by Johnsan

Denise and Susan were roommates since their first day in college and now as their last semester together was drawing to a close both were making plans for their respective futures. But for Denise the prospect of Susan leaving  with her fiancé to another city was something too terrible to comprehend.

 You see, Denise had come to the conclusion that she loved Susan and wanted her more than anyone else in her entire young life.

This was of course completely unknown to her roommate. Denise knew she wasn’t a lesbian and Denise had not been one either, that was why they were sharing this apartment off campus but as she and Susan had spent so much time together she had come to realize her true feelings for Susan.

As Denise lovingly gazed at Susan with her willowy good looks and light brown hair with blond highlights that framed her delicate features she noted how Susan seemed to stand in stark contrast to her own dark brown hair and pudginess.

While to many they would have found Denise quite attractive. In her own mind and in comparison to Susan she felt plain, fat and unattractive.

Susan on the other hand found Denise quite attractive and admired her blue eyes and large round breasts but the only thing that detracted from that was Denise’s low self opinion which led her to hide herself in baggy clothes and unattractive hairstyles.

Susan would often cajole her to get a makeover but Denise would never go through with it. After the third attempt Sue gave up.

For Denise’s part, she had dated men but nothing had ever come about of a permanent nature. Susan, in the four years that Denise had known her, had gone through many serious relationships but none as serious as the current one with Steve. This relationship was the one that was tearing them apart, at least as far as Denise was concerned. So it was with some trepidation and hope mixed with ardent desire that Denise confronted Susan as she was making plans for the upcoming move and wedding.

“What… you love me?” exclaimed Susan.

“Yes I do and I don’t want you to leave. Please stay; don’t go,” pleaded Denise.

Susan looked incredulously at her “Denise how could you expect me to?  I love Steve and together we’ll be so happy. Denise you’ve been a good friend and roommate so please don’t ruin our last days with this unpleasantness.”

“But just stay here tonight and talk with me. Please allow me to convince you of my love!” Denise begged with tears in her eyes.

“No, no, no!” Susan said with a snarl  “Denise as you’re my friend I’ll be blunt: I’m not into that but even if I was, I still wouldn’t be with you; now please let’s end this before something is said that we’ll both regret.  Allow me to make arrangements to have my personal belongings shipped to my new home with my fiancé.”

With that she turned to the phone to make more calls while a weeping Denise went to her room. She threw herself on her bed and continued sobbing for at least fifteen more minutes until she had an epiphany.

Denise realized the solution to her problem might lay in the various tomes arrayed in her room. While a bit of a geek to the more popular crowd with her interest in the sciences, what no one understood she also had an interest in the occult - specifically magic. But not stage magic or illusion, no, this was real magic. Denise had quite unintentionally become a witch although with her background in chemistry she liked to think of herself as an alchemist. So it was with renewed hope she dried her eyes and began to search for something to save her happy home.

An hour later Denise found it and almost shouted eureka to the world but she caught herself. She then heard Susan announce in an irritated voice that she was leaving now and the movers would be there in the morning to collect her things. Susan abruptly departed, leaving Denise to her scheming “I’ve got to get busy. I got a lot of cooking to do,” she concluded with a gleam in her eye.

The next day Denise called Susan at her fiancés. “Hello Susan, it’s me Denise, please don’t hang up.”

“Denise I thought we’ve already discussed this.” Susan replied, somewhat irritated.

Denise in her most sincere voice began “Susan, I’ve called to apologize for my behavior. It wasn’t right to drop that on you so unexpectedly. I’d like to make my apologies in person. Could you drop by tomorrow alone for a drink? I guarantee that nothing else will be discussed.”

There was silence as Susan was pondering whether to go or not. “Alright, Denise; I’ll see you tomorrow at seven, alright?”

“That would be great, goodbye and see you tomorrow.” Denise replied with undisguised joy. Denise then hung up the phone and said to herself “I’ve got some packing to do.”

Susan stood outside her former apartment and quietly knocked.

Denise opened the door “Hi, Sue, come on in. Let me begin by apologizing for yesterday; that was rude of me. Forgive me for trying to take advantage of our friendship like that,” she announced humbly.

Susan smiled warmly at her friend “Denise your forgiven - it was just a shock to have someone who you’ve been sharing an apartment with suddenly announce she’s gay and in love with you. I really want us to remain friends.”

It was then that Susan noticed how different her friend was today. She was wearing makeup with earrings and a necklace in addition to which she had her hair done and was wearing a tight black cocktail dress. “Denise, you look stunning tonight. What‘s the occasion? Not just to say goodbye to me, was it?”

