Gorgon Eye - an Elaine Blonde adventure

by Drake

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The Temple Test

The temple felt every bit as old as it looked. The air was slightly stale and carried the odors of dust, moss and decay. The paintings on the walls were faded and chipped, and the mosaics gave way and crumbled under Elaine's feet as she ran. The adrenaline pumping through her body sharpened her perceptions; the art was Greek, and featured strange lizards and women with snakes in lieu of hair. That figured. Another alligator sized lizard appeared out of the gloom, it's flat, broad head turning towards her. Elaine fired her pistol at it, pumping the trigger repeatedly to ensure the creature was denied the opportunity to gaze upon her. It's head exploded in a small burst of blue blood, which splashed against the wall and smoked ominously. Rather than trod through the muck, Elaine leapt over the still twitching body without breaking stride.

"Cree-kaw!" A trio of strange, scaly birds swept down from perches in the darkened corners of the temple. They oriented on Elaine and folded their wings close, falling towards her with even greater speed. Elaine's gun spat again. Two of the birds dropped heavily to the ground, but the third brushed past, it's foul wing grazing the sleeve of her safari shirt.

"Oh that's champion. First basilisks, now cockatrices." Elaine could feel the sleeve hardening, the khaki colour fading to gray as the cotton succumbed to the petrifying effect. The stone transformation swept swiftly through the garment. Elaine swung her arms and thrust out her impressive bosom. The thin stone gave way and shattered, falling away to clatter noisily against the floor. Elaine kept running, her free hand, fishing out the fragments of her stone shirt that had lodged in her bra and cleavage. She ducked as the remaining cockatrice dove at her again. As it flapped past she pointed her gun at it and pulled the trigger. The hammer clicked down on empty air. No bullets left.

"Bother." Elaine felt for the spare clips at her waist. They had all been used up. The cockatrice dove again, its wings spreading wide. Elaine threw the gun into the gaping beak, snapping the scaly, rooster head back and sending the creature crashing insensate to the floor.

"Serves you right." Elaine resisted the urge to kick the foul thing as she ran past. She had already lost her shirt to the beast and running in stone sneakers was likely to be an uncomfortable situation at best. Time to be rid of this place. The exit to the temple loomed in front of her. Elaine quickly snatched for the handle and yanked the door open.

"Sssoo clossse! You almosssst made it out." The sibilant hissing voice echoed in Elaine's ears as she met the Medusa's bright green eyes. Elaine raised her arms to block the vision but it was too late. Her body froze in position, slightly crouched. She could see her reflection in the Medusa's eyes, her pale skin becoming even paler as it hardened, flesh slowly changing to smooth, white marble. Her breasts locked in place, the erect nipples clearly visible through her bra. She longed to caress them, but her arms would not respond and remained motionless in front of her.

"Stop scenario." A familiar voice rang out from behind her. "Not bad at all."

Elaine watched as the temple and the Medusa faded away into nothing, leaving a blank white room in their place. A pair of arms embraced her from behind and busied themselves with her motionless body. Clever hands tweaked her stone nipples and then undid the top button of her shorts and slipped down past her panties to caress her unmoving stone pussy. It was excruciatingly pleasurable, but she was unable to cry out in pleasure of shift her legs to allow fuller access to her supremely sensitive sex. She was caught at the very edge of release, and given her stony situation, it was unlikely that the release would be coming anytime soon.

"Terminate scenario. Unfreeze Elaine." Trish Holiday said. Elaine collapsed into her arms, letting loose a long, drawn out sigh of pleasure as the orgasm ran its course.

"Bloody hell!" Elaine finally managed as the sensation began to subside. "That was more than just a bit of alright."

"So what did you think?" Dee ran through an open door and into the cavernous room. X trailed behind her, a neutral expression fixed on her normally haughty features. "Did you like it?"

"Dee, it's incredible." Elaine did up her shorts and accepted a lab coat from the short blonde. "It felt like I was really there."

"I got the idea from Star Dreck." Dee babbled happily. "By combining optical effects with hologram projections, force fields, directional speakers, some basic robotics, paralysis fields, aromatic generators and a whole bunch of other stuff, I can run pretty much any training scenario you could dream up in here. We're also using it as a studio for our films."

"It is a joint effort." X added. "My department provided the force field technology and some of the more esoteric effects, while Dee's team was responsible for the computer power needed to generate the visual effects. It is the only one of it's kind in the world."

"I designed the temple program." Trish admitted. "I thought you might enjoy it."

"I'm sure you tested it thoroughly." Elaine said fondly.

"Yep. How about showing us the scores short-stuff." Trish ruffled Dee's short blonde hair affectionately.

Dee punched a few commands into the remote in her hand. Huge, glowing numbers appeared on the ceiling and scrolled past.

"Well, well Patricia." X said. "It appears that Elaine has beaten your best score by almost 200 points and on her first attempt to."

"Back off Kinky." Trish shot back. "I doubt you could do better."

"Oh, I think I could manage that quite handily." X smiled graciously. "Perhaps we can arrange something for tomorrow, if our schedules permit."

"Oh no you don't." Dee stomped a foot. "We have something planned for tomorrow!"

"Ah yes." X turned to Dee and cupped her chin. "Our rematch. I haven't forgotten you, my darling little Dee. I have such delicious plans for you."

"Only if you win." Dee blushed a bright red. "I've got some new tricks up my sleeve. You'll see."

"She got your number this time Kinky." Trish said. "I've seen what she's got planned, you don't stand a chance."

"Then you would be willing to wager on the outcome?" X said. "If I win tomorrow, I gain Dee's services for the next day; may I have yours as well?"

"What if you lose?" Trish said. "Do I get your obedience for a day?"

"No way!" Dee exploded. "If I win, I get her, and I'm not going to share!"

"Of course my precious one, I wouldn't dream of denying you." X said. "If you win, Patricia may have Elaine."

"Done." Trish offered her hand, which X shook solemnly.

"And I suppose that I have no say in this." Elaine said dryly.

"Elaine, you underestimate my generous nature." X said. "When I win, I'm so sorry Dee. If I win, I am sure that I will be able to find a suitable reward for your support."

"Pull the other one X." Elaine said sharply. "Your good nature would fit neatly inside a matchbox, and one would not have to remove the matches to do so. You will have to do better than that."

"Very well." X said. "If I win, I shall make my offer to you. If you find it unsatisfying, you will be free to choose your own reward."

"Accepted, with a due sense of dread." Elaine shook X's hand. "And when does this contest begin?"

"First thing tomorrow." X said. "Now, if I am not mistaken, we are to scheduled to descend upon the night life of Los Angeles to celebrate Elaine's recent promotion. Shall we be off?"

* * *

Elaine pried her eyes open slowly. Someone was shaking her shoulder. That wasn't good. Her shoulder was attached to her head, and her head was in danger of exploding at any moment. The celebration had been a rousing success, but too much champagne and too much enthusiastic, sweaty debauchery afterwards had left her exhausted and just a little hung over.

"Come on Elaine. You have to get up." Trish said gently. "Felicia wants to see us ASAP."

"Trish. Please don't be offended, but I would deeply appreciate it if you would tell you boss to sod off until noon." Elaine shifted her head slightly so she could see her lover. Trish's taut, athletic figure was wrapped in a short, belly baring halter top and a pair of shorts that were tight enough to advertise her decision to eschew underwear. Her long red hair was caught up in a neat ponytail, and her eyes were bright and clear. Trish was a morning person. It was her only bad point.

"No can do." Trish chirped. "I've got a pot of tea on for you, now up you come and into the shower."

