For Your Eyes Stonily: An Elaine Blonde Adventure

by Drake

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Great Britain:

"That’s bloody odd." Elaine swept into the foyer of MMM’s office, depositing her package by the door. Honeypenny wasn’t in her usual position behind her desk. Trouble? Elaine quietly opened the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet and drew out the pistol. It had been filed under V for Emergency. Honeypenny had many talents, but filing was not at the top of the list; in fact it hadn’t even made the top ten.

Sneaking to the door to MMM’s Office, Elaine examined the hinges. They looked dry and would probably squeak. She opened her purse and fished out a small bottle of lubricant, which she carefully dripped onto the exposed metal, working it in with swift, practiced motions. It was a shame to waste it, strawberry was her favorite flavor. Satisfied, she carefully inched the door open; the hinges remained silent.

"Be berry quiet." Elaine rolled her eyes at her own pun and looked in. There was Honeypenny, but what was she doing? A smile spread across Elaine’s face and she relaxed. No emergency. MMM’s brunette secretary was seeing to the cleaning, and in a rather unorthodox fashion too. Her prim, tweed skirt was hiked up to her waist, and her breasts were exposed. She was straddling face of the golden statue of Buxomly Maid, while passionately kissing the golden lips of Alotta Tongue. The two notorious and delicious women had been caught in their own golden trap during a previous mission, and had been frozen in suspended animation under thin sheathes of gold. They were currently serving their sentence as a coffee table set in MMM’s office. Honeypenny was working her hips back and forth against Buxomly’s lips, the motions becoming increasingly frenetic as she approached orgasm. Elaine waited until the moment was perfect.

"MMM wanted to see me!" Elaine slammed the door open and stepped in.

"Elaine! Oooh!" Honeypenny started, her squeak of surprise arriving in the same moment of her orgasm. She ground her hips even faster as she tried to pull her bra and shirt back into place. She blushed bright red, the color reaching every exposed inch of her skin. "I Ah! Wasn’t expecting anyone. He’s not Oh! Oh! He’s not here right now!’"

"Don’t stop on my account." Elaine smiled and took a seat. Still blushing furiously, Honeypenny got up, pulled her skirt down and fled the room, closing the door behind her. Elaine pulled out a handkerchief and dabbed the few traces of Honeypenny’s prim and proper lipstick from Alotta’s golden lips. Satisfied, she walked over to MMM’s closet and opened the door.

"You wanted to see me sir." She announced, saluting sharply.

"MMM yes.." MMM bleated, looking very disappointed. "I wasn’t expecting you back until tomorrow."

"I tied up my assignment early." Elaine explained. "She’s still tied up in the reception area, but I’m sure Honeypenny will be good enough to summon security and hand her over to the proper authorities. Really MMM, what are they teaching those young ladies in spy school these days? She seduces me and then falls asleep exhausted; and after only five hours! The Russians are certainly letting their standards slip.

"Dear me yes." MMM said. "Agent Blonde, what do you know about the myths and legends of ancient Greece?"

"Not much." Elaine shrugged. "I majored in law, political science and foreplay; but my roommate at college was an archeology major and wrote several papers on Greek myths. If you need an expert, you should call her in."

"I already have, and fortunately she is on a dig in the area, she’ll be meeting you there." MMM said. "The Royal Archaeology Society made a rather startling discovery last month on the island of Madstrokos; the entrance to a hidden temple. Professor Theresa Darling and three of her students from Dounton Girl’s College were investigating, but all contact with them was lost. We’re sending another team to look into the disappearance, and we’d like you to lead it."

"I’m a spy, not an archaeologist." Elaine said. "Why on earth are you sending me."

"According to our preliminary reports, Professor Darling thought the temple might be the resting place of the legendary Circlet of Apollo." MMM said. "A crown that glows with the light and heat of the sun. It has been hypothesized that it is in fact some form of fusion device. If so, you are to secure it and return it to Britain for study. Understood?"

"Yes sir." Elaine said. "The crown may be dangerous. May I take X along as a science advisor?"

"Mmm what? Of course, of course." MMM bleated. "If that’s all, I have work to do."

"Yes, there are two more things sir." Elaine walked to the door and threw a final look over her shoulder. "One, tell Honeypenny she missed a spot – mine – and two, put your bloody pants back on you disgusting old peeping tom!"


* * *


"I thought I told you this was an undercover operation." Elaine said as X joined her in the airport security line. The scientist was wearing her usual thigh high boots, leather shorts and bustier, but had accented it with a long leather trench coat, and an officer’s cap, complete with crossed whips on the crest. Her long, blonde braids trailed down her back.

"You worry about such things too much." X said haughtily. " I am a world renowned scientist, it is impossible to disguise such dominating brilliance and beauty. Besides, you are just tetchy because MMM is making you work with your old college roommate."

"I had at least hoped to be elevated to the peerage before I saw her again." Elaine groused emptying her pockets into the plastic tray and sending it through the x-ray machine. "An OBE just isn’t enough, it will be Lady Cleft this and Lady Cleft that. Just like when we were back in college."

"I will bring the matter up to MMM when we return." X ignored the offered tray and breezed through the metal detector with nary a beep, despite the many, obvious bulges in the pockets of her coat. She waited impatiently while Elaine caught up to her, slapping her riding crop against her leg. The international lounge was crowded, but not painfully so. Elaine decided on a cup of tea to pass the time while waiting for the flight.

"Elaine!" Elaine turned towards the voice, but only caught a glimpse of red hair before she was caught. Her vision was blocked by a pair of nicely shaped, and very familiar breasts, which were pressed against her face. She returned the hug.

"Trish?" Elaine realized she was holding the redhead up and let her back down. "What are you doing here?"

"Would you believe I’m posing for the swimsuit edition of Archaeology Today?" Trish smiled. "No? Neither would I. My last film didn’t work out so I’m on a special assignment, acting as liaison to some archaeologists who are investigating a new find on the island of Madstrokos. It’s cool. They found a temple, but the first investigator, Dr. Emma O’Reilly and her students vanished without a trace."

"The Circlet of Apollo?" Elaine asked warily.

"Uh, no." Trish said. "Something called the Hades Spear. It’s supposed to be this great weapon that our government wants. Oops, I shouldn’t have said that."

"I shouldn’t worry yourself about it." Elaine smiled. "That’s where we’re headed to, only we’ve been sent after a different artifact. And what’s this about your last film crashing, Lesbian Cat Girl Theatre Presents the Tale of Martina Luther and the Council of Squirms was great."

"It was too intellectual." Trish frowned. "No one got it."

"Except you, several times in multiple scenes." Elaine said fondly. "So who are you babysitting in this mission?"

"Cyndi and Anna Jones; they’re famous in the archeology circles." Trish said. "Oh, and the head of our R&D department is tagging along."

"Cyndi’n’Anna Jones?" Elaine blinked. "That’s catchy. So where’s the white-coat?"

"Over there." Trish pointed out a young blonde woman who was struggling to drag a wheeled carry-on towards them. Barely over five feet tall, with short blonde hair and large, round glasses. She was dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a T-shirt that advertised an obscure line of scientific equipment. Her body was slim and gently curved.

"Dee, we’re over here." Trish waved.

