The Commission - 8

by Anthyrax

Chapter 8: Complications and Opportunities

 November 21 Newport Beach

Grim watched the morning news as he sipped his coffee.   The female FBI agent Gavin seemed to find so interesting was on television again.   She clearly wasn’t having fun though, as the press was asking her lots of questions she was having to sidestep, and she was clearly (at least to him) not telling all she knew. 

He thought about waking Gavin up for this, but decided that it would be on again, and besides, he was taping it.   Gavin needed his sleep.   In spite of his injuries, and the irritating healing process he had been going through the last few days, he had processed Ms. Hewitt and she had joined the centerfolds and the other actresses on the shelf in the other room.   Paula’s counterpart was there as well, although he hadn’t processed her, which was probably just as well.   Ms. Hewitt had fought hard during her capture, and it hadn’t been a lot easier for Gavin to brainwash her.   The effort had forced him to use much more powerful spells than he had with almost any of the other women he had captured over the years, and the effort, along with the other efforts in the previous days and his wounds had exhausted him.  Their client was going to have a challenge from her all the way Grim suspected.   That is, if Gavin decided not to keep her himself. 

On the plus side, Gavin had learned a valuable lesson about overconfidence, as had himself, Grim thought.  So the near disaster hadn’t been as bad as it could have been.

“Good thing too, the next little mission should be a hell of a challenge.”  Grim muttered to himself as he lit a cigar.

November 24 New York City

The five women, Sarah, Michelle, Kim, Cheryl and Cindy, sat in the conference room of a small suite of offices in a skyscraper in downtown Manhattan.   They sipped coffee and waited for Cindy to give them her results.   She had been busy, day after day hacking into networks, accessing records and emails, looking for exactly the right people they wanted. 

Cindy handed each of the four women a folder. “Ok, here are the cadets that meet the requirements best.   And this is the weekend to get them.   They will all be here for the annual football game.”

Sarah looked up from her folder after glancing at it briefly.   “And the two actresses?”

“Almost done, I will give them to you in a few minutes.”

Sarah nodded, and Michelle looked up from her reading, “What about the modeling agencies, have you hacked into them yet?” 

“Yes, I have all the information for the models on the list.”

Sarah stood up and looked at each of the women. “Remember, we have to be out of here in a week.   Things are going to get kind of ugly here after that.”

November 26 New York City

It was a chilly evening, and Cadet Captain Lee noticed that the woman he had met was shivering.   Taking off his coat, he cloaked it around her shoulders.   He couldn’t believe his luck, this girl was just fucking gorgeous.   He and his roommate had been window shopping after the Macy’s parade, and they had run into her and her friend Kim near Rockefeller Center.   Before he knew it, they had all been talking for what seemed like forever and were suddenly buying lunch for these two beautiful girls.   Sarah, his date, said she was from California and she was finishing Stanford this year.   She and her friend Kim were visiting New York for the holidays and had decided to skip the family dinner this year.   Before he knew it, John, his roomie, had winked at him and easily convinced Kim to go ice skating with him, and Sarah had suggested he escort her to Central Park.

This was the best Thanksgiving ever he decided.

Sarah smiled as she continued to steer the smitten young man where she wanted.  He was very cute, and the file Cindy had assembled for her had shown a young man who excelled in school, in sports and his military studies and she noted his magnetism.   “Nice shoulders too,” she thought with a smile.

It was time to get him into bed soon, and after that, into the briefcase for storage.   

A few blocks away, Cheryl watched first Sarah, then Kim through the mirror.   The scrying spell was working perfectly.   Chuckling as she saw the smitten looks on the faces of the two young men, and the occasional appraising looks that Kim and Sarah gave them when they weren’t looking.   It was good that the two were having some fun with this.   They needed some fun.  

