Goldfingered:  An Elaine Blonde Adventure

by Drake

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Los Angeles, California

"Welcome to Midas Studios." The buxom maid announced, curtseying low to reveal a vast expanse of milky white cleavage. "We’ve been expecting you. Please come in."

"Uh, thanks I guess." Pandora and Amber stepped into the foyer of the mansion, marveling at the rich marble floor and elegant fixtures. "This is where we’re shooting today?"

"The sound stage is in the back lot, but we sometimes use the house too. It adds some sophistication to our productions." The maid smiled brightly as she examined the newcomers. Both were tanned and blonde in the best Californian fashion. Amber’s short hair was styled in a pixie cut, while Pandora’s long, unbound locks fell down to her belt. Their builds were similar though, with full breasts, flat abs and gently rounded hips. Both were dressed casually in shorts and sleeveless shirts. They were perfect. She decided to ask her mistress for one of them.

"Have you read your scripts yet?" The maid asked as she led the girls down a wide, opulently appointed hall.

"Not yet." Pandora said. "We were supposed to get them yesterday, but they never came."

"Oh well. I think you’ll manage anyway." The maid chuckled playing with a lock of her curly brown hair. "I’ll find you some copies and ensure you have plenty of time to study." She stopped in front of a pair of glass doors. An Olympic sized swimming pool was visible through them.

"Wow." Amber managed. "I hadn’t heard of Midas Studios before this, but you guys must be doing something right."

"We’ve only just begun." The maid said sliding the doors open. "Please follow me, my mistress does not like to be kept waiting."

The area around the swimming pool was beautifully laid out, with white marble and beautifully manicured hedges. The pool was a brilliant blue, and there was someone swimming in it, doing lengths underwater. The figure reached the shallow end and stood up.

"Miss Amber Knight and Miss Pandora Prentice to see you Mistress." The maid curtsied again.

"Thank you Buxomly." The woman slowly climbed the stairs. "Please fetch us drinks."

Dora and Amber gaped. Their host was naked, spectacularly so. Water beaded on her deeply tanned skin and slid down between her full, jutting breasts. Her straight black hair, slicked down by the water, hung down past her smooth buttocks. She walked past her guests, entirely unconcerned in her nudity.

"Do sit down ladies." The woman settled into a lounge chair, carefully arranging her hair. "World famous porn stars Amber Knight and Pandora Prentice. Overly dramatic, but they certainly sound more enticing than plain old Betty Wright and Dora Dolan. But where are my manners. My name is Alotta, Alotta Tongue. I am the president of Midas Studios and the artistic director. You’ve already met my servant and co-director Buxomly Maid."

‘Alotta Tongue? Buxomly Maid? You have some nerve commenting on our names.’ Pandora thought to herself. She sat down in a chair opposite Alotta.

"Midas is a new studio, but we’re planning on giving our clients something they’ve never seen before." Alotta smiled warmly. "Our first picture is going to be called Possessions. It’s about greed, and the extremes that women will go to possess what they desire. Lust and greed are my favorite sins."

"Is there much dialog?" Amber asked. "We never received our scripts."

"Nothing you can’t handle. Ah here are the drinks. Thank you Buxomly." Alotta took a glass of iced lemonade from the maid’s tray. She stirred the ice with her finger. "As I was saying, lust and greed, the desire to possess everything that one finds pleasurable."

"Sounds sexy." Pandora said.

"Very sexy." Alotta slid an ice cube from her glass and rubbed it lightly over her nipples, which stiffened instantly. "I’ve seen both of you in action, and I thought you would be perfect for my film. I look at your lovely bodies, and it’s all there; lust, greed and the desire to possess you. I want you both… in my film of course. Oh drat, talking about the film has gotten me all wet. Buxomly, be a dear and finish me off would you."

"Yes Mistress! Right away!" The maid dove between Alotta’s legs, licking and probing with an animal intensity. Pandora and Amber exchanged an awkward glance, unsure if they were supposed to watch or not.

"I won’t keep.. oh! a little harder.. you." Alotta was moving her hips in perfect harmony with Buxomly’s attentions, her hands sliding over her own peaked nipples. "There are scripts laid out on the table in the study, you passed it as you came in, if you would like to go-oh!-oh! over them, we’ll see about starting shooting this afternoon. If you need anything, just ring, you’ll find Buxomly very good at filling all of your…needs."

"Wow… That was intense." Amber managed as they re-entered the mansion. "What a performance, I don’t know whether I want to get the hell out of here or go back out and join them."

"Look around you." Pandora reminded her partner. "They paid us a couple of thousand each just to show up today. If they can afford a place like this, just think about how much our contract will be worth. Let’s find those scripts and get started."


London, Great Britain

"Welcome back Miss Blonde." Miss Honeypenny greeted the world-renowned superspy as she returned to the offices of MI P . "I trust you had a good time in Russia."

"It was lovely thank you." Elaine smiled. "The mission was a rousing success."

"Jolly good show." Miss Honeypenny sat back down at her desk. "So you were able to compromise the Minister of Defense?"

"Several times." Elaine licked her lips. "She was reluctant at first, but she eventually opened up to me. The Beach Boys were right, those Moscow girls with the way they kiss keep their girlfriends warm at night."

"You’ll be wishing they were all California girls soon." Miss Honeypenny smiled mischievously. "You had best head in, MMM doesn’t like to be kept waiting."

"If you say so." Elaine leaned over the desk and stroked the secretary’s auburn hair. "Maybe we could make plans for later."

"I already have plans." Miss Honeypenny smiled seductively and played with the buttons of her prim blouse. "I plan on taking a hot, soapy bath and then putting on a flimsy negligee and sliding between silk sheets. Then I’m going to slowly play with myself until I’m all wet and slippery, and then, as I slide my fingers all over my body, I’m going to think about you somewhere over the Atlantic ocean on a flight to California. MMM is waiting. Good day Miss Blonde."

"I’ll wear you down one of these days Honeypenny." Elaine said, retreating from the desk.

"If you do I’ll wear you out." She hit the intercom button. "Agent Double-D Seven to see you sir."

Elaine walked through the heavy oak double doors, shutting them behind her. MMM was slouched behind his desk, a frail wreck of a man.

"Agent Double-D Seven Reporting as ordered!" Elaine snapped to attention, her breasts jiggling slightly with the motion.

"Mmmm. Elaine Blonde, license to thrill." MMM said prefacing the statement with the sheep-like bray that earned him his code name. "Her Royal Majesty once again calls upon you to throw yourself bodily at a threat to this Great Britain of ours. What do you know about the American Adult Industry?"

"Not much I’m afraid." Elaine said clinically. "Centered in area surrounding Los Angeles, California, a billion dollar industry, in which all manner of sexual acts and perversions are catered to. Straight, bi, gay, lesbian, can’t forget lesbian, that’s my favorite, asian, asian lesbian, I really like that one too, orgy, double penetration, I just saw one a few nights ago, this one girl did this trick with her tongue, I almost came just watching it, and this other girl had a swing, a whip and some inflatable pool toys which she used to.."

"That’s will do Miss Bond." MMM coughed. "We need you to investigate the disappearance of several famous female porn stars. All we know is that they get a call, a large bank deposit is made anonymously, and a car comes to pick them up. The industry is in trouble, and we’re counting on you to save it."

"Wot!?!" Elaine snorted. "You called me back from Russia so I can poke around some grotty film sets and look for some missing actresses? If this is the most important task the Empire can put before me, then it bloody well has fallen."

"Damn it Elaine." MMM rasped. "You know as well as I do, if his Majesty the prince doesn’t get a weekly dose of fresh lesbian porn from our friends across the sea he gets all wobbly. He says it’s a priority, therefore it is a priority, QED! Now go see X about some new equipment for the mission. Dismissed."


Los Angeles, California

"So Dory, what do you think?" Amber flapped her script in Dora’s direction.

"I haven’t finished reading it yet." Pandora said. "It’s a least one hundred and fifty pages. It’s like the porno War and Peace."

"Well I’m done and I’m getting hungry, I’m going to go see about finding the kitchen. Can I bring you anything?"

"Sure, I eat anything, you know that." Pandora said with a quick leer and a wink. "As long as it’s hot."

"You missed your calling." Amber made a face. "You should be writing these scripts."

Stepping out into the hall, Amber tried to remember if she had seen a kitchen. She retraced her steps to the foyer and started checking the various doors. Well-appointed library. Billiards room. She didn’t hear the footsteps behind her.

"Sneaking around? Can I help?"

Amber jumped a foot in the air, and barely managed to keep from shrieking.

"Did I surprise you." Buxomly said, placing her hands on Amber’s shoulder. "I am so sorry. Do you need anything?"

"I was looking for the kitchen." Amber managed to get her breathing back under control, she moved slightly to slide out of Buxomly’s grasp. "But I sort of got lost."

"You were exploring." Buxomly wagged a finger. "That’s okay. Here, let me show you something."

The maid led Amber to another door, which she opened with a key from her belt. The room was full of glass cases.

