The Inventor's New Invention


by JMD

“It works!" the inventor shouted, looking over the naked, and very confused, young woman standing in front of him.

"What works?" the woman asked, doing her own looking around.  She seemed to be standing in the middle of a workshop, but looking closer she could see a washer and dryer off in one corner.  "And where the hell am I?" she added, turning back to face the inventor.

"You're in my laboratory," he told her proudly.

She looked skeptical.  "It looks more like a basement," she stated flatly.

The inventor's head dropped somewhat.  "Well, it is, actually," he admitted.  "But my wife lets me work on my inventions down here, too."

"I see," the woman said with a knowing nod.  She looked down at her own body, wondering for just a moment why the fact that she was apparently standing buck naked in a strange man's basement didn't seem to bother her more.  "So," she said, looking back up, "I take it that it's one of these inventions that works."

The inventor's face lit up again.  "Yep," he said, holding up something in his hand.  "This."

The woman looked at what he was holding carefully.  It looked like a simple metal box with a couple of dials and switches on it.  Screwed in at the top was what looked like a Christmas tree bulb.  "Uh," she asked, "what is it?"

"It's my Linge-Ray," he replied excitedly.

The woman raised an eyebrow at him.  "Excuse me?  Your lingerie?"

"That's right," he smiled.  "My Linge-Ray!"

She took a minute to consider what he had said.  Then, she got it.  "Oh, okay," she said, nodding to herself, before turning back to him.  "And what is it that this Linge-Ray does exactly?"

"Get this," he told her, really getting into it now.  "It turns people into lingerie.  You know, ladies underwear."

The woman could only stare at him for a few moments, then she asked, "Why?"

"Why?" the inventor repeated.

"Yeah, why?" she confirmed.  "Why in the name of God would you want to turn people into ladies underwear?"

The question seemed to catch him off guard, as he actually had to stop and think before answering.  "You know, I don't know actually.  I guess because it's just so cool."

"Cool?" she said, with another raised eyebrow.

"Sure," he said nodding energetically.  "Let me show you."  He moved over to a cluttered worktable and sat down the metal box.  Picking up something else, he turned back and held it up for her to see.  "Take this slip, for instance."

"Chemise," she said, cutting him off.

"Excuse me?"

"It's called a chemise," she explained.

He looked at the satin garment he was holding up by the thin shoulder straps.  "You're sure?"  She just nodded.  "Well, anyway," he pressed on, "it might be a chemise now, but this morning it was my next door neighbor.  I got him with the Linge-Ray when he went out to get his paper."  He sighed proudly for a second, before adding.  "Pretty cool, huh?"

The woman just shook her head.  "If you say so, pal," she told him.  "I just hope your neighbor there fares better than I did when you change him back."

The inventor looked at her in confusion.  "What do you mean?" he asked.

The woman just shrugged.  "Hate to tell you this, bub," she said, "but I think there's a glitch in your little toy, because I can't remember a thing about my life before you used it on me."

He made a sound that might have been a short laugh.  "Well, that's not surprising really," he told her, "since you didn't have one."

She gave him a questioning look.  "I didn't?" she asked.

"Of course not," he replied.  "Until just a few minutes ago, you were just a pair of my wife's panties."

"What?" she practically shouted.

He gave her a short shrug.  "I'm afraid so."

"But..." she stammered out, having to stop before continuing.  "But you said that crazy box of yours turned people into lingerie."

"I did," he agreed, giving his transformed neighbor a shake, "and it does.  But I got to thinking it might be cool to see if it could work the other way, too."

"The other way?"

"Yeah," he told her.  "You know, turn lingerie into people.  I just wanted to see if I could.  So, I fiddled with it for a while, and tried it out on a pair of panties that I found in the hamper over there."  He smiled.  "And it worked.  You're the proof."

"I'm..." the woman said, staring off into space.  "I'm a pair of panties."  It wasn't a question.  As unbelievable as the concept was to her, she had no doubt that it was true.

"Yeah," the inventor nodded.  "Pretty cool, huh?"  He waited for the woman to respond, but she just continued to stare at nothing.  Looking around uncomfortably, he spied the clock on the basement wall.  "Oh, crap!" he exclaimed, turning back to his worktable.  He tossed the chemise that was his neighbor on the bench, while grabbing up the Linge-Ray with his other hand.  "I've got to hurry up and get you changed back," he announced turning back to her, while fiddling with the controls on the device.

That brought her out of her stupor.  "Huh?" she cried out.  "What?  Why?"

"Why?" the inventor repeated.  "Why?  Because my wife will be home in just a few minutes."


"Look," he explained hastily, "my wife might tolerate my messing around with my inventions, but there's no way she's going to understand my having a naked woman in our basement."

"But..." the woman stammered, throwing her hands up in frustration.  "Then, why did you create me in the first place?"

The inventor rolled his eyes at her and let out a tired breath.  "I already explained that," he said, obviously in a hurry.  "I just wanted to see if I could do it."

The woman stared at him in disbelief, trying to keep from losing her temper.  "Why... you... little..."  Finally, she could hold it in no longer.  "Give me that!" she shouted, snatching the Linge-Ray out of his hands.  She looked over it quickly, noticing the large red button in the center of what would have to be the control panel.  There was a toggle switch for shifting it from "lingerie" to "human", as well as two dials.  One dial just had just two for man, the other for woman.  The second dial could be adjusted for various types of clothing, and was currently set for "panties".

"Uh," the inventor stammered nervously, "you might want to be careful with that."

The woman looked up at him, anger in her eyes.  Without a word, she aimed the device at him and pushed the button down hard.  Instantly, a laser-like beam came out of the light bulb on the top of the device, striking the inventor right in the chest.  He gasped and stared down at the spot where he'd been hit, which was glowing softly.  "Well, crap," he said in a resigned tone, just before he disappeared with a "pop" of displaced air.

At first, the woman was afraid that she might have disintegrated him.  Then, with another "pop", something appeared hanging in the air in his place, before dropping softly to the floor of the basement.  Looking down, she saw a pair of white bikini panties.  For a few seconds, all she could do was stare, hardly believing what she had just witnessed.  Finally, she reached down and picked up the panties from the floor.  "Pretty cool, huh?" she said with a soft giggle. 

Examining them a little closer, she could find nothing to suggest that they were anything but a normal pair of ladies underwear.  She wondered if they would feel just as normal if worn.  "Only one way to find out," she said out loud to herself, sitting the Linge-Ray back on the worktable.  Taking the panties by the waistband, she stretched them open and slipped her right foot through them.  Soon, the left joined the right and she pulled them up her legs and around her waist.  Pulling at the legs holes to adjust the fit, she could feel just a little extra heat, which was slowly fading.  Otherwise, there was nothing to suggest that, just a few moments before, they had actually been a living human being.

She was still checking them out when she heard the sound of the front door opening upstairs.  "Hey, honey," a female voice called out, as footsteps approached the basement door.  "I'm home.  So, what's my handsome mad scientist been up to today?"

Smiling, the woman looked back down at the new pair of panties she wore.  "Well, like it or not," she said, wondering just for a second if he could even hear her or not, "it looks like your wife is just going to have to understand about me.  If not..."  She paused, glancing at her own naked chest.  "Well, I could always use a new bra, couldn't I?" she added, reaching for the Linge-Ray on the worktable.



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