"What is this?" X strutted over and watched with amusement as Dee struggled through the crowd, nearly losing her carry-on twice.

"Sorry." Fixing her glasses Dee let the carry-on drop to the ground with a loud thunk. "Security needed to get a closer look."

"I understand completely." X smiled. "You are the American science consultant."

"Yes. Oh my god! You’re X!" Dee squealed, jumping up and down. "You wrote the paper on zeta wave emissions during multiple orgasms. It was brilliant! How did you come up with the idea of setting the receiver to detect at that frequency? I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you. Eek!"

"You are very cute." X grabbed Dee’s face between her hands, bringing the verbal avalanche to an end. "But I expect my underlings to remain silent until spoken to." She gently kissed the blonde.

"X, D? Do any of you scientists have actual names?" Elaine said to no one in particular.

"It’s not D, it’s Dee." Dee said blushing furiously. "Short for Deirdre. What do you mean underling! I’m the senior inventor for my division. I’m your equal."

"Are you really my equal?" X stepped closer and pushed back her shoulders, her bosom impacted with Dee’s chin.

"Yes I am!" Dee managed, her features going even redder.

"Are you willing to put it on the line?" X flashed a predatory smile. "A wizard’s duel, your inventive brilliance against mine. To the winner goes the loser, temporarily of course."

"What?!" Dee exploded. "You mean if you win, I have to…"

"Yes." X explained. "But you’re my equal or perhaps even my better. Surely American ingenuity can triumph over any obstacle."

"No! I mean yes it can triumph, but no I won’t do it. You want me to…" Dee managed.

"Several times. Don’t tell me you’re not interested." X prodded unmercifully. "You are adding some rather delightful new contours to that rather gauche shirt."

"Eep." Dee’s hands flashed to her peaked nipples. "It’s not what…oh nuts! Okay! A duel! You’re on!"

"Excellent." X smiled warmly. "We’ll settle this when we reach Madstrokos. You’ll want to prepare your strategy for our duel, or perhaps savor the delicious anticipation of what I have planned for you when you lose."

"I won’t lose!" Dee grabbed her carry-on and stormed off, knocking several people over as she went.

"Delightful. I can’t wait." X was practically purring, she turned back to the others "And you must be Trish."

"Back off kinky." Trish said. "I’m not a scientist."

"X why don’t you get us some tea." Elaine smiled and ground her heel hard against X’s toe. When there was no reaction from the tall, muscular blonde, Elaine stomped hard.

"You are always so good to me Elaine." X retreated, limping ever so slightly.

"Now where are your other charges?" Elaine asked.

"Trish there you are." Two voices called out in unison. Elaine’s jaw nearly hit the floor. She briefly wondered if she could keep up with the Jones’s. They were magnificent. Identical brunettes with long curly hair that fanned out from under battered fedoras. Brief halter tops barely concealing full breasts and tattered jeans accented by myriad rips that hinted at the darkly tanned skin beneath. Their belts were rough leather and displayed scuffing where one would normally expect to find a holster. Battered leather jackets completed the ensemble. Elaine tried to think of what to say, but asking to be the blonde filling in a brunette sandwich would not make an ideal first impression. Or maybe it would?

"Dr. Jones’s I presume." Elaine said with as much dignity as she could muster. "Welcome, albeit briefly, to the Empire of Great Britain. May I offer you some tea, or perhaps a sandwich?"

"No thanks." The one on the left nodded in greeting. "We’re just really excited to be asked on this mission. The Spear of Hades is legendary."

"None for me." The other said. "So are you coming with us?"

"Given the chance, yes." Elaine said truthfully. "My group is investigating something at the same site, so it makes sense for us all to work closely.. work together to ensure that our union.. mission is accomplished."

"Elaine." Trish leaned in to whisper. "Your Freudian slip is showing again."

"I do not have a Freudian slit..slip!" Elaine whispered back. "That’s just a figment of your fornication.. imagination. I need a cup of tea."

"And a cold shower." The Cyndi and Anna Jones said in unison. "Well, that’s our flight being called."


* * *


Elaine reclined in her seat and waved away the stewardess’s offer of champagne. Beside her Trish was paging through a magazine, turning the pages with barely a glance. One eye was fixed on the occupied light on the forward lavatory. It turned green.

"Want to join the Mile High club?" Trish leaned over and whispered.

"Again?" Elaine managed to sound disinterested. "That’s three times already. It’s only a two-hour flight. Meet you there." She watched as Trish sauntered down the aisle, putting an extra swing into her step. Elaine enjoyed the view. A few minutes later she rose from her own seat and walked down the aisle. Pausing to check on Dee and X. They were sitting on opposite sides of the aisle. Dee was hunched over a laptop, typing furiously, while X was lounging in her chair, her Nordic features relaxed, occasionally she would glance over at Dee and smile in confident anticipation. At each exchange of glances, Dee would blush and redouble her efforts. Elaine tentatively knocked on the lavatory door. It opened and Trish yanked her inside.

"Your turn." Trish said quietly, sliding the lock closed.

"My turn to what?" Elaine said innocently. "Really Trish, I have no idea what you’re talking ab.."

"Freeze!" Trish commanded. Elaine stopped in her tracks. It wasn’t the same as Buxomly’s golden sheath, but she played along with the fantasy.

"I love this." Trish said, slowly undoing Elaine’s blouse and stroking the top of her breasts. "You’re my plaything now. Such a lovely, British, stiff upper lip. Are your other lips as stiff?" She slid down Elaine’s body and hiked up her skirt. Her tongue explored the edges of Elaine’s panties.

"What a lovely statue you make." Trish hooked a finger in Elaine’s panties and pulled them down. Her breath was warm against Elaine’s thighs. "I’m going to make love to you my stone treasure, and you can’t do anything to stop me."

Elaine held her pose as Trish began licking her in slow, lingering strokes. It was part of the game. If she could manage to keep from moving, it would be her turn next time, and Trish would have to freeze. If she moved, or cried out, Trish would get to freeze her again. A battle of wills.

"Mmmm." After several minutes, Trish licked her lips and got back to her feet, kissing Elaine deeply. "You win. Unfreeze."

"Wait until you see what I have planned for next time." Elaine promised, pulling up her panties and straightening her skirt. "I better get back to my seat." She stepped out of the lavatory, despite a quick protest from Trish.

"Later." Elaine walked back down the aisle. As she passed X and Dee, they reacted differently. Dee blushed, while X nodded approvingly. Elaine settled back into her seat, pausing to adjust the air-conditioning, which seemed a little too cool. A few moments later Trish settled back next to her.

"Elaine." Trish waited for a moment before continuing. "Are you a little distracted? I know you and your old roommate don’t exactly get along. It is bothering you?"

"Not at all, and I’m not distracted." Elaine said. "What makes you say so?" Rather than reply, Trish pointed to Elaine’s still open blouse.

"Yes, well perhaps I’m a little distracted about it." Elaine said, doing up her blouse.