"Oh my!" Amber examined the case closest to the door. They were full of all manner of jewelry, bracelets, rings, necklaces, armbands, ankle chains and even a small selection of tiaras and crowns. "This is incredible."

"Yes." Buxomly said. She walked over to one case and slid it open. She retrieved a ring and slipped it on her finger. "My Mistress lets me try them on. Would you like to?"

"Sure." Amber pointed to a necklace. "How about that one?"

"Beautiful. You have good taste." Buxomly slipped the necklace out of the case. "And I bet you taste good." She whispered under her breath.

"It’s warm." Amber said as Buxomly slid the necklace around her neck and did up the clasp.

"The cases are heated." Buxomly explained. "My Mistress prefers it this way. Here, these bracelets are the match to the necklace."

Amber stood in front of the mirror and admired herself, the gold warm against her skin. She could also see her nipples, clearly visible through the cloth of her shirt. She slid her fingers over them as the maid bent over to remove more jewelry from the case. Her eyes settled on the soft, lacey underwear, revealed as the maid leaned further down. Buxomly returned with armbands and anklets, which she efficiently clipped into place. The metal felt warm against her skin, and Amber could feel something, like the air before a storm.

"It’s all so beautiful." Amber ran her fingers over the jewelry. It felt softer than if had moments ago. "And so warm."

"Here is a waist chain, you should try it on." Buxomly offered the long chain.

"I can’t." Amber ran her hands down to the waistband of her shorts. "It wouldn’t look right. What’s happening? I feel so…. "

"Turned on? Horny? Wet?" Buxomly prompted. "Gold has always had that effect on people. Our special gold does an even better job. Do you want some more?"

"Yes…" Amber closed her eyes. "More. Please."

"You have to do something for me first." Buxomly slipped the shoulder straps of her uniform and let it slide to the ground. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her large, white breasts were capped with small, coral pink nipples. "Earn your gold."

Amber pushed her shorts and underwear down to the floor and stepped out of them. With a single, agile motion she slipped her top off. Her bra went next, revealing her tanned bosom. She stepped up to Buxomly and embraced her, sliding her hands across the maid’s smooth skin as she kissed her. Buxomly responded urgently to the kiss, her hands slipping around Amber’s waist. There was a click she cinched the waist chain around Amber’s gently swaying hips.

"Oh." Amber broke the kiss with a gasp of pleasure. She slid to her knees, her hands seeking out her sensitive nipples.

"While you’re down there." Buxomly slid her panties out of the way and guided Amber’s lips to her wet sex. There was no hesitation and Amber thrust her tongue into Buxomly, licking hungrily as she explored every succulent fold and crevice. The maid’s breath began coming in shuddering gasps as Amber concentrated her attentions on her throbbing clit. With a shriek, Buxomly came, grabbing Amber by the hair and pushing her face hard against her throbbing hips.

"You’re very good." Buxomly gasped as she knelt down to kiss Amber, tasting her own juices on the blonde’s lips. "It’s your turn now." Buxomly guided Amber’s hands down to her own sex. Amber needed little encouragement and began stroking herself with a palatable urgency.

"You’re going to be such a beautiful statue." Buxomly twisted the jewel that adorned the ring she had removed from the case earlier. Amber was barely aware of the statement as she pleasured herself. The jewel began glowing with a crackling blue light. Buxomly touched the jewel to the golden chain around Amber’s waist.

"Ooooh!" As Amber came there was a shower of sparks. The golden jewelry shimmered for a moment and then melted into a thin liquid, which flowed over every inch of the climaxing blonde. Amber froze in place as the shell hardened around her. Her head thrown back, mouth agape in her silenced cry of ecstasy. Her firm breasts thrusting forward, the nipples impossibly stiff under their sheath of gold. Her fingers still caressing her now gilded sex. Buxomly caressed the kneeling statue and kissed the open lips, her tongue tracing their golden contours.

"Trapped in Amber or Amber trapped?" She asked the silent statue.

* * *


London Great Britain

Elaine paused in front of the double doors that led to X’s domain, the Research and Development laboratory. She pressed her ear against the door. She couldn’t hear any explosions, only the usual begging, pleading, squeals of pain and the sharp noise of leather against flesh. It was probably safe to enter. She pressed through the doors. The multi-tiered area was bustling as assistants, dressed in the standard uniform of high heels, latex thong underwear, peek-a-boo bras and vinyl lab coats, hurried from station to station. Overseeing their actions was a tall, muscular woman, whose long braids of platinum blonde hair owed more to a bottle than to nature. Dressed in black leather shorts, a tight corset and thigh high boots, she moved easily through the crowd towards Elaine, occasionally swinging a leather riding crop to dissuade a slow assistant from her path.

"Good to see you X," Elaine said. "MMM told me to you had…"

"Silence!" The towering blonde roared. "In my lab you will speak only when spoken to."

"Look X, I have a flight to catch." Elaine valiantly tried reason and diplomacy. It didn’t work.

"You will go when I say you can go!" X put her hands on her hips. "And not before."

"Bloody hell." Elaine rolled her eyes. "Do we have to do this every time I come here?"

"I said silence!" X raised the riding crop. "Naughty willful girl! You must be punished!"

Elaine dodged the descending leather and caught X’s arm, wrenching it behind her. She swept the big blonde’s legs out from under her, sending them both to the floor.

"Is that all you have?" X managed as Elaine bore down harder on the arm lock. Another savage twist and X let loose with an agonized scream, a shuddering spasm passing through her body as she did so. Elaine released the lock.

"Thank you Elaine." X’s features were flushed and she was breathing heavily. She got back up to her feet and lit a cigarette. "That was wonderful, you are always so good to me."

"You’re welcome." Elaine said. "Now about the new equipment."

"Here you are." X walked over to a table and opened a briefcase and removed a large rubber dildo. "To start with."

"And what does it do?" Elaine asked. "Besides the obvious."

"This." X swung the rubber wang at a passing assistant. There was a sharp cracking noise and the smell of ozone as the young woman collapsed with a huge smile on her face, her limbs twitching. "The electro-cyber-thang produces an electric field which sends all neural impulses to the pleasure center. She will remain in a state of helpless orgasm for several minutes."

"I hope you’ll include some fresh batteries." Elaine stepped over the twitching assistant. "What else?"

"Peek-a-boo bra." X held up a piece of sequined lingerie. A thousand miniature high intensity light emitting diodes linked to a central computer in the clasp. Bounce your breasts three times and the bra emits a highly focussed beam of light that will temporarily blind an opponent. This one should fit you nicely."

"Yes. This is all well and good." Elaine said, "But do you think you could get me a gun?"

"I do not create such things." X looked offended. "If you want a barbaric bang-bang, you’ll be in America, you can get one Wal-Mart. If you want boom-boom, see Suki over there when you return from your mission."

"Oh thank you mistress!" Suki beamed looking up from her work. "I boom-boom long time."

"Quite." Elaine said. "Is that all?"

"I have one more treat for you. My greatest invention yet." X smiled and brought out a child’s plastic ray-gun from the briefcase. "The pinnacle of our technology."

"You are quite mad, aren’t you?" Elaine rolled her eyes. "I hate to break it to you X, but the toy zap gun has already been invented."

"This is just camouflage. I hold in my elegant hand the X-2000 Les-beam. A single shot from this will turn any woman into a raging lesbian nymphomaniac."

"Capital." Elaine looked dubious. "Let me be the first to say, I have my doubts."

"A demonstration then?" X turned to one of her assistants. "Fetch me a beautiful but frigid nun."

"We’ve run out." The assistant said, wincing as X lashed her thighs with the riding crop. "I asked if they had any more at the convent, and they said, there were none."

"Incompetents." X spun the assistant around, lifted her lab coat and delivered a swift spanking. "What do you have?"

"Thank you mistress!" The assistant smiled happily as the blows continued to fall on her backside. "I have the snooty, spoiled, extravagant daughter of a minor British Lord, whose repeated traffic violations require her to do community service. She is answering the phones in the intelligence section."

"Fine. Fetch her." X sent the assistant on her way with a flick of her riding crop. She turned to Elaine with a pained expression. "Good help is so hard to find. I must be a masochist to keep working with all these masochists." The assistant returned almost immediately, with another woman following behind her.

"Mandy Wade-Smythe." The assistant announced, turning slightly to allow X to deliver another snap with her riding crop.

"Wait until Daddy hears about this. He’s going to take it right to the Queen. What sort of place is this? I cannot believe the indignity of it all. I’m surrounded by perverts, commoners, and perverted commoners." Mandy Wade-Smythe sneered. "And just who do you think you are to order me about?"

"Observe." X approached the tall, willowy brunette. "Mandy dear. Do you find me sexually attractive?"

"What are you talking about?" Mandy fumed. "What sort of question is that? Really, do you people have no shame?"

"None whatsoever." X fired from the hip. A purple ray shot out of the plastic pistol and enveloped the young noblewoman. "Do you find me sexually attractive now?"

Mandy’s only response was the ripping of cloth and the popping of buttons as she tore her sundress off and launched herself at X. She ground herself against the tall blond, pulling down the cups of X’s corset and sucking on each of her nipples in turn.