Checking herself to make sure she looked the way she wanted, Cheryl looked back into the mirror and focused on a different person.   A young West Point cadet named Ben who at this very moment was approaching an excellent place for her to “accidently” arrange for him to meet her, and to pick her up.   Chanting a quick spell, she teleported out of the room, ready for her part of the mission. 

Michelle teleported into the room a few moments later, and walked to the mirror.   Taking a moment to cast her own spell to check on the others, she smiled as she watched them work.   Moments later, she pulled out a plastic doll, about 12 inches tall, of a man.   The doll looked just like the young Navy Academy Midshipman Paul Spruance, whose folder with the story of his life, and his picture, lay on the desk before her. 


November 30 Los Angeles

Special Agent Molly Malone looked through her files again.   It was a Monday morning, after a holiday, and she hated being here.   But at least hadn’t been any mass disappearances on the West Coast this weekend and no more celebrities had vanished into seemingly thin air.  

But something was coming.  She knew it.   A big movie premiere was coming this week, and after a lot of effort, she had persuaded the FBI to arrange for a pair of helicopters, and the hostage rescue team, to be in the area on alert.   She just KNEW something was going to happen this weekend.    A huge collection of celebrities would be there, including some of the most beautiful women in the world, and she figured the “collectors” as she had privately named the two culprits, would almost certainly show up.   She would be there too, and she would have a lot of firepower on call this time.  

Maybe it would even help.


December 1 Hollywood

Grim and Gavin, dressed in casual clothes and their features disguised magically as usual, walked into the movie theater.   This weekend, a big premiere of the latest of the Lord of the Rings movies, was set to occur, and two of the women on the list, Cate Blanchett and Liv Tyler, were certain to be here.    It was time to scout out the building and do a walk through.   

“This time, there wouldn’t be any careless mistakes” Gavin murmured to himself, with his expression set and a determined look to him.   Grim heard him, and nodded to himself. 


December 2  9 AM New York City

Amanda Detmer, the beautiful blond actress from the television comedy AUSA walked briskly, deep in thought.   She was enjoying the shoot here in New York for the Christmas episode, and was thinking about the shooting day tomorrow.   Tonight she was going to take in a show with a couple of her castmates.  It had been a long time, since graduate school actually, that she had seen a Broadway production.    She smiled as she looked around at the skating rink outside of Rockefeller Center.   Tomorrow night she was going to be on Letterman too.   Finally, at 32, she was on her way, another season or two hopefully on the show, a few more movies, and then she could start doing what she really wanted.   Some writing. 

She didn’t see Michelle and Sarah walking behind her.   Both of the women were invisible, having cast a spell a few minutes before while they were out of sight, and both were wearing their magic sunglasses.

“You ready?” Michelle whispered. 

“Yep, let’s do it.” Sarah murmured.

Sarah was almost exactly the same height and build as the petite woman they were stalking.  Michelle still was amazed by how daring this little plan was, but well, time was short.  They had to be in Los Angeles in a couple of days and they had to collect the models and the other actress as well.

“Well, here goes nothing.” Michelle whispered.

The two women picked up their pace, and separated a bit from each other.   Within a couple of minutes, they were almost on top of the actress.   Amanda didn’t notice them, as she had slowed her pace for a moment to watch a young girl skating with her father, thinking wistful thoughts about maybe it was time for her to find a nice man and start a family herself. 

Michelle grabbed her arm and immediately cast a spell, and before Amanda could even scream or finish her start of surprise, the two women vanished.  At the same moment, a brief blur of light enveloped Sarah, for just a few heartbeats, and when it ended, what appeared for all the world to be the Amanda continued to walk briskly toward the lobby of the skyscraper in front of her.    No one really noticed though, the people who had been watching her just assumed it was a trick of light or shadow, having never seen the invisible women who had carried off the snatch.

Amanda finally was able to scream in surprise when a moment later she suddenly found herself in a warm room.   Two women stood a few feet away, and the hand that had grabbed her released her and she could feel her mysterious assailant back away.

