The Commission - 5

by Anthyrax

Chapter 5: Recruiting

November 12 Houston

Amanda pulled up to the little strip center, a little stressed from the typically fierce Houston traffic.   It had been a long week working on her thesis, and she terrified a bit about having to go defend it in a couple of weeks before the committee.  She was looking forward to checking out her free pass to the new spa that had opened up.   She had been working so hard the last few months that she needed a break, and a haircut, massage and a session in a tanning bed, along with facial and makeover, seemed like just the thing.   On the seat beside her, inside her purse, a coupon from Kim’s Body Shop lay inside its fancy linen envelope.  

The strip mall, just a few blocks from the expensive homes of River Oaks and the trendy neighborhoods of West University, had recently been renovated, and along with salon, it had a sports medicine clinic, a modeling agency, and personnel office.   “Hmm, I should maybe check out that clinic, my knees have been a little stiff lately.” She thought to herself.  

Amanda parked and got out of the car.   It was a warm fall day, the temperature in the 70s, and like most Houstonians, she was still dressed in shorts and a loose shirt to help deal with the perpetual tropical humidity of her home town.  

Kim watched the pretty young woman walk in, her coupon firmly in hand.   “Can I help you” she asked.

“Yes, I have coupon for a full work up and I called for an appointment.”

Kim looked at her book, although she already knew who this one was.   Amanda Fields, a graduate student at Rice University, with a double major in anthropology and history, who Cindy had selected after cross referencing her name in a group about Wiccans (indicating a strong willingness or interest in magic, as well as some possible talent), and a gaming group (making her likely adaptation to her future life easier). 

The fact that she was also a good looking woman of 24, with legs that looked very nice in those shorts,  expressive green eyes, long auburn hair, and a face with fine features and high cheekbones was a nice bonus.   Hans would love her.

“Oh yes, you are right here.   Well, let me get your coupon, and I will take you on back.   We are going to start with your massage to get you loosened up, it looks like traffic is a bitch out there today.”

“You’re not kidding, it took me nearly 20 minutes to get here from over off Westheimer.” Amanda replied.  

Kim smiled at her, and she smiled back.    She found herself liking this girl, who looked like she was about 22, although she sounded like she was not a native.  But then, Amanda wasn’t either.   It was a long way from Maine to Houston, but a hell of lot warmer in the winter.

Kim took her into a little room that had thick curtains on the windows, and a massage table in the center.   Candles where everywhere, and she could hear what sounded like Enya playing in the background.  

“You just get undressed and put on this robe, and Cheryl will be with you in a minute.  I am going to be right back with something for you to drink.   Does apple cider sound okay?”

“Yes, thanks” Amanda replied. 

Quickly undressing, she put on the long white terry cloth robe, keeping only her panties on.  It had been a while since she had a good massage, and she looked forward to it eagerly.   She was tense and filling stiff, the hard workout routine she had usually kept up every morning burned away some of the stress and kept her in shape, but she was feeling it a bit today.   She had neglected it for a few days, and was a little sore from over exertion.

A couple of minutes later Kim knocked on the door, and Amanda told it was ok to come in.   Kim gave her a bottle of apple cider and she took a sip.   It was pretty good actually, a lot more tasty and refreshing than the usual stuff she picked up.  “Must be from Healthy Foods Market” she thought to herself.

Cheryl, a petite red head came in a few minutes later.   “Sorry to keep you, I had to finish up with my last client.”  

“Oh, I didn’t mean to interrupt, I was a little early I know.” Amanda replied.   The drink was already making her feel rather good actually.  She felt a little warm and fuzzy all of sudden, but after a moment, decided that maybe she was just tired.

“No it’s ok, she is just resting in the sun lamp room now.   Kim will take care of her now,  we have plenty of time.”

Meanwhile, in the office, Kim was handing Michelle the young woman’s purse.   “Got her keys?  It’s the little red Honda out front.”  Kim reported.

“Yep, I will take care of it.   See you in a few minutes.   Did Sarah take care of Janell’s car already?”

“Yes, she is already back.   She is getting Janell and Angela ready for storage right now.”

“Cool, well I have a gig tomorrow over at the agency.   A catalogue shoot.   I will let you know the time.  We should get several from that.”

Kim nodded, “Good, we will have to leave by the end of the week.   Sarah said she has her candidates all set to come in the day after tomorrow, and Cheryl arranged her appointments for tomorrow and the next day.   We should get our group here by then.”

“How many more today?”  Michelle asked as she put on her sunglasses and stood by the door.

“Three more Rice students, and tonight I have a couple of hair appointments in Clear Lake with good candidates from NASA.”

“We will need a vacation when this is over I think.” Michelle grinned, and left.

Kim smiled and picked up the next dossier.  In about thirty minutes, another graduate student, Jake Grafton, a history major who just happened to be an expert in karate and kendo was coming in.   Time to get another potion ready.

