A New Life

by Baobab


So a lot of Jenny’s background made sense for training for a top secret project in a top secret installation.  An orphan, with few social contacts outside of the military, not exactly an overtly social animal by any stretch of the imagination.  She was one of a group of twenty (fourteen males, six females) that had already been cut down to twelve (seven and five) with another round of psychological exams and no explanations. 

They had begun working together but had been asked not to divulge any personal information beyond their names until the final cut had been made.  The only thing she was sure of was that none of them seemed to have the medical background that would have provided an advantage in the ten hours of competitive classes they were taking each day.  She knew enough about psychology and reality programs to understand that the classes and surroundings were designed to raise their stress level and foster competition. 

No windows, no outside news or stimulation or even outside people.  Instruction was done by a video screen.  The instructors would not take questions or respond to comments in any way.  Their single room living space served as a classroom, gym, dorm and mess.  A sink, shower head and toilet that protruded from the rear wall of the room provide no privacy.  Food waited for them behind sliding panels in the walls.  Everything revolved around strange layers of control.

Everything… especially the shower.  The shower would not turn on until you dropped your dirty clothing into a chute on the far side of the room.  The same chute would produce clean clothing at the end of your shower.  Of course, this meant a shower included two walks past a dozen people while in the nude because there were no real towels.  One of the wall vents would simply blow warmer air briefly after each shower.  Their various military uniforms and civilian uniforms had disappeared down the chute the first day to be replaced simple white cotton underwear snuggly fit for the men and women in training. 

They all shared the single new tooth brush that arrived each morning when the old one was discarded down the chute.  All other toiletries were shared as well but it was the tooth brush that had brought on the most friction.  They had taken to number games to determine the first and last to use the tooth brush each day.

The sexual tension was crushing.  But the total lack of privacy seemed to dictate that nothing was going to happen.  Even the lights at night were only dimmed, you could still see well enough.  Jenny kept hoping that everything would erupt into a full blown orgy to relieve the tension but had been disappointed so far.

On the fifth day of classes, the video screen slid upwards during an instructional block on human biology.  From the wall slid a human male cadaver on a stainless steel tray.  The corpse floated just below the surface of an oily liquid that nearly came to the top of the tray’s steel lip.  One of the girls squeaked, everyone shuffled uncomfortably.  He was military age and build… even the hair.  He had an erection, it was massive and it was apparently permanent.  The instructor explained that he was a soldier that had died of an aneurism (a pretty good idea what he was doing that might have given him the aneurism) and wanted his body donated to science. 

She couldn’t be sure… was he one of the original twenty?  Her head spun, they were just trying to stress them out.  She thought of her will that a military lawyer had helped her put in order when she accepted this assignment.  She had wanted her body donated to science; it had been the lawyer’s suggestion.  Her panic passed as the instruction began. 

Woody (the nickname stuck after it was first uttered) wasn’t the formaldehyde-filled corpse of horror movies.  He had been rubberized, except for his body temperature (slightly warn to the touch, the oil was heated) he might only be sleeping.  Woody was dead but it became obvious that what we were training to do was to keep living people from crossing that line.  Well not quite, to keep living people right at the line.  They learned to use tools that invaded the body and take over its functions.  They were taught the importance of stimulating the mind and body.  How the mind needed both pleasure and pain to stay active.

She wondered if Woody had ever received this much attention in his whole life.  Jenny’s body craved the attention.  Everyone did.  The men seemed to spend half the day trying to hide their erections in their underwear as the women took turns slaving over their patient.  Everything was done manually at first.  She practiced probing into him with her fingers and then the exotic tools that were provided.  Practiced the care and feeding.  Practiced what would be the removal of fluids and waste and semen in a living person. 

The tools, restraints, and equipment taken together were called the “suit.”  They learned how a suited patient could be manipulated with ease. The patient’s control of even their most intimate functions could be taken away ease, then adjusted, stopped, or started as needed.  She enjoyed the exercises but her favorite part was watching the men having to overcome their own taboos.  She learned a lot working with Woody but wondered how long it would be before they got a real patient.

A few weeks later they were working as a team of two, as they often were.  She and Frank (a bit of a science geek) were working together that day.  Mechanical advantage was used to more smoothly and safely manipulate a “patient.”  Harnesses hung from the ceiling that would allow even a small person with proper training to manipulate a large patient through a wide variety of positions.  The instructor was talking Frank through the process of suspending the patient to place tensions on the spine to keep it from atrophying.