Cheryl spoke after Amanda finished her first scream. “Hi Amanda, my name is Cheryl, and these are my friends Kim and Michelle.”

“WHAT!” was all Amanda could get out.   Cheryl, the red headed young woman in front of her, was holding what looked like a magic wand.   Something straight out of a fantasy story.

 “You are going to sleep now, but when you wake up, we will explain what is going on.”

Amanda spun around, looking for a way out and she saw Michelle behind her, a wand in her hand as well. 

Cheryl spoke a command word, and a yellow flash enveloped the woman before her.  

Amanda felt heavy suddenly, and she could feel herself becoming so tired.  “Why?  What do you want….” was the last thing she managed to say as she sank to the floor, passing into unconsciousness.  

“Sorry sweetie, but we have to collect you.   You won’t mind it after a while though.”  Cheryl said gently. 

It was the last thing Amanda heard before the blackness took her.

“Well that went pretty well.” Michelle remarked and Kim and Cheryl grinned. 

“Better place her in storage though, that spell won’t last long and I bet she is going to be pissed when she wakes up.” Kim replied. 

Cheryl nodded, and walked over to the sleeping actress.  

A few minutes later, Amanda, now a small plastic doll like so many before her, joined the cadets the girls had collected the previous weekend in a briefcase. 

December 2 3 PM New York

Sarah and Michelle rode up the elevator, carefully checking everything as they rode.   Both were dressed in business wear, and looked just like any other professional woman.  

Pulling out her phone, Sarah hit the speed dial and started talking.

 “Hey Cheryl, you two ready?” 

“Yes, we are walking down the hall now.   We should hit this one just before you start your mission.”

“Ok, good luck, see you in a while at the meeting point then.”

“You two be careful Sarah.”  Cheryl said before hanging up.

Sarah looked over at Michelle, who nodded.   They were as ready as could be.  

This afternoons target promised to be useful.   She and Michelle were going to infiltrate the office of a top agent, who represented several models and a couple of actresses, some of which were on their list.   Cheryl and Kim were going to do the same at another agent’s office just a few blocks away.     The plan was to call the women in, ostensibly to talk about a contract, and steal them away right out of the offices when they came.  

Risky, but what the hell, if all else failed they would at least have some home addresses, Sarah thought to herself. 

The two women got out of the elevator moments later, and walked purposefully down the hall to their target.  They walked right into the lobby and looked around.   Inside, a secretary sat at a richly appointed desk, and a few feet away, sitting on a lush green couch, sat a model they both recognized.  She was on the list,  another of those swim suit models from last years Sports Illustrated, Giselle something from Brazil.

The  secretary looked at the two women snootily and asked, “Can I help you?”

Sarah looked around, while Michelle answered the woman.   The secretary, extremely well dressed, with perfect makeup and hair, looked to be about in her 30s but could have passed for her 20s easily.   Although the rather disdainful tone in her voice was irritating and somewhat amusing considering what was about to happen next, Michelle decided.   Quickly reading the woman’s name from her nameplate on her desk, Michelle grinned.

“Well, actually Ann, not really, but I need your desk.   Thanks though.”  Michelle replied.

Sarah and Michelle each pulled out the wands from their purses, and before the somewhat astonished Ann could come up with a reply, each cast a spell at their target.   Ann slumped immediately in her chair, while Giselle, standing when she heard Michelle’s rather unusual statement, had time to gasp just before she toppled back onto the couch.  

Taking a moment to check them both, the two continued their mission. 

“Ok, you secure the door and take care of these two.   We will take both of them.  Ann here, snobby as she may be, is probably damn good at her job or she wouldn’t have it, and well, Giselle is on the list.” Sarah ordered.   

Michelle nodded, briefly grinning.  That suited her fine. 

As Michelle got to work transforming the two women in the outer office, Sarah stepped through a door. 

