Tales from the Tuckerverse – Clockwork Revenge, Part II

by Zero

This is Part 2 of an epic three-parter, near-novella done by successive authors (read Part 1 here). Check out the index to the Tuckerverse stories if you'd like to catch up.

Chapter 1: Four Weeks Ago

Oceanside, California

               Mary Beth looked the same as ever, or so thought the dark-haired woman as she approached the owner and operator of the Talbot Lockers facility. It had been almost a year since the pair had last met, but the older, sultry brunette still smiled as she saw one of her oldest customers approach. “Ashley Tisdale, now there's a woman I haven't seen in a while!”

The owner stood up from her desk, her dumpy jumpsuit not enough to hide the large bounce of her generous breasts. Some people by Mary Beth's age of thirty-five started to look a bit old, but she appeared to be the exception to the rule. Ashley herself was near Mary Beth's age but still looking quite sharp herself, even after escaping from long-term captivity. “I know, I was in South America,” confessed Ashley. “Things got a little out of my control.”

               “That explains the clothes,” remarked Mary Beth, looking at the younger woman, who was clad in dirty jeans, cheap wooden sandals and a grease-stained T-shirt. “What, did you get smuggled across the border?”

               “As a matter of fact...” began Ashley.

               “Don't tell me, I don't want the government on my ass,” laughed Mary Beth, shaking her head. “You've always been a fighter, ever since high school. If you could survive a week trapped in a cave with a broken leg, you could survive whatever it was.”

               “I'd like to just leave that behind me and become a civilized member of society again,” insisted Ashley, changing the subject. “My locker still full?”

               “You know I'd never stab you in the back, even if your credit ran out three months ago,” smiled Mary Beth, producing a key from a large ring she wore at her waist. “104, just as always. Come on.”

               “Actually...” muttered Ashley, glancing outside. The windows to the building were darkened and it was nearly sunset, plus since the facility was small there was no one else around. Mary Beth herself just lived in an apartment above the building. “I'd rather do this one alone, sorry babe.” Moving like a snake, Ashley produced a syringe filled with a drug she'd helped invent and injected into Mary Beth's back, her other hand clasping over the woman's mouth to muffle the scream. The Type-7 sedative in the medical device was all pushed into Mary Beth's bloodstream, locking her in place and turning her into a statue. Leaving the needle in her old friend's body, Ashley grabbed the keys from her hands and quickly locked the office door.

               A weak, lone tear trickled down Ashley's cheek as she looked at Mary Beth, frozen in shock as one of her oldest friends had betrayed her. “I'm sorry, but to accomplish my goals... I can't afford to have any friends,” Ashley whispered, gently stroking Mary Beth's hair before giving her a final, tender kiss. With that Ashley set out to find her locker.

               Getting to California had been a nightmare. After the freak electrocution had caused the chip enslaving her to fail, Ashley had immediately grabbed whatever was available and left town before her captors would know what had happened. The first leg of Ashley's journey had been paid for using stolen pieces of art, some made of gold, and she'd defended herself from the criminals she'd done deals with using a supply of the Type-7 drug. Unfortunately the chemical soon ran low, leaving Ashley to use other methods that were less pleasant, including agreeing to sleep with one particularly unsavory Mexican to get into the US. The trip had been hell, but as Mary Beth had said, Ashley was a survivor. The thought of the revenge had deeply motivated Ashley, though it had made her cross several lines she'd hoped never to do. Now Ashley was resorting to stealing from her only remaining friend from high school.

               Locker 104 clicked open after Ashley used the key. Sliding the garage-like door open, Ashley was pleased to see everything was just as she'd left it. In one corner was a simple cot, stashed in case of emergencies. Mary Beth had on the occasion allowed for squatters and twice during her twenties Ashley had been forced to resort to doing so as well. Precious few family heirlooms also dotted the room, including Ashley's grandfather's gun from World War II and her great-grandmother's teapot. But what Ashley had come looking for was simple, and was sitting at a cheap wooden desk, still operating after nearly a year: a laptop.

               Sitting down at the desk, Ashley did a check on the computer and smiled. Prior to her first formal dealings with the Paradise Foundation she'd placed a worm inside their mainframe to gather information, just in case they stabbed her in the back, which proved prophetic. Data gathered included new updates on the chip program, new variants of Type-7 and, most impressively, specs on the Uranus generator. Ashley would end up spending over two hours at the laptop, learning how Paradise had attempted to use Erika Stone's DNA and her own chips to conquer the world. The data Ashley had pirated even included details on how Scott Dawson had been the one to bring the organization down in the end, not Interpol. Following that there was nothing, most likely due to the Paradise Foundation being effectively destroyed.

               Her head spinning as she caught up somewhat on recent events, Ashley knew she needed time to rest and get healthy. Exiting her locker for the moment, Ashley locked up and returned to Mary Beth, gently removing the syringe from her back and proceeding to drag the living mannequin upstairs.

               Mary Beth's apartment was modest, the girl, in spite of being surprisingly sexy, not having much of an opinion on appearances. There were two couches, a coffee table, a small kitchen, a TV, a basic bathroom with a shower but no bathtub and a small bedroom containing a queen-sized bed and a desk with a computer that had a cathode ray tube monitor. “God, you never did care much for all the junk most people hold dear,” remarked Ashley as she tiredly dragged her friend to the bed. The rogue scientist had planned to play with her friend but fell asleep before that could happen.

* * *

               Morning came and Ashley stirred, somewhat embarrassed to of fallen asleep in such away, lying on top of the rigid Mary Beth. “You’re really comfy, same as always,” whispered Ashley, smiling and giving her statue a kiss before getting up to shower. The shower was followed by coffee and then locking Mary Beth in her bathroom after stripping her completely. Ideally Ashley would of played to make up for the previous night but she was too focused and only felt up her old friend a bit before exiting. Mary Beth had been given an overdose thus she’d remain a statue until she was found and a cure was brought in, giving Ashley potentially days.