* * *


The villa was astounding, Elaine thought to herself as they pulled up. Trust Lady Cleft to see to that particular detail. The architecture was a beautiful collection of low, broad arches accented by neatly trimmed stonework. It was certainly large enough to allow them all to rattle around comfortable. Too bad. Close quarters made for close companionship. The flight had ended up being painless, and they had breezed through customs on the strength of the diplomatic passports that MMM had procured for them. The only hitch had been the Jones's who had indulged far too heavily from the in flight drinks, and were practically insensate. X had taken care of that detail, slinging one over each shoulder, and carrying them out to the car. The only other oddity at the airport had been Dee's inability to lift her obviously heavy carry-on into their rented jeep. After several moments of struggling she had hid a button on the side of the case. Eight silver limbs had folded out, and the bag had climbed in all on its own. Elaine briefly wondered if X had underestimated her opponent.

"Hello. Anyone home?" Trish knocked on the door and waited. When there was no response she tried the handle. The door swung open easily. The others followed her in, the air conditioning a welcome respite from the hot Greek sun. With a casual toss of her shoulders X dropped Cyndi and Anna Jones onto two of the couches that decorated the main sitting room. Elaine glanced around. There. A note lay neatly folded on a side table, next to a crystal decanter of brandy. She picked it up and unfolded it. Lady Cleft's elegant handwriting was unmistakable.

"Dear Elaine." She read aloud for the benefit of the others. "I simply could not wait for you to arrive and have decided to begin exploring the temple on my own. Hope you don't mind. I will pick you up in the morning. Ta ta for now. Lady Sarah Cleft."

"That's bloody marvelous." Elaine said sourly. "She's the only one who knows where the bloody temple is. Let's all hope she actually makes it back."

"Okay. Well it's getting late." Dee said quickly, backing out of the room. "I'm going to bed, see you all in the morning." She turned to flee but ended up walking straight into X's cleavage.

"Are you forgetting something?" X embraced Dee and thrust her face deeper into her breasts. "We have unfinished business to attend to."

"Um… Okay. We couldn't do it tomorrow could we?" Dee blushed and tried to free herself from X's grip. Elaine raised an eyebrow as she watched X press a small, silver disc to the back of Dee's neck.

"Now." X let the cute blonde slip away. "The rules are simple, we take turns using our equipment on each other, the first to be unable to continue loses."

"Before you get started." Trish said. "We need you both in one piece tomorrow, so nothing lethal. Got it?"

X and Dee nodded and backed away from one another. Elaine took Trish's arm and pulled her behind the couch. They peeked over the back as the two scientists squared off. Dee opened her carry-on, while X merely stood with her hands on her hips, her leather trench coat billowing around her.

"Who goes first?" Dee asked.

"I do." X smiled. "But you can go ahead."

Elaine watched with a growing sense of excitement. She enjoyed a catfight as much as the next woman, but this was going to be something else entirely. She knew X's particular predilections, but Dee was a wild card, and it was possible that she had previously unrevealed talents. It was Elaine's experience that mad-scientist was synonymous with sexual deviant. The same thing went for Secret Agent. Dee probably only looked sweet and innocent.

"Want to bet?" Trish asked. "I think Dee's going to surprise you."

"Done." Elaine replied. "I'll take X. The winner gets freeze rights for the rest of the mission?"

"Cool." Trish reached over and hugged Elaine, her hands exploring. "There's an alcove in the hall I can't wait to pose you in."

"Capture Ball!" Dee whipped a sphere at X. As it spun towards the tall, blonde scientist it exploded into a cluster of gooey ropes which wrapped around X.

"Lovely." X smiled as the ropes tightened. "Latex polymer compound with a contact adhesive and reverse feedback contraction. Tensile strength is the equivalent of aluminum, quite beyond the strength of most people to escape it."

"There. So I win!" Dee jumped up.

"We're only just beginning." X dipped a hand into her pocket and brought out a matchbox. She slid it open one handed and dumped the contents out. Small, silvery objects flitted about her, eating away the rubbery bonds. "Metal moths. Programmed to consume certain materials on command." X gestured casually.

"Eeek!" Dee waved at the air as the moths surrounded her. In a moment her T-shirt and shorts had vanished, leaving her in a pair of cotton panties and a sensible bra. "You pervert!"

"You say the sweetest things." X smiled, eyeing Dee from top to bottom. "Your turn."

"I'll get you!" Dee reached into her carry on and brought out a remote control with several joysticks. As she manipulated them a trio of small helicopters rose from the carry-on and whizzed towards X, trailing a sickly green gas behind them. X dove to the side, rolling to her feet. She brought a short baton out of her jacket and flicked it. A long whip snapped out of the handle.

"Sleep gas. How quaint." With five quick snaps of her wrist, X knocked the helicopters out of the air. "I trust you have something else for me."

"Nuts." Dee huffed, reaching into her carry-on again. Why five cracks of the whip? There were only three helicopters. "Eeek!"

"So you do have something else for me." X smiled as Dee's panties and bra fell away, neatly cut by the extra strokes of the whip. Dee's pink nipples, already hard, peaked further as the cool air caressed them. X shrugged out of her coat and approached.

"Naughty Tentacles!" Dee hit a button on the remote and began manipulating the joysticks with awesome speed. Eight silver tentacles shot out of the mouth of the carry-on and grasped X, lifting her off her feet. They tore at her shorts and bustier, leaving them in tatters.

"I didn't know you had it in you. I can't escape. Not that I want to." X sighed ecstatically as the tentacles wrapped around her breasts and pressed against her sex. "And they vibrate too. Oooh, nice. How thoughtful of you. You must have done a lot of testing to get them just right."

"I've got you now!" Dee said, her fingers flashing over the joysticks. "Submit!"

"Not yet." X smiled and displayed a small, black metal disc on her palm. She folded a finger down and tapped it.

"Oooh!" The remote control went flying as Dee slid her hands down to her suddenly wet and demanding sex.

"Zeta wave pleasure sensation transfer and magnification disc." X explained as the tentacles, bereft of control, fell away. "You feel whatever pleasures I feel at four times the intensity. Silver is the receiver, black is the transmitter."

"Nuts." Dee managed between gasps and small eeks of pleasure.

"Let's finish this." X brought pulled a short, wide barreled pistol from her boot. "Glazer gun."

"No." Dee managed to get her arms up as the gun spat out a stream of sparkling mist. She froze in position as a shiny film covered her body. Her eyes darted helplessly from left to right as X stalked towards her.

"Quick drying resin." X explained, rapping her knuckles against Dee's shoulder. "Oxygen permeable and quite immobilizing. She caressed her own exposed breasts and watched Dee react to the intensified erotic sensation.

"We need to borrow that gun." Trish said with awestruck reverence. Dee looked almost like a mannequin, her pale skin shining like plastic under the lights.

"Do you concede." X withdrew a small perfume bottle from her other boot and sprayed Dee's face. The glaze evaporated into thin wisps of smoke.

"Yes." Dee managed. She closed her eyes as X bent down to gently kiss her. "You win."

"Of course I do. I'm going to prop you up in the corner and let you watch, and feel as I pleasure myself." X easily hoisted the stiff Dee off her feet, tucking her under one arm. " A very good night to all, especially you my pretty little Deirdre doll. I do not wished to be disturbed unless there is an emergency."

"I think she's already disturbed." Trish managed as X strutted out.

"I won't argue with you on that account." Elaine smiled. "But she is brilliant, and she did win. You know what that means don't you?"

"Oh no you don't." Trish got up and backed away.

"Freeze." Elaine commanded.


