Connie the new Coppertone Spokesmodel

by M.P.

Connie Richards was far from your average young woman. At the tender age of 16 she had already broken many hearts around her home town of Cincinnati, and at 25 she was considered devestating. Well she naturally persued a career in modeling. Her likeness could be seen on the sides of busses from New York to San Francisco. She graced every billboard and magazine and every sponsor from Avon to Zip wanted her for thier personal spokesmodel.

Well one summer day a packet arrived to her apartment in New York and it was adressed from the Copper-toning Corporation. Connie had always been a great lover of going to the beach and the thought of being a spokesmodel for suntan oil kind of turned her on. She visualised herself being cast with hundreds of hunky men, the only female on the beach. She would wear a bright red bikini that did not leave too much for the imagination. Or perhaps it would be more comical, She could see it now the day at the beach scene as a little girl she always remembered the ad with the girl her suit bottom being pulled off by a nasty little puppy, exposing her little ass to the viewing audience. She would have to spice it up a little of course. But that was a lot to think on. She reread the telegram again and answered it, then put the notion out of her mind.

A week went by and she was sent to Rome to cover an ad for some spagettit sauce company. She hated that one; the director was a nasty man who wanted her to pose in a large pot of simmering red spagetti sauce. She got a nasty burn and her agent was in the midst of getting her a lawsuit.

She took some time off then, and after another week a large packet arrived from Denver. She opened the envelope and out fell a booklet and three tubes marked simply with a number. She read the booklet and it was from Copper-toning. It told her that they had graciously accepted her as their new model but she would have to wear the product. Connie picked up the first tube simply marked #1. She twisted off the little white cap and sniffed the contents. It didn't smell too bad. It reminded her of flowers and coconut. Strange combination of scents she thought out loud. But who knows maybe it would smell good on her. She applied the sweet smelling cream liberally on her body and felt a strange tingling sensation as it soaked into her skin.She did not notice any change to her color however. What a gyp she thought. What kind of tanning oil would this be if it didn't give you a tan. She was about to throw the other two tubes in the trash when suddenly she was overcome with the strongest urge to fondle her breasts and touch her body in its most intimate places.

She picked up the letter and looked it over carefully. It was as she thought; it warned her that prolonged exposure to one of the chemicals to long would result in some kind of physical reaction. She thought whoa girl this isn't exactly what I would term as a reaction but it was definitely physical. She quickly read more of the note and found it said to add the contents of tube 2 into a luke warm bath.

She did not have enough time and the urge to masturbate was too strong. So she grabbed the second tube and sqeezed its contents into her jacuzzi. The water was bubbling hot and suddenly it changed color from clear to an off-pink color. Connie was about to explode so she jumped into the jacuzzi and quickly soaked her body in the liquid.

The tingling subsided, but the urges to stimulate herself got worse. She was hammering at her little cunt, pushing her hand into the tight little opening trying to gain some form of release. She then remembered the final tube. Perhaps it was a countering agent for the other two tubes. She jumped out of the swirling water and the cool air of the room struck her like a lover. she pressed her hand hard into herself grabbed the final tube from the table and emptied it entirely into the pool. The water stilled for but a second and then went into a rapid boil.

Connie jumped head first into the swirling mass of water and popped back to the surface. She found herself suddenly calm for a second when suddenly she was struck with the strongest orgasm she had ever gotten. She was floating half in and half out of the pool, her hand pressed into her sex, when suddenly the pool water stilled and hardened into a solid block of copper.

Connie never knew what hit her. She was now frozen in that block as a Frieze' of herself.

The smooth curves of her luscious body captured and embedded in shining copper. Her mouth was open and her eyes had closed. An expression of the spent orgasim still locked on her face.


After another hour a truck arrived from Copper-toning corporation. the workmen carefully lifted the block from the frame of the pool. Careful not to scratch or damage the delicate Frieze' that once been a living supermodel.


Connie did not know it yet but she would soon join a collection of other living works that the president of Copper-toning had been building for years.



The End.


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