               Following breakfast Ashley equipped herself, dressing in some of Mary Beth’s clothes that fit half-decently, carrying her friend’s wallet and cell phone as well as the keys to her GM van. Next Ashley opened her locker again, retrieving her possessions and loading them into the van. While the laptop was valuable, Ashley had also recovered some stashed money, Type-7 and even a few chips, though they were outdated models compared to the ones used to control her and the other women at Scott Dawson’s home. Before long Ashley was ready to leave and set her sights northward, towards the city where a woman she wanted revenge against lived: Malibu.

* * *

Decker State College, Malibu, California

One Day Later…

               “Nice to meet you, Miss Tisdale,” offered the science department secretary; a young man whom Ashley figured didn’t mind the title given his pink shirt. Ashley smiled, nodded, and walked past the secretary, entering the office of Science Dean Charles Gilbert. Charles had held the position for over ten years thus he was no stranger to Ashley.

The older man smiled when the younger woman entered, offering her his hand. “Ashley, its been a while,” remarked the Dean, shaking hands with her.

“Only four years, Charlie,” smiled Ashley, trying not to wince at the Dean’s powerful grip. The pair sat, Charles producing a folder from his desk.

“What are you looking for exactly?” asked Charlie, opening the red paper-holder. “I heard you quit Stone Enterprises last year. You looking to run a science club, maybe do some guest lectures?”

“Actually Charlie, I was hoping to teach,” revealed Ashley with a weak grin.

“… You are aware you need a degree for that?” stuttered Charles, clearly stunned by the revelation. “I mean, cripes Ash! We go way back, given you were one of my pupils before I was the Dean here, but I can’t just wave a wand and make you a teacher!”

“Charlie, come on, I know how the board works,” fired back Ashley. “Maybe ten percent of the teaching staff here has a degree in education. Most of your business professors are just failed entrepreneurs. The board hires them to teach because they have interesting stories and they don’t have to be paid as much as those that are qualified to teach. When it comes to teaching at this college, I’m over-qualified.”

“We’re also in the middle of a semester,” sighed the Dean, rubbing his forehead and ultimately leaning back. “Look, I know you have a mechanical and chemical background. I can probably get you hired as a sub or assistant to Samantha Ross. Still, the pay won’t be great.”

“My old boss has pretty much made me unemployable in my chosen field, so really anything is fine at this point,” Ashley lied. Ashley had officially resigned from Stone Enterprises of her own accord while Erika herself was in hiding as a mannequin in Sandy Vanholt’s possession, but getting a new job that field might now attract the attention of her former boss who still believed Ashley to be one of Scott’s pet robots. As for money Ashley didn’t need a lot, her savings and secret bank account easily worth a few million, most of it courtesy of the Paradise Foundation. What Ashley was after was equipment, as purchasing what she needed might attract attention, something she was desperately trying to avoid.

“Alright, I guess the job is yours then,” shrugged Charles. “I’ll make the arrangements. You should be able to start within the week.”

“Great!” exclaimed Ashley. “Oh, I forget, is there staff housing here?”

“Sam has a guest-house available if you’re looking for a place,” offered Charles. While living on campus wasn’t required, Decker State College did convert several old frat and sorority houses into homes for teachers.

               “Perfect, it'll be nice to be neighbors with her as well as a colleague,” lied Ashley, once again hiding her tick, though being neighbors with Samantha was entirely bad news. “If you can get me a key I'll be happy to start moving in immediately.”

               “Alright, go see facilities while I make some calls,” suggested Charles, gesturing for Ashley to leave. “Nice to have you onboard, Ash.”

               “Don't worry Charlie, you won't regret this,” smiled Ashley.

* * *

Hours later…

               It had taken Ashley ten minutes to figure out how to lock-pick Samantha Ross's backdoor, and another five to discover she was a serious wine person. After that it didn't take the scientist much effort to spike the professor's opened bottle while it sat on the counter, the woman herself upstairs drawing a bath. With the water flowing Ashley had managed to force the lock, walk around and even knock over a broom without so much as the water being turned down. The kitchen had a back door leading to the guest-house after a decently-long path which Ashley had used to get in. The rogue scientist was now hovering outside the door she’d picked open, watching keenly at what was happening inside.

               After a few minutes Samantha Ross, a gorgeous redhead who hid her body with conservative dress, emerged from upstairs, clad only in a white towel, her hair dripping wet from under a second towel that was wrapped around it. The petite thirty-something didn’t seem to notice anything unusual and headed for the counter where the bottle of wine and a lone glass sat. Picking up the two objects, Sam smiled as she poured herself a glass of red. The teacher then raised her glass, said something Ashley couldn’t hear, and took a brief sip. After over thirty seconds of Sam not moving the glass from her lips Ashley knew her drug had worked.

               “I knew about the board of education, but I didn’t realize everyone on it was as stiff as one!” joked Ashley to herself as she entered the kitchen once again, a backpack over her shoulder. Carefully the scientist removed the glass from Sam’s left hand, leaving the woman’s lips pursed around empty air, her hand grasping the same. “My, you’re all wet, I’d better dry you off,” remarked Ashley sensually as she put her bag down and proceeded to loosen the towel around the professor’s chest. With a simple tug the fluffy white towel fell to the floor, revealing the body of a woman who was not conservative at heart, no matter what her fashion sense told you.

               “Nice, good proportions,” remarked Ashley as she poked the woman’s breasts. The towel around Sam’s hair came off next, letting the fluffy red mop of hair spill all around her face, even over her brow. “Hah, now you’re drinking air!” laughed Ashley before fixing the woman’s hair, pulling it behind her left shoulder. “Well, I should get to work, but give us a kiss first,” insisted Ashley, getting naturally no reply from Sam as she leaned in and let the human statue’s lips graze her cheek.