* * *


"I may take all my vacations in Madstrokos," Elaine thought as she lounged on the king-sized bed, the silk sheets caressing her naked skin. Through the open door to the en-suite bathroom, she could catch enticing glimpses of Trish who was enjoying a cool shower. Tomorrow would be different. Damn MMM for adding Lady Sarah Cleft into the mix. They had been roommates for four years, and well, very close during that time, practically inseparable. At least in bed. That was fine, better than fine, absolutely spiffing; but outside of the sheets, Sarah reverted to aloof, superior, Lady Cleft, whose elevated social position, academic and athletic superiority had always left Elaine feeling decidedly second rate. The thought of Sarah stepping through that door reminded Elaine of those inferior feelings, which she had put aside all those years ago.

"Miss Blonde?" Two voices called out from the doorway. Elaine gaped. It was all she could do. The Jones's had roused themselves from their slumber and were crowding the doorway. Somewhere along the way they had lost their clothes - well except for the battered fedoras which they still wore.

"We saw that you were still up." They split up, coming in on either side of the bed.

"May I offer you some tea." The one on the left, possibly Cyndi said.

"Or perhaps a sandwich." Anna echoed. They slid in on either side of Elaine and pressed against her. Elaine shut her eyes as warm lips closed over each of her nipples and began sucking gently. It was like an attack by an erotic octapussy Elaine mused as the twins began caressing her, slowly bringing her to the very edge of climax.

"Elaine!" Trish said with mock outrage. "Just what do you think you're doing?" Fresh from her shower, Trish was standing at the foot of the bed, a towel concealing her athletic figure. Her long red hair, still wet, hung unbound down her back.

"Nothing." Elaine said. "They're doing everything. I'm just along for the ride. Want to join in?"

"I thought you'd never ask." Trish let the towel fall away. She stepped towards the bed.

"Freeze." Elaine whispered. Trish was a good sport. She kept the look of outrage on her face as she stood statue still.

"Isn't Trish going to join us?" Cyndi paused mid lick.

"Eventually." Elaine winked at the frozen red-head. "She likes to watch." Trish watched silently as Cyndi and Anna brought Elaine to several screaming orgasms. When Elaine finally unfroze her, she leapt on her, and ensured that her mouth was far too busy to issue any more petrifying orders.


* * *


"Wake up Elaine. My god what a slug-a-bed your are. Up! Up!" Elaine threw a pillow in the direction of the voice. Moments later the same pillow smacked back against her with significantly more force. She blearily opened one eye.

"Still not a morning person are you?" Lady Sarah Cleft stood at the foot of the bed. The years since college had been kind to Sarah. She was Elaine's height with luxurious brown hair that hung down her back in a long braid. Her enormous, firm breasts, barely restrained by a thin, cotton shirt, jutted out proudly without a hint of sag. Her shorts were tight enough to advertise her close relationship with her razor. Damn she still looked great. Low slung gun belts hugged her hips, the twin, chrome-plated automatics fitted into the black leather holsters like… She still wore the same, pair of sunglasses, with small, round, heavily tinted lens. "Up you get."

"Get some breakfast, I'll be ready in a tic." Elaine dragged herself out of bed and staggered towards the shower to remove the obvious traces of last night's excesses. Trish and the Jones's had already been through. Morning people were the bane of her existence, they insisted on her rising at the ungodly hours and conspired to use up all the hot water. Then again, given her condition after ogling Sarah, a cold shower was not the worst thing for her. After several minutes of scrubbing, Elaine felt aware enough to deal with the rest of the world. She quickly arranged her hair into a tight bun at the back of her neck and grabbed a functional khaki shirt and shorts from her bag. A pot of tea and a few rounds of toast, perhaps a kipper and the morning would almost be pleasant.

"Good morning X." Elaine's nose led her to the kitchen. X was lounging at the kitchen table, contemplating half a grapefruit with a very satisfied smile. "I take it Dee is still asleep?"

"Not at all." X smiled proudly pointing downwards with a languid gesture. "Elaine, I have created a monster."

Elaine glanced under the table. So that was why X looked so happy. Dee was kneeling between her legs, enthusiastically enjoying a breakfast of a completely different kind. X had been a very poor influence on her. Her short blonde hair was slicked back, and her casual clothes of the previous day had been replaced by high leather boots, a leather thong and bra. Bra was giving the item more credit than it deserved. Two leather straps which somehow managed to cling to Dee's modest bosom. The only indication of her previous persona were the large and now incongruous glasses.

"Dee darling." X said. "That's enough for now. Why don't you tell Elaine what you learned last night."

"I was a fool." Dee got up and sat down across X's lap, exhibiting as much bad girl attitude as she could muster. "I served my department with my brilliance. With my brilliance they should be serving me!"

"How wise of you." Elaine offered diplomatically.

"Silence!" Dee barked. "You will speak only when spoken to!"

"Bloody hell, not another one." Elaine whispered to herself. "I'm not dealing with this right now. Everything will seem much saner after a pot of tea. Where's the bloody teapot?"

The question answered itself as the teapot flew through the air past her face and smashed against the cupboards. More trouble. Elaine hurried into the living room to see what the trouble was.

"So the bloody yanks think they can waltz in on my dig?" In full temper Lady Sarah Cleft was faced off against Cyndi and Anna Jones. No one looked happy.

"We've got permission from the consulate to dig there." Cyndi shot back. "We're archaeologists too."

"You most definitely are not!" Lady Cleft said icily. "You rush in like a teenager going for second base, grab whatever shiny object fascinates you and then rush out. You are not archaeologists, you are antiquarians. You don't care about the history or the culture, just how good it will look in a museum."

"Like you can talk." Anna piped in. "You shot holes in a priceless Aztec carving last year."

"Regrettably I had to." Lady Cleft said stiffly. "I needed a foothold so I could back-flip to the other ledge and by doing so avoid the ravenous saber tooth tigers that were chasing me."

"Look." Elaine stepped between them and put her hands out. "Just calm down. We're going to have to work together. We don't have to like it."

"You liked it well enough last night." Anna Jones said, stepping closer. "Come on, let us flatten her."

"Just try it." Sarah advanced. Elaine held her ground, noting that she now had Sarah's right breast in her left hand and Anna's left in her right. The morning was definitely looking up.

"This is just Champion." Elaine said, throwing every inch of command into her voice. "In case you have forgotten, we have a mission to accomplish. That's the priority. So all three of you are going to bloody get along or I'll toss the whole barmy lot of you into the bloody sea! When the mission is over you can beat each other senseless for all I care, but until then you will bloody well do as you're told. Am I making myself clear!!"

"Gotcha." The Jones's said in unison.

"Why Elaine, whatever has gotten into you?" Sarah almost faltered under Elaine's glare. "Yes, I understand, I will work with the Antiquarians, painful as it is."

"Jeep's ready." Trish bounced in and stopped suddenly, brought up short by the tableau. "Elaine, there isn't time for that."

"Elaine was just asserting her dominance." X offered from the kitchen doorway. "She's remarkably good at it, even if she does take a hands on approach."

"Dee? What's happened to you?" Trish ogled Dee's rather startling change. "Alright kinky, what the hell did you do to her?"

"Silence!" Dee commanded, her voice squeaking slightly. "You will only speak when spoken to." Trish shrugged and grabbed Dee, upending her easily and throwing her over her shoulder.

