A normal sunny day in Nerima. Running atop the fence line bordering a street is a damp-clothed, busty redhead, a school bag in hand. Damn it all, Akane, why didn't you just LISTEN to me for once?! she grimaces, remembering what just happened moments before not so far from the front gates of the Tendou dojo. Why don't you just...?!

An ominous ringing noise cuts Ranma Saotome's train of thought off as her head snaps around. As usual, it is too late; Shampoo's infamous "bicycle of death" is just too close for the redhead to dodge. However, this time, the end result of the warrior-maiden's adamant desire to be with her "airen" is about to turn out MUCH differently!


A rolling boom! nearly shatters Ranma's eardrums as the dark shape looming in her vision is blasted away only mere centimetres from the redhead's face. Ranma stumbles off the fence line, falling ungraciously to the roadway as Shampoo vanishes into the morning sky, her cry for help garbled thanks to WHATEVER it was that blocked her from greeting her "airen." Within thirty seconds, the echo from that strange blast vanishes from the air around Ranma, then she staggers to her feet. "What the hell...?" she whispers, glancing in the direction Shampoo just vanished.

"Are you alright, Saotome-san?"

Ranma spins left to see a slender young man with brown eyes and shaggy brown hair, now dressed in shirt and jeans. "Who are you?!"

"I'm Ataru Moroboshi," the newcomer offers his hand. "It's a wonder we've never met before now, Saotome-san. I've heard a lot about you."

Ranma blinks, then hesitantly squeezes Ataru's hand with her own. She had heard much about the man before her, both good and bad. According to what she knew of events in Tomobiki, things had calmed down a LOT in the wake of the so-called "Second Tag Race." So what on Earth was this man doing HERE in Nerima? Further, how was it possible for someone Ranma knew was an avowed pacifist to utilize a warp-cannon attack on Shampoo...


Oh, NO!!

"Um, I hope you know that...!" she sputters.

"Don't worry about that," Ataru makes a dismissive wave with his hand. "It's not that I'm unaware of Shampoo and her tribal laws. I am. However, she's not important to me right now." His eyes lock on hers as one of his index fingers points her way. "You are, Saotome-san."

"Me?!" Ranma jolts, then shudders as a familiar suspicion roars up his spine. "Don't tell me this is something Oyaji did..."

Ataru chuckles. "Were it just that simple," he laments, then perks on sensing something approaching from his eight o'clock. Ah, perfect! Time for the "demonstration." He knew that Ranma could be very stubborn when confronted with a strange situation. However, the sheer urgency of this matter demanded immediate, prompt action. So be it.

"Here, let me show you what I'm talking about," he smiles.

Ranma blinks, then jolts as Ataru's hands forcefully squeeze her shoulders. Before she could react, he yanks her to him, then presses his lips against hers. She gasps, her mouth opening automatically, which gives Ataru the chance to slip his tongue into her mouth and firmly lock her into a tight embrace. Just as he feels Ranma's muscles tense, the foreshadowing of her trying to break free of his embrace, a woman's voice calls out...


* * *

The Galatea Syndrome - The Nerima Situation

by Gorgo

**** **** ****
Based on Ranma 1/2, created by Rumiko Takahashi, with cameo appearances by characters from other series. They are owned by their respective creators and are used without authorization. This story is not meant for profit.
**** **** ****

NOTE: This is a lemon story with strong ASFR (alt.set.fetish.robots) influences worked into it. If you are below age or not interested in this sort of thing, don't bother reading this. Further, for those ASFR fans who are not familiar with Ranma 1/2, I recommend that you visit the Anime Web Turnpike at http://www.anipike.com for further information. Further, while this story is based on the ideas and concepts first introduced in The Galatea Syndrome, it exists in a different universe.

**** **** ****


Ranma pulls away from Ataru, waving her hands to ward off a possible head-blow from Ukyou Kuonji's combat spatula. "U-chan, wait! It's not what you think...!!" she sputters, taking several steps back from the chef.


Ranma spins on Ataru, startled by the booming, almost metallic, tone of his voice. Silence falls like a guillotine blade, then Ranma slowly turns back to Ukyou. The chef, dressed in her usual boy's uniform, appears to be frozen in time. Her face is twisted in a frustrated sneer, one arm raised to seize her combat spatula from behind her back, the other hand almost clenched into a fist, one foot thrust forward as if she was about to march up to her transformed fiance. A minute passes, Ranma gazing almost expectantly at Ukyou, waiting for her to finish whatever she is doing. Finally, she slowly turns to Ataru. "What did you do to U-chan?!" she demands, her fists clench. "What the HELL did you do to her, you...?!"