               “Ah, how I long to continue this game, but I should fix you first so you don’t wake up partway through,” noted Ashley, producing a chip from the backpack she’d put down earlier along with a laptop. The device was small and came with a flesh-colored cover, thus when Ashley placed it on the back of Sam’s neck it blended in almost perfectly. The needle on the inside of the device delivered a tiny amount of Type-7 into the person’s body and used the point of contact as well as the drug itself to suppress the subject’s mental being. The result was the chip could turn the person into a human puppet, doing as commanded by whoever held a special remote. Ashley’s original chip had made the person move very much like a robot while the Paradise Foundation’s improvements had allowed for smoother movements and the subjects to even continue as normal, almost as if they weren’t chipped at all, but at a loss of virtually all emotions.

               Pulling a USB cord out and connecting it to the chip via a small wire, Ashley turned on her laptop. “Lets make sure you’re normal come Monday’s class, I can’t have the kids wondering why there teacher is a robot,” remarked Ashley as she got to work. The guest house was nice, but to fully take advantage of her new position she’d need extra space as well as the backing of a key member of the department’s staff.


Chapter 2: Three Weeks Ago

               “Remember to sign up for our after class chemistry club, as well as the student aide position!” Samantha Ross reminded her class as it dispersed. The class, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, contained some of the most gifted students at Decker State College. In deterrence to popular stereotypes two of the brightest students in the class were both cheerleaders: Julie Vaughn and Michelle Gim, the squad’s co-captains, though their status was unofficial. The main competitor for besides the pair for the position of student aide was Friday, an eccentric retro-dresser who’s GPA was staggeringly high, which as the main suspected reason as to why the chancellor had allowed the girl to hide her last name from the registry.

               Ashley Tisdale leaned back in her chair at her small desk and watched the students exit, noting in particular those who signed up for the position of aide, which was posted on the wall near the exit of the class. Unsurprisingly the three smartest girls were there, as were a few intelligent boys, but no one else really caught Tisdale’s attention. The class was the perfect front for her experiments with Type-7, as she knew the drug had untapped medical application and with the help of the class she figured she could produce a lot more and maybe even come up with some variations. Professor Ross hadn’t been listed as suspicious by anyone yet in spite of suddenly having shorter office hours and less flair in her lectures. All in all it seemed like Ashley’s ploy was currently working.

               “Good work Sam, now go into your office, lock the door and play statue for a bit,” ordered Ashley. The lecture hall was reserved exclusively for Sam’s classes thus her office was adjacent to it and there were two desks on both sides of the door. Sam snapped up at attention once the order was given, turned around and practically marched into her office, doing as was ordered. “Hmm… I should fix that,” remarked Ashley, grinning and taking a sip of coffee. Glancing outside the lecture hall’s window however Ashley’s body went cold, not hot, when she saw a problem.

               Sandy Vanholt, a girl who’d helped Erika Stone over a year ago when she’d used the newly-developed Type-7 to kidnap women from all over the world and turn them into sex toys. Her father had gotten her off but she knew about Erika’s ability and Type-7, plus she’d even once met Ashley. The blond was wandering towards a different building and didn’t glance at the window but Ashley had hidden face with a textbook anyways, worried that the blond would spot her and report her. Ashley currently wasn’t on the Interpol watch-list, but that didn’t mean someone wouldn’t still want her behind bars.

               “This won’t do,” moaned Ashley, having not been aware that the blond was attending college at DSC. Thinking quickly, the former scientist switched on the computer on her desk and, after logging in, checked student records. Sandy’s profile was quickly found, detailing that she’d recently been removed from her sorority and was now living in the student apartments by herself. This meant having Sandy disappear would not be a big issue, but approaching her was still a problem. Then Ashley remembered she had Sam.

* * *

Hours later…

               “I still don’t get why a chemistry teacher wants to see me,” complained Sandy Vanholt as she arrived in Samantha Ross’s office. Sandy was fresh from her last class and sported a white halter top with red shorts, something more suitable for volleyball, her hair behind her ears and full of body. The teacher, dressed in a conservative gray business dress with pantyhose and fake librarian glasses, her hair in a tight bun, sat at her desk, frowning.

               “The dean wondered if you’d be able to do the college a favor,” explained Ross. “We were hoping you’d be able to convince some of your friends to donate to the college.”

               “Friends, ha,” sighed Sandy, suddenly looking like she was about to cry. “Ever since my dad’s troubles I’ve managed to alienate everyone I know. The sorority has completely dumped me and my classmates are still pissed due to my old attitude. I’m all alone, miss Ross, so I’m sorry but I can’t help you.”

               “Well, you still can, actually,” declared Ashley, emerging from behind the door and slamming it closed.

               “Oh my god, it’s you!” exclaimed Sandy after screaming. One would suspect the loud noises would draw attention, but Ashley had spent the last few hours ensuring no one would be able to hear sounds coming from inside the office.

               “Sam, restrain her,” ordered Ashley, reaching into her own pocket and producing a syringe. Samantha Ross stood and wrapped her arms around Sandy’s body, squeezing tightly and neutralizing the girl’s movement.

               “Ouch, you’re hurting me!” screamed Sandy, struggling in vain. The chips not only turned people into slaves, it made them tap into previously-hidden abilities, thus Samantha now was able to use all the strength in her body and could do so for a long period of time. Back when she’d first invented the chips Ashley had used one of her first slaves, Mary, as a swimming partner and she’d managed to hold her breath for over eight minutes, barely managing two before being chipped. Killing emotions indeed made the chipped individuals stronger.

               “Try this, it’ll stop the pain,” offered Ashley, injecting a special concoction into Sandy’s struggling arm. After a few moments her arm went stiff and her body locked up, unable to move under her own power below the top of the neck.

               “What did… you do… to me…” gasped out Sandy, having trouble speaking.