"Naughty scientist." Trish slapped Dee's bum. "Behave yourself."

"Oh Trish." Dee purred. "You're always so good to me."


* * *


They had been driving along the beach for some time now, the jeep occasionally slipping in the dunes. It didn't matter. She wrapped her hands around the thermos cup of tea. Trish had it waiting for her in the car. Black with just a hint of cane sugar and lemon, just the way she liked it. She was sharing the front seat with Sarah and Trish. The Jones's were seated behind them, and judging by the snores, fast asleep. Dee and X were crammed in the back with the equipment and talking quietly to themselves about creating quantum fields using commonly available sex toys. It was hard to tell what was more frightening, that they were considering it or that they might actually succeed.

"Over there." Lady Sarah Cleft pointed a seemingly unmarked stretch of cliff. "It's hidden until you are practically on top of it."

"Just how far did you get last night." Elaine asked, draining the last of her tea.

"Only the entry chamber and the main hall." Sarah said. "I found signs of recent excavation and examination, but no people I'm afraid. From what I've deciphered so far, I think it may have been a temple to Aphrodite."

"Not Apollo or Hades?" Elaine prodded.

"No." Sarah said. "I'm not even sure it is a temple of Aphrodite. As I said, there is something odd about it. If I had to guess, it's a temple to someone Aphrodite didn't like, if that makes any sense. "

"So the archeologist can't figure it out." Cindy leaned over the seat. "C'mon Anna, let's get the lead out, blow this popsicle stand and check it out."

"Rather." Elaine hopped out of the Jeep. "Everyone stay close. I don't want anyone running off alone and getting lost, or falling into whatever trap got the other researchers." They walked towards the cliff, Sarah leading the way. Elaine thought she would break her nose of the cliff, but she suddenly vanished.

"Do hurry up." Sarah's voice seemed to spring from the cliff. Elaine shrugged and walked forward, as if by magic the cliff gave way and she was standing in the entranceway to the temple. The architecture looked to be early Greek, with gently fluted columns and relief sculptures.

"Oh wow. This is so neat. It's like we're the first people here for thousands of years." Dee babbled excitedly, until X waved an admonishing finger at her. "Very elegant."

"It gets better." Sarah led the group to the next room. A grand hall with several side halls and rooms, the end of the hall was dominated by a large pair of bronze double doors. There were rows and rows of characters inscribed on the doors.

"It's not ancient Greek or any other language I've ever seen." Sarah said. "The only part that I have managed to translate is the title; which appears in several languages. It says that anyone who passes through those doors will suffer the wrath of Aphrodite."

"I think I can figure these out." Dee ran over to Trish and rooted through the redhead's backpack. "Here it is, I knew I packed it!" She pulled out a digital camera and a laptop.

"Why isn't it in your backpack?" Trish asked.

"Because I'm brilliant, so someone else gets to carry my gear. Besides I can't wear a backpack with this outfit, it would chafe." Dee began snapping pictures of the doors. "I have my latest cryptography program here. I'm going to feed the inscription in and see if it can figure out what it says."

"This is your fault." Trish glared at X. "She used to be a sweet young woman."

"She's still very sweet." X smiled. "Do exactly what she wants and she may let you find that out for yourself." Trish glared at X, who ignored it magnanimously.

"We've found something!" Cindy and Anna's voices echoed from one of the side chambers.

"Antiquarians." Sarah rolled her eyes. "I thought you ordered them to stay with us."

"Save it." Elaine rolled her eyes. "Sarah, you stay with Dee and see if you can help her figure out that inscription. Trish, X, you're with me. Let's find out what the Jones's have uncovered."


* * *


Why am I not surprised? Elaine thought as she examined the Jones's discovery. Dr. Emma O'Reilly and her three students had been turned to pale white marble. A tableau every bit as erotic as the ones created by Alotta and Buxomly. The three students formed a chain around Dr. O'Reilly, lying on their sides, each one pleasuring the next in a perfect circle of lust. Stone lips locked to stone labia's, tongues caressing impossibly hard clits. In the center, Dr. O'Reilly knelt, her arms spread wide, her head thrown back as if in supplication to the ancient gods. Her breasts thrust forward, capped with hard stone nipples, her legs parted invitingly.

"It looks like some sort of ritual." Anna Jones noted. "Maybe a Bacchanal?"

"Sign me up." Elaine whispered, hoping no would hear her.

"The details are wrong. Look there." Cindy pointed. "There are fragments of clothing trapped between their limbs. They were turned to stone and then someone tore their clothes away."

"What was it that Lady Loudmouth said." Anna said. "About this temple having something do with Aphrodite and a curse?"

"Medusa." Cindy nodded in agreement. "Cursed for daring to compare her beauty and desirability with that of the Goddess."

"And boinking Poseidon." Anna added. "But it can't be her. She was the only mortal gorgon, Perseus killed her dead as Kelsey's nuts,, and besides, at least two of these statues have their eyes closed. Are they even alive?"

"Child's play." X smiled and stepped over the ring of stone women and knelt in front of Dr. O'Reilly. She pressed a small, black metal disk to the statue's belly and a silver one to her own arm. A shudder ran through her body. "Oh, they're very much alive."

"How can you tell?" Elaine asked. Rather than answer, X walked over to her and pressed the silver disk against her arm. Elaine dropped to her knees as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her. She came in a rush, gasping at the strength of the sensation. "Bloody hell! You said these things magnify the sensation by four?"

"Normally, yes." X peeled the disk off of Elaine. "For the purposes of this experiment I turned the magnification off. Staggering isn't it?"

"Wow…" Elaine was about to get back to her feet when something caught her eye. She scooted forward, working her way over the ring of statues, rubbing her still sensitive body against them as she crawled over and slid her head between Dr. O'Reilly's smooth, stone legs.

"Elaine, really." X chided. "There will be plenty of time for you to molest her later, we had best check on the others."

"I'm coming." Elaine got up and rejoined the others.

"Again?" Cindy and Anna said, smiling mischievously. All five looked up as a scream echoed down the corridor.

"Dee!" X ran back towards the doors, with the others following closely behind. They rounded the corner and spotted Dee lying on her back next to her laptop. The petite blonde was writhing sensually, her fingers teasing her nipples. Behind her the double doors were ajar.

"Oh! Oh! Nuts! Help.. Oh! Ah!" Dee gasped. "The curse of Medusa…"

"What happened? Where's Sarah?" Elaine asked.

"That way.." Dee managed to point to one of the other corridors.

"She went after the Medusa." Cindy said, pulling her revolver and breaking into a run. "We have to help her."

"Right behind you." Anna was hot on her sister's heels.

"Oh this is just champion. Come back both of you." Elaine's commands fell on deaf ears as the Jones's rounded the corner and disappeared. "X can you do anything to help her?"

"One moment." X held up a hand. She was examining the screen of Dee's laptop carefully. "Yes, I believe I can. Get her to her feet."

"Oh. I'm so close." Dee couldn't resist as Elaine and Trish pulled her to her feet. "Ah! Oh! Nuts!"

"Hold her arms over her head and cross her wrists." X commanded, kneeling in front of the quivering blonde. "Dee, you're becoming a statue. I'm going to help."