"No can do. That's near Katmandu isn't it?" Elaine struggled weakly as Trish dragged her to her feet and propelled her in the direction of the shower. She pushed Elaine into the cubicle and followed her in a moment later, pausing to throw off her shorts and halter. The combination of cold water and hot company soon had Elaine awake, alert, aroused and almost ready to face the trials and tribulations of the day.

"Can we turn on the hot water." Elaine asked plaintively as Trish industriously scrubbed her back. "I'm freezing."

"Great idea!" Trish dropped the sponge. "Freeze."

"You rotter… That isn't ice.. nice… can't move!" Playing along Elaine froze in place, aware that goose bumps were not the only things standing out on her body. Trish stepped out from the icy spray and admired Elaine's figure, extending a hand to trace where the cold water was coursing over the blonde's body.

"Someone left an ice princess in my shower." Trish teased, reaching for the hot water knob. "Should I thaw her out, or keep her a while longer. I had better think about that. Decisions… Decisions… Ooh that water is cold isn't it? Oh that's right, you're frozen and can't talk. I better defrost you."

Elaine stayed still as Trish spun the hot water tap, soon steam began to fill the room. Trish wrapped herself around Elaine's body and pressed in as close as she could.

"That wasn't entirely unpleasant." Elaine managed from between still chattering teeth. "Remind me to return the favor sometime."

"It'll have to be sometime later." Trish dragged Elaine out of the shower and tossed her a towel. Felicia doesn't like to be kept waiting. If we're late, I'm going to be in big trouble."

"How terrible for you." Elaine tore Trish's towel away. "You'll have to explain why you were late. Freeze."

"Statue's… can't …talk …you… explain." Trish said as she slowly stopped moving.

* * *

"Let me get this straight." Felicia Biter said with a deliberately calm and steady voice. "You were late because British agent Blonde used a post hypnotic suggestion to freeze you in place for two hours during which she proceeded to style your hair, give you a manicure, a pedicure and no fewer than six separate bouts of highly fulfilling oral sex. Is that what you are telling me?"

"Um.. yes." Trish looked down at her feet, her open toed sandals displaying her neatly trimmed and painted nails. "It might have been seven bouts of oral sex, and she gave me a massage too."

"And then she also dressed you up like a naughty refuge from a Russ Meyer version of cats?" Felicia continued.

"That's right." Trish reached up and fingered the furry cat-eared headband that held her hair in place. The long furry tail that emerged from the back of her fuzzy, tiger-striped lingerie had been pulled around the back of the chair and rested in her lap.

"What fun you must have had." Felicia said dryly and leaned back in her chair. "And I suppose that you weren't particularly worried that the freedom of the world was at risk while you were standing motionless and being licked by a ranking member of the British Secret Service. That is hardly the sort of behavior I expect from my staff. Hypnotic suggestion or not, if you are being licked by a Brit I fully expect you to lick her back. Damn it Trish! What were you thinking?"

"Don't stop. Please don't stop." Trish answered truthfully.

"Excuse me." Elaine said. "I have a couple of questions."

"So you've finally found another use for your tongue Miss Blonde." Felicia turned on Elaine. "Well out with it! What do you want?"

"Firstly, I wanted to know what you wished to speak to us about." Elaine met Felicia's eyes with some difficulty. "Secondly, I want to know what this threat to the freedom of the world you are babbling about is; and finally, I would like to know if you intend to put on some clothes."

"I have a mission for you. A prominent scientist has been kidnapped. No. Any other questions?" Felicia snapped.

"None that I can pink…think of." Elaine said, letting her eyes return to looking over Trish's boss. Felicia Biter, head of the SIA was quite a bit of alright. A lush figure that fell just short of being junoesque. Long black hair tied in a tight bun at the back of her neck, large, firm breasts, a dark Californian tan without a trace of lines and a very close relationship with a sharp razor, as evidenced by her dark, neatly trimmed pubic hair. She had also seen the interrogation scene in Basic Instinct and was deliberate in the way she folded her legs as she swung her chair around.

"Send in the scientists." Felica barked into her intercom. The door to her office swung open and X and Dee walked in; or rather X strutted and Dee staggered. The short, blonde scientist looked slightly frayed around the edges, her clothes rumpled; her hair in disarray. She made it as far as the couch and collapsed, curling up in a fetal position and clutching at her head.

"Dear little Dee tried to keep up last night." X explained, sitting down next to Dee and stroking her hair lightly.

"Well do something about it." Felicia snapped. "I require her full attention."

"Very well." X reached into a pocket of her leather trench coat and brought out a small bottle. "You're sure?"

"Yes." Felicia said. "I take it that is some sort of tonic?"

"A re-hydrant combined with several obscure but very effective stimulants." X explained. "Dee. Drink this."

"No more.." Dee rocked slightly and tried to push the bottle away. "I've had enough. I'll never drink schnapps again, I'll be a good girl, I promise."

"Drink!" X commanded forcefully. Dee started, reflexively draining the small bottle in a single gulp. The transformation was instantaneous. Dee's bloodshot eyes cleared, her features regained their normal color and even her disarrayed hair subtly shifted back to its normal style. She sat up and leaned forward eagerly.

"Okay Boss. I'm ready for the briefing. What do you need us to do? Whatever it is I'm ready for it." Dee said quickly.

"Effective." Felicia nodded. "Any adverse effects?"

"Temporary nymphomania with a tendency towards gratuitous self gratification." X shrugged as Dee fell off the couch and began masturbating furiously.

"I'm still listening." Dee managed between gasps. "Go-oh-oh-OH ahead Boss."

"Very well." Felicia said. "Two days ago, a top researcher at the Cantley-Limoge Institute of Technology, we fund them, reported a spectacular breakthrough in catalytic conversion. Dr. Guin Deep said she perfected a technology that unlocks the full potential of human beings. I have a copy of her report here. We were supposed to meet to go over her findings, but she vanished without a trace. Just this morning, one of my agents spotted her entering the mansion of a prominent, local rock musician, Dana Lee Wrath."

"Dana Lee Wrath? Oh wow!" Dee pulled herself back onto the couch. "She just re-recorded California Girls. Have you seen the video with all the beautiful women in tiny bikinis standing still like statues while she examines them and… oh nuts…" She slid off the couch again, her hands sliding back into her shorts.

"I've got to see this video." Elaine whispered to Trish. "It sounds very intellectual."

"Dana Lee Wrath is having a party this afternoon and I want the four of you to infiltrate it. Find Dr. Deep and find out how she's linked to Wrath. That's all. Dismissed."

* * *

"Just keep your eyes on the video." Trish cautioned, offering her hand. Elaine grasped the hand, nodded and focussed on the small backlit screen. She kept her head down and turned the volume up again, hoping to drown out the roar of the wind as it rushed past her. The tiny backseat of Trish's sports car encouraged snuggling, and they did so, watching Dana Lee Wrath caper around a bevy of motionless beauties. The performance was nothing special, but the video was spectacular. Dana, like the Beach Boys before her, wished they could all be California girls, and there was no reason to dissuade any of them from that particular ideology. Tan skin, long legs, perfect features; beautiful people had been migrating to California for generations, breeding with each other in an utterly unintentional eugenics experiment that culminated in the unmoving cast of the video. Elaine let her thoughts drift away from the row of frozen beauty for a moment. Yes, the mortal terror was still there. X had volunteered to drive. Elaine hugged Trish closer and ducked her head back down to watch the video again. In the driver's seat in front of her X pressed the accelerator pedal down even further, sending the car blasting between two transport trailers with nary an inch to spare on each side.

