Defrosting The Fridge

by Mark Andrew Runnells

       It was a warm Summer day in old Raleigh, North Carolina.  Julia Green was working in her kitchen, bent over so her well rounded rear end was stuck out somewhat.  She was bent over and defrosting the refrigerator.  On the kitchen table was a variety of food items she had just been removed.  Julia stepped back and righted herself.  She looked just great in a simple plaid skirt and tan blouse.  Her long, lean legs, all 36 inches of them, were fabulous.  Julia brought her hands to her waistline and thought.  How could she ever make this job faster?  It was then that the door to the kitchen rang.  Julia looked aside and, with one hand to her chin, went to answer it. 

       At the door was her best friend in the whole wide world, Mark Andrew Runnells.  Julia tee-heed and invited him in, coaxing him with a outstretched hand.  Mark grinned and followed.  He was dressed in his red shorts and blue University of Maine tee shirt.

       "What brings you today?" she asked. 

       Mark simply shrugged his shoulders and answered her.  "I was reading my computer E-mail and I had a note that you had a problem with freezing?" 

       Julia raised a brow and smiled pleasantly. "Oh, am I!" 

       With that Julia turned and pointed at the open refrigerator door.  Mark took a peek for a moment that seemed to last the whole day at her well rounded hips and then his eyes followed her long, lithe, legs.  This was definately worth the trip.  Julia was going on, explaining about the block of ice the freezer door was jammed with before talking freely of what she needed to buy for additional groceries this weekend coming. 

       Mark had decided he had heard enough. "Take a look at this!" he ordered her as he stepped up from behind her and dangled a crystal he had taken from his pocket.  It swung before her eyes and caught so much light from the refrigerator bulb.

       Julia stopped speaking in mid-stride and sort of shut down.  She was moving her hand about, somewhat, but as soon as Mark had brought out the crystal again she locked on it and bound up inside.  Mark snapped his fingers in her ear and told her to remain still. 

       Mark stepped around before her and inspected what he was getting into.  Julia Green, at five foot eleven and simply marvelous to look upon, was frozen up now.  Mark could see her face in it's same pensive appearance, the way it was when, moments before, she was talking about broccoli and peas.  Mark could always count on Julia for good talks, which was why they had gotten along so well for so many years.  The kitchen door was open and a breeze blew in that hot Summer day.  Julia's lovely, natural blonde hair was scattered a bit but her dynamite body held shape and place.  Mark was proud of what he had done as he stepped over and closed the door.  Now the house was still. 

       Next, Mark came and took away a chair from the dinette table.  He sat over in front of Julia's motionless form and watched her.  What was it that kept him coming back for more?  Was it her cone shaped breasts?  He loved the way they seemed to speak by themselves.  Each one was a work of art.  They were so pointed and stood out so firmly.  She had a chest like a teen-ager.  She never seemed to grow old.  No wonder he liked being with Julia so.

       Then there was the crystal.

       He had gotten it years ago while on vacation in Maine.  There was some family of Gypsies that came that Summer and had a old station wagon.  The back was open and across the lid there were so many nicknacks.  A fold out table was set up too.  Mark was riding to Old Orchard Beach that time and saw the family stoppped at the side of the road with a sign out that read:  Yard Sale.  The crystal was in a cardboard box.  Some old lady had told him that her grandmother had it for good luck.  She said something about it being able to make you happy.  What was happiness to him?  Pay your bills on time and what was there to worry over?  Of course Mark one time was holding it later while speaking of needing money with some friend from work.  The crystal seemed to grow hot to the touch and it was then his friend gave him a twenty dollar bill.

       "Yeah," he had said, "just keep it." 

       He just wanted to see Julia hold still so he could look at her.  The crystal delivered, on time as well.  There stood Julia, frozen in time!

       Mark was up from his seat and went outside the kitchen door.  He had left his bookbag there.  He brought it in and removed the contents.  Inside was a camera.

       The bookbag was dropped to the floor.  The camera was flashing its permanent flash over and over while Mark went for so many different angles.  Just to be naughty, he skooched down and took one picture up her skirt.  He snickered a little over that one.  If Julia knew that she would have killed him!

       Mark was really excited now, just dying to finish off the roll of film so he could go get it developed for the guys at the TIME STOP site.  Would they appreciate his work of art?  Would they truly love Julia as he did?  Only time would tell.  After snapping off the last picture before placing the cystal, still dangling by its badly tarnished silver chain, into the ice box of the refrigerator he wished for heat.  A few moments later ice clumps fell from the compartment.  Water puddled on the floor.  Mark removed the crystal, went back behind motionless Julia and snapped his fingers again.  That started her moving once more in normal time.

       Julia was talking but stopped mid-sentence when she noticed the puddle on the floor.  The freezer compartment was shiny and bare of ice.  Julia turned to Mark and her mouth was O-shaped.

       "I don't know how you did that, but thanks."  She stepped up close as she turned to face him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  Mark reddened.  He explained he had to be going and would see her again.  So ended the problem.


                                   THE END - or not...?

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