The Commission - 2

by Anthyrax

Chapter 2: Getting into character

11 AM October 27, Malibu

Lisa Kudrow, formerly a television and movie star, stood motionless as a statue, with her co-stars Jennifer and Courtney nearby.    The light in the room reflected lightly on her now plastic skin, while her green eyes, fixed and looking a lot like glass, stared blankly into nothing.   A mild look of surprise was still on her face, and she stood nude, her fine 36-26-36 body and her 5 foot 8 frame a pleasant sight to see. 

She was aware of nothing now, her senses essentially shut down after her transformation from flesh to plastic.   But she was alive, and inside the mannequin the trapped mind wondered if the powerful sensations of pleasure would ever end as she waited for whatever was going to happen next.   She tried to focus, after yet another orgasm.   She felt like she was losing herself, it was becoming difficult to remember a time when she hadn’t been kidnapped and incredibly as it still seemed to her, transformed into a plastic doll.   Her former life, even her husband and child, were fading away into memory and a powerful sense of NOW was all that she could usually focus on.    There had only been a brief moment of awareness of the outside world, when some time (she didn’t know how long exactly but guessed fairly soon after she was kidnapped) she became aware of her surroundings again.  

She had been unable to move, but she felt herself breathing and her heart beating as a man came into view.   He was not terribly intimidating actually, nice enough looking, but with intense brown eyes that seemed to stare into her soul as he looked at her.   He had a nice voice too, and to her surprise, she had quickly come to find his touch pleasant in spite of the situation.    As she had stood there helplessly while he stripped off her clothing and then stroked her body until in spite of herself she had felt herself responding.   Soon after that, the orgasms had begun and again she lost awareness of the outside world. 

Lisa didn’t know how long she had been there anymore, but it could have been minutes, hours or even days as far as she could tell.  

And then suddenly her eyes began to register light and details again, and she could hear a voice, and feel the cool caress of the air on her skin once more.   She recognized Jennifer and Courtney, and she was shocked to see that they stood motionless, as she was.   But after a moment it occurred to her that they were just more than motionless.   They looked like department store mannequins, much more life like, but with that definite look.   She wondered about that for only a moment before she realized something else.

“He” was touching her again, although she still couldn’t move and couldn’t see him at the moment.  Completely disoriented, but starved for outside stimuli after days of being a mannequin, she hung on every word he spoke and craved for more touches. 

He had stroked her cheek and spoken softly to her. “Lisa, I know you can’t move.   That’s my doing actually.  You haven’t been harmed, I just took the liberty of paralyzing you with a spell so that I could talk to you without the distraction of you trying to escape.”

She had been mentally floored by what he said.   A spell!   What the hell was that all about?   Magic was just make-believe. 

Or so she had thought until now.

“My name is Gavin.   My friend Grim and I have been sent to your world with the mission of capturing you, as well as your two friends here.   We will be taking others too.  You are going to my homeworld when I am done.   A man, I guess you would call him a demi-god of sorts, has decided he wants you and some others.”                                 


He stroked her cheek again and leaned over to whisper into her ear.  “For now, I must prepare you for the job you will have from now on.   I have given you something that has made your more relaxed.   It should make all of this easier for you.”

He was stroking her all over now, and she realized that not only was she nude, but that her body was slowly once again beginning to respond in spite of herself.   She felt a flush beginning to develop, and then she felt herself begin to dampen as her sex responded to the stroking.   He brushed her nibbles, and they quickly responded, becoming taut.  

“I am going to give you something to drink now.   I know that you are thirsty.   The stress of the transformation spell I used to steal you from the studio has that affect, you see.   You won’t be able to move much, but I have released you enough so that you can sip.”

“Transformation spell?” she managed to whisper.

“Yes, well to steal you and your two friends over there, I had to transform you all into little plastic dolls.   Later on, I transformed you into mannequins for a few days while I dealt with those girls you see over against the wall.”

Lisa was stunned by all she was hearing.   But she was very thirsty and hoped that the drink was coming soon.   She would drink and think about all of this.   It had to be impossible, but clearly it wasn’t.    She wondered if maybe she was actually in the Twilight Zone now, some strange reality where make believe had become reality.

Gavin had lifted a bottle to her mouth, and then tilted it up so that the sweet fluid, that reminded her vaguely of apple cider and honey, poured into her mouth.   She swallowed gratefully and within moments she drank the entire 12 ounces of the liquid, and suddenly felt very refreshed.  

He stood very close to her now, and she realized something.   She could move, and she could finally kiss this wonderful man. “What? Were had that come from?” she had thought to herself as she embraced him and kissed him long and deeply.   