"Duck." X commanded as one of the rigs shifted slightly, moving into her lane. With a casual disregard for safety, she spun the wheel, sending the low slung sports car under the raised trailer of the rig and into the clear lane on the other side. She gunned the acceleration again and shot past the huge vehicle, pausing momentarily to raise two fingers in an over the shoulder flip-off to the inconsiderate driver.

"You can't do that here." Dee cautioned from the passenger's seat. "They don't know that one. You have to use the middle finger only." She shifted slightly in her seat, turning back towards the rig and flashing her middle fingers.

"Please don't do that." Trish cautioned.

"You are perhaps worried that he might be prone to road rage?" X smiled and glanced into the rear-view mirror. "An unfortunate occurrence but nothing we can't handle."

"We better fill the tank." Trish pointed to a gas station in the distance. "If we have to burn out of Wrath's place, I want a full tank. We can also get changed there."

X obliged and pulled into the indicated station, leaving a long skid mark as she brought the car to a screeching stop in front of the island. The attendant looked up from behind the bullet proof glass of his enclosure as X unfolded her long legs from the car and strutted over, the high heels of her leather boots clicking deliberately against the asphalt. Her long leather coat billowed around her, opening to reveal her tight black, leather bustier and shorts.

"Fill the tank. Premium." X commanded.

"Umm.. sorry.. It's self serve." The attendant's eyes never made it up to X's. The refusal brought a smile to X's features. It was a smile of pure and uncomplicated joy. Elaine knew that smile and feared it. Fortunately the attendant did not have to learn first hand as another target of opportunity presented itself. The semi that had cut them off rolled to a stop behind Trish's car its high chrome bumper hanging over the trunk. The air horn sounded a single long accusation which send Dee's hair aflutter. There was a blur of motion and leather as X vaulted up to the passenger side of the rig, tore the door open and ducked inside. Elaine motioned for the attendant to fill the tank, which he did, trying to ignore the screams of pain the dull crack of bones breaking and the plaintive cries of a large, muscled man calling out for his mother to come and save him. Elaine and Trish took the opportunity to duck into washroom.

"Why do I feel that I've been set up." Elaine said moments later as she stepped gingerly out of the washroom. Somehow all her bathing suits had been lost by the laundry service, forcing her to borrow one from Trish. Elaine suspected collusion between Trish and the staff.

"You look great." Trish emerged, turning slightly to show off the daring cut of her bright red bikini. Her taut, athletic figure filled the cloth perfectly.

"I can't bloody move." Elaine said. Although she was the same height as Trish, her figure was significantly fuller, and her breasts threatened to leap free of the barely confining cups of the blue suit with every breath she took.

"So it's a little small." Trish teased. "But think how good it will look when you're frozen in Dana Lee Wrath's line. Those east cost girls are very hip, I did those styles they wear, and those British girls when they turned to stone, they knock me out when I'm down there."

"You rotten little minx." Elaine shuddered as her mind explored the scenario. Frozen and motionless in a rock spectacle; her unmoving body a tribute to beauty and desirability. A delicious shiver ran through her body from head to toes, pausing momentarily at her breasts, which popped out of the bikini bra. Trish smiled, Dee giggled and the attendant fainted. "My word."

"Do you normally do that to gas bar attendants?" Trish asked.

"No. Well yes, but that's not what I'm on about." Elaine explained, rushing back to the car and grabbing the portable viewer and the mission report. "Look at this."

"Very intellectual." Trish said as the video ran.

"With a very intellectual cast." Elaine paused the picture and zoomed in on one of the women. "I believe I've just made our first connection. The one in the polka-dot bikini is Dr. Guin Deep."

"Very impressive acumen." Trish looked over the brunette appraisingly. "But she doesn't quite match with the pictures in the file. Her features are too perfect and her figure's even better."

"And Dr. Deep was experimenting with what?" Elaine paused to tuck her breasts back into the cups of her too-tight bikini.

"Unlocking the full potential of human beings." Trish made the connection. "Are you trying to tell me that the full potential of human beings includes large breasts, perfect features and eighties hair styles? Okay, maybe it's a fringe benefit. Except for the hair style thing."

"Well done Elaine." X dropped out of the rig and settled back in the car, sliding languidly into the passenger seat. Her smile had changed from bright, joyful, and dangerous to warm, lazy and utterly satiated. Elaine briefly considered peeking the cab to see what destruction X had wrought. She discarded the idea. Her bosom would not stay confined during the climb, and the thought of an appreciative audience might spur X on to even greater efforts the next time. The inconsiderate driver had survived, and would live to reflect on the error of his ways. The next one might not be so lucky.

"I'll drive." Dee volunteered. Trish gently dissuaded her from the notion by bodily picking her up and depositing her in the back seat.

"Sorry, I've had enough scares for one day. I'm driving." Trish opened the door. "Elaine rides shotgun, that means you're in the back Kinky."

"Of course." X got back up and slipped back into the small back seat, neatly folding her long legs into a comfortable position by pulling Dee across her lap. She cuddled the short blonde to her impressive bosom and closed her eyes. A low, thrumming purr sounded from the backseat.

"What's she so happy about?" Trish asked.

"You don't want to know." Elaine said emphatically. "You really don't want to know."

* * *

"What do you mean we need our invitations." Trish was right in the security guard's face. "Don't you recognize us?"

"No. I don't." The guard crossed her impressively muscled arms across her chest and glared at the quartet. "And even if I did, I wouldn't let you in without invitations."

"Didn't Felicia have the invitations?" Elaine asked.

"No, but if she did I would be quite interested in knowing where she was hiding them." X added.

"Don't worry, I've got it covered." Dee rummaged around in her backpack. Her carry-on was too massive and conspicuous to carry, so she had transferred a few choice items into a well worn canvas tote. "Here we go."

"Miss what do you think you are doing." The guard looked with an amused expression as Dee hiked up her shirt and attached long, brightly sparkling tassels to her pert nipples. "I appreciate the gesture, but it's not going to get you into the party."

"Watch this." Dee tried to send the tassels spinning, but her small, firm bosom was not up to the range of motion required. She swayed side to side and jumped up and down, but the tassels just bounced. X smiled fondly while Trish and Elaine worked very hard at keeping from laughing.

"Oooh! Fine! " Dee said in an exasperated voice, eyeing her recalcitrant bosom with frustration. "Plan two!"

"Eep! Stop that! It tickles." Elaine giggled as Dee's nimble fingers tickled her sides. The motion was enough to spill her breasts out of her too small bikini bra. Trish was ready and popped the tassels off Dee's breasts and quickly stuck them to Elaine."

"You are all very funny, but I'll have to ask you to leave. This is a private party and… Oooh! Pretty." The guard stood dumbfounded as Elaine set the tassels to spinning. Bright motes of hypnotic light danced across Elaine's impressive, pale breasts.

" Hypno-Hula pasty persuaders." Dee said proudly, being careful to keep from looking directly at Elaine's bosom. "You don't need to see our invitations."

"I don't need to see your invitations." The guard said, her eyes not leaving Elaine's breasts.

"We can go into the party." Dee continued.

"You can go into the party." The guard echoed.

"These aren't the droids you're looking for." Trish added, grinning wickedly.