Inside, she saw several offices and could hear the sound of ringing telephones and the buzz of muted conversation.   The only way to do this was to be quick, so she started down the hall.   The first office door was on her right, and she simply opened the door.   Inside, a man dressed in an expensive suit was talking to a model she recognized from a cosmetics commercial.   Before either could do anything but look at her in surprise and annoyance, she cast another spell from her wand, and both slumped to the floor, asleep before they could even register what happened. 

Within ten minutes, she had worked her way down the hall, dealing with the people inside of six offices, and a pretty, young intern who had come bursting out of the copy room at the wrong moment.  

“I love these wands, it was a good idea of Michelle’s to create these things.   Spells stored just like a battery, and released on command, and I am not even tired.”  Sarah thought to herself, grinning a bit.

Behind her, ten people lay asleep, caught by surprise and moments later put to sleep by her magic. 

One more office to go, and it turned out to be the most interesting.   It was clearly the bosses, as it was even more plushly decorated than the others, and although the door had been locked, a simple spell had taken care of that.   Inside, hurriedly putting on his pants, was the man himself.   Mr. Morgan, of Morgan and Associates, and the model, who she recognized from a magazine advertisement, was hurriedly trying to cover herself when Sarah simply barged in.    Another spell, and they too went into dreamland. 

“Sorry about that, but aren’t you married Mr. Morgan?”  Sarah said with glee.   She hated cheating husbands, and always enjoyed administering a bit of justice when she found one.   Although at times Cheryl urged her to forget about the lout she used to be married to and be a little more forgiving.

Further back in the offices, Jake, a young intern from the University of Texas, who was almost finished with his bachelors degree and had taken a semester off to work for a friend of his Dad’s, hid under his desk.   He had been just behind the other intern Maria, when she had been engulfed in what appeared to be a golden light, and had immediately collapsed.   After ducking quickly under a table, he heard a very sweet and sexy voice utter what sounded like commands in some language he didn’t recognize but sounded vaguely like the Elvish from Lord of the Rings.  

“Ok, so it seems that reading that Fantasy stuff and those role playing games weren’t a complete waste of time.” He thought to himself.  

Unbelievable as it was, a witch(?) had come into his office and done an actual sleep spell (!) on the staff and several of their clients.   He continued to hide, wondering if he was dreaming, and if not, whether he wanted to meet her or hide from her.   He could see her, a petite woman with brown hair, brown eyes, perfect skin and a perfect body to go with it.   The woman had nice legs too, and she was holding a magic wand (!).   Slipping off his shoes, he waited for her to go away, wondering if he really wanted her to.

A few minutes later, he saw something else that proved that maybe he wasn’t dreaming.   The woman was walking back down the hall, and behind her, all twelve of the people who she had put to sleep lay on top of each other, and the whole pile appeared to be about 3 feet off the floor and the entire pile was following her, kind of like she was pulling them on an invisible wagon.   They all appeared to be breathing, thank god, and he couldn’t help but stare as they went by.   Moments later, he heard the lobby door open, and after a moment, close again.

“I have to see,” he thought to himself.   Crawling from out from under the desk, the crouched low, and tip toed his way in his stocking feet toward the door so he could look through the window in it.  

Sarah and Michelle separated their sleeping victims into two groups.   The models Giselle and Katherine were stripped of their clothes, and placed together on a couch.   The secretary, Anne, and a couple of other office staff who appeared to be worth collecting, the intern (Maria) and a man named Bill, who appeared to be in his 30s and had a kind face (and looked good in his suit Sarah decided), where left clothed, but placed on another couch.   The remaining  people, including Mr. Morgan, were placed in a pile, and she cast another sleep spell on them.

“That should hold them for a while.   Time to get the others ready to travel.”  Sarah remarked.

Michelle grinned, and continued searching through the computer for the names she was looking for.   The door was securely locked (by magic and conventional means now), and they didn’t have to worry too much about anyone barging in.   However, she might as well alter her appearance and voice now, it would ensure the next part went well.