"It works." X tossed the Les-beam to Elaine. She considered Mandy for a moment, idling slapping her riding crop against the brunette’s shapely buttocks. The young woman was humping her leg enthusiastically, her nipples clearly visible through her bra, the crotch of her sensible white, cotton panties already damp.

"Enjoy your mission." She waved Elaine away with a dismissive gesture. "Suki, fetch me the Mack-Daddy-X 2000 Perpetual Motion Strap-on. Miss Wade-Smythe has just volunteered to participate on the receiving end of an endurance test.


Los Angeles

Pandora glanced at her watch again. It had been almost an hour and Amber still hadn’t returned. She briefly wondered if she had opted to try the maid servicing. Maid service, she corrected herself with a smile. Pandora returned her attention to the script, finishing the last few pages. It was going to be a pretty hot shoot. As she put the script down, a thought struck her, she had no idea which part she was going to be playing. That would be okay. The producer and director seemed to take a laissez-faire attitude towards preparation, there would be plenty of time on the set to learn her lines.

"Miss Prentice. Good you’ve finished." Pandora turned to see Alotta standing in the doorway. Her host was dressed in a silk robe decorated in cranes and flowers. It was loosely tied and offered glimpses of Alotta’s lush body; she definitely wasn’t wearing anything under it. "You’re needed on set."

"Okay." Pandora grabbed her script. "Have you seen Amber? She went to get a snack, but hasn’t come back yet."

"She’s waiting for you on the set." Alotta smiled mischievously. "But Buxomly did mention that she found something to snack on. If you’re hungry, do let me know."

"Sure, maybe later." Pandora nodded. Was everything this woman said a sexual come on? Probably. She followed Alotta through the mansion.

"We’re shooting the dream sequence first." Alotta mentioned as they walked. Pandora had a moment of panic. She didn’t remember a dream sequence in the script. Did she miss it? She began flipping through pages.

"Um, I don’t remember reading it." Pandora admitted.

"It’s not in the script." Alotta opened a door and motioned Pandora inside. "It’s something I came up with earlier today. It’s silent, so you don’t have any lines."

"Oh good you’re here. The lights and cameras are ready for a little action. We just need to get you into costume." Buxomly pointed to a screen that was set up in the corner of the room. Like her mistress, she was dressed in loose robe that fell open to reveal her full figure.

Pandora stepped behind the screen and began slipping out of her clothes. A robe, not unlike the ones Alotta and Buxomly were wearing, was hanging on a hook behind the screen. She pulled it on, tying it loosely. The robe was a dark purple silk, shot through with golden threads that glittered in the light. It was nice and warm, as if it just came from the dryer.

"Now in this scene you are in a gallery." Alotta explained from the other side of the screen. "As you walk through it, lights will come on, revealing different pieces of erotic art. You examine each one as it appears. Feel free to touch them, and yourself, but keep your robe on."

"Is Amber in this scene?" Pandora asked. She felt a rising excitement, and resisted the urge to play with herself. ‘Save it for the camera’ she said under her breath.

"Certainly." Alotta answered. "When you find her, I think you’ll know what happens next."

"I’m ready for my close up Miss Tongue." Pandora stepped out from behind the screen, adjusting her robe slightly to give Alotta and Buxomly glimpses of her body as she walked. She was ready. She had done scenes with Amber before, but couldn’t remember looking forward to one as much as she was now.

"Through that door." Alotta gestured languidly. "I’ll make you a bright and shining star."

Pandora walked into the next room, putting a deliberate swing in her step. The room was entirely black. She took a tentative step forward. There was a sharp snapping noise as a spotlight turned on, illuminating a golden statue on a low platform. Pandora gasped. When Alotta had said the art would be erotic, she wasn’t kidding. The statue was a woman, standing with her legs wide apart, her hands cupping her breasts. Her head was turned slightly as if she was looking away. Tentatively Pandora stepped towards it, reaching out a hand. She stroked the statue’s arm. It was warm, and there was slight crackle, like static on a carpet.

"Oh wow." Pandora walked around the platform, examining the statue from every angle. She paused to slide her hands over the beautifully shaped buttocks, delighting in the warm feel of the metal under her fingers. Letting her robe fall open, she stepped up on the platform and embraced the statue from behind, sliding her fingers down the belly and exploring the statue’s golden sex. She pressed closer, the warm metal sending small shocks of pleasure through her exposed breasts.

Snap. Another spotlight switched on. Pandora abandoned the statue with a final kiss on the slightly turned neck. She rushed over to the next statue. Two golden women this time, wrapped in a sensual sixty-nine position. The one on top rearing back slightly, her right hand caressing the clit of the woman below her. The one on the bottom digging her fingers into her partner’s buttocks, pulling her down hard against her golden tongue. Pandora’s left hand found its way to her nipples and began stroking and teasing them gently. Her right explored the statues, moving from breasts to buttocks. The statues were just as warm as the other one, and had the same static crackle as she touched them. "I wish we could make this a threesome." She whispered.

Snap. Another spotlight. With a cry of pleasure, Pandora ran over, her robe flapping behind her. A single, golden woman lying on her back, her legs spread wide, her hands pressed against the surface of the pedestal, pushing her hips up invitingly. With no hesitation, Amber went to her knees in front of the statue and leaned forward to kiss and lick the exposed golden pussy. The metal was warm under her tongue and small sparks of pleasure spread from her lips as she moved them across the intricate golden folds. Mindful of the cameras that were recording the scene, she slid her robe out of the way, exposing her own buttocks and pussy as she thrust her fingers into her own wet sex.

Snap. Another low pedestal was illuminated. Pandora hurried over. A golden woman on her knees, her head thrown back in pleasure, her breasts thrust forward, her hands caressing her sex. It was Amber! A perfectly detailed, golden statue of her friend. That wasn’t possible. Where could they have gotten it?

"Amber?" Pandora knelt in front of the statue, pressing her hands to the golden breasts. They were warm, but motionless and unyielding under her palms. "Amber can you hear me? What..? What’s happened? What’s going on?"

Snap. Another light turned on, lighting an empty pedestal. A pair of golden chains were set into the surface, another pair dangling from above. Pandora took a step backwards, her eyes darting to each of the statues in turn before settling on the empty pedestal.

"I did say you would know what happens next." Alotta appeared out of the darkness. "Buxomly, attend to Miss Prentice if you please. Pandora was grabbed from behind, her arms pinned against her body. She tried to struggle, but the maid’s arms were incredible strong.

"Don’t struggle." Buxomly warned, squeezing to emphasize the point. She dragged Pandora up onto the pedestal. Alotta stepped up as well and quickly fastened the padded cuffs around the struggling blonde’s wrists and ankles. Pandora pulled futilely at the chains.

"Aren’t you lovely." Alotta stepped back and admired her captive. Buxomly snuggled up in front of her, letting her robe fall away. Alotta embraced her servant from behind, her hands sliding down to stroke Buxomly’s pussy.

"You’re going to turn me to gold?" Pandora tried to back away, but was held fast.

"Of course not, silly girl." Alotta continued to stroke Buxomly, who closed her eyes and purred with pleasure. "I can see you’re scared, but you’re also very turned on. It’s the gold sewn into your robe that does it. A happy accident, I was searching for a way to remove gold from seawater. Buxomly, please spread your legs a little more and play with your nipples." She kissed the side of the maid’s neck, turning her head slightly.

"Does this pose look familiar?" Alotta smiled and let her own robe fall away. "I found that by introducing an electrical charge to a particular gold alloy that has been saturated with microscopic capacitors, I could instantly electroplate anything, or anyone. The field holds the subject in a state of suspended animation, while the gold becomes harder than diamond."

"You’re mad." Pandora’s mind raced. Her mind told her she had to escape, but all her body wanted was for Alotta and Buxomly to make love to her. She became aware of her hips, moving in perfect cadence with Buxomly’s.

"I am brilliant, beautiful and sexual." Alotta slid to the floor, spreading her legs sensuously. She placed her palms on the floor and pushed, raising her hips up. Buxomly began licking her mistress, her hands busily massaging her own wet sex. "The electric charge carried by the capacitors in the gold has another effect. It creates a desire to sin in the body that wears it. My two sins are lust and greed, and I indulge in both of them simultaneously. Are they your sins too?"

"Yes…please…yes." Pandora managed. The fear was still at the back of her mind, but she needed release even more. The sight of the two women pleasuring each other was exciting her more by the second. "I want you both. Now. Please. Now."

"Perfect." Alotta rose to her feet and embraced Pandora, kissing her deeply. Pandora matched the kiss with an explosive passion.

"Mistress?" Buxomly wrapped herself around Pandora’s legs. "May I?"

"Of course my darling." Alotta’s broke the kiss, laughing. "Open Pandora’s box and see what treasure you find inside."

"Ooh!" Pandora came the moment Buxomly’s tongue touched her clit. She writhed, pulling against the chains as the maid’s talented tongue continued to stroke and caress. "More, please, more!"

"And now." Alotta raised her hand to show Pandora the glittering ring on finger. "Greed, lust and the need to possess what you desire. You’re mine."