"These aren't the droids you're looking for." The guard repeated, stepping aside to let them pass. Elaine waited until they were well past the gate before peeling the tassels off her nipples and handing them back to Dee. She forced her breasts into the bra cups. The path from the gate led through well-maintained topiary and opened up on a large open space. The party was in full swing. Elaine did her best not to gape, the words of Coolridge-Taylor echoing in her head. In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree. Dana Lee Wrath had certainly done her level best to ensure that the pleasure dome section of the poem was well and truly taken care of. A huge guitar shaped pool surrounded by a sea of pink and black marble. A dozen long tables laden with all manner of food; beautiful chefs standing at the ready to cater to whatever request might come. Waitresses, bedecked in eighties rock glory; tight spandex pants and tops, circulated with trays laden with champagne flutes. The guests. Every one of them beautiful as they fed, played, swam and splashed around the pool. To one side a beach volleyball court had been set up and two buxom teams were squared off, with every ounce on the bounce as they sent the ball back and forth over the net. To one side an all girl band was playing a very passable version of ELO'S Turn To Stone.

"Oh cool. Those are the Vice Girls - I didn't know they were back together." Dee enthused. "Everyone's here. That's Justine Aquivera over there. Oh, and the blonde on the diving board is Brittany Swords. Look! There's Jan and Pansy Wilson of Smart. Cool! That's Minerva Ethridge in the hot tub with J.D. Sang and Anya. They look like they're having fun. Wow! Dana Lee Wrath has got quite a collection going."

"What did you just say?" Elaine and Trish turned on Dee, their eyes widening.

"It's like a who's who of women in rock." Dee explained.

"A collection of women in rock." Elaine glanced at Trish and raised an eyebrow. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking."

"I must be." Trish said. "I'm wet, my nipples are hard, and your breasts just popped out of your top again."

Elaine was about to reply when the slight squeal of a microphone switching on interrupted her. Dana Lee Wrath had joined the band on the stage. She was magnificent. Elaine watched as she strutted back and forth, the mike stand deliberately bumping and dragging against the tattered skirt that inadequately covered her black lace panties. She was definitely of the bad girl school of rock and roll. Leather jacket hanging open to reveal beautiful breasts, barely held in check by lacy red bra and a few scraps of tattered fishnet. Similar fishnet, rent with runs and tatters sheathed her long, sleek legs and knee high leather boots which slammed against the stage in perfect cadence with the drums. Her long blonde hair was wildly teased and moussed in the eighties style and dark streak of makeup trailed back from her eyes.

"I want you to want me. I need you to need me." Dana sang into the mike as she eyed the crowd with animal intensity. Elaine could feel the force of the words slam into her. She licked her lips as a sexual warmth flooded every inch of her, firing an unquenchable lust for the rock goddess who stalked like an animal across the stage. Trish and Dee were equally enthralled, and even X was eyeing the stage lustily, the handle of her whip clenched between her teeth.

"Everyone have fun tonight. Everyone Wang-Chung tonight." Dana sequed into another quick riff. "Her name is Rio and she dances 'cross the sand."

Elaine found herself pressed against Trish in a very tight and sensual Lambada as they swayed back and forth, their eyes glued to the stage.

"Tonight's the night!" Dana threw the mike away and vanished as a cloud of pyrotechnics exploded around the stage.

"My word." Elaine managed. "I've seen anything lick… like it before. That the breast.. best rack… rock show ever."

"We've got to go meet her." Trish pulled away from where she had been suckling Elaine's nipples. "Can we share her?"

"Three way split?" Dee managed.

X removed the whip from her mouth and flicked her wrist three times, cracking the leather tip with pinpoint precision. Elaine, Trish and Dee cried out in unison, their hands reaching for their stinging right buttocks.

"If you're all finished." X said haughtily.

"Bloody hell!" Elaine shook her head as it cleared. "What was that?"

"Some form of mass hypnosis." X postulated. "Did you notice she only sang a line or two of each song? The words were deliberate and corresponded with your reactions and consequent actions."

"We should try earplugs." Dee suggested, digging through her backpack. "Oh nuts, I don't have any."

"We'll improvise." Elaine eyed the mansion. "I want to take a look in there, I don't see Dr. Deep anywhere here."

"The secret lab is always in the basement." Dee chimed in. "We should start there. How do we get into the house without it looking suspicious? Do we sneak in one at a time?"

"Safety in numbers. We go looking for a washroom." Elaine said. "And once we're inside we try and find out what's going on."

* * *

"I'd like to say I hate it when I'm right, but somehow I can't." Elaine managed surveying the beautiful statues that lined the long hall. Getting into the mansion had been easy as guests were moving in and out unfettered. It had only taken a few minutes of poking around and interrupting several couples who were enthusiastically dealing with the after effects of Dana's performance. A fake panel in the downstairs recording studio led to a spiral staircase. The door at the bottom of the stairs was a minor inconvenience quickly removed by Elaine's expert lock-picking skills. From there the great hall opened up with its red carpet and numerous statues.

"It's just like in the video." Dee examined the nearest statue. A woman whose long, stone hair trailed down her back. She was bent slightly, her hands on her knees, her arms pressing her stone breasts together as she blew silent, motionless, kisses to the statue opposite her.

"Interesting." X withdrew a small metal disk and pressed it against the statue. She placed a similar one on her own arm and closed her eyes for a moment. Reaching out with one hand she lightly flicked the statue's stone nipples. "Very interesting. Our Miss Wrath is a very naughty woman."

"So they're alive?" Trish said.

"Very much so." X confirmed, removed the disks and dropped them back into the pocket of her leather coat. "And there is still plenty of space here for her to add more."

"We have to stop her." Dee said, eyeing the statues. "I don't want to be a statue again. No I do. I mean I don't want to be her statue."

"Let's find Dr. Deep." Elaine walked down the hall, trying, but not succeeding in ignoring the stone women on either side of the carpet. Most of the statues were posed in the classic cheesecake fashion, but some of the later ones were far more explicit, petrified as they caressed themselves intimately. Elaine examined each one closely to see if any of them were the missing Dr. Deep. None of them matched the features exactly.

"This is more like it." Trish bounded ahead towards the double doors at the end of the hall, bending down to examine the lock. Elaine paused to admire Trish's taut haunches, deliciously split by the thong of her very risqué bikini. She imagined the beautiful tan flesh fading to pale white marble and then running her hands over it, savoring the smooth stone. Knowing that Trish could feel the caress, but would be helpless as the bikini was peeled away to allow Elaine to slowly reach around and… Elaine started as Dee nudged her and indicated that her breasts had burst free of her bikini again.

"It's locked from this side." Trish said, indicating a bolt set into the door. Dee ran up and pressed her ear to the door.

"Oh boy." She smiled happily. "I hear beeps and pings and Tesla coils. Science!"

"We have struck Deep." Trish slid the bolt back and opened the door. The lab was vast and crowded with every manner of apparatus arranged haphazardly around the room. The lone brunette woman, the room's soul inhabitant, was crouched over a circuit board, engrossed in soldering a new component in place. Elaine paused, taking in Dr. Guin Deep's features. If anything her face was even more beautiful than it had been in the video, and her body was equally spectacular.

"Oh! What?" Dr. Deep looked up from her work. "Oh thank goodness! Are you hear to rescue me?"

"Yes." Dee said. "Did you see what happened to the other women? Let's get out of here."

"That's my fault." Dr Deep sat back down and buried her lovely face in her hands. "It's all my fault."

"Is that what this machine does?" Elaine asked eyeing the huge piece of equipment that dominated the center of the room. It consisted of a square, flat platform with tall pylons at each of the four corners. Large glass globes lit from within by green lightning topped the pylons and occasionally sent sparks between one another.

"No. That's my greatest triumph and my greatest failure." Dr. Deep explained. "I was looking for a way to perfect human beings; to allow us to live up to our full potential. I succeeded beyond my hopes. In a moment I went from being Boston average to California beautiful. It sort of went to my head.

"And your breasts." Trish elbowed Elaine.

"There too." Dr. Deep admitted. "I auditioned for that video and met Dana. She singled me out during the shoot, and we got to talking. I told her about the machine, and we tried it out on her."