A finger taps her nose, shocking her into silence. Focusing anew on Tomobiki's most infamous resident, Ranma is quick to see the apologetic look on Ataru's face. "I'm sorry, Ranma," he closes his eyes, lowering his arm. "I didn't mean to shock you like that, but believe me, there's a VERY big problem you've been blinded to for a long time now. Here, let me show you," he walks over to stand beside the frozen Ukyou. "Attention!"

Ranma watches as Ukyou straightens herself, both her arms falling to her side as the sneer on her face melts into a wide-eyed, innocent yet emotionally neutral look. Once her feet have come together in a perfect imitation of a soldier standing to attention, Ataru reaches for her belt-buckle.

"Hey, what are you doing to her?!!" Ranma snaps.

Ataru's finger shoots up in a "hold-it" gesture, causing the transformed martial artist to stop. Seeing that Ranma was not going to do anything drastic, he relaxes, then turns back to Ukyou. "As I said, I'm really sorry about plunging you head-first into this without any sort of warning," he gently unbuckles the frozen girl's pants, then unbuttons them, drawing the zipper down. He then unbuttons her shirt, revealing the breast-bindings the chef used to disguise her true gender. "Damn! Just like Ryuu-chan, for heaven's sake!!" he mutters under his breath, then before Ranma could say anything to interrupt, presses into her navel.


Ranma's eyes widen to the size of saucers -- the UFO type! -- as a black line appears in Ukyou's soft, creamy skin, forming a square around her navel about a square foot in size. As soon as the break in the skin is complete, Ataru turns to Ranma. "C'mon," he gently guides the transformed martial artist towards her frozen fiancee. "You have to see this."

Ranma jolts as Ukyou whispers, eyes tearing, "I love you, Ran-chan."


Ataru blinks, then gazes intently at Ukyou for a moment before he relaxes. "Normal," he calls out in that metallic-tinged voice before reverting to his normal tone. "You haven't been imprinted, I take it."

"Fortunately, no," Ukyou gazes briefly at him, then turns back to her Ranma, her cheeks awash in shamed tears. "I'm so sorry, Ran-chan. I..."

She stops, then reaches down to the cut skin around her navel. Ranma remains frozen in place as Ukyou literally pulls AWAY that skin, revealing something straight out of Star Trek: The Next Generation! Dark grey synthetic musculature, several pulsing energy tubes, more circuits and wires than you could shake the proverbial stick at...!

"You're a robot!!!" Ranma gasps, dropping to her knees in shock.

"To be precise, she's an android," Ataru walks over, kneeling beside the trembling Ranma, placing a supportive hand on her shoulder. Ranma jolts at that contact, but doesn't brush it away. He turns, waving the cyberneticised chef up to kneel in front of her transformed fiance. "An android created by a nanovirus which was injected into your fiancee's body sometime ago, literally transforming her into a machine much like those ponds at Jusenkyou transformed you from a guy into a girl!"

Ranma blinks, still quite overwhelmed from what her eyes, still locked on Ukyou's exposed circuit hatch, were feeding directly into her mind. Ataru and Ukyou remain silent, giving the martial artist time to absorb what had just been revealed to her. As this happens, the Tomobiki native glances around, making very sure they weren't interrupted by any of the other loons who normally plagued Ranma Saotome's life.

Finally, Ranma lightly shakes her head before a hand reaches out to Ukyou. Sensing that, the android chef gently takes the hand, then shifts it to her opened circuit hatch, allowing Ranma to touch one of the main energy conduits which kept her alive and fully functional. Ranma seems to freeze for a moment, then relaxes as her finger makes contact with that pulsing tube. Before the martial artist could voluntarily make the choice, her own chi senses go active, reaching out into the android before her. Concentrating for a moment, she then relaxes. "Oh, U-chan..."

"Ran-chan..." Ukyou opens her arms as Ranma embraces her.

Both weep, holding each other tight. Ataru remains respectfully silence; what now happens before him was no different from the many times this ugly truth had been brought into the open in Tomobiki. Finally, they pull apart before Ukyou leans in to give Ranma a gentle kiss. For once, the transformed martial artist doesn't resist the show of affection. Finally, they break away, Ranma glancing anew at Ukyou's exposed innards. "Um, I think you oughta..." she sputters to a stop, her cheeks flaming.

