Frozen Goods

by Zapped!

They had arrived by the thousands, from a land unknown to mankind. Their great menacing ships darkened the countryside.

At first promising  good will to the people of these new found lands, the aliens soon manipulated their way into the hearts and conscience of everyman, woman and child.

- - -- - -

Those whom questioned or resisted the new guests practices and beliefs, would soon mysteriously and methodically disappear. And those whom didn’t ask questions or resist, were doomed to vanish eventually.........


  On a brisk October morning, a school bus travels across the secondary roads on the outskirts of a small New England  town. Inside, its passengers are jostled back and forth from the vehicle’s harsh ride.

The passengers, all seniors from the nearby Densmore Highschool, are en route to the Hard Rock Café as part of their annual class field trip.

Amid the excited voices of their peers, several girls have a conversation about the fate of some of the local people whom seem to have come up missing as of late. One of them is the often shy, Marcia Miller.

With blonde pony tailed hair, crystal clear blue eyes and a petite but well endowed body, Marcia is a vision of typical all- American girl next door. Her minor insecurities, often make her feel awkward around guys sometimes, but that’s typical for most girls her age. Or  at least that’s what her mother tells her.

Sitting next to Marcia is her best friend since the second grade, the demure looking Jenny Smith.

Both Marcia and Jenny are cute girls, but neither are considered to be as popular as the trio of hotties behind them.

Gina Scott and Lori Cooper are both Densmore’s hot party girls. They  always get invited to, or throw, the best parties, only adding to their wild reputations. However, even their good looks and popularity can’t compare to the leader of their pack, the exotic Angelica Gazzari.

Angelica is a dark  Italian beauty with long raven black hair and mysterious brown eyes. Her unblemished face, firm 36c breasts, flat tummy and tight round ass are what all the guys talk about-and she knows it.

Gina and Lori carry on with their conversation, as Angelica looks out her window with disinterest.....

“My Father told us at dinner last night, that the aliens had something to do with those people that are missing,”whispers Gina.

“Be real,”quips Lori. “I think your father may have seen too many creepy movies when he was little!”

Gina argues back,“Come on, I’m being totally serious. You know my dad works for Governor Lewis. He’s like..., well he has access to certain information that most civilians wouldn’t know about.”

Then a boy sitting in the next seat back with Angelica, decides he wants in on the conversation. The boys name is Brett, and he serves like most, as Angelica’s on again-off again boy friend.  

Brett begins to whisper, “She may have a good point. The other day I was at the Library and the door was open to the teachers lounge in back. I over heard my Science teacher talking to some other faculty members about cultural repression. I really didn’t pay that much attention at first... but then he mentioned something about cryonics.”

The two girls in the seat ahead leaned in a little closer with a look of confusion.

“Cryo... what?” inquires Lori, (delicately brushing her short blonde hair over ear with her fingers).

Brett looks around as if to see if anyone else is listening in, then says “Cryonics. I saw this program about it on the Discovery Channel. It’s when they freeze a human body, then store it away for the future in some huge refrigeration system.”

“So what does this have to do with aliens or the missing people for that matter,” asks Angelica, now showing a slight interest in the conversation, but with a look of annoyance on her precious face.

Brett asks, “Don’t you remember that movie...the one where the aliens are really lizards under neath the human skin.... and they steal all of the water on Earth?”

“It was called V,”one of other girls replied knowingly.

“EXACTLY! That’s exactly what I’m talking about... that’s what is going on here,”concludes the young man.

“So.... what did they do with the people they captured, you know... in the movie?” asks Angelica innocently.

“The visitors froze them. They were going to use them for food... you sure you never saw it before?” inquires Brett.

“WHATEVER !”exclaims Angelica, now annoyed all the more. “They could never get away with something so ridiculous.... and even if they did, what are they doing..... you know, just forget it. You are such a dork sometimes-I don’t even want you near me. You are such a dick sometimes.” Angelica turns her head in disgust, then looks back out her window.

The others begin to laugh at Angelica’s over-reaction to their bogus ideas, then change the subject.

However, in the seat ahead of them, Marcia Miller and Jenny Smith have been listening in on there peers conversation the whole time.