Jake watched through the window.   He saw that there were indeed two of them, the dark haired one he had seen earlier, and another one, with honey colored hair and pretty blue eyes (he decided), just as beautiful as the other one, and also holding a magic wand.   He watched, stunned, as the dark haired one did what could only be a magic spell, and a minute later, she looked just like Ann, the bitchy receptionist.   Then something even more amazing happened.   Losing his concentration for a minute when he gawked at the two naked models, he missed Sarah walk over to the other couch.   He didn’t see her transform and then shrink Bill down, but after forcing himself to look away from the naked models, he looked over just in time to see the dark haired witch waved her arms, and suddenly Maria was floating above the couch, a good five feet in the air.  

The witch waved her arms again, and Jake watched in fascination as Maria glowed a bright green for a moment, and then, as the glow disappeared, her skin began to take on a shiny appearance.  Within a couple of moments, her skin reflected the light like plastic would, and she looked fake in a mannequin kind of way.   Moments later, to his fascination and not a little horror, she began to shrink in size, and within a couple of minutes of the start of what could only be a spell, she was a few inches tall.  

“Oh shit, did they kill her?” He cursed, forgetting for a moment his danger as the words just came out.  Almost instantly, the girl who looked like Ann now turned and looked right at the door.

“Sarah, I think you missed one.”  Michelle heard the male voice cursing behind the door.   “Oops,” she thought, “can’t have any witnesses”.

“Go take care of him Michelle, I will finish up here and I need to stay up front in case anyone comes in expecting to see Ann.”  Sarah replied.  

Michelle nodded and walked straight for the door, her wand in hand.

Jake cursed again, silently this time, as he heard the exchange and saw her coming.  Quickly, he turned and ran for the back of the office.   There was no way out, but maybe he could fight if he could find a weapon or something, she didn’t look that big. 

“Where is my magic sword when I need one,” he muttered as he ran, “at least in the fucking game my characters could fight back.”

The door opened and Michelle stepped through. “Hello there, you can’t run far you know, you might as well come out.  I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

Running into the supply room, Jake replied briefly, “Sure, I bet changing Maria into a plastic doll didn’t hurt her a bit.” He replied sarcastically.

Michelle smiled.  “Not really, she will be fine when we wake her up, in fact, she will be better than fine.   You too, when I catch you.”

Jake slammed the door shut and locked it.  “Great, I am trapped in the supply room, there is a witch outside who can probably open the damn door, and all I have is a broom to fight with.” He muttered to himself.  Quickly, he snapped off the broom portion so that at least he had a sharp stick.  

“Hey sweetie, what part of Texas are you from?” Michelle asked as she readied a knock spell. She recognized the accent.   A nice Texas boy who could think on his feet and wasn’t terrified (well maybe a little but not paralyzed by it anyway) of magic.    Just what they wanted. 

“Houston.  Why?”  Jake replied.   He took a couple of practice swings with the broomstick, it wasn’t as heavy as the wooden swords he had used in fighter practice back in his SCA days, but it was better than nothing, and he had room to swing. 

“Just curious.   I am from Houston too.  Too bad I didn’t meet you back there, you have a nice voice hon.”

She released the spell and the door unlocked.   Casting again, it swung wide open, and she could see the young man with brown hair and glasses, who looked about 22, standing there looking determined, a broom stick held like a sword.

She smiled as he ducked back out of her line of sight.  “You think pretty fast on your feet, what is your name?”

Jake just shook his head in disgust and readied his stick in an en garde stance. 

“Great, I am being patronized by a witch in New York City, and where the hell is the DM when you need him.”  Jake thought to himself.   “She just cast a couple of spells, maybe she has only a few and I can outlast her:?   Then again, there are two of them, and I bet there aren’t such a thing as saving throws in real life.”