               “A diluted Type-7 solution, designed to never fully disable,” remarked Ashley, speaking slowly. “You can still think, see, hear, even speak, but your body’s locked stiff and your brain isn’t processing very fast. To be the opposite of politically correct, it’s like being retarded and paralyzed from the neck down at the same time.”

               “That’s… terrible…” managed Sandy, a tear managing to emerge from her eyes.

               “Yeah, its torture, but I figure I’m already considered an international criminal, why try to be nice?” asked Ashley, grinning ear to ear. “Alright, enough with this bullshit, I’m doing to chip you now and use you as my little toy. I have some new software I need to test.”

               “Why… are you…” whispered Sandy, clearly having trouble doing anything.

               “You know too much, kid,” sighed Ashley. “A shame, really. But then I remember you’re also a very sexy girl and I’m actually glad I have an excuse to make you mine.” With that Ashley produced a small chip and placed it on the back of Sandy’s neck. The girl’s eyes widened as the action took place and her body then froze completely.

               “Good work Sam, you can let go of her now,” said Ashley, her slave then stepping down. Sandy remained in her rigid pose, her arms raised below the elbows and her legs spread, her mouth slack-jawed and her eyes wide. “Sit down and take a nap, you could probably use some rest.” Samantha didn’t hesitate at the orders, sitting back in her desk chair and immediately slumping forward, her eyes close and her arms loose.

               Producing her laptop from her desk, Ashley connected to the chip she’d placed on Sandy and called up a personality simulator program. Unlike the ‘be yourself’ setting which neutralized emotions, the programs would allow pre-designed attitudes to be stapled on. The programs weren’t perfect as they were limited in number and still didn’t allow for a person’s true individuality to stand out, but it would allow them to seem less cold. While Sam needed to teach class Sandy could easily be excused, being listed as being ill, thus allowing her to be the perfect guinea pig.

               “Okay, let’s start with ‘cheerleader,’” suggested Ashley, running the first program she’d created. Sandy suddenly moved to stand at attention before blinking and proceeding to lick her left pinky.

               “I’m too hot to study, I’ll just get some nerd to do my assignments for me,” cooed Sandy, stroking her breasts with her pinky.

               “Wow, might have been too cliché,” mused Ashley, pausing Sandy with per pinky on her right breast. “Okay, let’s try… bookworm.” Sandy returned to a neutral pose before starting a new set of movements. The girl rubbed her nose, as if she was wearing glasses, and sniffed.

               “I think you’ll find Don Quixote to be a more interesting read than the latest shopping trip that Megan Wolff went on,” huffed Sandy, causing Ashley to groan again.

               “I knew they’d sound cliché, but this is just awful,” sighed the scientist, pausing Sandy again. “Good thing I have the perfect test subject!”

* * *

Days later…

               Erika Stone smiled as she watched her friends, married couple Monica Stein and Caitlin Trafford, do everyone but have sex on an extra-large pool chair while dressed only in a pair of purple robes. The blond billionaire herself wore a similar robe and was cuddling with her own lover Mary Hamilton, the redhead currently fast asleep while Erika sipped extremely old white wine. It was a sunny afternoon so the four had decided to gather around Erika’s penthouse pool and relax. The day before Erika’s accountants had called her up to tell her that she’d just donated money to a local business she’d never heard of and after a day of convincing her money-handlers that it wasn’t enough to get worried about she’d decided to take a break.

               “I’ve finished,” suddenly announced Talieya, Erika’s maid, who appeared from inside the penthouse, dressed in a blue variant of the classic French maid outfit complete with fishnets. A while back Talieya had come after Erika, blaming her for why the Paradise Foundation had kidnapped her earlier on, but after being caught she’d agreed to work as Erika’s maid in exchange for not being sent to jail. Talieya took things in stride now, happy just to have a well-paying job even if it meant wearing embarrassing outfits and getting drugged for sexual purposes even though she did not have sexual interest in her clients. Though the two couples were committed to each other they all still enjoyed playing and Talieya was just another one of their potential guests at night, even if she wasn’t actually into women in spite of prior experimentation.

               “Thanks love, feel free to go home, we’ll be fine today,” called Erika, flashing her maid a smile as the brunette nodded and headed back inside.

               “Don’t feel like having a Greek threesome?” muttered Mary, seemingly still asleep, referring to Talieya’s ethnicity.

               “No, I was actually thinking of calling someone else over for a change,” mused Erika, putting down her wine and kissing the love of her life on the cheek. “I’m starting to wonder if I haven’t done it all before. I can’t believe sex is actually getting dull!”

               “Well, we have been living like this for quite a while,” offered Mary, her eyes open now as she slid up Erika’s body and returned the earlier kiss with one on the lips. “Maybe we should take a chance and be the mannequins for a change, let someone play with us?” Erika didn’t reply, instead moving down Mary’s body and sticking her tongue down the center of her robe. As Mary moved to undo her robe there was suddenly a sound from inside the house. The two couples stopped their romantic acts in time to see Sandy Vanholt walk onto the deck, smiling and waving a key Erika had given her a while back. The college student was wearing a silver party dress with black heels, her hair up in a high ponytail and a white purse around her other arm.

               “Hi girls, hope you don’t mind me popping by!” exclaimed the blond, her grin wide enough to get caught in doorframes.

               “Oh, what a surprise!” Erika almost screamed in happiness, getting up and running over to the young blond, giving her a kiss hello. “I was sorry to hear about your father. Are you holding up okay?”

               “Yes, aside from being kicked out of my sorority,” Sandy revealed, getting a group hug from the four women in sympathy with no one really noticing that she hadn’t dropped her smile. “I was hoping we could play a little, if you’re not busy.”

               “Not at all, I have just the thing!” announced Mary. “We four will drink some spiked wine and you play with us. After we unfreeze we’ll do it again but with someone else taking your spot.”

               “It would be nice for all of us to play mannequin for a change,” remarked Caitlin. Type-7 was a recreational drug for the four women as they regularly used it for fun, sometimes tricking others into taking it or doing scenarios like what Mary was proposing.