Marcia leans, then whispers to Jenny with a tone of concern, “Do you think that stuff is true.... about them taking people away..... and freezing them?”

“What are you, for real?” jokes her best friend.

Marcia still looks at Jennifer with worry.

“Look Marcia... just forget about aliens, or cryo-..... whatever it was, and missing people.Hello!.. The movie they were talking about, was made for television, so it had to be lame. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for those missing people. I mean duh, vacations! Besides, we have other things to be concerned about-like is that guy up front with Kelley Winters a fox or what?!!”

“Where is he?”asks Marcia, slowly pulling herself up over the next seat back.

“He’s next to the window with Kelley. His butt is soooo cute!”exclaims Jenny, craning her neck to catch another glimpse. She then turns to her friend, grabbing her by the arm. “Listen. Now that you finally grew some hooties, it’s time you put those to use!”

Marcia, with her cheeks turning red, lets out a short but high pitched scream, followed with “..would you stop? Like you should talk! You’re the one that wouldn’t give Tommy Colins a blow-j....OUCH!” (She’s hit playfully in the arm). Marcia then giggles and turns and looks longingly out the window. Maybe someday....

The over-all mood around the bus seems to be pretty good. A football player flirts with two curvy cheerleaders, dressed in their orange and white with black lettered uniformsand short pleated skirts. The three joyfully push and joke with each other as one cheerleader tries to attract more attention than the other.

Gina, Lori and Brett chat it up about a killer keg party that’s going down this weekend. Angelica is quick to remind the girls of their plans to hit the mall first, as she checks her ruby red lips in her compact.

The volume of the chatter around the bus continues to raise even louder. Enough to the point where none of the students can hear or care about the call coming in on the bus drivers speaker phone.

The bus garage radios in a message to 46-year-old driver Diane Card. Due to another bus breaking down outside the district, she will have to pick up additional students. But upon arriving at her new directions, Mrs. Card sees that things aren’t what they should seem to be............

By the time district officials discover the bus is missing, it’s already far too late. Bus#35 has been beamed aboard one of the giant ships hovering out over the country side.

In delivery zone #6, several dozen technicians dressed in orange coveralls report to their stations in the shipping and receiving area. Shock troops can be seen leading students off the bus, being careful not to alarm them. They then have the students form three equal lines, then walk them into what appears to be some sort of orientation center.

The orientation room resembles a movie theater, with rows of fixed seats. There were quite possibly enough seats for up to two hundred people or more. Once the proper literature was handed out, the students were seated and the host spoke.

“I would like to be the first to welcome you to our orientation program. As you may or may not know, we have brought many technical advances to your world. Some have already been assimilated into your every day lives. We would like to give you an opportunity today, to view some of these as well as many new forth coming projects. If there are any questions, I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities. Ah, yes you”the man nods to a skater kid with his hat on backwards.

“Man like, is it true you guys are coming out with playstation4? And like how much is gonna cost dude?”the skater kid asks.

“Ah, right. Yes it is true. The graphics are...well, Im sure the technicians can give you a preview...any other questions?”asked the host some what impatiently.

A girl speaks up “are we going to get back on time, cause I have to be at work at the mall by three, and my boss.....”

The man quickly cuts her off, “Yes I’m sure you will all be back in time,...well the sooner we get started. I’ll take maybe the first four, maybe five of you. And please folks when your on the tour, be careful not to bump into any thing,..... and no wandering!” The host then motioned to his assistants for some help. Some pushed large linen type baskets on wheels down the isles, asking for all coats, purses, book bags and any other items. “Sorry, security’ll get them back.”

The first few students are walked up to two rivet covered thick stainless steel doors. When a code is typed in, the doors hiss open. The doors are sealed so well, they sound like a jar of fresh peanuts being opened. A second set of doors awaits beyond the first, as if to hide the view from within from the outside of the first set. The first few students disappear behind the doors.... then several more are invited in.  Each time, none return.

The hostess comes back, (this one being female and dressed in what must be an alien equivalent of a business suit), and picks out her next group of guests. “You two girls, and you three with the matching uniforms,” she waves in the quarterback and his two cheerleader friends. They enter the stainless steel doors, almost jumping a bit when they hissed closed behind them. The hostess, then tells them to follow the directions you will be given, then exists through a side door.