The instructor had become terse.  Frank had twice mismanaged Woody in ways that might have caused injury to a living person.  Jenny’s job had been simple fluid control and management, no real challenge.  The instructor barked at Frank to return Woody to the “tub” before he “kills the poor guy.”  The instructor then told Jenny to place the suspension restraints on Frank’s wrists and neck…” and “that nothing beats first hand knowledge.”  Frank looked terribly embarrassed at this rebuke from the instructor.  Embarrassed or not she noticed he was aroused when she picked up the restraints, his underwear barely able to contain his biology.  He seemed incapable of willing it back into place. 

She followed her training.  The restraints snug, his feet lifted a few inches off the floor.  A relaxing crack sound flowed down his spine, he moaned.  With his arms above his head his penis slid out the top of his underwear.  A brief set of giggles escaped from the students.  Frank turned a bright shade of red and stared straight ahead as the restraints dictated.

The instructor addressed Jenny, “please finish the exercise.”  Jenny and Frank were both visibly shaken.  The exercised had called for a full “suiting” of Woody.  “Just try and relax Frank,” she said as she peeled down his underwear, he had an orgasm almost instantly.  The room went silent as Frank helplessly spurted blobs of semen down onto the floor.  She heard him whimper.  Now her face was as red as his.  People mostly looked away uncomfortably, but only for a minute.  She cut of his shirt with scissors and continued.

The order of the suiting was at the discretion of the technician.  She thought it would be best if she masked him first.  The black leathery “mask” was laced with electronics and sensors and it covered his eyes and ears.  She was glad, it might give him a sense of privacy.  It also held his mouth in position for the “gag”.  This was the part that worried her the most.  The gag fit into the mouth and expanded to form a tight fit over the mouth and nose.  Effectively, it made a universal outlet that you can easily plug into with a variety of supply tubes and tools.  Getting the size set properly was important for the safety and comfort of the patient.

The mask held his mouth receptively open.  She placed a finger into his mouth and wetted it with his own saliva.  She used it to lubricate the ring of the gag.  He tried to say something as she worked the gag into place but she couldn’t tell what it was.  She liked to think he said “thank you” for her being so considerate.  She liked Frank but would have never expected him to say “I love you.” 

The gag tightened snuggly into the mask.  She pulled a tangle of tubes down from the ceiling and plugged him in.  They were no longer breathing the same air, drinking the same water, eating the same food or hearing the same sounds.  She then continued on to attach the restraints around his ankles… patients tend to occasionally “kick”, they had been warned.

The “plug” for his backside was a similar to the gag in many ways.  Surprisingly deceptive at first, it was quite narrow when inserted and then “dialed up” to accommodate whatever tool or biological process that needed to be utilized.  He shook and quivered as she adjusted the fit.  He was regaining his erection and began to moan quietly as she dialed plug up a few notches, locking it in place.

She looked at the other students.  They sat in a stunned silence.  Another notch clicked, Frank shook visibly.  The others shifted in their seat.  Another click, his erection aimed cock towards the ceiling now.  Another click seemed to instantly coat his body in sweat, his butt cheeks clenching helplessly against the intrusion. 

On a whim, she placed a set of straps around his midsection and over an adjustment pulley.  She had decided to move Frank from a “neutral” position to a “active” position.  She wanted to see if she was really in as much control as she thought, could he stop her somehow?  That, and she was showing off.   With a few adjustments Frank was spread eagled and folded in half.  His ass thrust out for inspection, his balls and cock dangling, it was the most embarrassing position she could imagine.  Her pussy throbbed.

She rotated Frank like a good instructor, making the surprising girth of the plug visible to everyone.  Another click for good measure (two larger than necessary for this standard procedure) and she reached for another bundle of hoses, the largest of which resembled the nozzle on a gas pump.

She slid it smoothly into Frank’s backside and locked it firmly into place.  The pumps and hoses gurgled to life.  This surprised Jenny and her classmates.  The pumps had always been silent in their time spent with Woody, why wouldn’t they?  Now those apparatus had begun the initial process of conditioning Frank’s bowels to relinquish years of control and training to this foreign invader.  Frank body shook and twitched wildly in some involuntary attempt at resistance.  The apparatus began to invade deeper and deeper into Frank’s body relentlessly.

She picked up the “sleeve” and slid it over his cock before he could even finished adjusting to the machine that was ravaging his backside.  She didn’t want to pull the band aid off slowly so to speak.  She didn’t want to give him time to think about the show he was putting on.  She adjusted the ring at the base of the sleeve and turned the soft leathery cylindrical into a rigid vacuum chamber, pulling his already erect penis even more taut. The men shifted uncomfortably.  Jenny began to carefully guided a probe down the apparatus and into the tip of his cock.    Frank went into a series of mini convulsions.  She didn’t need to check of the monitor to tell her it was just an orgasm.  She pulled the probe back to let him finish, his semen disappearing into the sleeve’s warm vacuum.