"So she became beautiful to?" Dee said.

"No. The machine stimulates the parts of the mind that govern your greatest desires." Dr. Deep explained. "I wanted to be beautiful and brilliant. Dana wanted something else. She's wasn't that great a singer, but wanted to be the most powerful woman in the industry. She is now. The machine gave her the power to make anything she sings real."

"This machine gives you superpowers." Dee ran over to the console and began examining it. "That is so cool. How does it work? What button do I press."

"It's hard to believe that you invented something like this." X joined Dee at the console. "This is beyond any science that I have ever seen."

"The first machine was crude." Dr. Deep admitted. "But once Dana realized what it could do, she forced me to build another one. The next one was more powerful and the effects lasted longer."

"So you don't keep the powers, they fade after time?" X noted clinically.

"That's right." Dr. Deep continued. "Every time I built a new machine I became even more brilliant, and Dana's power became even more terrifying. She keeps me around to continue to perfect the machine, but once I do, I'm sure she's going to add me to her gallery. I'm so afraid…"

"Keep you chin up." Elaine helped Dr. Deep to her feet and chucked her under the chin. "We're going to save you and all get out of here before Dana knows we're gone."

"Thank you." Dr. Deep smiled in gratitude. "I don't know how to..Whah!" Dr. Deep's head snapped back as Elaine landed a powerful uppercut to the point of her jaw. The scientist reeled backwards, slamming into her desk and collapsing onto the floor, where she lay moaning in pain.

"You may be smart, but we're not bloody stupid." Elaine advanced on the scientist. "If you're smart enough to make something like this, you're smart enough to outwit a bloody rock and roll diva and escape from a room secured with a simple bolt lock. You're in this with her, are you not?"

"So you're not just another dumb blonde." Dr. Deep rubbed a thin trickle of blood from her full lips. "Yes. We're partners."

"Elaine watch out!" Dee lunged forward pulling a remote control out of her bag. She hit a button and a quartet of silver tentacles emerged from her backpack and shot towards the vicious looking pistol that Dr. Deep had just pulled out of her lab coat pocket, knocking it aside. The pistol discharged a bolt of bright purple energy that missed Elaine by a bare inch and slammed into Dr. Deep's glorious machine.

Elaine only had a moment to realize what had happened before the machine exploded in a wash of scintillating green energy.

* * *

"Right." Elaine managed rolling over onto her back and opening her eyes. She checked her chest. Somehow the blast had failed to dislodge her breasts from the too-tight bikini bra. Would wonders never cease. "Which one of you got the license of the lorry that just ran us down. I should very much like to register a complaint."

"D - R -D - E - E -P. California registration." Trish said from a few feet away. "I thought we were going to buy it."

"Only Americans pay for it." X said, emerging from behind a smashed console. "Dr. Deep must still be here, there wasn't time for her to avoid that blast."

"I feel funny." Dee said, pulling herself off the floor, the metal tentacles emerging from her backpack dragged listlessly behind her. "Oh nuts! The blast must have destroyed my remote."

Elaine managed to get to her feet and help Trish up. The lab was a shambles, all the hi-tech gear shorted out by the blast. They began scanning around.

"There she goes!" Trish pointed as Dr. Deep ran from behind a console towards the open door.

"I've got her!" Dee announced. The silvery tentacles sprang to life and extended, grasping the fleeing scientist around the waist and dragging her helplessly back. As two tentacles secured the struggling scientist, the other two began tearing at her lab coat and clothes, quickly and efficiently stripping her. Dr. Deep tried to scream, but a tentacle lashed across her mouth, effectively gagging her.

"Dee, is that necessary?" Trish asked. "Not that I mind too much."

"I'm not doing it." Dee said. "It's like they have a mind of their own. Tentacles! Behave!"

"Fascinating." X walked around to Dee's back and leaned closer, sliding the tattered remains of the backpack away. "It appears that the tentacles no longer require a remote. They have been grafted to Dee's back. I suspect that they are responding to her mental commands, both active and subliminal.

"Neat!" Dee said. One of the tentacles reached out and snagged Dr. Deep's gun from the floor, while the other reached out towards X, neatly sliding itself down the front of her shorts.

"Make way for Doctor Octa-Cutey." Trish said. "Wait. Didn't you say that machine targeted your desires somehow made them real."

"Dee has a special fondness for her machines." X said deliberately, drawing a bright blush from Dee. "So it stands to reason she now enjoys an even more personal interface, not unlike the one I am currently enjoying. A little to the left and slightly faster my darling Dee."

"Oh geez. This isn't the time." Dee's flushed features screwed up in concentration and the tentacle withdrew from X's shorts. It tried to slide back in, but Dee glared at it, and it cowed slightly and returned to her side.

"So it meow have gotten Elaine and I mew… to." Trish said quizzically. She paused and ran her fingers through her hair. "Um. I think something's happening."

"Yes. That stands to reason." X said as sleek red fur began sprouting all over Trish's body. Her eyes grew larger and slanted, the pupils narrowing to cat-like slits. Tufted ears poked up from her hair and a long, thin tail emerged from her bikini bottom, lashing the air.

"I feel prrrrretty. Oh so prrrrretty." Trish ran her hands over her changed body. She lifted a hand and admired the long, sharp, claws that emerged from her cuticles.

"That's champion." Elaine examined her lover, tracing a hand down the fur shrouded breasts. "It's remarkable."

"Keep going." Trish purred "I think I have six nipples. You're going to give this pussy some cream."

"Lesbian Cat-Girl Theatre presents Trish Holiday as Cat Fan. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na Cat Fan!" Dee giggled, a tentacle reaching over to stroke Trish's striped back.

"That leaves Elaine." X turned to her and examined her closely. "I don't see any outward signs of change. No physical manifestation to note. Hair colour unchanged. Eye colour, ah, that's it. Feels good."

"Elaine! Cover your eyes." Dee called out. It was too late. Elaine felt a warm, sexual glow pass through her as X met her eyes. The tall Blonde froze in place, her skin becoming paler as the transformation took place. In an instant, X stood motionless, a statue of pale, white marble. Her breasts thrust proudly forward, her long, stone braids trailing down her back. "Oh no X!"

"Here." Trish handed Elaine a pair of dark, mirrored sunglasses. "Put these on."

Elaine complied, but kept an arm tightly clasped across her face. It might not just be here eyes that triggered the petrifying power that coursed within her. There was one way to test it.

"Everyone look away." Elaine said. She waited a few moments for her friends to comply and then turned on Dr. Deep. "You got us in this mess, you can help us work things out. Dr. Deep struggled, her eyes deliberately shut. Elaine managed to pry the scientist's eyes open and stare into them from behind her sunglasses. There was no accompanying warmth and Dr. Deep remained flesh and blood.

"It's okay." Elaine said. "You have to look directly into my eyes."

"What about X?" Dee wailed as she ran over to inspect the stone scientist, yanking Dr. Deep along with her. "We can't leave her like this!"

"We don't have time to find a pedestal and some pigeons for her." Trish batted at one of her ears and tried to catch her tail. "Oh! I'm sorry Dee, I didn't mean to… I think I'm even more catty than I thought."

"First things first." Elaine said. "We have to find out what state she's in. Check her jacket pockets, I know she has her Zeta wave pleasure sensation transfer and magnification discs on her. That should tell you if she's aware of what's happened to her."

"Right." Dee gingerly reached a hand into one of X's jacket pockets and felt around. She came up with the small silver and black discs and pressed one to X's stone thigh. She attached the other to her own wrist. "I'm turning off the magnification. Ooooh! That feels nice."