The group now stands in an air tight room that’s 10x20 feet. A mirror ball hangs from the 20 foot high ceiling, and there seems to be some sort of trap door in the ceiling ahead of them as well.

“Hey, looks like we got us some privacy ladies. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of big Jake to go around,”says the football player, then wrapping his arms around the slender waistlines of his new companions.

The two cheerleaders laugh and playfully punch him, then squeezing their huge teddy bear of a man. The other two girls ahead of the group just look at each other in disgust.

Then something suddenly began to lower itself from the trap door in the ceiling! Making a hydraulic sound, what looked like an oversized and overly sophisticated cam-corder lowered itself to head level, just forward of the unknowing students.

“Ladies, now this should be a light show!” shouts the quarter back.

The cheerleader with bleach-blonde hair yells out to Jake, “I don’t think this is an orientation! I’m scared...come on lets go ba..” zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTT..zzzzzZZZZTTT-the strange sound and smell of surging electric and a blue-ish haze fills the room... “” the blonde never gets to finish her sentence.

The two young girls standing in front of the group now look back at the bedazzled trio in horror......

The two cheerleaders and the quarter back stand side by side. The once affectionate trio, now let their arms fall lazily to their sides, staring with blank looks at the cameras lense. The three then speak out in unison:  “I will obey. I will obey.”

The camera then begins to slowly move, searching for it’s next two victims. The pulse of the blue hypnotic ray then finds the eyes of the two unwilling girls. The pulse becomes more and more intense by the second. The pulse vibrates down through their nubile bodies, with both girls simultaneously cumming, then freezing motionless. Their eyes are open wide, mouths are slack and their arms slowly drop to their sides. They, like the others are surrounded by a blue-ish haze. A small trickle of cum runs down one girls inner thigh.

A technician over looking the procedure, then turns off the ray of lights. He then turns to one of his fellow co-workers and observes, “The Hypnotron works far better than the gas. Rendering the product helpless but some what mobile is far better than using the gas.We should double production now!”

The other technician smiles, then says “Yeah, those engineers put a lot of hours into that thing. Must have got one helluva bonus!”He then looks down at the previous victim, a very cute African-American girl, who is strapped in the upright position on a dolly.

As the first technician wheels in one of the new victims, “Looks like we got us another cummer,” pointing to the drip appearing now like a dried line of super glue on the poor girl’s inner thigh. “You know, I’ve done some many of them, I can almost tell them by the smell. Say, what have you got there?”

“Well, this dark one is wet, but I think she might have actually wet herself, ”says the second technician, reaching down between the young girl’s legs. The girl just stares ahead with a blank expression, and a limp body.

“Yeah well, don’t worry about that. The scrubs will get her cleaned up good,”states the first tech.

Further down the line bodies are lined up, then stripped of clothing. Workers then place the victims on raised pedestals, where they are hosed off with special chemicals for sterilization purposes. Inspectors then overlook their goods. Once approved, the victim is placed on a conveyer system and sent to final processing. Several victims await their new fate in the final area..........

Back in the orientation center, young Marcia Miller, her best friend Jenny, and several others patiently wait for their turn to go behind those mysterious stainless steel doors.

Gina Scott, trying desperately to hold back tears whimpers. “I told you we were going to be turned into a human popsicle. They took Brett and Jake.”

“I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait to see what’s behind those doors,” says Lori.

Their gorgeous friend Angelica stands in her fuzzy pink sweater and skin tight, low rise black stretch pants, with a devil may care look. “Well, at least I’m having a good hair day,” she mumbles, while checking out herself in her compact again.

Finally, the hostess comes out and says “Well last but certainly not least. Come this way ladies. Your friends are all patiently waiting!” She flashes a look to one of the other hosts, then nods at Alicia and gives her the once over. The other host nods back with an approving smile, as the giant doors hiss closed behind the girls.  

Later that evening..........                                                                                                                                             

Commander Zork, the chief of operations on storage ship Stasis 12, and cryo-production manager Ilsa Von Huff step off an elevator and walk on to a darkened viewing platform in storage hold six.