Ukyou chuckles, then slides the skin section into its proper place. A soft click! is heard, then her skin instantly seals. Once that is done, the android quickly makes herself decent before standing. Turning to Ataru, she asks, "How'd you know about all this, anyway, sugar?!"

"It's happened in Tomobiki," Ataru replies as he and Ranma straighten themselves. "Almost every woman from 14 to 45 were hit by the nanovirus in the two months after the Second Tag Race." He glances at Ranma. "Far as we can figure out, this was done in response to all the weird things that hit Tomobiki since the day Lum decided to move to Earth. I..." he closes his eyes, shaking his head. "I can only assume that someone -- from where, I've just NO idea -- decided that Nerima would get the same treatment!"

Ranma blinks, then starts to shudder. "Oh, damn...!" she turns away, her arms moving to hug herself. "Then that means..."

"Yes, every girl in Nerima from 14 to 45 years of age has been hit."

"Every girl...?!"

Ataru nods. "Hai. Your fiancees, your classmates, all the younger teachers at your school and the other schools in Nerima..." he shakes his head. "All of us in Tomobiki hoped this wouldn't've hit elsewhere, but..."

He shrugs. Ukyou gazes on Ataru. "Will Ran-chan be...?"

"No, not after that kiss I gave her."

Ranma jolts. "Why the hell'd you do THAT for, anyway?!" she gives Ataru a very intensive look.

The Tomobiki native ignores it. "I think it's best that we head over to Ukyou's restaurant right now," he glances in the general direction of Furinkan High School. "By the looks of it, one of your other fiancees and one of your teachers are out looking for you. And I don't think you want to face them before you have a firm idea about what to do with them, ne?"

Ranma blinks, then nods. "Okay, let's go to U-chan's."

* * *

Minutes later, three people step into Okonomiyaki U-chan's. Since most people in Nerima were at work or school, there is no one else waiting for them. Ukyou guides her guests into her apartment on the second floor. Once they are in the living room/bedroom, the chef indicates the bed as a place for Ataru and Ranma to relax. Once the organics are comfortable, Ukyou stands to attention before her transformed fiance. "Okay, Ran-chan, what do you want me to do for you?" she gives her a very friendly smile.

"Huh?!" Ranma blinks, clearly surprised by Ukyou's actions, then she gazes on Ataru. "What the hell's THIS all about?!"

"She wants you to imprint herself on you, Ranma," Ataru returns her look. "Can't you see how much she loves and cares for you?!"

"I...!" an automatic denial surges up her throat, then she catches herself before burying her face into her hands. "Damn it, I KNOW about that, but...!" her voice catches, then she shudders as a sob quakes her. "No, I'm not gonna..." she hisses, clenching her teeth.

Soft hands fall on her shoulders, making Ranma look up into Ukyou's concerned face. They gaze on each other for a moment, then the android chef sits beside her transformed fiance, drawing Ranma into a comforting embrace. The busty redhead shudders, then begins to cry anew, holding Ukyou tight. Again, Ataru remains silent, allowing Ranma the chance to fully vent out her grief and growing frustration over this utterly insane situation from which she had no way, utterly NO WAY, of escaping.

Finally, Ranma's sobs turn into hoarse sniffles, then she looks up before giving Ukyou a tender kiss on the lips. Taking a few breaths to steady herself, she then looks at Ataru. "So what do I do now?"

"Well, like it or not..." he pauses, then gazes understandingly at her, "...you have to make love to her, Ranma."


"SAY WHAT?!?!"

Ataru winces as that sonic boom nearly shatters every window in Ukyou's apartment space. "Sorry," he rubs his ear canal clear, then takes a deep breath. "Alright, here's the basic story. The nanovirus that turned all the women of Nerima into androids comes from a planet named Shoozoran. The native culture on that world these days is something akin to what existed in Korea during the Chosoun era. Patriarchal to the EXTREME! Only thing women are seen as good for are..."

"Wives and mothers," Ukyou finishes.

Ranma blinks, then shudders. "Oh, damn..."

"Right," Ataru drawls. "Now, given that viewpoint, when there came along a woman who demonstrated something akin to what your would-be 'wife' Shampoo is like..." his hand indicates Ukyou. "Guess what happens?"

Silence falls over the room as the martial artist takes that in, then she gazes on Ukyou. Seeing the android chef nod in confirmation, Ranma turns back to Ataru. "So why do I have to..." her voice stutters on those words, then she blurts out, "...to d-do THAT to U-chan, anyway?!"