Denise smiled brightly and spun around to give her a good look “I just wanted to show you that after all your concern for me that it did bear some fruit.”

“You see Denise you just have to take care of yourself and you can find someone, too.”

Susan then looked around the apartment and saw that her boxes with her effects were gone. “So the movers came and got my stuff already?”

“Yes a few hours ago.”

“Wait a minute they missed some.” she announced as she saw some boxes in the hallway between their rooms.

“Oh no; those are mine.”

Susan looked on with some surprise and asked “Yours? Your leaving too?”

“Yes I’ve decided to move on with my life.”

Susan smiled broadly and said “Oh it’s so good to hear you say that. I’m so glad.”

Denise also smiled as they spontaneously hugged.

Susan then announced “Well this is something to toast. Where’s that drink?”

Denise looking a little embarrassed “Sorry almost forgot. Here happier days to come.” It was then that Denise’s quiet façade almost broke as her smile became a catlike grin as Susan drank.

The small talk continued for fifteen minutes when Susan looked at her watch in alarm and announced she had to leave. “I’m sorry I really have to go. Steven and I have an early flight tomorrow.

Goodnight Denise. I’m glad I came and we said goodbye properly.”

They both stood up and hugged. Denise then spoke “You're still my best friend and always will be.”

As their hug broke Susan stumbled.

A concerned Denise inquired “Are you okay Sue?”

“I don’t know. I feel... a little light headed. What was in that drink?”

Denise’s look of concern rapidly changed to that of triumph. “Oh, just something to make you mine - - forever.”

“You bitch, what have.. you done…” and with that Susan slumped into unconsciousness.


Susan opened her eyes and found herself in Denise’s room. She was in Denise’s bed, naked, with her full length mirror at the foot. Denise’s room was full of boxes as well. Denise stood across from her, watching her roommate intently.

Susan tried to get up but for some reason she couldn’t move; when she tried to scream she couldn’t talk. The only thing she could do was to glare at Denise.

Denise smiled down at her friend. “I know what you're thinking. You think you hate me but this was the only way for us to be together. You’ll see; you will learn to love what your becoming and love me as well.”

Susan thought to herself “What is she talking about?” and she realized she was still able to move her eyes and then looked at herself in the mirror.

She was changing. The very tips of her toes were changing color from their normal pink to a tan color and her toenails began to fade until they were difficult to distinguish. The color change was accompanied by a tingling that was not unpleasant. It even felt like a good massage, only better. The changes and tingling were moving up from her toes to her ankles and shins.

It was then that she realized where she had seen skin that blemish free color and shiny before. On the mannequins in those store windows.

I’m changing into a mannequin!! That crazy bitch is turning me into a plastic display fixture. How is she doing this??”

Denise seemed to read her thoughts. “Your probably wondering how I’m doing this. Well one of my hobbies is magic, but not stage magic, real magic. Yes ‘real magic’ exists and I was able to use it to affect the transformation that you are currently experiencing . I was also inspired by those mannequins in the store. They seemed so beautiful - like you - so it seemed natural that you should be one. Don’t worry you won’t be alone. I’ll be there too. You see I took that same potion and soon I’ll be a beautiful mannequin like you. We’ll be so happy together too because the store I called and sold us to will have us in the same display together. Won’t that be fun?”

Susan felt the tingling continue upwards until it hit her pussy and she felt an orgasm wash over her like a tidal wave as she felt her vagina pull inwards and close up leaving a smooth plastic expanse where it formerly existed. She was also feeling lighter and lighter as her body became plastic. Susan also thought she saw seams forming near her ankles and thighs and she thought My god they’re going to be able to take me apart!” this thought sent chills down her spine and a warmth to the smooth spot where her vagina had existed.

Denise watched with rapt fascination until she announced “Oh I’m starting to feel the tingling now. Guess I better get ready.” She then removed her shoes and clothing except for her nylons and jewelry. “Now to get us posed before too late.”

Denise then got into bed with Susan and held her close. As she did this Denise reached over and moved Susan’s hand so it lightly cupped her left breast and gently twisted her head so they faced each other. Meanwhile Susan watched out of the corner of her eye as the transformation moved up past her waist to her arms and breasts leaving her with seams at her waist and wrists. She noticed her fingernails lightening so they almost seemed to disappear with her now tan plastic smooth and shiny skin and with none of the small blemishes she normally had.  She was also fascinated by what it did to her breasts. They changed on a profound level as her nipples disappeared and her breasts became firm mounds of plastic. Susan also noticed her breathing slow and finally cease.  She felt seams form at her shoulders followed by the erotic tingling which she both loathed and enjoyed moving to her head. Now she somehow knew her eyes were colored glass and her hair a nylon wig. As Denise held her she felt like Denise’s touch was massaging her now smooth crotch sending pulses of pleasure to her brain drowning out her rage and fear.