Von Huff casually walks up to a nearby monitor and begins typing in search codes to review the day’s production. Her fingers dance madly across the keyboard.

Commander Zork walks up stiffly to his colleague, then peers over her shoulder to scan the figures dancing on the screen before her. “I heard we caught a school bus this morning, is that true?”

Von Huff reads from the her glowing monitor, “ Ah, yes that’s correct Commander. Thirty four students and the driver. According to admissions all were in good health. A 100 percent yield. According to hypnotronics, the hypnotron was used on all of them, Sir. There were very few resistors, resulting in little or no damaged goods, Sir.”

“Well, Ilsa my darling, they probably never saw it coming,” says Zork, then gently brushing a few stray blonde hairs from the woman’s face. 

“But sir, it’s most likely they will stop using the buses once they put two and two together,”chimed the woman.

“Yes, I’m sure of that. But for now, the buses are a convenient source for food storage. And with the young ones, they can be used as well for breeding stock,” says Zork with a sinister glow in his eyes.

Von Huff then gets up from her chair,  turns to her superior and asks “Would you care to go for a walk in the hold to have a look commander?”

Zork walks to a nearby control panel then pulls a large T-shaped handle for the over head lights. “The chance to see young nubile bodies? I never miss a chance.”

The two step out onto a catwalk as halogen lights begin illuminate corridor after corridor of suspension chambers, as far as one could see. Each cocoon contained a young man or woman, taken in their prime to be used for reasons that they most likely would never know. As the two aliens approach the first row of cryo-chambers, the shadowy forms are indistinct at first. However upon closer inspection, a body soon comes to view. It’s the body of an older teenage boy. Nude and floating upside down, his arms hang out- stretched. In the glass chambers beside him, two more helpless victims await.

The two figures are two girls- seventeen or eighteen perhaps, standing stock still as wispy suspension gel eddies throughout their chambers. A closer look reveals that they are the two young friends from the bus, Marcia and Jenny. In suspended animation, they wait patiently side by side to serve their new masters.

Zork peers into the first chamber with a perverse grin. He looks over Marcia, whom stands at attention. Her arms are at her sides with hands thrust out. Her firm young breasts are capped with small, pink and erect nipples. Her light blonde bush is neatly trimmed into the shape of a V, and is within view. She looks almost at peace. Her once soft body is now coated with ice crystals, yet her pony tail continues to float about in the gel that surrounds her.

Marcia’s friend Jenny also stands with her front facing the viewing area. Her white cotton panties, (covered with little red hearts), are pulled half way down almost as an after thought. Her mouth is slack, as tiny bubbles work their way out past her parted lips.

The aliens walk directly across the isle to the next row of frozen goods.

A young girl with her head tipped forward first comes into view. Her well toned stomach reveals a piercing, as well as a small tattoo of a daisy on her lower stomach. It’s one of the party girls, Lori Carter.

Gina Scott, the girl who suspected recent events had something to do with the aliens, stands next. Her precious rear end faces the viewing area for all to see. Her teal blue panties creep slightly up her crack, only further enhancing her firmness. She coyly peeks over her shoulder.

Angelica Gazzari , the most popular girl in Densmore High school, waits patiently in the next tube. Her perfect breasts and tight rear end stand in frozen bliss. Her mouth is somewhat open revealing her pristine white teeth. Her dark, mysterious brown eyes roll upward, and her healthy raven black hair shines like never before.

Zork stares longingly at the tight Italian girl. That perfect little tush. The way her perfect round globes glisten in the gel, capped with dark nipples. “Look at those areolas, they must be the size of silver dollars!”

Von Huff confirms her superiors observation. “Yes commander and Quick frozen. Every juice and flavor, preserved right before you.”

Several of Angelica’s pursuers await beside her. One boy stands in cryo-shock. His member now in a permanent erection, smears against the clear plastic holding bag that’s stretched from his abdomen back through the crack of his behind. It’s held in place by two strips of cryo-tape stuck to the small of his back, and below his navel.(This is a common method used on all the male captives).

A young girl with dirty blonde hair awaits a few tubes down from him. With her back slightly arched, she reaches out- with her hands pressed against the glass. Her somewhat distorted, yet innocent face reveals the shock of the freeze process taking her body.