Neither knew that it was the last time that Frank would ever orgasm without mechanical assistance again.  With the vacuum at full pressure his cock was nearly nine inches long.  More than twelve inches of the probe followed into his body.  A small electrical current was sent through the probe that both locked it into place and put the penis into a permanent state of erection. 

She pulled his balls taught and through a rubber restraining ring for no other reason than she thought it looked good.

She turned to face the students.  Frank had been suited.  She rotated Frank like a display in a window at Christmas and took a bow.  She was greeted with polite applause a whistle, and congratulations. The students came up to examine her work – poking and prodding at Frank.  People congratulated Frank even though he couldn’t hear them.  Jim even slapped him on the ass in a mock sports team gesture.

“OK”, said the instructor, “pair up.”  The room went silent, but only for a moment.

Half an hour late, six of the twelve students were twitching and moaning as the machines began to have their way with them.  Half an hour after that, nine were suspended and the room had taken on a strange meat locker feel.  After the drawing of straws, Jenny and Jim dove into their work together and had Margaret hung and suited in less than five minutes…Margaret hardly had time to look surprised as they restrained and probed her mouth, ass, and pussy simultaneously.  Jim even turned the speed of the machine up to maximum, leaving Margaret to dance like a marionette as she dangled from the ceiling.

Jenny admired the artistry of the suited class-mates, she would have never expected it. She wasn’t sure but she thought she could even see people’s personalities in the way they were suited.  Frank looked like a science project while poor Margaret looked like she was getting gang raped.

The two were debating the last spot on the ceiling that both wanted desperately.  “You better hope I go up there” said Jim, “there’s no telling what I’d do to you just hanging around like that.”  He picked up the neck restraint and strapped it on himself.  “Besides, you don’t even really like guys do you?  I mean you wouldn’t even like what I might do to you?”

Jenny had never like Jim much but damn what an asshole.  “No Jim,” said Jenny as she clicked his first wrist restraint into place, “just because I don’t like you doesn’t mean I don’t like men.”  “But let me tell you what I’ll do with an asshole like you just hanging around up there.”  The second wrist restraint clipped into place. “I’ll see how high I can dial up the plug …”

She took more than an hour to finish suiting Jim.  Jenny announced to the instructor that she wanted to practice her manual routines and he agreed to the approach.  She gagged him last, she was surprised how much pleasure she seemed to get from reducing him to a quivering mess before she unleashed the machines on him.

The instructor finally signed off when Jim was safely hanging from the ceiling. 

Jenny was alone and immediately began to masturbate like a fiend.  It wasn’t enough.  Laying on her back, looking at her twitch moaning comrades she felt nothing but jealousy.  She paced.  Even that fucker Jim, she had practically spent an hour fisting him and he hasn’t stopped cuming since!  She swatted his ass hard enough to make him swing into his neighbors.  She could tell he fucking loved it, they all were.


“I hope you all having a great time!  And what do I get?”  She stopped dead in her tracks.  She was looking right at Woody’s drawer. 



She drained the oily symbiotic fluid from Woody’s tub as she would for any procedure.  She didn’t dry him though, one look at his member and she knew she needed him as slick as possible. He was everything she imagined, he was like fucking a seal.  She jammed herself down on him without any sense of embarrassment but did give herself the willies when she realized she was kissing him with her tongue.

After her second go she was too exhausted to pull her self off Woody but definitely not in any mood to stop.  She thought a lot about anal sex since her the first class that introduced the “plug”.  She understood what she did to Jim but wondered why she had taken Frank up two notches farther than she needed to (still four below where she got Jim up to at the end).  She wondered how far she could go. 

Jenny hoped and was just able to reach the storage drawer that held the various plugs without having to pull away from Woody…she was afraid she might loose the delicious mood she had found herself in.  She felt like a seasoned pro and planted the plug smoothly into her backside.  She hunkered down on Woody, draped his arms around her neck, interlocked their legs to help keep her resolve and reached back to dial herself up.  Her hand was slippery, she was having trouble making any adjustment at all.  Frustration.  She tried rubbing her fingers in her hair to dry them off.  It didn’t help enough, she looked around for a shirt or underwear but there was nothing within reach, she just didn’t want to get off Woody.  Frustration.  She tried her hair again.  She rubbed till her fingers until were hot with friction.