Michelle, remembering all of the combat training she had in Shiron, leapt through the door, rolling as she hit the floor and coming up in a crouch, her wand ready.   Jake swung his broomstick, narrowly missing her, and twisting as he leveled the stick, swung again just as she got off a spell.   Seeing her level the wand at him, he dodged out the way as a beam of blue light shot from it, impacting harmlessly into a copier behind him.   Jake charged toward her, thrusting with the jagged edge of the broomstick and Michelle, a little surprised, barely dodged out of the way.   But as she did, he saw an opening and tapped her hand with his stick, causing her to drop the wand.

“Shit, that hurt.”  Michelle remarked, a little disconcerted by his effort. 

Jake wasn’t too sure about this, everything in him was telling him he wasn’t supposed to be stabbing or hitting a woman, but she wasn’t your average woman.   Certainly not what his mom had meant anyway when she knocked him in the head for fighting with girls when he was a toddler. 

He stabbed toward her a couple of more times, with Michelle dodging just barely each time as he almost connected.   Pushing his attack, he managed to get her off balance, and Michelle tripped over a box as she was backpedaling, and fell backwards hard on the floor.  

The impact stunned her, and her head swam for a minute, and Jake took the opportunity to grab her wand and as she got up, he dashed over to her, the jagged edge of the stick pointed inches from her throat.

“Don’t move, I would really feel bad if I had to hurt you.” 

“Well shit, this isn’t going well.” Michelle thought to herself, already starting to suffer from a raging headache. 

In his excitement, he forgot something important though.   And at that moment, Sarah opened the door, saw him standing there, and released as spell of her own.   She had heard the noises of the battle, and leaving the others either sleeping or transformed in the front, she had ran down the hall to help out Michelle.

A green light enveloped him, and suddenly Jake could only stand, paralyzed by the spell that had enveloped him.  “Now what?”  He should be terrified, but the situation was so damned unreal, he just couldn’t overcome the wonder of it.

“Nice try.” Sarah remarked to him as she removed the broomstick from his hand, and then she walked over to help Michelle to her feet.  “You ok?”

“Yes, although I have a screaming headache now.” Michelle remarked, shaking her head a little to clear the cobwebs. “So what's his name anyway, Sarah?”

Sarah walked over and pulled out his wallet from his pocket.   Leafing through it, she pulled his drivers license and student ID card and looked at the picture and then at him.

Looking at the pictures on his ID, and then at him, she teased him a little. “Hmm, Jake huh?  And a college student too?   So you are 22?”  Noting the tan he had in his student ID picture, she looked at his shoulders, and then at the tan. “You must have been a lifeguard or something, nice tan.” Rifling through his wallet, she pulled out a sticky with a phone number on it.  “Mindy?  That's your girlfriend?” 

Jake blushed a bit, he had just finally gotten Mindy, an aspiring actress he had developed a crush on, to give him her number just today. 

“Oh and a picture too.”  Sarah watched his blush, chuckling a little inside.  At least he liked girls, so that finished it.  He was going on a trip with the others they had collected. 

“Should we take him with us?”  Michelle asked, having already decided she wanted him to come.  For a civilian, he had reacted extremely well, and actually damn near got away.  He could have even really hurt her for that matter, although she didn’t think he would have in the end.

“Well, just so you won’t worry to much, I suppose we will tell you what is going to happen next.  You acted like you know what magic is, and you don’t seem like you are going to have a stroke or anything, so I suppose you can handle it.”   Patting him on the cheek, Sarah turned away.

She opened the door and turned and winked at him, “but for now, you just wait here.   We need to finish up in the front, and then we will come back to tell you what is going on.  Be patient now.”  She said with a smile.  

She actually looked sincere, and with no other choice, Jake could only wait and hope she was. 

Michelle, still a little unsteady, followed behind her, sparing a glance at him, her expression thoughtful. 

An hour later, Sarah and Michelle had finished in the lobby.   The two models were prepared, as were the other three people they had selected, and Michelle, still in the guise of Ann, had called the two models on the list, plus a Miss USA who was breaking into the news business, and the aspiring actress Mindy that Jake had a thing for.   All would be there in an hour, and they had a few minutes to rest.