"Please, help. Oh..Oh!" Dee managed.

"Of course my precious one." X knelt and pressed her lips against Dee's pink snatch, kissing and licking with slow, tender motions. As Dee cried out in orgasmic pleasure, Elaine could feel the curse take effect, the blonde's flesh hardened under her fingers, the pale skin becoming even whiter as it changed. It was over in seconds, Dee had become a marble statue, her arms above her head, her legs spread, her nipples peaked on her small, pert breasts. Her features were locked in an expression of utter, wanton pleasure.

"What the hell did you do that for!" Trish shouted. "You were supposed to help her, not finish the job."

"I couldn't stop the curse from taking effect." X said hugging the statue tenderly and caressing Dee's stone cheek. "All I could do was ensure that I was with her during the change. Giving her the final burst of pleasure that may well be with her for an eternity. It's up to us to break the curse, and Dee's given us a clue as to how."

"The translation." Elaine said picking up the laptop. "She finished it."

"Yes. She did." X replied, reluctantly leaving the statue. "Although I am not a student of mythology the way your Lady Cleft is, it always struck me that Aphrodite's punishment for Medusa was, shall we say, simplistic. It lacked poetry. Bullfinch, it seems, got it wrong. The gaze of Medusa did indeed turn its victims to stone, or at least made them hard. It was a male dominated world, so I leave it to you to furnish the appropriate mental image. A similar effect, albeit on a smaller scale, can be observed on our own anatomy. A gaze so beautiful that those who looked upon it lusted uncontrollably, seeking to release that pleasure. And there is the true artistry behind Aphrodite's curse. It gave eternal pleasure to all save Medusa, whose pleasures are eternally denied."

"So when her victims climax, they turn to stone, for real." Trish said. "But she can never reach climax. That's cruel."

"That's Aphrodite." X nodded. "When Medusa died Aphrodite bound her shade to an idol and had that idol sealed away in this temple. Whoever opened that door and unbound the idol within released her spirit and was afflicted by her curse."

"But we can break the curse." Trish said.

"According to the translation, in order to break the curse, the Medusa's power must be turned back against her. That will break the curse and according to this, free those who have fallen to it. If we kill her, her victims will remain stone forever. There is more, but the rest is unclear. I will try and finish the translation."

"You keep at it X." Elaine said. "We're going to see if the Jones's have found Sarah."


* * *


"She got Lady Loud." Anna said as Elaine and Trish ran up. She gestured to a statue that was pressed against the wall. Shreds of Sarah's shorts and shirt were strewn around the ground next to the statue, as were her holsters and automatics. The long braid was unmistakable. There were three other marble statues in the room, presumably Professor Darling's students. Two were locked in an embrace, their lips pressed together in a passionate kiss, their fingers caressing each other's stone sexes. The third was off to the side, flat on her back, her legs spread wantonly, her hands caressing her breasts. Elaine walked over and knelt down, examining the prone statue closely.

"The one against the wall, she's not Sarah." Elaine said "It's Professor Darling."

"How do you know that?" Anna snorted. "You haven't even looked at her."

"I don't need to." Elaine motioned to the prone statue. "Take a good look there. Do you see it? It certainly stands out against the white marble. She has lipstick smeared on her groin. Exactly the same colour of lipstick I saw smeared on Doctor O'Reilly. Exactly the same colour of lipstick that Lady Sarah Cleft has worn since I've known her."

"That means.." Trish put two and two together. "Lady Cleft discovered the temple and disturbed the idol."

"Exactly." Elaine nodded. "And when she did she gained the powers and the curse of Medusa, but rather than accept the curse and sequester herself away where she couldn't harm anyone, she decided to use the power to settle some professional scores. She dropped a few hints to her rivals and lured them here, with rather obvious results."

"And when we were called in, she had the perfect opportunity to tag along, and wait for her chance to get us too and fakes getting turned to stone to throw us off." Cindy said. "Wait, didn't Dee say the Medusa went this way?"

"No." Elaine explained carefully. "She said that Sarah went this way, and you rather blithely assumed that it was in pursuit of the Medusa."

"Well, we know who it is now." Cindy said. "So let's go get her."

"Wait. Don't go charging off again. X translated the inscription." Elaine explained. "If we just kill her, then the petrification is permanent. In order to defeat her and break the curse, we have to turn her power back against her."

"Gotcha." Anna turned to her sister. "Sunglasses at night."

"We've got her on the run, with guns." Cindy replied. She pulled out a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses and put them on, pulling the brim of her fedora lower. "We get duck our heads, get close and giver her a double barrel of her own gaze. Homerun and the home team pulls out another win."

"Look, I don't think it's that simple. There may be…" Elaine let the thought trail off. The Jones's were already running away. "They get right up my spout they do. Can't stay still for a second."

"Not that I've seen." Trish said. "What were you thinking?"

"I'm not sure yet." Elaine shook her head slowly and accepted a hug from Trish. "I think I've almost got it figured out, but there's something missing, I can't put my finger on it."

"Sure you can." Trish guided Elaine's hand under her shirt. "How does this feel."

"Nice." Elaine let her fingers trail over Trish's nipples. "That's it! We have to get back to the others.."


* * *


X gently closed the laptop. Elaine and Trish had gone off after the rash Americans. She was all alone. Time to get even.

"You can come out now Lady Cleft." X said, slipping the glazer pistol out of her boot. "We have some unfinished business to take care of."

"So you figured it out." Sarah stepped out from behind the double doors. She had abandoned her clothes except for her sunglasses, and was spectacularly naked, her large, firm breasts pointing towards X. She pointed a large, silenced pistol at the scientist.

"Standoff." X observed. "I will get a shot off before you shoot me, and even your acrobatic prowess will not allow you to dodge."

"So how would you like to proceed?" Lady Cleft smiled seductively. "Ah yes, Marquis of Queensbury."

"That will be adequate." X said. "You will not use your gorgon's gaze, I will not use my technology."

"That is until I win." Lady Cleft said. "At which point the glasses come off. Agreed?"

"Agreed." X let her trench coat fall away. She flexed her arms, the impressive muscles rippling. "But don't expect to win."

"Of course I expect to win." X dropped into a fighting stance. "Otherwise I wouldn't engage in this barbaric undertaking."

"You can't win." Lady Cleft circled around X looking for an opening. "I happen to know that Elaine always manages to beat you. That didn't come out quite right, but I am sure you know what I mean. You can't beat Elaine, and Elaine certainly can't beat me, so therefore you cannot win QED."

"Very clever." X smiled and moved in with blinding speed, a powerful fist slamming into Lady Cleft's diaphragm, lifting her completely off her feet. "But what your flawed algorithm quite plainly omits is the fact that I let Elaine win. If I'm going to submit, it's going to be to someone I respect, not some trumped up scrap of nobility whose only claim to fame is the buttocks upon which her mother drummed her heels."

"Umph!" Lady Cleft reeled from the blow and tried to counter with a kick. X caught it in the air and neatly swept her other leg out from under her.

"Furthermore," X locked up Lady Cleft's leg in a painful hold. "A proper dominant protects her submissives. You attacked Dee, and for that I'm going to tear you several new and exciting orifices and force you to turn her back."

"Aiigh!" Writhing in pain, Lady Cleft couldn't answer.