The aliens walk on as soon two large breasts come into view. They are attached to a young black woman. Her dark skin shines from the sheen of the cryo-film that envelopes her tight body. Her shapely legs are spread as if in a way to balance herself .

Several more teenage boys pass by, until the aliens come across the doomed cheerleaders seen earlier in the hypnotron. At first peppy school girls turned into mindless slaves, then stripped nude and quick frozen into helplessness!

The first girl, a bleach blonde, stands at attention. Her orange panties are half torn-probably by some overzealous technician. She has smaller, but very perky breasts. Her nipples are incredibly erect.

The quarterback is next. Once cocky and surefooted, now frozen in confinement amongst his peers.

The second cheerleader awaits on his other side with wide open eyes. Her expression seems to ask, “Why me?”

Zork looks in on this little gem. As her short skirt floats in a halo around her waistline, he notices the permanent camel toe as the mixture of cryo-gel has affixed her orange panties to her vagina.

The two girls that shared their moment of terror with the cheerleaders in the hypnotron, await in frozen limbo right beside them. The first girl, hangs from her ankles in her chamber. With her black satin panties pulled away from her crotch, she too appears to have been stripped rather carelessly. The rest of her clothes barely cling to her body-somewhat floating about in the gel that surrounds the beauty. Her friend beside her stands in profile to the viewing area. She almost looks as if posed by an admiring technician. Her back and head are arched back to make her shapely behind stick out from her profile all the more.

The aliens once again stroll onward passing more victims then come across two sisters. They are twins but not identical. The two brown haired siblings stand by each other unknowingly, as the alien looks them over. The first stares blindly, her hands thrust outward from her sides as cryo-shock set in. The second girl beside her, looks over at her sister as if to warn her of their impending doom. Her hands are smeered against the glass sides of the chamber as if she were about to pound her way out.

And finally, the aliens come to last chambers on this catwalk. The first, another one of  Densmore’s finest.

Sarah Murphy stands in her tell all peek-a-boo panties, trying desperately to cover her nude breasts. Her bright red hair floats about her pale and innocent face. Her mouth lay open, and her light green eyes stare up in vacant wonder-probably revealing how she was found in the hypnotron. Just a mindless vacuum is all that remains of this former a+ student. Her boy friend waits next to her. With his member placed gently in it’s holding bag, he shows no shame of his present condition.

The last of the victims stands looking out at the expanse of the storage hold. It is the forty six year old bus driver. Her somewhat sagging but large breasts are exposed, but her sheer panty hose are still intact, leaving her some small form of dignity.

Von Huff then turns to her superior and claims “Certainly a fine collection. Keep in mind Sir, that if you should need some entertainment of the human kind, they can be revived in a matter of minutes. It would be of best interest to use them now, before they are shipped to the breeding center.”

Commander Zork nods in agreement, then begins the long walk back to the entrance. However he pauses towards the last of the chambers at the other end, and looks in on one of the humans. It’s a young Italian girl.

“I believe I’d like this one revived, she seems quite enchanting” says the creature, looking her over once again. He notices that she has shaved her pubic hair to form one long and narrow black strip.

The girl is Angelica Gazzari. She still awaits with a mindless expression, standing at attention with her perfect glistening globes slightly thrust out. The only movements in her chamber, is her long black hair gently swaying around her face and shoulders, and the small air bubbles that occasionally tickle her body as they work their way up to the top of the chamber.

Zork then walks by several more naked bodies till he comes to his second choice. “And this little thing” blurbs the man, “she would probably do.” The girl he’s looking at is little Marcia Miller.

In the end, technicians roll the large chrome body rack, and hoist up the frozen victims. They are wrapped in clear zips, (or what humans would call body bags), and wheeled hanging up-right back to processing. Here they will be thawed, revived, cleaned and serviced for the commander. They will be used as love dolls, then sent back to join their classmates in a very cold and a very deep sleep.

As it turns out, Marcia Miller did get to have sex after all, she just won’t ever know it. And for Angelica Gazzari, this is one time her good looks didn’t pay off.


The students on bus #35 never thought an alien abduction could happen to them. They now serve their penance naked, frozen and together awaiting the time to serve their master.



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