               “Yeah, I’m in,” agreed Monica.

               “Alright, let’s do it then!” squealed Erika. Mary then proceeded to wander over to a side table and grabbed a bottle of wine that still had the cork in it as well as four glasses, opening the container and filling the four cups.

               “It’s diluted heavily, so it’ll maybe last an hour,” Mary told Sandy. “Watch out for helicopters, you don’t want those seeing naked people while flying by!” Sandy continued to smile and nodded as the four older women took their glasses while she retrieved the bottle.

               “Cheers!” declared Erika, clinking glasses with her friends. With that each woman took a deep drink of the wine, emptying their glasses. Monica froze first, her tongue licking the rim of her glass as she held it with both hands, her eyes closed. Mary was next, her glass in her right hand with her left in mid-gesture, her index finger partially extended towards Erika, her lips parted slightly. Erika followed her lover, her glass still touching her lips as she hadn’t quite managed to lower it in time. Caitlin went last, wrapping her arms around Mary and freezing right before she could kiss her fellow redhead on the cheek.

               Sandy stood by, a smile frozen on her face as she stood still. After almost a minute Sandy casually dropped the bottle, letting it shatter as she headed back inside the penthouse and made a direct line for the main door, the smile still on her face. Along the way there was Talieya who echoed Sandy’s earlier pose when Ashley had captured and chipped her, the Greek standing in surprise, her eyes wide and her mouth open with her arms raised in protest, a syringe still in her back. Opening up the front door Sandy allowed her controller Ashley Tisdale to enter, the dark-haired woman practically dancing with delight, closing the door behind her and promptly pressing the freeze button on her remote to immobilize Sandy.

               “Too easy!” laughed the scientist, doing a full circle of Talieya before heading out towards the pool, a red backpack on her shoulders. “Hello ladies, why so stiff?!” mocked Ashley, avoiding the broken glass as she put down her bag and produced four chips. “I think you’ll like them, they’re special!” revealed Ashley with a grin.

* * *

Hours later…

               Ashley moaned in pleasure as she lay naked on Erika’s bed, Mary massaging her breasts while Caitlin worked a dildo. The women were now naked, naturally as were the rest of the chipped women who were also in the room. Sandy was posed sensually at the foot of the bed with her arms squeezing Monica’s rear, the older woman touching Sandy’s breasts and pressing her tongue on the blond’s left shoulder. Erika was the only one doing any work, sitting at the desk in the corner chatting on the phone while casually touching herself.

               “Mistress, I’ve completed my work,” declared Erika, handing up the phone and standing. “I’m now on vacation for the next three weeks.”

               “Oh that’s… that’s… ahh… Caitlin, freeze,” gasped Ashley, unable to think thus her order. Caitlin did as she was told, locking up with the blue sex toy poised for another go. “Mary, sleep,” Ashley moaned next, causing the other redhead to instantly stop touching Ashley sexually and slump over. “Good work Erika,” Ashley finally managed, working her way out from under her former assistant and lover as she lay limp. “Now, I want you to, starting tomorrow, continue to act normal, but on your vacation. Don’t travel anywhere outside of the region and don’t use Type-7 unless I tell you.”

               “Understood,” nodded Erika, standing at attention with a blank look on her face. Ashley smiled and kissed the woman in happiness. Then after glancing over at the bed Ashley got another idea.

               “Mary will be visiting relatives in Europe if anyone asks,” Ashley added to her previous order. “Monica, unfreeze and go stash that maid in a closet or something. We can’t have a liability sitting around.” The other dark-haired woman in the room suddenly withdrew her tongue and moved out of Sandy’s rigid hold, exiting the room to go and deal with Talieya.

               “It would be nice to have a bit more fun, but I’ve got stuff to do,” Ashley sighed, touching Erika’s breasts nonchalantly. “Sandy, Caitlin, sleep.” Immediately the blond and the redhead who’d been frozen in poses defrosted and slumped over, Sandy hitting the floor while Caitlin luckily was still on the bed.

“Erika, get dressed, we need to go shopping,” revealed Ashley.


Chapter 3: Two Weeks Ago

“We’ve gone over everyone’s past assignments and we’ve officially chosen Michelle to be our student aide for the rest of the semester,” announced Samantha Ross, causing a few people to groan in disappointment while a few others went so far as to clap in approval, the chosen student among them. “For those that have signed up for our club, we’ll start tomorrow after the lecture,” continued the professor, Ashley sitting quietly at the assistant’s desk. “Michelle, if you’d please stay behind. The rest of you, class is over so please feel free to leave.”

The students of the class stood and there was much muttering as they exited. Friday in particular looked very disappointed, giving the smiling Michelle the evil eye as she exited, Julie Vaughn patting her on the back. Soon every student was gone save Michelle, who stood in front of Sam’s desk expectantly, wearing her orange an white cheerleading outfit with a brown purse at her side, her dark hair in a low ponytail. “Miss Ross, I just wanted to say-,” began Michelle before being cut off.

“Congratulations, now please go in my office,” ordered Sam, coming off as very cold. Michelle frowned but nodded and did as she was told, the two older women that had been in the class room with her following.

Inside the office was a lab table with a series of test tubes on it as well as a hot plate, a sliced orange and a citrus juicer. “We’d like to start right away by having you combine that clear chemical those three tubes with the juice from an orange and then boil it,” explained Ashley, indicating the table.

“I need to go get some equipment for the next experiment,” Sam then abruptly announced. “Michelle, you and Ashley stay here.” With that Samantha left the office and the Korean cheerleader shook her head.

“It seems like ever since you were hired she’s been a lot less… social,” remarked Michelle, clearly a bit troubled. “Are you two having issues working together?”

“Not really, she was warm enough the first two days,” pointed out Ashley. “My theory is it had to do with an argument she had with a man in her house a couple of days after I moved into the guest house. But that isn’t important right now, lets just get this experiment going.”