Denise in her rush to get into position had neglected one thing. Susan now with her head fully transformed and on movable had her fixed glare on Denise frozen on her plastic head. When Denise finally noticed she pouted then resigned herself to it and just continued to gaze at her lover with all the affection in her soul.

She then began to feel and see the transformation happen to her. Denise then said her last words to Susan “Don’t worry Sue, we’ll be able to see, hear, and feel anyone touching us. You’ll see you’ll love it and eventually love me too as I always loved you. Soon the department store delivery men will arrive to disassemble and pack us up in boxes to take us to the store where we will be displayed together. Oh, Oh that feels so good. If your feeling what I’m feeling it’s going to be so much fun. You’ll see...”

With that last statement, Denise also lost her ability to move or talk and just patiently waited for the transformation to finish her. She too felt and saw her skin change color and become shiny, blemish free plastic. She also felt the seams form on her body as it became lighter and lighter as she became hollow as well.

Susan, who had been lost in her erotic bliss, felt something change as Denise’s touch became less stimulating to her. Wellshe thought to herself I can only attribute this to her own plastic transformation. I guess to feel that intensely again I’ll have to wait for a customer or a visual merchandiser to touch me. What am I saying? I can’t believe this. No I’m not a mannequin I’m a living women. Denise change us back! I don’t want to be like this!

 Denise, on the other hand, was lost to the world as she finished changing. Oh, Oh, Oh I love this. Susan looks so hot and I’m looking very good too. I can’t wait to be displayed.” Just as Denise’s changes finished with her eyes becoming blue colored glass and her brown hair changing into a wig, the delivery men from the department store arrived.

They both heard the front door open and heard the two workers talking.

“Hey Jim did they say what we’re picking up?”

“Yea someone sold the store two mannequins.”

“So where are they?”

“Let’s look in back.”

“Found them. Hey they’re on the same bed. Wow they look so life like. I’d swear they were real.”

“Yea, they’re looking real good. If they were alive I’d jump their bones.”

“Come on. You get those pantyhose off the brunette and start taking them apart. I’ll get the boxes and bubble wrap.”

“Sure thing.”

Susan saw and heard them and started shouting her thoughts No, No, No don’t touch me. I’m not a mannequin. You’re not taking me apart. Denise you better change me back.”

Denise, on the other hand, after seeing and hearing the same while just coming down from her mind numbing erotic experience was impatient for them to do what they had been sent to do. Hurry, hurry take me apart. I can’t wait. Oh Sue if you can hear me you’ll love this.”

As soon as he grabbed Denise to take off her pantyhose she felt a jolt of ecstasy through out her whole body. He then separated her upper torso from her lower section. If Denise had still been able to use her vocal cords she would have howled. As he continued his work Denise found her mind rapidly overwhelmed by the erotic feelings so it wasn’t until he had removed the  hose and completely taken her apart when she recovered.

Denise thought to herself Ohhhhhh, I feel so good!”

Susan on the other hand was horrified by what she’d seen. She was so very angry at Denise but to see her in pieces and treated like a display fixture was sobering. It had finally made an impact on her psyche. Now they were nothing but mannequins, inanimate objects to be owned by someone. I guess there’s no going back. I’m just going to have to get used to this and retain my sanity somehow.”

After he had finished with Denise he turned his attention to Susan as his co-worker returned with the boxes and packing material. He then began to remove her arms and legs. As he did this Susan felt the same rush of feeling as Denise had experienced. She too was overwhelmed by those feelings so it was a few minutes before she was able to realize that she too was all in pieces on the bed. But she wasn’t too disappointed, considering she had just had the best orgasmic experience ever. Susan thought Wow if this is what my new life is going to be like maybe it’s not that bad. Heck I might even learn to love it. But how did Denise know?”

Soon both girls were packed away, delivered to the store, and put on display in the same window.

Susan then bathing in the afterglow and actually enjoying where she was and what she had become thought I guess Denise was right. I do love this. I haven’t felt so at peace in my whole life. I think I do love her for doing this and she does look so beautiful standing there gazing with love at me. I hope we get to display lingerie soon we would both look so good in it.”

Denise for her part was enjoying it even more than Susan. She was also feeling an afterglow and the feeling of peace and she had the literal object of her affection for her to fawn over for the rest of her existence.


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