"So she is aware." Elaine said as Dee shivered, her nipples clearly visible through her tee shirt. "Now all we have to do is figure out a way to…Trish? That isn't helping."

"Sorry." Trish looked up. The spy turned cat-girl was sitting on the floor, one leg casually stretched over her shoulder as she leaned down to lick at her own, fur fringed sex. "It's that cat thing again. I think I'm in heat." She returned to her licking.

"Of course." Elaine's eyes kept darting back to where Trish was using her cat-like agility and flexibility to pleasure herself. "Trish. Freeze."

"You freeze. I'm busy." Trish resumed her licking for a moment and then looked up. "You don't think…"

"Exactly." Elaine said. "This power is based on my desires. I enjoy freezing you, but you always get to move again."

"After an orgasm. Or two or three." Trish confirmed. "That means that all you have to do is… Dee job opportunity."

"What!" Dee blushed red. "You want me to..? Right now?"

"You know Kinky best." Trish unfolded herself from the floor and stalked over to X. She examined her claws nonchalantly and then swung them at the scientist statue. X's corset and leather shorts fell away, cut into strips by Trish's sharp claws. "Doesn't that look inviting?"

"You're not going to watch are you?" Dee's voice quavered.

"Yes. Yes I am." Trish sidled up to X and ran a finger between her large, stone breasts. "Don't get me wrong, I like her better like this, but we may need her help before this is over. Besides, I know how much you want to, I can smell it on you. Look at this. She even shaved her pubic hair into an X. I bet it marks the spot."

"I did that last time we…" Dee blushed. "Okay. I'll do it."

"Prrrrfect." Trish stepped out of the way as Dee took off her glasses and carefully tucked then into her pocket. As she wrapped her arms around the statue, the short scientist pressed her face against X's stone breast, her pink tongue tracing around the hard, peaked nipples. The tentacles dropped Dr. Deep as they writhed around X and Dee, removing Dee's clothes and X's long leather coat. Dr. Deep tried to make a run for the door, but Trish was on her like a cat on a mouse. Easily snatching her up holding her in place.

Elaine watched enthralled as Dee slid down X's beautiful, muscular, body, her hands and tentacles exploring every surface. One tentacle slid down and caressed Dee's wet sex. Dee's head bobbed slightly as she licked at X's stone pussy, her motions becoming more frantic as the sensation of X's pleasure was relayed to her.

"So close. She's so close, but it's like she's holding back." Dee managed between licks. "I just can't…"

"Right." Elaine rolled her eyes behind her glasses, even as a motionless statue, X was far from helpless and was being deliberately difficult. Elaine approached the intertwined pair, neatly dodging Dee's tentacles as she moved behind them. She drew back an arm and aimed a powerful, open handed slap at X's shapely stone ass.

"Ow! That oooohhh! Oh boy! Ohboy! Ohboy!" Dee came loudly as X's orgasm triggered her own. She fell back on the floor. Elaine watched as the pale white marble of X's body became flush as colour returned to it. The tall scientist shivered and let out a delighted scream of pleasure that echoed throughout the lab.

"Oh Elaine. You are always so good to me." X smiled and reclaimed her coat, pulling it on over her naked body.

"Me too." Dee managed. "Just not so hard next time."

"That wasn't hard, my delightful little Dee." X purred. "Just wait until you see and feel what I have in store for you after I win our next match."

"Minds back on the business at hand if you please." Elaine managed, aware that watching Dee and X together had left her very turned on and more than a little wet. "We still have Dana Lee Wrath to deal with. Oh and Dr. Deep."

"Good idea." Trish smiled and turned away as Elaine reached for the sunglasses that held her power in check. Dr. Deep wasn't so lucky and met Elaine's eyes straight on. Elaine felt the wonderfully warm sexual feeling run through her again as Dr. Deep froze in place. Her impossibly beautiful face and figure hardening into stone in an instant. Trish contemplated the beautiful statue for several seconds, and batted lightly at the stone breasts with her hands.

"No problem in taking Wrath, between Dr. Octa-Cutey, Cat-Fan, Gorgoneye and... " Trish paused. "Wait a sec, what powerrrr do you have Kinky?"

"None that I am aware of." X said. "I managed to get cover during the blast, I don't think it affected me. Still, I have enough tricks up my sleeve to be of assistance."

"Dr Octa-cutey, Cat-Fan, Gorgoneye and Captain Kinky!" Trish amended. She doesn't stand a chance.

"Gorgoneye?" Elaine said dubiously.

"You're right, too intellectual." Trish bounced playfully over to Elaine. "How about Sedusa? The Blonde Basilisk? Marble Maiden? The Sculptress?"

"Just Elaine is fine, or Sedusa if you absolutely have to." Elaine said. "You've read far too many comic books."

"Guilty." Trish said, here eyes widening. "Oooh! String!"

"Stop that." Elaine tried to grab Trish's hands, but the cat-girl's speed was incredible. Trish undid the ties on Elaine's bikini bra and panties, puling them off and amusing her self with them for several moments, getting tangled up in the trailing straps as Elaine tried to yank them back.

"How very amusing." A rich, melodic voice echoed through the lab. "It brings a song to my heart."

"Not now." Trish batted the bikini bra around the floor, jumping on it. "Playing."

"What a coincidence, so am I." Dana Lee Wrath lewdly fingered the guitar in her hands. "And I play so very, very, hard. Which is coincidentally the fate I have in mind for you."

"Just once I'd like to fight a villain with a different fetish." Dee groused, whipping her tentacles about.

Elaine took a moment to gape. Dana Lee Wrath in her full rock and roll glory was worth gaping at. She had changed out of her previous outfit and was now wearing, if the term adequately described her condition, a collection of wide leather straps that almost contained her figure. Lightning bolts traced in silver glitter adorned her bare arms and legs, and her hair, nail and lips were a vibrant, electric blue.

"Four against one. I like these odds." X cracked her whip.

"Come together, right now, over me." Dana sang. A rush of power circled around her and lashed out as lyrics took effect. Elaine, Dee, Trish and X were thrown bodily into the air. They tried to fight back, but suddenly all more moaned in pleasure as a mutual orgasm tore through them.

"Holy Multiple Orgasms Cat-Fan!" Dee managed, her tentacles rubbing her breasts. "We're trapped in a pact of pleasure!"

"One chance." X snapped her whip out with a loud crack. The end wrapped neatly around Dana's guitar, allowing X to yank hard on the instrument. Dana's concentration was broken for a moment and the quivering foursome fell in a heap on the floor.

"Eat naughty tentacle evil-doer!" Dee sent her tentacles flying out.

"We will, we will ROCK YOU!" Dana released her hold on the guitar, sending it flying at X. The tentacles stopped inches from her face as her song hit Dee squarely. The short, blonde scientist froze in place, her mouth open in shock as the petrifying effect claimed her. Her small breasts froze in place, the small, hard nipples becoming even harder as they turned to stone.

"Dee!" X snapped her wrist sharply, sending the guitar flying. She tossed the whip aside as closed the distance in an instant, her fist drawing back to deliver a powerful blow to Dana's face. Trish moved in from the other side, intent on flanking the musician. Elaine smiled and reached for her glasses. Trish and X had their backs to her and would be safe from her gaze. Dana on the other hand, would soon be meeting it head on.

"For Everything, turn turn turn, there is a season, turn turn turn." Dana sang, ducking her head as Elaine pulled her glasses off. X and Trish were spun around by the song, their eyes falling on Elaine's. Both froze instantly, X mid punch, her arm thrust forward, Trish with her arms wide, as if about to leap. Trish's sleek fur looked marvelous in marble, each individual stone strand so fine that a single touch might crumble it. Elaine was thrown off balance for a moment as the erotic sensation of her own power rolled through her. She shook her head and turned back to Dana, but the rocker was ready for this.