Within a few minutes they were making love, and she had been unable to stop herself from removing his clothes and had followed as he led her into another room and into bed.   The final release of the orgasm that resulted had quickly caused her to fall asleep.

Hours later, waking up after the passionate episode on the bed, she awoke to find him sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at her.  When he saw she was awake, he told her to take a shower, and make herself pretty.   She smiled, and quickly and meekly went into the bathroom, not even thinking about her husband and with no feelings of guilt. 

After taking care of her bladder, she stood up and ran some water to clean her hands and wet her face to get the sleep out of her eyes.   She looked in the mirror and stood staring in shock at her reflection.

She was 22 again! Not a line on her face, her skin perfect (even more perfect than she remembered having at 22 actually).   It was like the glamour pictures she had posed for from time to time.   The flaws airbrushed out until only an idealized image remained.   Well, now her body really was that idealized and she was taken aback with shock, pleasure and pleasant surprise. 

What had he done to her?

 Gavin waited for her as she showered and dressed.   Taking a few moments, he laid out her new biography for her to read after they ate.   It was time for the next part of the process.   Lisa Kudrow had too many memories and would be miserable with loss after a while, once it became clear that her husband and child were lost to her, possibly forever.  

However, Phoebe, her character from Friends, did not have a child or a husband.   The actress had lived in that role for nearly nine years now, and placing her into that character would be much easier than smothering memories and keeping her permanently charmed.    A few alterations to the character to make her more accepting of magic and eventually more susceptible to falling in love with his patron and embracing her role as a member of his harem.  

Convincing Courtney Cox and Jennifer Anniston would work the same way.   Altering their Friends characters slightly (editing out for example their marriages to Ross and Chandler, as well as Rachel’s child) and placing all three of the characters the way they were written early in the first season of the show would be ideal.   If not, well, he could always do it the harder (although much more permanent) way. 

He felt a little uncomfortable with all this.   Back on the other Earth, he had stolen women in much the same way as he was stealing these women.   But some of them had definitely needed rescuing, and all eventually decided on their own to stay with him or not.    This time, these women were not going to have that choice.   Only the fact that they would die if he let them alone made it more palatable. 

Well, the fact that all of the women on the list were beautiful and interesting in their own right helped some to.  

“I wonder,” he mused, thinking about something that had been troubling him since he accepted the commission, “if I could rescue the counterparts of my girls on this world?” he muttered to himself.

At that moment, she came out of the bathroom and he focused his attention on the beautiful actress once again.

She was indeed a vision, even more so now, and he mentally sighed as he drank in her beauty with his eyes.

Lisa stood at the door, dressed in a blank with a smile on her face and her eyes sparkling.   “How do I look?” she asked.  

“Wonderful.” He replied, smiling back at her.

They sat at the table and ate dinner.   Pasta, with salad and a light California wine and both of them were all smiles.  

“I have something for you Lisa, I think you will find it interesting.”  Gavin finally said when they finished.


“It’s something you will recognize.   I want you to read it and tell me what you think.  Do you mind?”

“Well, I guess I might as well.” She replied.    In truth, she no longer knew what to think.   She realized that she felt strong feelings for this man, feelings that didn’t replace what she felt for her husband, but nevertheless made her want to make Gavin happy.   And after all, it wasn’t every day someone gave you something that made you look 20 again, instead of the 40 years she actually knew herself to be and had looked like a few hours before.

Lisa accepted the book he gave her and began to read, while Gavin went over to the couch, apparently intent on something he was looking up on his laptop. 

It took only a moment to recognize her character from Friends, although it was her character from the early season of the show.   But it was odd, as she read she felt a strange feeling of happiness and peacefulness settle over her.   “Why do I need to read my life’s story?” she wondered as she remembered fun evenings at the coffee shop, talking to her favorite people in the entire world.   Her girlfriends Monica and Rachel.    It would be fun moving on to the world of Faerie, she decided.   No more massages to fat old men and grouchy old ladies, no more working for a stuffy middle aged woman who was her boss, and best of all, she would be able to sing and play her guitar whenever she wanted.    No twin sister to screw up her life.   “Wow” she decided, “this could be a lot of fun.”

“Phoebe?”  Gavin said.

“Yes sweetie?” she answered, looking over at the nice man that had brought her to this new adventure.

“It is time for you to rest now.   Are you ready?”

Phoebe, her real life and personality of Lisa Kudrow now buried and locked away in her mind, stood up.

It was time for her to pose again, so that Gavin could place her in an enchanted sleep until her took her to fairyland.

Gavin smiled at her.   It had worked obviously, and soon she would be joining her friends again.   As a beautiful work of art until it was time for him to take her to her new home.


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