering company funds,” Lucy gave her a nasty smile at that last statement.

Monica was surprised at the offer of payment for anything in light of her situation, but was grateful for small favors. She began to disrobe, giving her things to the tech Susan who smiled coldly at her and whisked them away. Monica stood there naked, shivering in the air conditioned room under Lucy’s stare; she seemed to recording every inch of her body with her eyes. Before she knew it, Lucy came even closer to her and began touching her on her thigh. Lucy smiled at her with a sexy grin “You know, Monica, you have nothing to be ashamed about you have an excellent body. You’ll make a lovely mannequin I’m sure! Your breasts have really benefited from that corset you bought; they seem so much larger and even lovelier than before!” Lucy told her in a flattering manner.

Monica shivered even more and it wasn’t just the chill in the air. Lucy continued to fondle her, this was something Monica found unexpected and a bit unnerving. But she couldn’t help but find herself aroused by Lucy’s touches, much to her chagrin. Frankly, she wasn’t attracted to Lucy in that way, especially now. It even felt demeaning to have Lucy be doing that, but her body betrayed her anyway. Monica was feeling something akin to an erotic climax begin to sweep over her. Finally she blurted, “Please stop!” she begged Lucy.

Lucy gave her an amused smile “Oh? Your lips say no,” she ran her finger over Monica’s erect nipples “…your body says yes!” she giggled. Lucy then seemed to hesitate as if to torture Monica a moment longer “Alright, if you want. Although I do find you attractive never let it be said I took advantage of you...” she then added  cryptically “…for now.” Lucy grinned wickedly, making Monica shudder in apprehension again.

“Okay, lets get her ready,” she instructed the two technicians who began to move with purpose. Susan walked over with a glass and a pill which she handed to Monica. “Take this please,” she ordered with that same smile plastered on her face.

Monica did just that reluctantly, swallowing the pill and drinking all the water. “Yuck, that tastes terrible!” she unconsciously screwed up her face at the bitter taste.

“Yes, that’s one thing we still need to work on, I suppose.” Lucy added with a smile. “The after taste disappears rather quickly so don’t worry.” As she had said, the taste quickly dissipated for Monica. It was replaced by a warmth in her loins Monica found quite agreeable. The look that came over her face reflected the feelings as well. “Ah, you seem to have found one of the more pleasant things about the transformation process,” Lucy grinned.

Susan then led Monica over to the pedestal just recently vacated by the new mannequin that now stood stiffly in the corner. Susan handed her a pair of open toed sandals with six inch heels for Monica to wear. All Monica could do was just smile and put them on. She found the growing pleasant warmth somewhat distracting and just felt like doing whatever someone told her for some reason. “MMMM -- yes oh, I feel so good for some reason! Oh, Susan she just wants me to look so beautiful. I love that!” were all the thoughts she could muster in her daze.

Susan began to move Monica into a display pose, moving an arm there, putting a leg here, pushing her shoulders back to make her chest jut forwards. For Monica’s part, she just wanted her to do that and she found she could easily hold the awkward pose she was put in without a problem.

After Monica had been posed just so, with some help from Lucy, they went to the control panel. In moments Monica began to feel an even more pleasant tingling throughout her whole body.

It seemed to start in her loins and her chest and began to spread outward. “It feels so wonderful though, like someone was gently running their fingertips over my body!” Monica told herself as she stood there. She wanted to turn her head and see how she looked in a nearby mirror but when Monica tried, nothing happened. She remained still. “What’s this; I can’t seem to move. Well, that’s not right! Lucy, why can’t I move?!” Monica asked, forgetting that her lips weren’t working either so all that escaped was a low mumble.

This was quickly followed by the tingling increasing, becoming more like an erotic massage all over her body. Just like the first young lady, a moan of pleasure escaped Monica’s lips as well. “MMMMMM!! Oh, I can’t believe how good that feels!” she told herself.

Lucy just looked, on amused by Monica’s actions. “You see, I knew you’d love this part Monica! I always did!” she said with a giggle. Monica had to admit it was true and her earlier fears seemed to dissipate as well, even though she didn’t know why.

“I don’t know why but the thought of being a beautiful mannequin for two years doesn’t seem so bad now!” Monica thought to herself as she stood frozen in her pose. Even in her motionless pose, Monica could see Lucy and the techs at the control panel as they seemed to make further adjustments. The results affected her immediately.

The massage seemed to increase in intensity as Monica found her body had become more touch sensitive. “Oh my skin feels like it’s tightening and so sensitive. OOHHHH!!” she moaned -- silently -- as now everything was frozen in her body, including her voice.