Alotta touched the glowing ring to Pandora’s robe. There was a crackle of electricity as the gold threads dissolved, the golden liquid flowing over the blonde’s trembling body. Fragments of dark purple silk rained down onto the pedestal. Pandora froze, locked in place by the shell of gold that surrounded her body. Alotta caressed the golden statue, while Buxomly continued to lick and caress Pandora’s glittering sex. Finally she stood back on and kissed her mistress, passing the musky taste of Pandora’s juices to Alotta’s exploring tongue.

"Our finest work yet." Alotta slid down the maid’s lush body, licking each coral colored nipple in turn.

"Only until the next one." Buxomly slid to the floor, bringing Alotta down with her. "I’ve already made several offers, we should be hearing back from them soon."

"Good work." Alotta slid down Buxomly’s belly and buried her face in the maid’s pussy. "Such service deserves to be rewarded." The two continued to make love in front of the blank, unseeing eyes of their newest statue.

* * *


L.A.X. Arrivals

"Why am I always the one chosen for a strip and cavity search." Elaine muttered as she shouldered her way through the crowd at Los Angeles International Airport. She smiled to herself. Gwen and Rita, the guards conducting the search, had been gracious, gentle and very, very thorough. She had invited them to look her up again if they every made it to London, or rather look up her again. Reaching the sidewalk, Elaine tried to decide whether or not to hail a cab, or join the endless queue for the possibility of getting a rental car. She cursed MMM for his usual high level of attention to mission planning. The prat.

A honk drew her attention. A two-door sports car, the convertible top folded down, screeched to a halt in front of her and the driver beckoned her forward.

"Hi, you must be Elaine." A lovely contralto voice called out." MMM said you might want a ride after the long flight. Hop in." The driver smiled and indicated the unoccupied passenger seat.

"Best offer I’ve had all day." Elaine examined the driver carefully. Quite the bit of all-right. Long, bright red hair, caught up in a pony tail, a lithe dancer’s body, and long, shapely legs. All of it barely concealed in a brief tube-top and a short, short mini-skirt. No knickers either as every shift of her legs advertised that her hair colour did not come from a bottle. Elaine tossed her carry-on bag behind the seat, and slipped into the car. It was odd to be a passenger when sitting in what would be the driver’s side in any civilized country.

"I’m Patricia, Patricia Halliday, SIA." Keeping her eyes on the road, the redhead reached over to shake hands, but missed by several inches, her hand grasping Elaine’s right breast. She shook it slightly, the fingers nimbly dancing over the rapidly hardening nipple.

"The pleasure is all mine." Elaine said with utter sincerity. She removed Patricia’s hand from her breast and shook it warmly. "Elaine Blonde MI P . I’ve heard of the CIA, but not the SIA, would you care to explain."

"It’s a bad joke really." Patricia admitted. "My unit investigates crimes in the adult film industry, so they replaced the C in CIA with an S for Sexual. I’ve been working undercover for several months."

"Undercover in the adult film industry?" Elaine laughed. "Wouldn’t that be under covers or judging by your rather fetching outfit, under-covered?"

"Laugh if you will." Patricia said archly, "But I do some of my best work under covers."

"And I do some of my best work under coverts." Elaine shot back. The innuendoes were certainly flying fast and furiously. That boded well for their working relationship. There was something familiar about Patricia, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Or rather, she could put her finger on it, but it would distract her from trying to remember. It hit her in a flash.

"I’ve seen you!" Elaine exploded excitedly. "You’re Trish Holiday! You were in that film! The one with the whip, the swing and the inflatable pool toys!"

"Lesbian Cat-Girl Theatre Presents Chaucer’s Cante-furry Tails? You liked that one?" Trish smiled. "I thought it was, you know, a bit too intellectual for most people."

"It was bloody brilliant!" Elaine enthused. "I wore out my DVD player, three vibrators and more batteries than I care to count watching it. How did you do that thing with your tongue?"

"Watch." Trish stuck out her tongue and began moving it. Elaine watched raptly, her hands unconsciously stroking her own breasts. A series of loud honks distracted her. Several other drivers had also chosen to watch the pair of them and had driven right off of the freeway, most plunging into the ditches on either side of the road, but one car full of teenagers managed to tear right through a guard rail, and plunged off a precipice, tumbling down to smash on the rocks below.

"Want some more good news?" Trish returned her tongue to her mouth. "I think I have a clue."

"I love clue too." Elaine said dreamily. "What? Oh, sorry, I don’t know what came all over me. Came over me. A clue, that’s champion. What have you found out?"

"Well, a couple of my friends from the industry, Pandora and Amber, got a call a few days back about a shoot. When they told me about it, I asked them to put in a good word for me. They never came back, and just this morning I got a call."

"And you think it was the same people?" Elaine asked.

"You bet." Trish said, pulling the car into the driveway of a small beach-side bungalow. "They agreed to pick me up tomorrow morning and drive me to the site. I asked them if I could bring a friend who was interested in working in the industry. Hope you don’t mind."

"Not at all." Elaine followed Trish into the small, well-equipped bungalow. She caught a glimpse of the bedroom through a half open door. Well equipped indeed. She flopped down on the couch, jet lag catching up with her. "So now all we have to do it wait."

"Yep." Trish announced. "We really should go over the mission briefing, review the tactical options, equipment check, work out some advanced plans, or…"

"I like the sound of 'or'.." Elaine felt her jet lag vanish in a wash of lust.

"Or I could dig out my furry ears and fuzzy lingerie and we can re-enact the Tail of the Miller’s Daughter."

* * *

"Our ride’s here." Trish said perkily, bouncing into the kitchen. "You ready for another exciting day of secret agent work?"

"Mmmph." Elaine managed to grunt from behind her cup of tea. Her vision of Trish as a paragon of womanly perfection was shattered. She was a bloody morning person. Fortunately her good points, two of which were clearly visible through her gold bikini bra, far outstripped this one egregious flaw.

"Awww. Is my blonde British songbird all tired out from last night?" Trish teased, smiling like the cat that had eaten the canary.

"Last night and three times this morning." Elaine managed to grin like the canary that had eaten the cat. "Are you planning on putting some clothes on?"

"You’re right." Trish retrieved a leather jacket from a hook by the door and stepped into a pair of high heels. "There. All done."

"Well, let’s not keep them waiting then." Elaine decided that she was overdressed for the meeting. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a tight bun at the back of her neck, and her eyes were accented by a pair of square-framed glasses. Her severe black business jacket and skirt were probably too restrained, but she had accented them with fishnet stockings and a tight white top, whose sparsely spaced buttons offered glimpses of a sparkling sequined bra underneath; a business woman meets working girl look.

"That’s unexpected." Elaine regarded the stretch limousine that idled silently at end of the driveway. The black, gleaming surface seemed unbroken, the windows tinted so heavily that they were barely visible. As they walked up to the car, the sidewalk side door opened automatically. As Trish climbed into the car, Elaine tried to get a look at the driver. It was impossible. The tinted windows prevented her from seeing in. She casually noted the license number and state.

"Hey, come on in." Trish called out. "The gang-bang’s all here."

Elaine slid into the car. The interior was spacious, but crowded. It looked like whomever was indulging in the abductions was increasing their pace. Counting Trish there were five other women in the back of the car. The barrier between the driver and the passengers was up and just as impenetrable as the front windows. The car pulled away from the curb smoothly. The interior windows allowed only the barest, indistinct glimpse of the passing scenery; and the suspension was smooth enough to make guessing their speed impossible.

"Everyone." Trish pulled Elaine down beside her, their backs facing the driver-passenger barrier. "I want you to meet…"

"I’m Porsche Wilder." Elaine filled in helpfully. Her mouth had been too busy last night to provide Trish with the alias she intended to use.

"Y’all look like a fast ride. Ah’m Tina Rogers." An athletic looking brunette drawled, pushing back a ten-gallon hat. She stretched out her shapely legs, her Blue Jean shorts riding up well past daringly.

"Miyu Miyaki." Looking prim and cute in a schoolgirl uniform, the petite Japanese woman bowed as deeply as the crowded space allowed.

"Carnalotta." A woman with blonde curly hair offered. Elaine was forced to look again; and then again. The woman’s bosom was magnificent, dwarfing her own not-inconsiderable charms. They were natural too, and the woman’s lush, Junoesque build easily supported them. She was the sort of woman who would have Russ Meyer reaching for his camera, or other things. Elaine didn’t register what the woman was wearing. It really didn’t matter.

"Lucretia Lixx." A sensual Italian woman whispered from between intensely red lips. She leaned forward, the low neckline of her evening gown revealing ample cleavage. "So good to meet you Porsche. Drink?"

"Not right now, thank you for asking." Elaine said. "Did anyone get a look at the driver?"

No one had been able to. Elaine turned in her seat and pressed her face close to the barrier, trying to peer through the tinted glass. She reached into the inner pocket of her jacket and brought out her keys. X’s lab had solved the problem of heavy tinting long ago. The small flashlight used an infrared/ultraviolet beam that rendered a small portion of the tinting invisible. There was no driver. The steering wheel moved smoothly on its own. There was a small, flashing light on the dash and a miniature satellite dish.