"It's the only way to ensure she can't be used against you by any of your enemies, Ranma," Ataru sighs. "Believe me, I know a lot about all the assholes who want your head on a platter, friend! All they'd have to do is fuck Ukyou here, imprint themselves on her, then tell her 'Kill Saotome!'" He glances at Ukyou. "Do you really want to do that, Ukyou?"

"No!!" the chef's answer is automatic. "I sure don't want to do THAT, especially to Ran-chan!!" she shakes her head, then gazes pleadingly at her fiance. "Ran-chan, I love you! I really do! I know how much you hate being pressed into this, but what happens if jackasses like Ryouga or Kunou clue into what any of us are capable of?! What happens if one of them decides to imprint themselves on Akane?! Or what about Mousse doing that to Shampoo?! Or Kodachi, even?! Do you really want to face that?!"

"Hey!!" Ranma bolts up. "I can fight my own fights..."

"Not this time."

Ranma spins on Ataru. The look the latter gives the former sends chills down the martial artist's spine. "Ranma, much that I don't want to force this on you, but you HAVE to let that damned pride of yours go finally. Yes, it's helped you succeed in the past, but as of right now, it's your biggest vulnerability! Do you understand?! When the nanovirus is used on normal girls, it turns them into androids who, if their own self-inhibitions are overridden, could bench-press a damned minivan! Could you just imagine how powerful Ukyou or Akane or Shampoo'd be if their inhibitions were overridden, Ranma?!" A pause, then, "Could you?"

Ranma blinks, echoes of sharp denials thundering deep in her heart, then she gazes at Ukyou. "Is he right?" she whispers.

Ukyou nods, then moves to gently squeeze Ranma's shoulder. "Ran-chan, please. Don't let me fall victim to any of those dorks out there? Please! For your sake most of all, Ran-chan. Please...?"

Ranma gazes on her, then reluctantly nods before turning back to Ataru. "So what was that kiss all about, anyway?"

"Ah, sorry!" Ataru scratches the back of his head embarrassingly. "That was a little gift for you, Ranma. Now, please..." he holds up a hand to ward off an angry retort from the redhead, "...think 'boy!'"

"Boy...?! I...! Hey!!"

Ukyou gasps on seeing Ranma's soft, curvaceous features morph into the more well-defined angles and curves his male form possessed. Blinking, the martial artist stares at his hand, then screams out, "I'M CURED!!!!"



"Sorry about that," Ataru pulls back his infamous "Ultimate Idiot Basher" mallet, then with Ukyou's help, slides Ranma back onto the bed. "And no, you're not cured, Ranma. It's now under your conscious control." And with that, he gets up, runs into the bathroom, then comes back with a cup of cold water. He stops before Ranma, waiting for the martial artist to recover. As soon as he does, Ranma quickly notices the cup of water. Blinking confusedly, he looks at Ataru, then nods. The cup is upended, leaving a wet, MALE Ranma sitting on the bed. "See?"

"I guess so," Ranma mutters. "But how...?"

"Nanites," Ataru sets the cup aside. "The same type as what turned Ukyou and every other girl in town into androids, but with boys, it has a different effect." He points to himself. "The nanites I have in my body now basically work to keep me alive and healthy, plus give me the ability to defend myself AND cyber-link with those androids I'm lovers with. As soon as you -- if you do this, of course! -- start making out with those girls you care for, you'll form the same type of cyber-links." He shrugs. "It's a safety precaution, most of all. If any girl you care for gets into trouble, you're the first to know. Believe me, it's helped me and my girls get out of a few jams. And..." he closes his eyes.

Ranma and Ukyou gape as Ataru's own features morph, he shrinking into a shaggy brown-haired, brown-eyed version of Ranma's female self. "...ever since I learned of your curse, I wanted to try it out myself," the now-female Ataru quickly adjusts the belt on her trousers to prevent them from slipping to the floor. "I'd like to think of it as a penetence for all the stupid, dumb-ass things I pulled before learning about the Shoozoki."

"Uh...!" Ranma blinks, then slowly nods. "R-right..."

"Your choice, sugar," Ukyou clicks her tongue. "But are you sure Lum's gonna like seeing you like that?!"

"I think she'll like it," Ataru smirks, then draws out a card to give to Ranma. "If you get into a jam, give me a call here. In the meantime," she moves to depart, "...I'll leave you and Ukyou be. I'm sure you both want to take the chance to talk some things over. Take care!"

With a wave, she heads out...

* * *

To be continued...

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