Incredible Impromptu Mannequins : Houston - Character List

by Zapped!

Being an avid fan of ASFR stories myself,  I sometimes find that having too many characters introduced into a storyline all at once can not only be hard to keep track of, but it often takes away from enjoying the story itself. So, due to the considerable amount of characters that will be introduced within this new short series, I thought that I would create a “character list” as an aid for the reader. This is not a complete list by any means, and it’s in no particular order. It could be printed off and used as a reference tool to keep track of the characters, while at the same time providing some insight as to exactly who these characters were inspired by from real life. 

Darren Le Braun : A thirty-seven-year-old hypnotist with a fixation on mannequin modeling. Le Braun has dreamed of being a master hypnotist since child hood. After years of traveling on the roadhouse and local mall circuit, the performer has been unlucky at long-term relationships. But with his hypnotic skills, Darren is sure that he’ll find plenty of willing companions to fulfill his needs along the way! Inspired by stage hypnotist Derren Brown, as in Dmuk’s original “Incredible Impromptu Mannequins” tale.

Kari the Bartender: A sexy twenty five-year-old bartender, that Darren meets at the Longhorn Bar and Grill. She’s studying sociology at the nearby University of Houston. Inspired by real life actress Kari Wührer in her “Remote Control” days on MTV.

The Girls of Sigma Delta

Becky the Roommate: Becky is a slightly overweight, but considerably attractive girl of Mexican heritage. The Latina is one of Kari’s roommates who likes to party, while attending the University. Inspired by the actress America Ferrera.

Lisa Kent: A chesty blonde that’s that more on the conservative side. (At least until she gets a few drinks in her!) . . . Based off of a real life character.

Fairlene: A dark Italian beauty with exotic looks, Fair is a incurable flirt with a deep sexy voice. Always the life of the party, this gal has never been known to pass up a good dare. Based off of a real character that I’ve known since high school; including three of the rockiest years of my life . . . (And yes, I would go through it all over again!) . . . Picture a woman that looks exactly like Fran Drescher, with the unpredictability of Courtney Love, and you’ve got Fairlene!

Janine Dickinson: The sole owner of “Janine’s Intimate Apparel” as well as “The Bikini Shack” franchise. This former runway model-turned-business woman, has built up her empire by ruling over her employees with an iron fist. Ms. Dickinson is still quite a considerably attractive woman for her age: she has all of the best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills on speed dial! The custom-tailored, designer business suits that the fifty-two-year-old usually wears, only hint at the enhanced body that the woman hides beneath.  Inspired by Janice Dickinson.

Janine’s Employees

Diane Hawthorne: Known as ‘Anne to her friends and co-workers, this Northeastern native moved to L.A. to become a swimwear model. However, more often than not, the twenty-six-year-old finds herself serving as Ms. Dickinson’s personal assistant. Considered one of Janine’s best and most loyal employees. Inspired by the actress Anne Hathaway.

Heidi Jameson: Another bombshell in Ms. Dickinson’s arsenal, this blonde lingerie model is often brought out to grand openings to work the floor and “inspire” potential customers. I pictured Jenna Jameson, but with her long blonde hair combed straight, and her bangs cut straight across the front!  Other readers have suggested supermodel Heidi Klum could also inspire this character.

Philip: Another one of Janine’s faithful employees. Philip has an eye for fashion, as well as other guys . . .

The Nurses

Isabella “Izzy” Stevens: A twenty-six-year-old nurse that’s serving her internship at nearby St. Vincent’s hospital. Inspired by Katherine Heigl’s character Isobel “Izzie” Stevens from Grey’s Anatomy.

Dr. Kim:  An established surgeon at St. Vincent’s, that’s of Korean heritage. Now divorced, the thirty-seven-year-old doctor isn’t shy about reminding her co-workers of her credentials. Inspired by the actress Sandra Oh and her character Kimberly Hu, also from Grey’s anatomy.

The Shoppers 

Aimee Szalinski: In her senior year at Crockett High, Aimee (Pronounced Aimée) is an honor roll student. Although cute, the young girl is rather shy and inexperienced around guys. She is also unaware of her attractiveness. The girl got her ash-blonde hair and light green eyes from her mother, who’s a good looking woman in her own right. Inspired by Hillary Tuck’s character, Amy Szalinski. 

Donna Szalinski: Donna is a forty year old soccer mom of two, whom often is overlooked by her boring geek of a husband. She recently got a boob-job in hopes of rekindling some romance in her marriage, but it doesn’t seem to help. Inspired by the beautiful actress Barbara Alyn Woods and her character “Diane Szalinski” from the television show, “Honey I Shrunk the Kids!”

Debbie Richardson: This smoking hottie wasn’t only the former prom queen and head cheerleader, but she was voted most popular as well as most attractive female by her graduating class! . . . It wasn’t hard to believe that she started modeling at seventeen. Now twenty one, Debbie had become the trophy girlfriend of a local lawyer, but Darren has ideas of returning the striking brunette to her former glory! . . . Inspired by the actress Denise Richards, during her “Starship Troopers” era . . .

Selena Suarez: With a mixture of Mexican and Italian heritage, this raven-haired cutie lives for shopping at the mall and lying in tanning booths. One of Aimee Szalinski’s best friends, and a junior at nearby Crockett High School. Inspired by the actress Selena Gomez.

Taylor Townsend: Another one of Aimee’s best friends from school. Inspired by Autumn Reeser and the character of the same name.

Chrystal Cooper: A golden blonde beach bunny that is also a senior at Crockett High. With her lean body and weekly trips to the tanning booth (during the winter), Chrystal looks like she hails from Southern California, rather than Houston Texas! Another one of  Aimee Szalinski’s friends, as well as a neighbor that’s aptly named for her nearly crystal-clear blue eyes . . .

Tamara Owens: A hot African-American woman who’s out shopping with her friend Lawandah for after Christmas bargains, as well as a good man! However, Darren Le Braun is about to give Tamara some new priorities in life . . . Inspired by the ever-so-lovely, Gabrielle Union.   

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