"Look in the mirror!" Dana sang the single line from Tommy. Elaine knew what was about to happen, but couldn't cover her eyes in time. A full-length mirror appeared in front of her as the green glow of her power surrounded her eyes. The warm sensation of her power was matched by the cold sensation of its effect as she petrified. The mirror allowed her to observe every detail as her full figure paled as it changed. Her breasts locking in place; her thighs hardening; her features freezing, the blue of her eyes fading to pale, blank white. It only took a second, and she was staring at a perfect statue. A perfect statue of Elaine Blonde!

* * *

"This is a fine situation I've gotten myself into." Elaine thought. Although she could not move a single muscle she had a pretty good view of what had happened. She was now part of Dana's personal gallery. Across the hall from her, Trish, Dee and X had been arranged in a very heroic tableau. Under different circumstances, Elaine would have been happy to look on their smooth stone curves. This was not the time, it was certainly not the place, but it was the only view she had for the moment.

"The one time I need a bloody pervert, there isn't one to be found." Elaine thought. She had seen Dana Lee Wrath and the restored Dr. Deep, but they hadn't deigned to lay a hand on her. Had she been under the care of Allotta Tongue and Buxomly Maid, she would be free by now, but this all this useless pair wanted to do was primp and preen as they danced down the long row of stone women. It was enough to make her want to tear her hair out. Or be able to move her arms far enough to tear her hair out. Elaine tried to take a calming breath to wash away the wave of vexation. Not good. Statues don't breath. Grrr.

"Fine. Fine. Fine!" Elaine's thoughts whirred. "What is it about helping those who help themselves? Very well. If no one is going to do it for me, I'll bloody well do it myself. Fantasy time." Elaine cleared her mind and considered the tableau opposite her. Taking her time and slowly soaking in all of the small, exotic details. The way that Trish's nipples peeked out every so slightly from her smooth, stone fur; how her athletic figure looked taut and ready for any type of action she could imagine. The flow of X's muscles melding smoothly with her full breasts and well shaped ass. Dee, whose cute features were caught in a moment of surprise, her slim body displayed innocently and enticingly. Better. A warm glow filled Elaine. She pictured her friends as flesh again, stalking towards her. X the rough dominant, grabbing her and spinning her around, holding her motionless as Trish and Dee moved closer. Trish playfully rubbing her furry body over hers, letting her matchless tongue play over her nipples, while Dee, under proper encouragement, knelt down to gently tongue her sex. Trying to struggle, as X held her, knowing that her fate was about to be sealed. The moment that she came, X would do something and turn her into a statue, a beautiful, sexy, sweat slick Statuuuue!"

Elaine toppled forward onto her hands and knees, fighting the urge to cry out. Willpower combined with an active imagination and a dirty mind was a potent and pleasurable tool. Time to summon the reinforcements. Crossing the carpet Elaine stepped behind X and reached around to cup her hand over the still, stone lips. With the other she delivered several brutally hard slaps to the scientist's stone ass. By the seventh blow Elaine was sure her palm would be a mess of bruises. Undaunted she swung again and was rewarded by the sound of flesh against flesh. X tried to cry out, but was stymied by Elaine's hand on her mouth. She bit the palm gently.

"Elaine. You're always so good to me." X whispered.

"You can thank me later." Elaine said. "I need you to free Dee while I get Trish. Be careful, I don't have anything to cover my eyes."

"Very good to me." X eyed Dee's frozen form. She slid away from Elaine and embraced the shorter scientist, bending down and gently whispering in Dee's frozen ear.

"Try and stay quiet." Elaine whispered in one of Trish's peaked cat ears. She reached between Trish's legs, deftly avoiding the stone tail and began gently running her fingers across the cat-woman's stone sex. It took several minutes, but soon Trish was warm and wet under her fingers, the orgasm breaking the petrifying effect that held her. As soon as she was free, Trish scampered away, returning a few minutes later with a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

"What's taking you so long Kinky? Losing your touch?" Trish sat back and watched as X caressed and licked at Dee's stone body.

"Wait a tic." Elaine piped up. "Dee was transformed by Dana Lee Wrath. I think what she did works differently. Better hold off for a moment X."

"Now what do we do?" X said, abandoning Dee with a final gentle caress.

"I think they're both in the lab." Trish was pressed up against the door, her ears twitching. "I can hear them talking. Dana's afraid that it will take too long for Dr. Deep to fix the machine."

"Well, let's not give the chance." Elaine said. "We go in hard and fast. We need to take down Dana before she can open her mouth."

"I'll handle it." X said evenly. "I have at least one trick remaining in my repertoire."

"I've got Dr. Deep." Trish flexed her clawed fingers. "Maybe I can scare her into fixing something up to turn Dee back.

"I'll cover you both, if I get the chance." Elaine tapped her sunglasses deliberately. "Try and stay in front of me. Any questions."

"Yes." Trish wrapped herself around Elaine. "Just how did you manage to free yourself?"

"The power of positive thinking." Elaine shivered as Trish licked delicately at her neck. "Down kitty, we have a job to do."

"So you're putting the cat out." Trish released Elaine with a final squeeze. "Or finding that the cat puts out? Meoooow?"

"We'll start with the first." Elaine said. "And should everything go according to plan, we will be dealing with the second shortly thereafter."

* * *

"I don't have the plans." Dr. Deep said as she fussed over a blackened, fused circuit board. "We simply do not have the scientific vocabulary to properly write down what I built, and you were far more interested in me building a better machine than documenting the one we just built."

"Can you fix it?" Dana Lee Wrath strutted back and forth in front of the broken equipment. "Maybe I can think of a song that will fix it. We can work it out? Keep on Working? I am Iron Man? There must be something."

"Well you'll have to do it soon." Dr. Deep warned. "It's been a few days since our last treatment, the effects will be wearing off soon. You try and fix this machine, I'll see about re-building the first one, it was simpler, so I should be able to get it done while I still remember how to make it."

"At least our guests won't be giving us any more trouble." Dana said in the moments before the lab doors exploded off their hinges. Elaine, X and Trish rushed in.

"I spoke too soon." Dana smiled. "How about a little ..Mumph!" She choked, her eyes widening as a bunch of brightly coloured flowers appeared over her mouth. She tried to spit them out, but another bunch appeared, and then another.

"X, I didn't know you had it in you." Trish teased. "Forget Captain Kinky, from now on you're Flower Girl."

"We will discuss this later." X said with a dangerous, icy smoothness as she gestured again, causing more flowers to appear about Dana.

"Sedusa! Incoming." Trish leapt behind Dr. Deep and kicked backwards, sending the scientist into Elaine's arms. With a quick motion, Elaine whipped her glasses off and stared deep into Dr. Deep's pretty blue eyes. Warmth spread through Elaine as Dr. Deep's eyes became blank stone orbs, accenting a beautiful face that was caught in an expression of surprise and fear. Elaine quickly put her glasses back on. She ran a hand over Dr. Deep's impressive stone chest.

"I'd ask you to reciprocate next time." Elaine teased. "But I'm afraid there's not going to be a next time. You're nicked my beauty."

"Mumph! Ow! Mmph!" Dana tried to spit out the flowers that kept appearing in her mouth. X grabbed her in a painful looking arm lock that had Elaine and Trish wincing in sympathy.