For Jake, it had been a very tedious hour.  He had plenty of time to mull over what he had seen.   He had really met witches, after all of those years playing role playing games, reading fantasy stories and all of that, he had met the real thing.   Obviously he wasn’t on the Twilight Zone (at least he hoped not at this point), but it sure looked it.    They had changed people he worked with into dolls.  It looked like they were going to do the same to him and Mindy, and there wasn’t a damned thing he could do about it. 

He sure HOPED they were good witches.   And that the one he had nearly hit with the broomstick hopefully didn’t hold a grudge.   That thoughtful look on her face was a bit troubling, and the smile on the other ones face had been unsettling.

The door opened, and the witch disguised as Ann came in.  She cast another spell, and he realized he could move a little.  Right behind her was Michelle, who still looked thoughtful.

“So what now?”  he asked as calmly as he could.  Remembering a line from the Wizard of Oz, he cynically asked, “Are you good witches or a bad witches,” 

Sarah, who had seen the movie many times herself, caught the reference, and she heard a giggle from behind her and knew Michelle had too.

“Oh, we are definitely good witches Jake.”  Sarah replied with another grin. 

Jake wondered about that, but at this point, he decided to be hopeful.

“As for your other question, well you are going to join your friends as dolls in a few minutes, but you earned an explanation.”  She replied calmly.   She looked at him carefully.   He couldn’t really move much, as she had released the spell only enough so he could talk but not really move.  Brown eyes alive with intelligence that showed only unease but not fear, strong shoulders, and he was in really good shape, and he hadn’t even had the potion yet.   “Definitely a keeper” she muttered, and beside her Michelle ginned at him.

Sarah looked over at Michelle, who nodded.  And for the next few minutes, Sarah and Michelle told him a long story, of a wizard, another world, and about an Elf.   And finally, about their mission.

“You aren’t lying.” He looked into their eyes.  Any other time, he would have decided that he needed to get out more.   But they were telling the truth, and well, going with them beat the hell out of being conquered in an alien invasion, assuming he survived the warm up of the falling asteroids.

 “Well, umm, I could help you know.  I know a lot of things you might find useful, and I really want too.”

Sarah looked at him closely.   He was sincere.   “Why not” she muttered to herself.  

Michelle smiled again, she was hoping Sarah would say that.   Deciding that she wanted the honors, she reached over and kissed the young man long and hard on the lips.   While at the same time, as he was distracted, pulling out her spell focus (a plastic doll) from her pocket. 

For Jake, it was a surprise, but an extremely pleasant one.   She was an amazingly good kisser, and her soft but firm body, pressed hard against him, was sending all kinds of signals to his brain, his heart, his stomach and his increasingly bulging crotch.   He never noticed the touch of plastic against his skin, but as the kiss continued, he began to feel a stranger sensation.   He suddenly couldn’t move again, but it didn’t seem to matter.  He felt himself slipping away into a dream, and the last thing he heard before the spell completed its work was Michelle whispering into his ear.

“We will talk again soon sweetie.  By the way, I forgive you.” She whispered into his ear sweetly.

Sarah chuckled as she watched Michelle work.  “You really love your work, don’t you?”

“Well, we did decide we could have some fun along the way.” Michelle replied, blushing a little, “What the hell, you know Wes is doing the same thing.”

“Good point.”  Sarah replied, grinning a little, “besides, he did it to us after all.”

After shrinking Jake down, and picking him up, Michelle nodded. “Ok, I guess its time to get back to work.”

A few floors below, Mindy, a beautiful brunette with soulful brown eyes, and a shy smile, walked into the elevator.   She had an appointment to talk to her agent, and she was looking forward to dinner tonight with Jake after that.  

She wondered how it would go.


Time to take in a movie...

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