"You have nice taste in underwear." Miyu’s voice was no more than a whisper.

"I’m not wearing any." Elaine turned around and sat back down.

"I noticed." Miyu said, blushing slightly. "Nice."

"Don’t let her pure and sweet appearance fool you." Trish warned. "Miyu is a card carrying pervert."

"I thought it was only a figure of speech." Elaine accepted the card that Miyu offered. She read it quickly, her eyes becoming wider and wider. "Oh my. That’s unique. The whole sumo school? Sailor what? In a Godzilla suit?"

"Hai." Miyu nodded, a slightly guilty smile crossing her lips. Her blush deepened.

"Damn thing." Tina stabbed the buttons of her cellular phone. "I can’t get a signal. We must be in a dead zone."

"In Los Angeles? That’s bloody unlikely." Elaine brought out her own phone and tried. It wasn’t just cellular phones. Whatever was jamming the area was strong enough to knock out X’s world-band communicator. "Not a thing. Odd."

"So my dears, are you as curious as I am?" Lucretia crossed her legs, the slits in her evening gown opening gracefully. "Our mysterious host has assembled quite a collection here. I dare say that this sumptuous transport contains some of the greatest, and certainly the most enthusiastic erotic artists in the city. Only Miss Wilder is unknown to me."

"She’s the best." Trish put an arm around Elaine’s shoulder and squeezed. Elaine hugged her back and pressed her face into Trish’s neck. A thrilling chill ran through her body. Assembled quite a collection. It couldn’t be them. They had to be dead. No one could have survived that explosion. She had been in Zurich investigating the disappearance of several supermodels. Alotta Tongue and her assistant Buxomly Maid had been using an ancient artifact to transform beautiful women into statues. They had caught her too. It was the most intensely erotic experience in her life; her body becoming incredibly sensitive as it hardened. Every lick and caress had her climaxing again, and again and again. Only a freakish coincidence had saved her from remaining a statue forever. It still haunted her, and there were nights when she awoke from a dream of that erotic, terrifying, sinful memory and tried to recreate the sensation with fingers, toys or a convenient lover. She hugged Trish harder, imagining for a moment that the lithe redhead’s soft flesh was hardening and she was pleasuring her immobile body with hands and tongue.

"Don’t stop on our account." Tina drawled.

Elaine snapped to back to her senses. She was wrapped around Trish, one hand buried deeply in the red-head’s bikini bottom, her lips hovering over an uncovered, pink nipple. Trish gently removed Elaine’s hand and pulled the cup of her bikini back down over her naked breast. The erect nipple pressed the golden fabric outward, vigorously protesting its concealment.

There was the slightest of shudders as the car stopped. The doors opened automatically.

"What’s gotten into you?" Trish whispered to Elaine as the others got out of the car. "Not that I mind too much."

"I don’t know." Elaine eyed the front of the mansion. "There’s something about this that feels familiar. I’ll let you know as soon as I know something."

"Nice place." Tina tipped back her hat to survey the mansion. They walked towards the door. Elaine trailed behind slightly and glanced back at the limousine. It was now a pearl gray colour, and the state and number on the license plates had changed. She wondered how many times the car’s appearance had changed during their trip. She quickly caught back up with the group, and slid in next to Carnalotta. There wasn’t time for a disguise, so camouflage was her best option. She hoped standing next to Carnalotta’s magnificent bosom was akin to being in the Sistine Chapel. Everyone would be too busy staring at the ceiling to examine anything else too closely.

"Welcome to Midas Studios." A buxom, brunette in a saucy French maid uniform opened the doors and ushered them in. Buxomly Maid! Elaine reached out and took Trish’s hand, squeezing it. If Buxomly recognized Elaine, it did not show on her features as she led the group into the marble foyer. "There will a few hours before we begin principle photography on our new feature. Please make yourselves at home. Copies of the script have been laid out in the study, and there is a small buffet in the kitchen. All we ask is that you stay away from the studio; it’s located out back. Any questions?"

"Ah take it y’all is paying scale for this here shoot?" Tina asked.

"No." Buxomly shook her head. "We pay triple the scale rate, that is in addition to the bonus we paid for you to show up today. We value our performers and want to keep them happy. If there isn’t anything else." She curtseyed and left.

"Hot damn!" Tina whooped. "Triple scale to make it with all of you. Ah have died and gone to heaven."

* * *

"It’s her!" Buxomly rushed into the gallery, carefully locking the door behind her. "It’s Elaine Blonde! She’s here to stop us!"

"Calm yourself my precious one. Calm yourself." Alotta took the trembling maid into her arms and caressed her. "We’ve dealt with dear, sweet, oh so very sweet, Elaine before. She’ll investigate, poke around, and then we’ll spring our trap. She will once again be another beautiful statue in our collection."

"Are you sure Mistress?" Buxomly’s voice wavered. She grasped Alotta’s hands and moved them up to her bosom.

"Yes. We will deal with Miss Blonde and her red-headed friend from the SIA; but they aren’t our only guests." Alotta’s smiled. There was a knock at the door.

"Miss Maid? Are y’all in there." Tina’s voice carried weakly through the thick door. With a happy smile, Buxomly slid out of Alotta’s arms and rushed to the door, snapping off the lights illuminating the pedestals as she went. She opened the door to allow Tina to enter and then quickly and silently locked it behind her.

"Ah, Tina Rogers." Alotta offered her hand. "So good of you to join us. I’m Alotta Tongue, the president of Midas Studios. What can we do to you… for you?"

"Well, ah’ve been really impressed by everything so far." Tina drawled. "And ah was really hoping that ah could sign on for a couple of your films."

"Let me be sure I understand you." Alotta nodded to Buxomly, who scampered off. "Are you interested in a permanent position in Midas Studios?"

"Yes please!" Tina enthused. "Ah’d like that very much."

"Very well." Alotta walked around Tina slowly, savoring the athletic brunette’s well defined breasts and long, well muscled legs. "I think we can find a place for you here."

"Thank you!" Tina threw her arms around Alotta. She started slightly as the tall, tan, black haired woman kissed her passionately, but then returned the kiss with matching enthusiasm, her hands exploring Alotta’s back and shapely backside.

"Whoo-ee." Tina gasped, coming up for air. "You sure are truth in advertising. Alotta Tongue. Damn, it’s like kissing a rattler that’s got itself stuck on an electric fence."

"What charming local idiom you possess." Alotta kept her arms around Tina. "Ah, here’s Buxomly with a present for you. What you might call a signing bonus." The maid held up a velvet-lined box; a selection of golden jewelry nestled against the black velvet. "Buxomly, if you please."

"How can y’all afford this?" Tina gasped as Buxomly pressed against her back, clipping a long necklace around her neck. "This stuff ain’t cheap."

"I’m quite wealthy." Alotta explained, undoing the top three buttons of Tina’s sleeveless flannel shirt, so the necklace nestled properly between her breasts. "Money allows me to indulge my passions. I value those who assist me, and ensure that they all receive a golden reward."

"Feels good." Tina shuddered as Buxomly slid more jewelry into place. The maid’s clever hands were not adverse to stroking and caressing as they worked. "Ah’d like to thank you for all this."

"Beautiful and courteous." Alotta tugged Tina’s shorts down as Buxomly dealt with the hat, shirt and bra. "What a treasure you are. What a treasure you will be." Sandwiched between maid and mistress, Tina moaned as hands and tongues explored her body. The gold was warm and sensual against her neck, waist, wrists and ankles. Alotta slid down her body, pausing to kiss each of her nipples, before stretching out invitingly on the floor.

"What is it that you say in Texas?" Alotta urged. "Ride ‘em cowgirl!"

Tina needed no encouragement and straddled her host’s face, gasping as Alotta’s tongue danced over her hot flesh.

"Yee-hah!" Tina came explosively, bucking like a bronco, forcing Alotta to hold her wildly thrashing hips in place. Buxomly smiled and twisted the gem on her ring and then touched the glowing stone to the golden necklace. The golden jewelry liquefied and flowed over Tina’s body. Tina froze in place, one hand caressing her left breast while the other one was raised in the air as if waving her ten-gallon hat.

"Ah, blessed silence. Buxomly, please put that bucolic bimbo in her place. " Alotta stayed stretched out on the floor, her fingers lightly exploring her own body. Buxmonly wrapped her arms around Tina’s waist, easily hoisting her up and carrying her to a vacant pedestal.

* * *

"They did what?" Trish looked at Elaine with an unbelieving expression plastered over her features.

"They turned them into statues." Elaine explained. "They had an ancient stone, the Medusa Malachite. "It had the power to turn anyone it touched to stone. They were collecting beautiful women, just like they’re doing now. They even caught me for a time."

"So what did they do with you?" Trish asked.

Elaine’s features grew flushed with the memory. She remembered the feel of Alotta and Buxomly pressing against her sensitive stone body, teasing her unmercifully with their tongues, fingers and breasts. The sight of them making love in front of her and then kissing and caressing her afterwards. Alotta slowly grinding her wet sex against Elaine’s stone thigh, climaxing again and again.