Amanda was luxuriating as Cheryl massaged her.   She had wonderful hands, and the lotion she was using felt heavenly.  Amanda was feeling a wonderfully warm glow that made feel like she was practically floating over the massage bed.    Cheryl continued to massage the young woman, watching as the tell tale effects of the potion went to work.   Amanda was already in great shape, so its effects weren’t immediately obvious at first, but she could see a couple of blemishes on her back vanish, and the young woman’s skin was beginning to almost glow.   By now, Amanda was barely aware of her surroundings as the potion and the effects of the candles (and the spell) continued their work.   She responded immediately to suggestions that she take off her clothes, and readily turned over and laid on her back as Cheryl continued to massage and caress her. 

Cheryl watched as the potion cleared away a couple of scars on Amanda’s knees, and as her already nice 36 B breasts expanded slightly to a C cup.   The young woman was completely under the charm now, and her eyes were as big as saucers and she had a relaxed smile.   It was time to move to the next step.

“I feel so wonderful!” Amanda thought to herself as Cheryl helped her to her feet.   She wasn’t even aware that she was gloriously naked now, or that she was being led to another room.   It seemed only natural to get into the shower, and the water, like every other sensation she had been feeling for however long (and it seemed like forever now).   She washed herself, and her hair, then Cheryl handed her some towels and helped her dry off.   The potion was nearly completing its work now, Amanda’s skin glowed with health, and had taken an even tone.   A few little lines that the young grad student had in her face were gone, and her hair, like her skin, had a shine to it in the warm lights of the dressing room.   She helped Amanda into her robe and took her hand, leading her away.

“Its time to do your hair now Amanda.”  Cheryl said kindly.   Like the other five young women and three men she had helped process today, Amanda was completely enchanted now.   The warm feelings of pleasure and well being had completely disarmed any mental defenses she had, and her guard was completely gone.   The potion had restored her to the youth, beauty and fitness that her body had at age 18, and now it was time for the next step.

Kim watched Cheryl guide Amanda into the room for her haircut.   The girl had pretty auburn hair, but it needed a good trim, and maybe a little curl.   Amanda sat in the chair, but to her, it felt like she was floating in a cloud.  She answered readily Kim’s questions about her life, and talked freely about things she never would have before.   About thirty minutes later, her hair styled and blow dried, and combed out and curled, she took Cheryl’s hand again, and let herself be led into yet another room.  

“Its time for you tanning session now Amanda.  I bet you are thirsty, would you like another drink?”

Amanda nodded dreamily, and admired herself in the mirror as she let the robe fall to the floor.   She wondered were she could get that oil Cheryl used on her, her skin looked great and Kim had done a great job with her hair too.   She felt like she was the princess getting ready for the ball, although she was slightly puzzled about her chest.  She didn’t remember her breasts being that large before, but dismissed after a moment when Cheryl handed her another cool drink.

This tasted like lemonade, and like the apple cider before, tasted better than what she usually got at the store.  She drained the glass in a couple of swallows, and the buzz she had before seemed to intensify even further. 

Cheryl led the young woman to the tanning bed.  “I have some headphones for you, it’s hard to hear the music inside the bed.”

“Cool” Amanda answered, her voice soft and expression relaxed, as it had been for an hour now. 

Cheryl helped Amanda lay down.   She could see the transformation potion was already starting to work.   It was amazing how helpful her nursing training, and all the hours in chemistry lab, had been in developing a potion to do the work.  It made everything easier, and was much less draining than having to cast a spell every time the team made an acquisition.

Amanda drifted off into dreamland within moments, not even registering Sarah’s voice through the headphones telling her about what her new life would be like, and why she was being abducted.   Within a few minutes, her limbs stiffened and her eyes, still open as she waited for Cheryl to come back and close the lid of the bed, glazed over and stared into nothing.

Cheryl watched the transformation run its course, satisfied that all was going well.   An hour for all of Sarah’s speech to finish as the spell worked its magic.  

An hour later, Cheryl came back in and removed the headphones.   Amanda would remember what was said when she was restored, but for now, it wouldn’t trouble her.  Cheryl picked up Amanda easily from the tanning bed, which had never actually been turned on.   Before, Amanda had weighed a solid 130 pounds, but now she was much lighter.   The transformation had converted her 5 foot 8 frame of firm flesh into lightweight hollow plastic, just like a store mannequin, and Cheryl easily moved her into the storage room.   Placing her on the floor, Cheryl cast a spell, and a few minutes later, the plastic statue that an hour before was Amanda, was now about the same size as a Barbie doll, and just as easy to move around.  

A few minutes later, Amanda joined the other dolls in a wooden chest, and the lid was closed.  

Amanda wouldn’t have to worry about her thesis any longer. 


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