“Sure thing,” agreed Michelle, starting by squeezing the juice out of the orange with the juicer and pouring it into the container on top of the hot plate. Next the girl added the three chemicals and then she tuned on the heat. It wasn’t a lot of liquid so boiling took very little time. “What are we looking for exactly?” asked Michelle, not getting the experiment.

“In a few seconds most of the liquid should be gone, and what’s left could be a strangely simple solution to issues with morphine and sedatives,” revealed Ashley, suddenly smiling a bit sinisterly. Michelle opened her mouth but then her eyes went wide as she looked down at her feet.

“My, my legs!” exclaimed the cheerleader in a panic, her knees moving but her feet remaining rooted in place, almost like they’d been turned to stone. “What… what’s going on?!” gasped Michelle, gasping for air.

“A while back a fluke had demonstrated that my pet drug reacted like this when mixed with citrus,” Ashley casually told the student, dropping all innocence. “I figured why not make a science experiment out of it?”

“What are you talking about?!” screamed Michelle in frustration as he knees suddenly locked up, her arms flailing and knocking over a tube.

“Hello, I’m evil McFly, think, will you?” mocked Ashley with a laugh, slapping Michelle on the head and causing her to topple over, leaving the girl on her back her arms still swinging about. “You’ve been given a dose of a typical sedative mixed with a muscle stiffener that simulates a coma, effectively turning you into a human mannequin. The acidic nature of citrus fruits causes the process to not target the entire body in one go.”

“You’re insane!” screamed Michelle, slamming her fists into the floor before taking a wild swing at the scientist. “You’ll end up just like I, we both breathed the same steam!”

“Actually, thanks to the device I put on the back of my neck, I’ll be just fine,” laughed Ashley, kneeling down as Michelle’s arms froze in mid-flail. “I could have just stuck one on you right away, but where’s the fun in that?”

“Please… please…” whimpered Michelle, tears now forming on her face as she looked at her arms in fear. “I’ll do anything; just… don’t make me go out like this…”

“What’s the password to your laptop?” demanded Ashley.

“… It’s… ‘Keanu,’” admitted Michelle, her lips quavering as her neck stopped squirming. “Now…”

“Enjoy the break from the real world,” smiled Ashley as she stood. Michelle’s tears subsequently stopped as her face locked up, shock within her eyes, her mouth agape.

A few minutes later Ashley had managed to stand Michelle up and was proceeding to feel the girl up, enjoying her anti-stereotypical nipples and stripper-like skill with a razor. It was then that Sam returned, Michelle’ white laptop in her grasp. “Good work my dear, now be a doll and put a chip on our new girl,” ordered Ashley, then regretting her choice of words as Sam merely stood where she was, her arms going extra rigid and her hands opening wide as if getting ready to salute or do a military march. “Stupid voice commands,” groaned Ashley. “Sam, stop being a doll and put a chip on Michelle, then go unfreeze Sandy so we can be together.” The redheaded teacher obeyed the order, heading over to her desk to produce one of the new chips she, Mary and Sandy had been building en mass at night while Ashley slept and when they weren’t producing more Type-7.

“Let’s see… journals…” muttered Ashley after logging on to Michelle’s laptop. Ever since arriving at DSC Ashley had been looking for people to use as an army and while her three current slaves were good she’d need more to be able to simultaneously produce her needed arsenal and gather important information. With Erika chipped Ashley had bought some needed time but the threat of her old Interpol enemies, whom she’d already managed to learn from Erika’s database were with something called IT now, was still there. Scott Dawson, Ashley’s captor, was another problem that could crop up soon, thus Ashley needed an army. The DSC cheerleaders were perfect as they were sexy and athletic, plus they could easily be hidden away as being on a trip of some kind.

“Wow, you really have a love-hate thing for your captain,” remarked Ashley as she glanced over the now-chipped Michelle, the girl still standing in her frozen pose due to no orders being given. Sandy, who’d been hidden in the office closet, had now arrived with Sam and the pair were flanking the Korean. “Okay, the next practice is tomorrow,” announced Ashley, reading more of Michelle’s journal. Sam, go home, wake-up Mary and make sure I have eleven more chips ready for tomorrow morning. Sandy, Michelle, go buy a Gatorade container and fill it with Type-7 and a green liquid that isn’t poisonous, I don’t care what. Bring it by the house when you’re done then strip and wait for me in bed. Sam, when you and Mary are done I want you to freeze mid-kiss on the downstairs couch. Go now.”

* * *

The Next Day…

               “Michelle, what’s with the container?” asked Rachel Xanders inside the female locker room, which itself was inside the DSC sports field building. It was winter so the girls had been drilling inside. The squad was almost all present save for one: Julie Vaughn, who’d called in sick.

               The squad was led by Rachel, a tall blond who was the heartthrob of many local boys and the occasional girl. Michelle was on of her unofficial co-captains, the other being Julie. Rachel’s three closest squad-mates besides Michelle and Julie were Kelli McAdams, Pamela Flipspatrick and Brianne Walsh. Kelli was a blond by both hair color and profession, though luckily her stupidity didn’t affect her masterful dance skills. Pamela was the squad’s bold yet cowardly redhead who was superstitious and watched too many horror movies. Brianne was the resident girl from the southern state who’s shimmering brown hair and accent drove boys wild while her book smarts rivaled those of Michelle and Julie, though her street intelligence left something to be desired.

               The other six girls were all new that year, some new to school, some new to cheerleading and other just having risen from lesser school spirit teams. Zella Krueger was the squad’s second-tallest girl who was only an inch shorter than Rachel. A German exchange student, Zella tended to speak poor English but none the less loved quoting popular television programs and movies. None the less Zella’s frame and blond hair had caused her to be labeled an ‘Amazonian-Aryan Princess’ around campus. Missy Pine was the only other brunette on the squad, a Canadian who seemingly knew every kind of dancing style in the world as she’d yet to be stumped.