In moments Monica’s skin began to change in color as it became like plastic. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see it changing and a glossy appearance take over her naked body. “Seams -- I can see seams now! Oh….oh…..oh…my crotch its changing. OHHHHH!!! AAAHHHHHHHH!!” she gasped silently as a particularly powerful orgasm rocked her when her vagina became a smooth mound.

One after another, the orgasms seemed to hit her growing in intensity as her body changed further. Now seams had formed on her wrists, ankles, waist and right thigh. “Oh….oh…..oh I feel like I’m hollow now!! This is unbelievable I’m becoming just like a display figure now!” she admitted to herself as her breasts became hollow plastic mounds and her eyes changed to colored glass. She knew her hair was now just a nylon wig and her face was forever frozen in position as was her body.

Lucy nodded in appreciation as she approached Monica, the mannequin. Monica could see her smile as she came up to her and now she was no longer fearful about any intentions. Monica now felt contentment and if she could speak, she might have even thanked Lucy for what she’d done. “This seems so natural to me now!” Monica thought to herself.

Lucy walked up to Monica and brushed her fingers over Monica’s hardened breasts, admiring how well she had turned out. As Lucy touched her, Monica began to feel an incredible erotic feeling inundate her mind, almost as powerful as the one during her transformation. Lucy didn’t stop touching the mannequinized figure as she ran her fingers down the stiffened body over her hips and thighs to casually rub Monica’s plastic crotch, practically making her lose consciousness.

“AAAAHHHH!!! I can’t believe how much I love it when she touches me!! Monica thought as she quietly orgasmed. Lucy then turned and waved the two techs away. They both quietly left her alone with the new mannequin.

Lucy turned to Monica’s stiffened plastic body and grinned devilishly. “Finally we’re alone, dear!” Lucy giggled. She then ran her hands over both plastic breast mounds of Monica’s now transformed body with a wicked smile. “See, having me play with you isn’t so bad now, is it? I should just take you home with me to be my private little doll!” she told Monica as she rubbed her frozen, plasticized body.

“OHHHHH!!!…it feels…so…so - heavenly!” was all Monica could think as the feelings of sexual pleasure again bathed her. They washed away those thoughts of apprehension that she felt when she listened to what Lucy wanted to do with her. Then to Monica’s shock and astounded mind, Lucy kissed her plastic lips then began to lick her stiff polymer nipples. For a moment she felt embarrassed by what Lucy was doing 'till the sheer pleasure of her touches and soft lips drove those thoughts away.

“I love you like this Monica! A perfect plastic doll, forever!” she laughed. “You’re probably wondering what I mean by forever. Well, let me tell you a little surprise I have saved for you,” she grinned with that sexy wicked way she had. “That corset you bought at that store; I made sure it was very special. You see, like I said, we can make you permanently into a mannequin but that requires some special preparations. Well, I had the salesgirl substitute a corset that would impregnate your body with the compound so when I brought you here I could change you permanently from the start!” she laughed at her admission.

All thoughts of pleasure slipped away as Monica heard this. Permanent?! I’m going to be a mannequin forever! You can’t do this to me! Why would you do this to me?” she thought furiously, both angry and fearful at what awaited her.

Lucy just came up behind the new mannequin, putting her chin on Monica’s plastic shoulder as she rubbed Monica’s hips. Despite all the truly wonderful feelings of erotic joy running through Monica’s mind, she was able to hear Lucy’s second shocking confession to her.  “You’re probably wondering why. Let me tell you honey; when I first hired you I started planning this. You see, I know you’re not the one whose been embezzling the company, because it’s been me the whole time!!” she laughed and rubbed the mannequin's doll-like body harder. “So I’ve been setting you up to be my fall girl; now you’ll just disappear. The authorities already have the evidence of you spending extravagant amounts of money on yourself and there's some evidence I’ve thrown together as well. They’ll think you took the money and went out of the country, never realizing you’re still here. Ha! Still. Here,” she smiled viciously while she played with Monica’s inanimate form.

 “Of course you’re thinking 'someone will recognize my face and save me'.  Sorry to disappoint you, but after I finish with you no one will know who you ever were; to them you’ll just be a display form. Now I could be gracious enough to just change the way you look, but I don’t want to take any chances so I’m going to change you completely -- into a bra form! Yes dear Monica, a bra form. This machine is quite wonderful, it can change any mannequin into any type of form we’d ever desire,” Lucy sighed in pleasure as she fondled Monica again.