"X! You've got her. Hold her still and we'll break the curse." Cindy and Anna ran up, their eyes shielding by mirrored sunglasses. "Let us look into her eyes."

"Yesss!" Lady Cleft hissed, pulling away her glasses and meeting the gaze of all three women. X felt like she was melting. She released the lock. Lady Cleft's eyes were beautiful, like the finest jade or the deepest, purest emerald. X wanted her badly. No.

"Three against one? Our agreement is ended. Not so dominant now are we?" Lady Cleft managed to get back to her feet, limping slightly. She ran her hands over her body. "Why don't you kneel at my feet and prostrate yourself to your better. I can promise you such wonderful pleasure as you transform. You saw the others didn't you? Tributes to my beauty and power!"

"No." X grabbed her corset and tore it away, releasing her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and sensitive as she caressed them. Behind her Cindy and Anna were on their knees, masturbating with furious intensity, their clothes in tatters around them. X undid her shorts and slid a hand down to caress herself.

"Did you think a simple reflection would stop me." Lady Cleft smiled. "Silly antiquarians. I'll see to it that you both are placed in a museum. It's what you would want isn't it. Such delicious irony. And you X, are your ready to bow to my superiority?"

"That my dear Lady Cleft is not going to happen." X grated as waves of pleasure washed through her. Behind her the Jones's moans and gasps of pleasure reached a crescendo as they froze in place, their tan skin and luscious figures solidifying into white marble. They looked like an oversize pair of intensely erotic bookends. Even their final poses were identical. "I wouldn't give you the satisfaction."

"Still rebellious to the last." Lady Cleft watched as X crawled over to Dee and embraced the statue, pressing her lips against the petrified scientist's exposed sex. X's tongue danced over the stiff, frozen contour's of Dee's pussy. X's hands wrapped around to caress Dee's stone buttocks as she continued to lick. Without another word, X reached climax and petrified. The two scientists were locked into a sensual stone embrace; Dee in a submissive pose, her wrists crossed as if bound, and X the dominant, offering pleasure to her stone lover.


* * *


"Geez!" Trish managed ducking her head back around the corner. "Dee, the Jones's and now X. Elaine that's not helping."

"Sorry." Elaine released Trish's breasts. Watching X and the Jones's petrify had left her wet and very, very turned on.

"So what do we do now?" Trish asked. "Do we escape?"

"No." Elaine said quietly. "Trish, I need a distraction. Can you get Sarah through the double doors and keep her busy for five or ten minutes?"

"I can try." Trish said. "But chances are good she's going to get me. How good is your plan?"

"I don't know." Elaine whispered. "It's an all or nothing thing. If it works, the curse should be broken, if it doesn't…"

"Then we're all statues forever." Trish shuddered. "I'll do it, but you have to promise me something."

"Anything." Elaine hugged the redhead.

"If she gets you too." Trish said. "I want us to be together."

"Forever." Elaine promised, kissing Trish deeply. "Wrapped around each other, our stone bodies pressed together like one. Freeze."

Elaine slowly undid Trish's blouse and shorts, pausing to run her hands over the redhead's lean, athletic figure. The bra and panties went next, leaving Trish naked and shivering in the heat of the temple. "You're the most beautiful, desirable woman I know. There's no way she can resist you. Unfreeze."

"You owe me big time for this. Good luck." With a final kiss, Trish ran around the corner, bolting past Sarah and rushing through the double doors into the room beyond. It worked. Sarah gave, chase. Elaine waited for several long moments before silently sneaking towards X and Dee.


* * *


"Come out, come out, where ever you are?" Lady Sara Cleft taunted as she scanned the temple altar. Her prey was somewhere in the room, probably hidden behind one of the columns. "There is no escape. I sealed the entrance to the temple, and I have the only key."

"And just where is she hiding it?" Trish thought as she hugged the column she was hiding behind and listened carefully for the soft sound of Sarah's bare feet on the stone. She silently counted away the seconds. Each one that passed gave Elaine a little more time to pull off whatever she had planned. There had to be a way to take advantage of the situation. What had Elaine said about Sarah? That she thought she was better then her at everything. That was a start. Trish felt around with her bare foot and found a loose rock. She threw it past Sarah, deliberately letting the archaeologist see her throw. Sarah moved immediately towards, Trish, sweeping her sunglasses off. Trish didn't see it. Closing her eyes, she stepped around the column and kicked out with all her strength. Her foot made contact, slamming into the thick muscle of Sarah's upper thigh. The effect was gratifying as the English lady shouted in agony, the leg collapsing. Trish didn't bother to look, turning away from the sound, opening her eyes and running towards the opposite side of the room. Behind her Sarah got back to her feet and hobbled after her.

"Aw, did you fah down go boom?" Trish taunted as she ducked behind another column. She turned her head slightly trying to try and catch the flash of Sarah's movement without seeing her eyes.

"I'll get you." Sarah growled, closing the distance. "You'll regret doing that."

"What are you going to do? Not turn me to stone?" Trish dodged left, circling around the column. With Sarah lamed she could afford to make more aggressive moves. Closing her eyes again, Trish pivoted back, lashing out with an elbow. Her blow swished through empty air. Strong hands closed on her shoulders and a foot slammed into the back of her knees sending her down onto the ground on her back.

"You missed." Trish felt Sarah's lush body press against hers. "Perhaps I was not as hobbled as you thought I was. How unfortunate. You fell down and went boom."

"Get off me." Trish tried to bring a knee into play, but wasn't able to get any force behind the blow. She attempted a punch, but Sarah caught the punch and forced the hand back down to the ground.

"Too late." Sarah's hand scrabbled over Trish's face, forcing her right eyelid open. Trish ceased struggling as she met Sarah's gaze. Her other eye opened, drinking in the sheer beauty of the archaeologist's deep green eyes. Her body responded instantly, her nipples hardening even further, her sex becoming slick and wet.

Trish gasped as the waves of pleasure rippled through her. She was helpless as Sarah forced her into a sitting position and slid behind her, reaching between her legs to stroke her gently. She would hang on, as long as she could. Sheer willpower could hold off her orgasm for a time, she had to hold on and give Elaine as much time as she could.


* * *


"Here's to hoping this works." Elaine listened at the double doors as she wiped the sweat from her brow. Reaching behind her head she undid the clips that held her hair it it's bun, letting the thick waves of blonde hair flow freely down her back. She quickly stripped her clothes away, neatly folding them and placing them on the ground next to X and Dee. She picked up her bra and stuck her arm through the door, waving the white lingerie. "Truce. Sarah I want to talk."

"Come in." Sarah called back. "I've put my glasses on."

Elaine stepped in. Sarah and Trish were in the center of the room. Trish was sitting with her legs spread wide as Sarah, sitting behind her, played with her, alternating from her peaked nipples and her beautiful, wet sex. Both women were slick with sweat.

"Your friend is very amusing." Sarah said, redoubling her efforts. "She's managed to hold out longer than any of the others. Futile, but amusing."

"Elaine." Trish managed, gasping with the strain of holding off her orgasm. She let her eyes travel over Elaine's beautiful figure. "Forever. You promised."