               Rita Hemp was a petite blond nicknamed ‘Pocket Barbie’ due to her perfectly-sized frame for a girl who was five-foot one. Carmen Inglewood was Rita’s best friend, both being originally from Malibu, Carm herself a redhead with a pale complexion and a few inches on her pal. Stephanie Kinloch and Anne Noah were likewise also best friends, both blonds from Santa Monica who were nearly identical as they’d copied each other so much only their blue and brown eyes separated them along with the half-inch height difference.

               The item Rachel had been asking about was the Gatorade container sitting on the bench of the locker room with a dozen cups next to it. All the cheerleaders were hot from their practice and sweating but still in their outfits thus the obvious appeared to be lost on Rachel. “I thought we could use something extra since the heat was on extra high,” pointed out Michelle, coming off a bit chastising.

               “You know that has sugar in it,” moaned Rita, touching her stomach.

               “It usually tastes terrible too,” complained Carmen.

               “Come on girls, it does the body good!” exclaimed Zella, pouring herself a glass.

               “What if it’s poisoned?” whispered Pamela.

               “Okay, now that’s just stupid,” chided Missy. One by one the rest of the girls filled their cups until only Rachel was left, Michelle having gone even before Zella.

               “Ugh, fine, if it’ll make you happy,” complained Rachel, secretly glad people had decided to appreciate her friend’s special effort. “Green, huh? Good festive choice, though it isn’t Christmas yet.”

               “Hey, it’ll be here before we know it,” reminded Michelle as she raised her glass. “To the holidays, may they come quickly!”

               “Yeah!” shouted the rest of the squad in agreement, joining in a toast and quickly drinking their green liquid. Pamela, however, hesitated, not keen on the liquid.

               “How was it, Kelli?” Pam asked her roommate, who’d lowered her cup and licked her lips.

               “It tastes really…” began the blond, looking slightly puzzled before stopping in mid-sentence. Kelli’s left index finger was extended, her right holding her cup, her lips even parted as she looked up and to the right, clearly trying to access her memory.

               “Kelli?” asked Pamela, suddenly concerned. Confused, Pam waved a hand in front of Kelli’s face and was horrified to not get any kind of reaction. “Guys, something’s…!” began Pam, turning to face her other team members only to go completely pale in horror. Not only was Kelli immobile, so where all the others. Rachel was looking down at her cup in disdain; clearly not a fan of what she’d just drank. Brianne stood with her cup crumpled in her right hand, preparing to throw it into the nearby garbage. Missy was learning back, her cup still held to her lips with both hands, her eyes closed. Rita was in a more relaxed sipping pose, as was Michelle, both holding their cups to their lips. Zella was bending over, clearly intending to refill her own empty cup. Stephanie and Anne were in the process of tipping their glasses together, hands on their hips and massive grins on their faces, eyebrows raised as if trying to look sophisticated. Carmen was standing the most unusually, about to sit down on the bench that the cooler was resting on, her knees bent and her free left hand touching the surface.

               “Oh god, it’s just like the museum!” wailed Pamela, remembering her strange experience at a wax museum a while back. The redhead then promptly collapsed, her vision going as she fainted, managing to knock over Kelli in the process. Kelli in turn toppled like a mannequin, hitting the floor and not even breaking her rigid pose.

               “Now that was unexpected!” laughed Ashley, holding her stomach as she emerged from the shower area of the locker room where she’d been hiding with a dart pistol. “Come on girls, let’s get to work!” Ashley then shouted as she recomposed herself, moving towards the frozen cheerleaders and training her weapon on Pamela. From the showers Sandy, Mary and Sam all emerged, each one clad in a teal and pink leotard-style top with matching pants, their hair all in high ponytails which made them look like late 80’s fitness instructors. Each woman held a handful of chips while Ashley was dressed in her usual white blouse and black pants and carried her gun as well as a remote.

               “Michelle, unfreeze and dump the Gatorade, all of it,” Ashley ordered, causing the chipped Korean cheerleader to start collecting cups from everyone’s stiff hands. The three women who’d been hiding with Ashley each moved around the room, placing chips on all the helpless cheerleaders. Ashley stood by; smiling as she watched her slaves clean up the scene of the crime and ensure every girl would be enslaved to her will. Very soon all the Gatorade cups were in the garbage can, all the girls but Pam and Kelli were chipped.

               “Everyone, freeze,” Ashley suddenly said, causing all of her minions to stop in their tracks. The chipped cheerleaders were already frozen, having not been told to move yet, while Mary, Sandy and Sam each stopped behind their latest targets. Mary was behind Rachel, her hand still on the cheerleader’s neck, while Sandy was just stepping back from Zella. Sam had been bending down to pick up Kelli but hadn’t even touched the drugged girl yet. Michelle meanwhile had picked up the Gatorade container and taken a few steps towards the shower where she intended to dump the drug down the drain, the school sewers enough to dilute the Type-7 into ineffectiveness.

               Placing her weapon and controller aside, Ashley bent down and stood up Kelli, leaving her in her awkward pose but dragging her off into the showers. Upon her return Ashley moved and, with a bit of effort, managed to pick up Pamela in her arms and carried the girl into the shower, tucking her gun into her waistband.

               A few moments later Pam stirred as she sat in the corner, Ashley in her face and sitting on her arms and legs, a devious smile on her face. “What?!” screamed Pam in surprise, nearly fainting again if not for Ashley clasping her hands on the girl’s head.

               “Don’t go to sleep again, precious,” warned Ashley with an insincere smile. “I have a proposition for you.”

               “Who… who are you?!” whimpered Pam, tears starting to roll down her cheeks.

               “A very bad lady who’s turned your friends into mannequins,” revealed Ashley, grinning with evil. “If you want to make them normal again you’ll have to obey me.”

               “Wha…. What?!” exclaimed Pamela in shock, her eyes going even wider when she saw Kelli standing idly nearby. “Oh my god! How did you…?”