She reached back to the smooth little dial and felt the slightest amount of friction.  She tried to squeeze the dial and get a grip, and it spun.  Clicks?  How many was that?  There was a pause after the dial spun before it adjusted.  She had taken Frank to six, how many was that?  She heard an embarrassing rush of air as her asshole suddenly began to dilate.  She thrashed violently, started screaming “cum you stupid fucker” at Woody and passed out just as the orgasms began.  Her suspended classmates moaned and twitched in appreciation.


The Dream

It was a pleasant dream.  Jenny was laying on a Woody’s chest.  He was running his finger through her hair.  “Why don’t we take that out and replace it with something a little more humane?”  He deftly dialed her plug down slowly.  After seven clicks he slid it out and dropped it off the side of the tub.  He then slid her up his chest, withdrawing from between her legs and gently kissing her breasts when they came within range of his lips.  When he slid her back down his cock found its way between her butt cheeks and into her newly receptive asshole.  They both came together almost instantly.  She didn’t want to wake up, it was a beautiful dream. 

She woke exhausted, Woody was still comfortably up her ass and she felt ready to fall back asleep.  Groggily, “I love you Woody”.  “We love you to Jenny.”  She tried to jump up but his hands on her ass held her firmly in place.  “Relax” he said, he shifted and slid her back down his cock.  A thrust buried him to the hilt, they both moaned, the shock and pleasure brought Jenny a sudden sense of clarity.  “You were never really dead?”  The answers would have to wait till after he was done fucking her.

He asked her to suit him as they talked.  First, before all her questions, she needed to understand that she was the caretaker of the twelve of them now.  He was “high functioning – a fish” and he was there to help her with the others.  Most would stay “tadpoles” forever, there minds evolving but their bodies would be forgotten.  A few become “swimmers”, mobile but unable to leave the tank.  Perhaps only one in fifty will ever bother trying to walk again.    He stood, there was no need for restraints, his body accepted the tools like a second skin.  Someday you will most likely decide to join us but for now your real value is your ability to communicate with us.

Jenny paused in her work, “what do you mean?”  Woody looked directly at her, “your ability to communicate”.  Jenny’s knees went week, his lips hadn’t moved.  I am “high functioning, we can carry on a normal conversation, most can’t, most will never be able to.  They’ll need you to understand their needs.  You can sense what people need.  It’s a rare talent. ”

To prove her sanity, Jenny gagged him next.  The conversation continued unabated as she plugged him back into the liquid he was used to breathing.  She didn’t want to talk anymore and so he fell silent.  She finished with Woody’s suiting, refilled his fluid filled drawer and put him to bed.  “You’re exhausted, “high functioning” or not, this is hard on you no matter how much he enjoy it.”  She stopped and smiled, she realized that Woody was right.

She knew everything would make sense soon, it just didn’t need to yet.  She heard a noise.  Margaret was gently swaying back and forth.  Margaret was weeping, perhaps she was the first to understand the loss of her humanity.  She had overheard Jenny’s conversation with Woody.  Margaret wanted to be able to walk again, she loved the mountains and she loved Jenny.  She had fallen in love with Jenny without Jenny even knowing, they all had.  She was afraid she would never be able to make love to Jenny and the thought washed over them both with a wave of sorrow.

Jenny carefully removed the dildo-like plug from Margaret’s vagina.  She would need to remove all their hair soon but for now she let it brush up against her face.  She began to kiss and nuzzle the warm spots between Margaret’s legs, she wouldn’t leave them.  She would never leave them.


The Tank

Jenny knew what the “tank” would look like long before she saw it, but she wanted to see it in person, to be familiar, to make it feel like home.  Her kids would be moved here next week if she thought they were ready.  Woody was waiting for her, one of the few that could swim unencumbered through the symbiotic fluid.  He was one of the first to become a “fish”, breathing the fluid without mechanical assistance.  Even out of the tank he could carry an hour’s worth of the fluid in his lungs.

She was to be suited for the first time.  Her air and functions were to be kept normal.  The implements were only to maintain her health, her goal was not to “evolve” as it was called.  They stood on a platform in the center of an endless cluster of dimly lit interconnected subterranean tanks.  Green tinted glass from the tanks above them were crowded with suited “swimmers” that watched eagerly through the glass as a new “minder” was to be introduced.  “Why the spectacle?” Jenny asked.

Woody explained that the symbiotic fluid also functions as a liquid broadcast antenna.  Her experience would be felt by everyone in the tank.  Woody described it as getting to lose your virginity every time a new minder gets suited for the first time.  She couldn’t help but love the human conditions; she stood naked in front of a collective consciousness that was learning to reach out to other races across the galaxy and yet they dropped everything they were doing to collectively feel her up.

This was her new life.


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