"Consider this your final song of the night. No encore, no curtain call, no final bow." X duck-walked Dana out into the hall and slammed her face first onto the floor. "You will turn everyone back, and if I even think you're trying to pull something funny, I will take a deep and personal interest in seeing you suffer. Are we agreed?"

"Ow. Yes. Yes!" Dana agreed as X bore down further.

"Then do it." X eased off slightly on the arm lock, allowing Dana to draw a full breath.

"I want flesh! Flesh for fantasy!" Dana sang, her lip curling up in the best Billy Idol tradition. The statues rippled as the power rolled out of the rock star, the stone quickly changing back to soft flesh. The air was filled with shrieks, confused queries and several long drawn out orgasmic cries.

"How very wise of you." X congratulated Dana.

"Thank you." Dana winced as X drove her down against the floor again. She tried to open her mouth but another bunch of flowers appeared there, gagging her.

"X!" Dee wrapped herself around X. "Thank you! Thank you!"

"There will be time enough for thanks later." X smiled icily. "I think I saw my coat in the laboratory. Check the inside left pocket and you will find something to neutralize Miss Wrath."

"Cool." Dee bounced up, her tentacles waving. "Is it a sonic neutralizers? A localized paralysis field generator. I know. A sub-spatial Zeta wave emitter with the capacity to scramble the speech center."

"Nothing that exquisitely extravagant." X admitted. "Just a plain, and very effective ball gag."

"Gotcha!" Dee sprinted into the lab and grabbed X's coat. As she turned to run back, she was stopped in her tracks by Elaine and Trish, who grabbed her by the arms and held in place.

"Okay short stuff." Trish said. "What is it with X and the flowers?"

"What do you mean?" Dee tried to pull free, but Trish and Elaine lifted her up, leaving her feet pedaling on empty air.

"X did gain a power when the machine exploded." Trish smiled, showing elongated canine teeth. "She can create flowers out of thin air. What gives?"

"Um.. I don't know.. Wait a second." Dee said. "We watched an old movie together last week. Yellow Submarine. It's this weird animated film with the Beatles. During one scene the Nowhere man caused flowers to appear everywhere by waving his hands. I think X liked it. She smiled."

"She smiled." Elaine said.

"Yes." Dee continued. "And it was a really nice smile, not one of those 'someone is going to be really sorry I'm smiling' smiles."

"Puuurfect." Trish and Elaine released Dee, who scampered away.

"Well, I think we can safely say that this mission is at an end." Elaine said. "A few days in confinement will deal with Dana and Dr. Deep, and I am sure X and Dee will be interested in trying to ascertain the nature of this equipment. Shall we report back in."

"No!" Trish wailed, trashing her head and tail back and forth. "No! No! No! No! No! No! I want to play before this wears off!"

"Bad kitty." Elaine admonished. "Bad kitty. Naughty kitty. Oooh. Very naughty kitty, with a very, very, naughty tongue. Oh! Oh! And an even naughtier tail. Maybe we can wait a while before reporting back.

* * *

"Let me get this straight." Felicia Biter strode back and forth in front of Elaine, Dee, X and Trish. The head of the SIA was in a full temper, the red tint of her rage reaching as far down as her naked breasts. "You secured the situation, and then, rather than report back here, head out for a night on the town?"

"Yes." Dee managed. "Not so loud please." The diminutive scientist had lost her tentacles during the night and tried to shelter against X's side. Elaine and Trish leaned against one another, trying to remain as attentive as their hangovers allowed.

"Loud! Have you seen this?" Felicia thrust a piece of paper forwards. "The most expensive suite at the Hyatt trashed! Holes punched in the walls."

"That was me." Dee managed. "I needed something to hang on to."

"And the dozen bottles of $300.00 champagne?" Felicia read from the list.

"Those were my idea." Elaine said. "We started with two, but things went rather further than we expected."

"And the hot-tub motor that was clogged with more that a cubic foot of cat hair?"

"Me boss." Trish said. "I started to shed about midnight."

"Next time save us the trouble and turn into a pumpkin." Felicia groused. "As far as I can tell the only one of you who acted in an exemplary manner was X, who brought Dr. Deep and Dana Lee Wrath in. I was going to punish you, but I think I'm going to let her do it for me."

"No!" Trish and Elaine said in unison.

"Yes!" X stood up and cracked her riding crop authoritatively. "I think I'll start with Dee and Patricia. Turn to stone."

"Gotcha!" Dee announced, turning and giving Trish a high five. "End program."

Felicia's office and Felicia faded, leaving the four in a blank, white room.

"Wot?" Elaine started to her feet as the couch vanished from under her. "This was all a program. The whole business with Dana Lee Wrath?"

"No. That was all real." Dee said. "But when we finally made it back here this morning, X brought us into this room to sleep it off. She figured we'd have our contest, and she'd use the room against me."

"I nearly succeeded to." X said magnanimously. "You found the hack I put in the program and replaced it. Well done my darling Dee."

"Better luck next time Kinky. I guess that makes you mine." Patricia grabbed Elaine and slid a hand under her blouse. "A bet's a bet."

"Of course." X said. "And what do you want me to do?"

"Turn to stone while I think of something really neat." Dee announced. X froze in place, her skin whitening as she petrified. Dee laughed as she ran over to caress X. She was still giggling to herself as she turned to stone.

"Oh no!" Trish's smile faded as X shook off the petrifying effect.

"Oh yes Patricia." X said. "Dee is very smart and terribly enthusiastic, but not entirely thorough. I left one hack out in the open for her to find, but the real one was more carefully hidden. Now I believe there was something about you serving me? A bet is, after all, a bet. You can turn to stone to."

"Sorry Trish." Elaine slid out of Trish's grip as the redhead petrified. She regarded the statue and licked her lips in anticipation. "I can think of several things I would like to do to you at this moment. Now X, about our deal."

"Of course." X smiled graciously. "But first a more appropriate setting is in order. In Xanadu did X a stately pleasure dome decree."

The plain white walls vanish as a new program ran. A beautiful sky opened overhead, the warm sun shining down on grass that was stirring with just a hint of a breeze. Elaine found herself in the center of a grand pavilion, surrounded by thick furs and soft, velvet pillows. To one side a raised spa steamed, the hot water awash with fragrant rose petals. Two pedestals stood in the center of a fountain, with Trish and Dee displayed on them. Their clothes had been removed and their desirable, stone bodies were wet and glistening with the mist from the fountain's spray.

"Much better." X said. "Oh, and Elaine please turn to stone. Your reward is to serve me for the remainder of the day, just like the other two are going to. If you don't find that satisfactory, please speak now, otherwise I will take your silence as acceptance of my offer."

Elaine tried to struggle, but it was useless. She was a statue, helpless and unmoving. X advanced on her slowly and began stripping her. Pausing as she removed each piece of clothing to admire what was revealed. Finally, as the last garment was discarded, she took a firm grip on Elaine's arms.

"Unfreeze all." X said. Her muscles flexed as she held Elaine easily in place.

"You rotter." Elaine said, trying to throw off X's hold on her. "That wasn't cricket."

"It obeyed our agreement to the letter, so you have no reason to speak to your Mistress in such a derogatory manner." X said. "However, I will forgive you this once."

"How smashing of you…Mistress." Elaine said.

"Much better." X was practically purring. "Patricia, Darling Dee, you haven't properly thanked Elaine for freeing us from Dana Lee Wrath's machinations. Please do so now."

"Champion." Elaine whispered as Dee and Trish started towards her. "Mistress? Can I ask a favor?"

"I know what you want Elaine." X said. "I'm not hard on my servants, that is unless they want to be hard, and that is just the fate I have in store for you."


Look for Elaine to return for another tantalyzing adventure in: Live And Let Doll

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