"I get the picture." Trish said, watching Elaine squirm slightly. "And you think they’re at it again?"

"Yes." Elaine managed. "They Medusa Malachite was destroyed, so it must be something else. We’re going to have to look around here. They call the place Midas studios, so it stands to reason that gold is involved somewhere. Alotta is obvious that way."

"Gotcha." Trish saluted with two fingers. "How about you check out the mansion and I’ll sneak into the studio and look around."

"Champion." Elaine felt Trish’s arms wrap around her, one cupping her breasts while the other one hiked up her skirt and deftly stroked her wet flesh. She felt Trish’s hot breath against her neck.

"You must have been a sexy statue. I can see why they chose you." Trish whispered, feeling Elaine climax immediately. "I like the idea of being able to do whatever I want to you, for as long as I want, while you remain frozen and helpless."

"You rotter." Elaine gasped as Trish’s clever fingers continued to stroke and massage. "I’ll get you for that."

"We solve this case, and you can ‘get’ me as many times as you want." Trish promised, letting Elaine go. "What is it you British say? Ta ta for now." She slid out the door, leaving Elaine to swiftly rearrange her clothes."

* * *

"Ahh. Sweet decadence." Lucretia lounged in the sunken hot-tub, letting the water roil around her lush, naked body. She raised a fluted champagne glass and slowly drained it.

"I kimochi da na." Miyu sank down to her neck in the water, her long hair billowing around her.

"Enjoying the facilities my dears." Alotta walked to the edge of the tub, her heels making a staccato clicking sound against the marble. She knelt at the edge of the water, her robe sliding away from her tan legs.

"Hai." Miya said languidly. "Arigato gozaimashta."

"Do itashimate." Alotta resisted the urge to pat her head. There would be plenty of time for that later. "And you?"

"Your hospitality is positively European." Lucretia poured herself another glass of champagne.

"I believe in pampering my guests." Alotta explained. "Performers of your beauty deserve to be placed on pedestals." She started as Miyu’s foot rose out of the water like a surfacing submarine, agile toes grasping the hem of her robe and pulling it open.

"Sugoi!" Miyu blushed. "You have nice taste in underwear."

"I’m not wearing any, but thank you my dear." Alotta noted a wry expression on Lucretia’s features. "Am I missing something?"

"Running gag." Lucretia explained. "She noticed, that’s why it’s nice."

"Very nice." Miyu’s foot slid back into the water. Moment’s later Lucretia started, nearly jumping out of the water, her champagne glass went flying into the topiary.

"You’re not wearing any either." Miyu reported. "Also nice."

"You saw me get undressed Miyu." Lucretia noted, settling back down and glaring at the grinning, blushing Japanese woman.

"You’re playful today." Alotta noted, retrieving a fresh glass for Lucretia and pouring champagne into it. "Perhaps you’ll like this." She manipulated one of the hot tub controls and a wash of sparkling golden soap bubbles exploded from the jets, quickly covering the surface of the tub.

"Oooh! Bubbles!" Miyu sat up and clapped her hands. "Utskushi wa!"

"The golden bubbles of Midas no doubt." Lucretia scooped up and handful of the glittering golden foam and rubbed it along her neck. "All that glitters is not gold."

"Lucretia-sama. More bubbles!" Miyu stood, golden foam clinging to her bobbing breasts and waded across the hot tub, scooping up more bubbles and massaging them into Lucretia’s neck and shoulders. "Bubble me!"

"Really Miyu, that is no way to behave in front of our host." Lucretia scooped up a handful of bubbles and contemplated them a lusty smile spreading across her red lips. Slowly she reached out and pressed them to Miyu’s breasts, twirling them around the peaked nipples. "I’m afraid I have no choice but to punish you."

"Yay!" Miyu leaned against the edge of the tub and offered Lucretia her backside. "Punish naughty Miyu!"

Crouching behind a bush, Trish rubbed her head where the champagne glass had hit it. She peeked between the branches to watch. Lucretia was delivering a very thorough spanking to Miyu, sensuously rubbing the targeted area with golden foam before slapping it repeatedly. Miyu was reciprocating, using her own fingers, and supremely agile feet to goad Lucretia to even greater efforts. Alotta was watching the show with great interest, idly toying with a ring on her finger.

"They’re hot." Trish realized she was getting very turned on watching the pair. Miyu was on the offensive now as she dragged Lucretia from the water and wrestled her to the ground. Golden suds clung to both women as they fought on the marble. Finally, Miyu pinned Lucretia, rolling her onto her back and forcing her legs up, apart, and over her own head, to where they were almost touching to the ground.

"Lucky!" With a victorious smile, Miyu leaned down and buried her face in Lucretia’s exposed sex, licking hungrily.

"You little brat! Oh! Ooh!" Helpless against the hold, Lucretia managed to reach out and stroke the Japanese woman’s foam flecked snatch.

Rita watched as Alotta got up and approached the couple. Was she going to join them in a soapy threesome? The tall, black-haired woman paused for a moment and then pressed the ring she had been playing with earlier to the golden bubbles that clung to the pair. They froze instantly locked together as the foam melted into a thin layer of liquid gold and spread over every inch of their intertwined bodies. Statues! A golden Miyu on her knees her hands grasping, her tongue caught mid lick. Lucretia below her, her legs above her own head, her reaching hand trapped in the glittering folds of Miyu’s golden pussy.

"SIA! Freeze!" On her feet and moving forward, Rita pulled out her badge and drew a steel cobra baton from the inside pocket of her leather jacket. She had a gun, but didn’t want to hit her golden friends.

"Freeze? That’s my line." Alotta smiled, taking a moment to stroke Miyu’s hard, peaked nipples. "I won’t come quietly officer. I never come quietly. I bet you don’t either."

"Everyone’s a comedian." Rita gave chase. Alotta Tongue also had a lot of leg and was able to pull away from her as they ran towards the studio building that was concealed behind the hedges. Pausing at the doorway, Alotta turned back, opened her robe, licked her lips and winked. She disappeared inside as Trish ran towards the still open door.

* * *


Elaine stalked through the mansion, peeking into each room. Everything was opulently furnished, and immaculately decorated. You could accuse Alotta Tongue of many crimes but poor taste was not one of them. The library in particular grabbed her attention with its vast collection of literature on erotic statuary. She searched it twice and opened several books, just to be sure.

Leaving the library Elaine continued her search. She paused at an ornate door and tried the handle. Locked. Pulling a hairpin she made a few judicious bends in the wire and inserted in the lock. Her efforts were rewarded with a click. She slipped through the door. It looked like a changing room. There was a screen erected in one corner with a dress draped over it. The dress seemed vaguely familiar. Elaine picked it up. Carnalotta’s. There was no one else who required that much extra space up top. Nice dress too, strange she hadn’t noticed before. Another door led out of the room and Elaine paused, pressing her ear to it; voices. Elaine turned off the lights in the dressing room and edged the door open. A spotlight at the end of the room illuminated a pedestal. Slightly off to the side, a video camera sat silently on a tripod, recording the scene. Elaine was surprised she noticed it at all, given what was happening on the pedestal. Carnalotta in all her impossibly buxom glory was standing arms akimbo, imperiously glaring at the camera. She was dressed in a vaguely familiar costume. It was that comic book heroine with the magic rope and bracelets who lost her powers when tied up; an occurrence so regular you could check your watch by it. Instead of the classic, patriotic hues, the costume was entirely gold.

"Now, I have you in my power." Buxomly stepped into view, turning so the camera could catch the profile of her own impressive bosom. She twirled a golden rope in her hands. "I possess your magic lasso and your vaunted amazon strength will not avail you!"

"Don’t be so sure." Carnalotta threw back her head with a laugh, causing her bosom to make a magnificent escape from the tight confines of her costume. She ripped the bodice and shorts free and stood with her entire body revealed; only her golden tiara, bracelets and boots remained "My amazon beauty will..will.."

"Enslave your will." Buxomly whispered out of the side of her mouth.

"My amazon beauty will enslave your will!" Carnalotta returned her hands to her hips. "Bow down before the Princess of Sappho Island."

"I am defeated." Buxomly dropped the lasso and collapsed against Carnalotta’s bosom. "Your nipples rob me of my will and your sweet, wet snatch compels me to obey. Let me worship you my golden goddess."

Elaine watched as Buxomly slid down between Carnalotta’s spread legs. The impossibly busty blonde maintained her heroic position, only her features reveled in the pleasure of Buxomly’s tongue.

"And now my golden goddess." Buxomly drew back slightly. "You shall be golden in form as well as name!"

"That’s not in the script..ooh!" Carnalotta moaned as Buxomly resumed her attentions. Elaine watched breathlessly, feeling herself get wet. Buxomly’s hand brushed against Carnalotta’s boot. There was a crackle of electricity and Carnalotta’s boots, tiara and bracelets melted, the gold flowing over her body. The massive bosom ceased quivering as it locked in place, the nipples pointing directly at Elaine.