“A bra form! I can’t believe it! I’m going to became an armless, legless, headless piece of hollow plastic!! Please, Lucy, just leave me a mannequin at least but not a form!” Monica pleaded silently with Lucy.

“Aww, I know you’re begging to just be left as you are but it won’t happen,” Lucy rubbed Monica’s hardened tits again. “Because I want to see you as a bra form. Just this luscious pair of perfect breasts on display. You’ll be wonderful!” Lucy told her, smiling as Monica was again overwhelmed by Lucy’s touch.

As the sensations began to subside, Monica’s thoughts began to clear “A mannequin for two years is one thing -- but a bra form forever! No, this is not what I would have ever agreed to! That damn woman, if I could I’d change her into a plastic mannequin figure forever but she’d probably love it. I hope she get what she deserves soon!” Monica thought bitterly, though in the back of her mind a stray thought appeared which she quickly slapped down.

Lucy then walked over to the control panel and began again making adjustments. Monica once more began to feel a tingle throughout her hollow plastic form. Again it quickly grew 'till Monica was again awash in an ocean of orgasmic pleasure. Monica was just crying out in joy in her mind as she had these feelings. Only a part of her was sensing her limbs began to melt into her torso and her head disappear into her shoulders until on the pedestal stood only a bra form just like any other you might find displaying lingerie.

Lucy laughed as she walked over, bent down, then picked up the newly minted form.  She looked the new Monica form over then put her down on a table where she rubbed her now even larger plastic mounds. “You’re beautiful and perfect, my sweet Monica! You’ll never have to worry about growing old and I’m sure you’ll be admired by men and women alike. Oh, you might notice that you’re now a cup size larger. I just thought you’d love that!” Lucy grinned while she absent mindedly rubbed Monica’s artificial form.

“Oh no….no… this can’t be happening! I can’t be a bra form! Please Lucy don’t do this!” she begged, then Lucy again rubbed her “OHHHHHHH!!! Yes….yes…yes!! Touch me please do that again!!” Monica begged as well. That thought she had slapped down before came back to her. “I can’t believe this but I think I’m beginning to like being a display form! If this is what I feel every time someone touches me I may just want to remain like this. No….no what am I thinking?! No, I’m a living breathing woman not a mannequin or form.  I’m Monica …that’s my name . I was manufacture…no, I was born in 1982. Yes - I have to remember, that no matter what. AAAHHHHHH!!! I love it when she does that . I wish I was displaying a bra now like I should…huh why did I say that? Damn - this is harder than I thought! But Lucy’s right, I am perfect and so beautiful now!!”  was all Monica could manage to think as her mind became overwhelmed by Lucy’s touch and her transformation.

Lucy picked up Monica and carefully placed her into a box then taped it shut. Monica wasn’t even concerned as she lay there she was just reveling in her new shape, exploring what it was to be a bra form. The funniest thing she found, although she hadn’t a clue as  to why, was how she could still see and hear as if she had been a living being with such sense organs. It puzzled her for a bit but then she just forgot all about it as she began to find herself quickly acclimating to what she had now become.


It seemed to be at least a day before Monica sensed daylight. She glimpsed the same salesgirl who had sold her the corset. Monica recognized her but didn’t know why. At this time she was indeed having trouble remembering who and what she’d been before.

When the salesgirl picked the new form up and carried her over to a nearby display of bras all Monica could do was just orgasm over and over. Soon she was placed on a shelf next to other bra forms and fitted with a lacy bra herself that just seemed to make Monica so happy and contented with her lot. “I belong here! I really do and I’m finally so happy!” she thought to herself as she sat on the shelf looking over the store.


As the weeks went by and became months, Monica’s memories of ever being anything other than what she now was began to fade completely. Her mind was just completely filled with the joy of displaying lovely things and being admired for what she displayed as well as how perfect a set of breasts she now was. Monica would also enjoy watching the people who came in to buy the clothing there she felt an affinity for them even though, she couldn’t fathom why.

It was during one such day like all the rest that she noticed the same salesgirl who had first put her on display putting together a new mannequin. When she saw the girl turn the face of the lovely mannequin towards her one thought immediately entered her mind. “I know that mannequin! It’s Lucy!!” she told herself with a giggle. Monica wasn’t sure how she knew that name but she knew she did. “She looks so lovely and so happy to be here. I know she’ll love it as a mannequin. It just seems so right for her to be here with me. Almost like it’s to balance the books…that’s odd, where did I get an expression like that?” Monica thought in confusion as the display figure of Lucy was assembled before her.


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