Every Job Has Its Perks (Part 2)

©2003 Anthryax

[Originally appearing at the Manipulation Junction, this story is reposted here at the LTBSA with author's permission.  Ed.]

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   Lori opened the door to her apartment and went inside. It was still a mess she saw, which meant that Annie wasn't bringing home anybody tonight from her date. Turning on a lamp, she looked around the room. Annie's purse and keys were still on the bar, and she could see a light on down the hall in Annie's room.

   "Annie, I am home." Lori called out, before walking into the kitchen to fix herself something to drink. She was tired as she had worked a shift at the ER, finishing her rotation in emergency medicine, the last rotation before she finished medical school and graduated. The staff and other students had thrown a celebration, and she was still dressed from the party after work.

   She was feeling a little let down though. She had been hoping to get a nice intern that she had been working with into bed. She had made all kinds of hints, and they had danced and kissed, but in the end he had said he needed to go home, as he had another shift tomorrow.

   Well, maybe next time.

   Still a little tipsy, it hadn't dawned on her yet that Annie hadn't replied.

   Lori walked to her room, stripping off the scrubs and underwear she had been wearing for the last 18 hours. It occurred to her now that Annie still hadn't answered yet, but Lori shrugged it off. She was probably sleeping or something. If she hadn't gone out, it was because her date got cancelled, and Annie always took that too much to heart.

   Gavin had crept into the room moments before, and watched the pretty brunette strip off her clothes. It was Lori alright, the earnest young medical student with pretty brown eyes and dark brown hair who made him homesick for Sarah.

   Lori's room was almost as big a disaster as Annie's had been, and momentarily distracted as he watched her undress, he didn't see the bag of chips laying on the floor just beside the door.

   He stepped on them, and they made a loud crunch.

   The sound startled Lori, who spun around and frantically started to cover her breasts and crotch. She didn't have time to scream or speak when a bright flash of yellow light engulfed her.

   "Shit, what was that?" she wondered as she tried to speak. Her face was still composed as she had been expecting it to be Annie. But then she noticed something. She wasn't moving anymore, in fact, she couldn't move. And just as important, there didn't seem to be anybody in the room with her.

   She felt funny now, a strange euphoric sensation was creeping over her. She could see herself in the mirror too. She felt a little stupid standing there, her arms and hands almost but not quite covering her breasts and crotch, standing completely naked.

   Her skin seemed strange now, her color was changing a little, her normal pale whiteness changing to an even tan flesh color, and her skin seemed shinier now. The euphoria was growing in her, and now she was feeling a growing feeling of what could only be sexual heat in her pussy.

   The doctor part of her, the observer, the analyzer, kept track of the changes. Her skin, after only a few moments and also for what seemed like forever, her skin had finished changing and it occurred to her where she had seen that kind of surface before. She had seen it on mannequins!

   Someone was stroking her gently now, on her cheek, on her breasts and butt. It felt wonderful, it seemed her skin was much more sensitive than normal, and the observing doctor part of her was now being overwhelmed by the young woman who was being overpowered by sexual feelings.

   A mans voice was talking now, and he was saying reassuring things, but frankly, she really didn't care anymore. An orgasm overwhelmed her, and it seemed odd to her that it looked like joint lines where forming on her body and her eyes had stopped moving now and everything was fading into a warm fuzzy haze.

   And then she slipped into a warm dream.


   Gavin chuckled as he felt her mind slip into a dream state. She still had the slightly startled and annoyed look on her face, but inside, she was in ecstasy.

   "Indeed, every job had its perks" he whispered as he examined that now plastic beauty in front of him.

   It was time to shrink the two girls down and get them ready to travel.

   He had more to pick up soon, after all.



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