"Oh that’s champion." Elaine whispered, her eyes exploring every golden curve of Carnalotta’s gilded body.

"Did you like that Elaine?" Buxomly got back to her feet. "Don’t try and hide, I saw you come in. Does this remind you of anything?"

"Yes." Elaine’s voice was a whisper.

"Then you’ll love this." With a snap all the gallery lights came on. Elaine gasped as the golden statues were revealed, every one caught in a moment of passion, their golden features reflecting light and pleasure in equal measures. There were several empty pedestals too, a not so subtle hint of the fate that awaited her.

"Catch me if you can." Buxomly taunted, disappearing through another door. Elaine immediately gave chase.

* * *

Trish dove into the studio, rolled and came back up to her feet, checking around quickly. A studio to be sure; light, cameras, and as soon as she found Alotta, some serious action. There were doors all around, each leading to a different set. Trish stood still, listening carefully. There were no sounds of movement anywhere, only the slight whir of the air-conditioning. Trish took a step forward, very aware of the click of her heels on the floor and the slight creak of her leather jacket. She slid her gun and handcuffs out of the jacket and shrugged it off. She paused to slip out of her shoes and padded forward silently. The next set was another bedroom. Keeping her gun at the ready, she moved carefully from set to set. A dungeon set. An artist’s studio, complete with easel and model’s stand. A shower room, like you would find in a health club; complete with private cubicles on one side. A small noise drew her attention. Alotta was hiding in one of the cubicles. Trish pressed her back to the wall next to the shower cubicle door and reached over with her left hand and grasped the door handle. Trish whipped the door and leapt in front of the doorway, her gun pointing straight in. No one was there, only an empty shower, with the showerhead aiming right at her.

"On no!" Trish managed to close her eyes just before a spray of gold blasted out of the showerhead, soaking her. The liquid clung to her, plastering her hair to head and soaking her bikini. She tried to brush it away, but it wouldn’t give up. Her entire body was sheathed in a coat of gold, only her golden bikini was untouched, the liquid gold rolling off of it.

"I’ve decided to surrender." Alotta walked into the room. She had left her robe behind, and her tanned body shone with a thin sheen of perspiration. She offered her wrists.

"You have the right to remain silent." Trish kept her distance; she had seen what had happened to Miyu and Lucretia. "Take off the ring."

"Of course." Alotta removed the ring and dropped it.

"Just don’t try anything." Trish kicked the ring aside. She kept her eyes on Alotta, ensuring that she didn’t try anything. She had a beautiful body. Perfect, up-thrust breasts, capped with tight, erect nipples; a lovely flat stomach and a perfect pink snatch, barely concealed by a neatly trimmed swatch of dark pubic hair. Trish licked her lips. What was she thinking? This woman was dangerous and all she wanted to do was make love to her.

"Is there anything else I should do?" Alotta asked. She idly flicked her nipples with her long fingers. "Are you going to handcuff me? Search me for weapons?"

"Put your hands against the wall and spread your legs." Trish ordered. She slid her gun in the back of her bikini bottom. She ran her hands down Alotta’s arms, sliding them over her breasts and tracing down the curves of her smooth bottom and legs. Alotta moaned softy as Trish searched.

"You missed something." Alotta spread her legs further. Trish ran a hand over Alotta’s wet sex, it quivered against her hand, urging her fingers to explore further.

"Yes! Oh! Yes!" Alotta’s voice bounced off the walls. She slumped slightly, breathing heavily. "I told you I wouldn’t come quietly."

"Neither will I." Trish managed, continuing to massage Alotta’s pussy.

"Let me help you." Alotta turned around and tugged at Trish’s bikini bra. The white skin stood out against the golden sheath that covered the rest of Trish’s body. The café-au-lait nipples were already hard. Alotta took them into her mouth in turn, sucking and biting gently. The handcuffs fell to the floor, followed by the Trish’s gun and bikini bottom. Trish knew she should resist, but she couldn’t. She guided Alotta’s head lower and lower.

"Gold is definitely your colour." Alotta spoke between long sensual licks around Trish’s clit. "How does it feel?"

"Feels good. Good as gold." Trish managed, she reached down to spread her lips further, allowing Alotta to probe deeper. There was something different about her tongue, a hard solid presence that pushed urgently against her cit. A tongue stud. A tongue stud! "Oh! Oh! No! Oh!"

"Yes." Alotta pressed the stud against the golden surface of Trish’s thigh. There was a crackle as the gold flowed over the few uncovered areas of Trish’s body.

"Beautiful." Alotta smiled. She embraced the statue, noting the expression on Trish’s face. She had been caught mid-orgasm, her mouth caught open in mid cry. Pleasure with just a touch of fear at the realization of her golden fate. "Mmmm. You did come quietly after all."

* * *

"Oh no you don’t!" Elaine caught Buxomly in a flying tackle. The pair rolled across the carpet upsetting several display cases. The glass refused the shatter but the cases flew open scattering necklaces, chains and bracelets across the floor. Elaine got to her feet first, her hand darting into her jacket. She drew the plastic pistol out, pointed it right between Buxomly’s breasts and fired.

"Ooh. That’s nice." Buxomly smiled aggressively. "What’s it supposed to do?"

"Turn you into a raging lesbian nymphomaniac." Elaine admitted. She fired again, and then a third time.

"Isn’t that like taking coal to Newcastle?" Buxomly was back on her feet and moving towards Elaine. She grabbed her by the jacket and yanked, tearing cloth. Elaine twisted, letting the jacket slide off her shoulders. "I wanted you before you shot me, I want you now."

"Champion." Elaine managed. She tossed the gun aside and threw a punch. Buxomly caught it easily in her palm, closing her hand around Elaine’s and yanking her forward. She grabbed Elaine’s shirt and tore it away, sending buttons flying across the room.

"Just as nice as I remember." Buxomly pressed a lightning fast kiss to Elaine’s bosom as she casually tossed the spy away. "I can’t wait to have you again." She leapt forward on the attack again. Elaine blocked the first blow with her forearm, feeling it grow numb with the contact. She had forgotten just how immensely strong Buxomly was. She tried to kick, but the maid caught her foot and used the opportunity to rip her skirt away. Elaine was left with stockings and a sequined peek-a-boo bra, which did little to hide the small modicum of modesty she still possessed.

"My turn." Buxomly tore her own uniform away and stood naked, except for her stockings. Her nipples were peaked and hard. She reached down and scooped a long golden chain off the floor. She advanced on Elaine, swinging the chain menacingly. Without warning, she whipped her arm out, sending the chain in an arc around her opponent’s waist. Elaine tried to block, but Buxomly followed the attack up with a bear hug that pinned her arms to her sides. There was a click as the chain locked in place. Buxomly released Elaine, pushing her away.

"You fiend." Elaine tugged at the chain, gold couldn’t be that hard, it was impossible to pull it loose or undo it. She dropped back into a fighting stance as Buxomly picked another chain up off the floor.

"I’m not all that bad, am I?" Buxomly teased, letting the ends of the new chain trail across her own nipples. "I’m actually very good, but you already knew that."

"Not this time." Elaine feinted high-left and then attacked low-right, trying to sweep Buxomly off her feet. At the last second the maid turned her leg slightly, catching Elaine’s kick on the muscle rather than the joint. She leaned forward and snapped the chain around Elaine’s neck.

"Gold suits you even more than marble." Buxomly was on the move again, grabbing a third chain. "Are you enjoying this? Your heart is racing, your skin is tingling, you feel alive."

"I’m going to kiss…kick! Kick your bottom back to jail." Elaine promised, circling for another attack. Her eyes kept dropping to Buxomly’s bosom; it looked so soft and inviting. "You had breast… best give up before you spurt… are hurt."

"Someone’s Freudian slip is showing." Buxomly smiled. She stepped back and ran her hands over her body, teasing her nipples and slowing fingering her snatch. "I’m tired of fighting, let’s make up, make out and then make love."

A soft whimper slipped between Elaine’s lips. What was wrong with her? She wanted. No needed to throw herself into Buxomly’s embrace, knowing that she would end up a sparkling golden statue like the others. A beautiful piece of exotic, erotic art, adorning the villainous pair’s private gallery; to be fondled and teased at their whims. The thought made her even wetter. To be gold. Gold! It was the gold that was doing this to her.

"How about you slip off your bra?" Buxomly suggested. "Your breasts are too beautiful to be hidden by that awful bit of sequined frou-frou."

"Grand suggestion." Elaine reached for the clasp, shuddering as she ran her palms over her own nipples. She had one chance, if it didn’t work, she would be a golden plaything to the maid and her mistress. "Watch carefully, you don’t want to miss the show."

"The greatest show of earth. Aiigh!" Buxomly screamed in surprise as Elaine bounced on her heels three times, sending reverberations through her breasts, which bounced in tandem. The bra exploded with a blinding flash of white light, which struck the maid across the face.

"Over here." Elaine rolled to the side, grabbing her discarded jacket. Buxomly reached around blindly, grabbing everywhere in an attempt to snag Elaine. The ring on her hand spitting sparks.