"Forever." Elaine echoed. Trish shuddered as she relaxed, letting the orgasm rush over her. She cried out in absolute pleasure as her body hardened. Her red hair becoming a wave of white marble, the blush that had suffused her nipples slowly fading until they matched the pale white of the rest of her stone body. Her eyes remained open, the blank orbs staring towards Elaine with equal measures of affection and lust."

"You still have that effect on people." Sarah observed, getting back to her feet. "Do you want her? Consider her my first gift to you."

"What are you talking about?" Elaine walked forward towards Sarah.

"I never intended to petrify you." Sarah smiled and gently tapped her dark glasses. "I want you to be my partner."

"Your junior partner no doubt." Elaine said. She knelt in front of Trish and embraced the statue, kissing her gently. "What's in it for me?"

"Whatever and whomever you want." Sarah said. "That secretary you're always hitting on. Yours for the taking. Don't pretend you aren't interested. I know how the thought of that turns you on."

"And all I have to do is act as your assistant." Elaine said. "Help you get your petty revenges, perhaps run some errands, arrange gallery space. Betray my friends. My country."

"Exactly." Sarah smiled. "Are you in or not."

"Not." Elaine said brazenly and embraced Sarah, wrapping her arms around her former roommate and hugging tightly. "We're not in school anymore Sarah and I have no desire to be your assistant, but I'll still be your lover, one last time."

"So righteous." Sarah sighed and slid off her glasses. "Don't worry Elaine, you'll enjoy this."

"So will you." Elaine pressed her hands to Sarah's back.

"Aaaah! Oh! Oh! God! Oh!" Sarah went rigid as waves of pleasure crashed through her. Elaine pressed the last of the silver disks to Sarah's back.

"I told you that you would enjoy it." Elaine said, sliding down and licking at Sarah's nipples. "Aphrodite's curse denied you pleasure. Well here it is, one disk for every statue. The pleasure of your victims, magnified by a power of four. Your power turned back against you. All of it. All for you."

"Stop." Sarah tried to reach the disks, but couldn't focus enough to grab them. Elaine slid lower flicking her tongue across Sarah's labia and then digging deeper to caress her throbbing clit. "Oh God! Elaine! Elaine!! Elai…!!"

Elaine kept licking as Sarah began to petrify, feeling the hot flesh of her sex growing cold and hard around her exploring tongue. It was done. Lady Sarah Cleft stood in the center of the temple; a perfect statue of white marble. Her hands clutching at her breasts, fingers tweaking her stiff, pebble-like nipples. Her legs slightly parted, the intricate folds of her sex slightly open, her stone clit elegantly framed by her smooth, slick labia. Her features were frozen in a look of wanton fulfillment. It was the happiest Elaine could remember seeing her. The thirteen silver disks clattered to the stone floor.

"You did it." Trish leapt on Elaine dragging her back to the ground and kissing her repeatedly. "You did it! You did it! You did it! You do me!"

Elaine grinned as Trish climbed on top of her. Thirteen had been a lucky number, but sixty-nine was even better.


* * *


"So do we report in today." Trish said lazily as she reached for the pitcher of iced margaritas that rested beside her lounge chair.

"Hmmm. Report in and fly back to foggy, cloudy, England to explain what happened here, or enjoy another day of bathing in the hot sun, with all our expenses being picked up by Lady Cleft's line of credit." Elaine extended her empty glass to Trish. "I shall have to ponder this vexing question for several days and then get back to you with an answer."

"I suppose." X jotted further notes in on a lined pad. "But I will eventually want to get back to my lab and put some of these new theories to the test.

"Still we are going to have to get back eventually. The Jones's have already booked their latest exhibit on a world-wide tour." Elaine said. "Treasures of the Temple of Aphrodite - From Myth to Medusa. It's a flash title, I'll admit.."

"And educational for a change." X added, adjusting the thin straps of her leather bikini. "With Dr. O'Reilly and Professor Darling providing the accompanying lectures. Do you regret what happened to Lady Cleft?"

"Almost." Elaine said. "But she chose to abuse the power of the gorgon, and as such, I think her fate is fitting. Besides, I can always go visit her if I want to reminisce about the good old days. She's a much better listener now."

"Hi." Dee walked up, balancing a tray of fruits and cheeses on her hand. "I thought you might want a snack."

"Yes." X looked over. Her expression fell slightly. "Dee my precious. Where are you lovely new clothes?"

"Sorry X." Dee said self consciously, pulling at her faded T-shirt. Without the gel to slick it back her fine blonde hair fell around her thick, round glasses. "I really tried, but I'm not cut out to be a bad girl. It wasn't working for me. Can I just be a good girl who is occasionally naughty?"

"Oh course you can my dear one." X smiled and got to her feet. She caressed Dee's cheek. "You are just as brilliant and lovely as you ever were."

"Thanks X!" Dee hugged the tall scientist and scampered off.

"Well I'll be." Trish said getting up and patting X on the shoulder. "I didn't know you had it in you X. Such tenderness, such gentle support."

"Silence!" X turned on Trish with a hiss.

"Or what?" Trish teased, pulling up her bikini to flash her breasts. "Are you going to punish me? Come on Kinky, give it your best shot. I am so ready for you. Do you want a piece of this?"

"Go ahead X." Elaine sipped her drink. "I don't mind."

"Typical American." X advanced on Trish. "I think you deserve a good, long spanking."

"Not this time kinky." Trish pointed over X's shoulder.

"Gotcha." Dee fired the glazer gun as X turned towards her. The tall blonde scientist froze in place, her skin covered by a thin glaze of super-hard lacquer. "Thanks Trish!"

"Really X, I had nothing to do with this." Elaine said as Dee put the glazer away. The short blond danced in front of X, displaying a small black disk on her arm. Elaine could see the matching silver disk on X's shoulder, where Trish had stuck it.

"I'm being naughty today." Dee said, running her hands over her own breasts. "And you my pretty little X-rated dolly get to watch and feel how naughty I can be. I'm running some tests on a new vibration speed for my tentacles. Come with me."

"Oomph! Oh!" Dee grabbed X by the waist and heaved, trying to lift the frozen immobile scientist. "Come on. Oh nuts." She tried again and then ran off, returning moments later with a handcart. She edged X onto the platform and then secured her in place with several lengths of rope.

"Have fun." Elaine waved as Dee tipped the cart back and rolled X into the villa. "What shall we do now?"

"Another drink?" Trish offered as she started to pull her bikini back into place.

"I'm thirsty for something else." Elaine got up. "Freeze!"

Trish froze in place, a slight smile on her features. Elaine wasted no time in stripping away her bikini and admiring her. She slid out of her own bikini and embraced the immobile redhead.

"Oh wait." Trish stepped back. "The mission's over isn't it, so our bet no longer applies. My turn!"

"Oh no you don't." Elaine threatened. "It's… Eek!"

"Gotcha!" Dee called out from behind her, brandishing the glazer gun. She flashed a thumb's up and then disappeared back into the villa.

"Were you saying something?." Trish brought out the atomizer and sprayed Elaine's sex, dissolving the resin that coated it. "Of course you weren't. Statues can't speak, even when someone is doing naughty, lascivious things to them. Wouldn't you agree?"

Locked within her immobile shell, Elaine agreed wholeheartedly as Trish's talented tongue began to tease her mercilessly.


Look for Elaine Blonde to return in Octa-Pose-Y

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