"I’ll get you for that! You’re ours! Ours!" Buxomly cried out in blind rage.

"Sorry Buxomly. But my mind, body and soul belong to Queen, country and duty." Elaine replied pulling the X electro-cyber thang out of the jacket pocket. "Eat dildo you statue obsessed, costume fetishist."

"What? Ooh!" Buxomly cried out in pleasure as the dildo slapped against her bottom. She fell backwards onto the pile of necklaces, her limbs thrashing involuntarily. Her ring, still sparking with electricity, made contact with the other jewelry. Instantly a torrent of liquid gold rushed over the maid’s twitching body, freezing her in place. Her arms at her sides, her legs spread open, her mouth crying out in pleasure.

"Now then, let’s do this by the book." Elaine managed. She tore off her bra and walked over to Buxomly’s still, glittering form, kneeling over the maid’s face and pressing her wet sex against the warm, golden lips. She slowly ground her hips back and forth, climaxing almost instantly. "Don’t move, Oh! You have… Ah!.. The right to remain …Oh Yes! Silent."

* * *

"Right on time Miss Blonde." Alotta said as Elaine stumbled into the darkened studio. "I see that you managed to incapacitate Buxomly."

"Hard help is good to find." Elaine agreed with breathy intensity. "She’s a real treasure now."

"Yes." Alotta agreed, gesturing languidly at the chains around Elaine’s waist and neck. "But she managed to leave you with a few gifts, didn’t she?"

"Yes." Elaine managed, her fingers caressing the waist chain and then dropping lower to bury themselves in her wet flesh. "But, I still beat her, like I’m going to eat.. beat you."

"I have always loved that British devotion to duty. Even with my special gold making you more sexually excited by the moment, you still wish to arrest me." Alotta purred. "Such steadfast behavior deserves to be rewarded. I have another present for you."

Elaine took another step forward, but was brought up short as Alotta flipped the lights back on. Standing in the center of the room was another golden statue. Trish! She stood with her legs spread, breast out-thrust, hands opening her golden sex invitingly. He long golden pony tail draped down her back falling just short of her beautifully rounded golden buttocks.

"Isn’t she wonderful?" Alotta said admiringly. "Don’t you love the way the light reflects off of her golden skin. Each smooth curve. Her breasts are hard, but they look so inviting. How do you think she tastes? Would you like to find out?

"Yes.." Elaine took a step forward and then another until she was running towards her golden lover. "I want her."

"Perfect." Alotta stepped back as Elaine embraced the statue, pressing her soft pink lips to Trish’s hard golden ones. "Why don’t you let you hair down my dear?"

"What? Of course." Elaine broke the kiss and reached behind her head to undo the clips that held her hair in place. Soon the golden blonde shower of hair fell down her back. She pressed up against Trish again, her nipples were almost as hard as her friends. She slid down and suckled them, rolling her tongue over the golden tips.

Alotta watched raptly as Elaine began making love to the statue. She wondered what pose to freeze her in. Elaine on her knees, her tongue pressed against Trish’s golden pussy. Her hands reaching around to cup the American’s golden ass. Nice, but Elaine’s features were so beautiful it seemed a shame to hide them. Alotta continued to watch. Elaine standing behind Trish, one hand caressing a solid nipple, the other massaging her friend’s sex. Better, but still not perfect. There it was. Elaine straddling Trish’s leg, rubbing her pussy against the golden thigh, eyes closed, her head thrown back as she came again and again.

"Mine." Alotta pressed her ring against the chain around Elaine’s waist. With a flash the gold melted, flowing over Elaine’s body, freezing it in place. "Once again you are mine!"

Admiring the frozen couple, Alotta smiled and reached out a hand to caress them, first Trish, and then Elaine. Her smooth, golden skin; the soft press of her bosom as it filled Alotta’s hand. Soft? She brought her hand back; a thin layer of gold had adhered to her skin.

"Gotcha!" Elaine turned, driving a hard uppercut into Alotta’s plexus, leaving a golden stain. She followed it up with a foot in the back of her knee, dropping her to the ground.

"How did you?" Alotta managed as Elaine grabbed her from behind.

"I figured out your electroplate process." Elaine smiled wickedly. "By adding an opposing electrical field to my body, I was able to keep the suspended animation field from forming and keep the gold in a liquid state. You can thank your servant for that."

"Buxomly’s ring! You reversed the polarity of the stasis generation field." Alotta squirmed but could not free herself, more of the gold from Elaine’s body rubbed across her tan skin. It felt heavenly and she shivered with pleasure.

"Correct. And now I have yours to." Elaine pried Alotta’s fingers open and slid the ring off. "You won’t win an Oscar for your film, but I daresay that there is some very rewarding gold in your future."

"Well played Miss Blonde." Alotta ceased struggling. "You’ve made your intentions clear. If you don’t mind, I think I’ll choose my own position. Perhaps you could help me?"

"I think not." Elaine forced Alotta down to her hands and knees. "You probably have at least one more dirty trick up your sleeve."

"It’s not up my sleeve," Alotta admitted coyly. "I’m sure you could find it if you look carefully. Oh!" She started as Elaine pressed the ring to her. The gold slid from Elaine’s body, coating Alotta and locking her in place. Elaine rapped her knuckles against Alotta’s gilded, upthrust, ass. Rock hard, or rather diamond hard under its sheath of gold.

"Now where were we." Elaine left Alotta and went back to where Trish stood motionless. She examined Alotta’s ring carefully. She twisted the gem the opposite direction, watching as the stone subtly shifted colours. Satisfied she gently touched it to Trish’s belly button.

"Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes!" The gold melted off of Trish, pooling around her feet. She was oblivious to it as she cried out in orgasmic lust. Finally her cries trailed off and she opened her eyes. "Elaine? What happened? Okay, I kind of know what happened, but I would really like more details."

"Alotta turned you into a golden statue." Trish explained. "She tried to turn me into one, but I turned the tables on her. Oh, and I enjoyed fondling you while you were frozen."

"I sort of remember." Trish smiled. "It was like a dream. A very, very wet dream."

"Regrettably, I wasn’t able to finish." Elaine embraced the redhead and kissed her. "Do you mind if I pick up where I left off?"

"Mmmm, not at all.. Oh!" Trish started as Elaine pressed the ring against her again. The gold slid back over her body, freezing her in place.

"Beautiful." Elaine caressed the golden statue. "So many choices, I just don’t know where to begin."


London, Great Britain

"Elaine, MMM will see you now." Miss Honeypenny was frowning. "If the chance comes up, please ask him to do something about that obscene coffee table."

"Only if you take dinner with me tonight." Elaine offered.

"I rather like the coffee table." Miss Honeypenny riposted. "He’ll see you now Miss Blonde."

Elaine walked into MMMs office. X was already there, reclining gracefully in a chair, her leather boots propped up on the aforementioned coffee table. Elaine didn’t see what was wrong. Buxomly Maid, still covered in gold sprawled fully exposed on the carpet, with her golden mistress on all fours above her. A glass tabletop had been fitted to Alotta’s back, offering a stable surface for a tea service, or in X’s case, boots. MMM claimed that it was so he could keep an eye on the dastardly duo. He was quite the old pervert; it made him ideal for the job.

"MMM ah Elaine." MMM brayed, "Good of you to join us. I’ve spoken with his majesty and he is quite pleased about the state of affairs in America. Also, you received a sterling recommendation from your American counterpart.

"Only Sterling?" Elaine asked, a smile crossing her lips. Trish had been very enthusiastic, at least on the few occasions when Elaine had unfrozen her long enough to alter her pose. It had been hard to get back on the plane to England. Oh well, they would likely work together in the future, and experience had taught her that they worked very well together.

"This just arrived for you Miss Blonde." Honeypenny walked in and handed a courier envelope to Elaine. She left quickly sparing a glance for the coffee table.

"MMMM ah, She says she doesn’t like it, but last night I saw her come in and spend some time examining it very closely." MMM noted.

"Watching from the closet no doubt." X said, idly snapping her riding crop against her leg. MMM managed to look entirely shameless, a rather impressive trick given his time ravaged features.

"Oh Trish! You shouldn’t have." Elaine practically squealed with delight as she tore open the envelope and slipped the DVD out.

"Lesbian Cat Girl Theatre Presents The Tail of Queen Midas." X rose from her chair and examined the case. "Starring Trish Holiday."

"MMM Sounds too intellectual." MMM opinioned.

"I shall of course watch it first." X snatched the DVD from Elaine’s hands.

"Not a bloody chance." In moments, Elaine had X in a complicated and very painful joint lock. She continued to apply the pressure until the tall blonde whimpered.

"We can watch it together. Ow! You get the remote of course. Ow!" X managed from between clenched teeth. "And I’ll fetch the drinks and snacks. Ow! And rub your feet! Ow! Oooh!" She relinquished the DVD.

"Better." Elaine released the lock. "If you’ll excuse us MMM."

"Of course." MMM said. "Enjoy yourselves."

"Elaine you are always so good to me." X managed as the pair left.


Look for Elaine, Trish and X in an upcoming adventure: For Your Eyes Stonily!

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