               “I’m not about to tell,” chided Ashley, stroking the tears away from Pamela’s face. “It’s okay, sweetheart. I just want to have a little fun, and if you stop being so scared you might enjoy it too.”

               “This is… just…” stuttered Pamela, only to get silenced when Ashley leaned in and gave the girl a tender kiss which she tried to resist but couldn’t as she had no where to go. “Oh god, you’re gay?! What, do you want me to sleep with you?!”

               “No, if I wanted that I’d of just… never mind,” began Ashley, smiling and shaking her head. “No, what I want you to do is simple: have sexy fun with your friend Kelli.”

               “What?!” exclaimed Pamela yet again, looking at her immobilized friend in surprise. “But she’s… she’s a mannequin, right? What do you expect me to do?”

               “Strip her, grope her, kiss her, love her,” recited Ashley, having come up with the phrase much earlier. “If you want her to be normal again, and not end up just like her, you’ll do it.”

               “… But she’s like my sister!” protested Pamela, looking extremely distressed.

               “Hey, I’m sure people have done incestuous things in the past when confronted by people like me, so at least you aren’t actually related,” mocked Ashley, moving to get off of Pam. “Too bad you’re not inter her sexually though, liking women makes life a lot easier.”

               “Yeah, but that’s not my thing,” sniffed Pamela, reluctantly standing now that she was free.

               “Get to it, and in case you were thinking of running…” ordered Ashley, producing her weapon and training it on the cheerleader. “Now go on, cop a feel and go from there.”

               After sniffing loudly once more Pamela reluctantly walked over to Kelli and, with little hesitation, stuck her hands on the girl’s breasts. “Give her a kiss,” goaded Ashley, waving her gun. Closing her eyes, Pam leaned in and let her lips gently massage Kelli’s, the first kiss of any kind the pair had shared.

               “Oh crap, you weren’t joking,” Ashley suddenly groaned, walking over and pushing Pam away from Kelli. “Ugh, I should just shoot you so you don’t have to do that again. It was bad for all of us.”

               “No, wait!” protested Pamela, going wide-eyed and cowering against the wall in fright. Ashley pointed her weapon, smiled, but then walked forward instead, entering the younger woman’s comfort zone and gently touching the girl’s face.

               “It’s okay,” whispered Ashley, moving to stroke the girl’s hair. “You’re so pretty… I just want to conserve it.”

               “What?” whispered Pamela, shuddering as Ashley continued to violate her personal space. Body heat was going crazy between the two, Ashley’s apparent lust being more than enough for both of them while Pam’s fear was confusing her internally.

               “I’ve always had dreams,” sighed Ashley, admiring Pamela as she continued to talk and hold the girl in case she attempted to flee. “I wanted to be rich, then live a life where I could bring beauty to the world. I thought I needed money to do it. It turns out I just needed one idea. Now I can be rich and give people the ability to never lose their precious beauty.”

               “That’s… you can’t…” stuttered Pamela before Ashley silenced her with a kiss.

               “There’s something about you, it must be your hair,” breathed Ashley after breaking contact. “I guess I’ve always thought that because it was rare red hair should be preserved. I don’t know… I just know that once I’ve had my revenge I can continue my work.”

               “You’re… insane…” gasped Pamela, breathing hard. By now the girl was incredibly confused, Ashley’s aggressive behavior and the tense situation making it unclear if she was still scared stiff or actually enjoying herself.

               “Well, I was chipped longer than anyone else, I could of lost a few marbles,” admitted Ashley, continuing to feel up a looser Pamela. “Alright, I think we’re done. However, I want to thank you for being such a good sport.”

               “What?” asked Pamela, dropping to the ground as Ashley let her go, heavy breaths escaping from her lips while her head was soaked with sweat. The girl, dazed, didn’t even notice Ashley raise her weapon again and fire, a dart striking her in the chest.

               “I think I’ll make you my new bed-warmer,” grinned Ashley, bending over to look at the suspended cheerleader. “Thanks for indulging me.”

* * *

Days later…

               “Thank you Erika, your mistress is pleased,” smiled Ashley as she sat in Ross’s office, the professor sitting at her own desk frozen while sitting from a coffee mug. “I can’t wait to start preparing everything. Tell the old owner thank you and then go back to business as usual, okay?” With that Ashley hung up, glad that Erika was still under her control. While Ashley had done several experiments with chips in the past before getting turned into a zombie herself she’d never tried having someone act independently for so long.

               “Good news Sammy, we’ve got a boat!” exclaimed Ashley, getting up and tapping the currently-frozen professor on the shoulders. “After the weekend we can start setting up, which means we should get cracking on those approved absences. Finding that missing cheerleader would be a good idea as well since she could spoil everything. Oh yeah, I guess I should tell you to unfreeze. There we go. Start working on the approved absences.”

               Sam Ross promptly lowered her coffee cup, whose contents had long since gotten cold, and started to work on her computer, now ignoring the world around her. While the chip personalities did allow chipped people to interact while on an assignment as well as seem less cold when acting normally, unless Ashley told them to act normal or respond to people who tried to talk to them they’d just ignore everything else, a serious flaw. Ashley had been trying but perfecting a chip that could allow the person to be probably controlled and still seem normal would be like perfecting AI, which was not going to happen anytime soon. Ashley herself doubted anyone around DSC, let alone over the rest of the world, could solve her mind control problem.

               “Mistress, I have returned,” Michelle suddenly announced, entering the office without knocking. Unsure of how to deal with her new slaves, Ashley had just made the cheerleaders wear their uniforms the entire time, something which apparently no one had been bothered by.

               “What news do you have?” asked Ashley, smiling as she walked over to give Michelle a quick kiss hello.

               “We have found the information you requested,” revealed Michelle mechanically, then silenced for a moment as her lips were caressed by Ashley’s. “We now have information on the ITEA. We know where every person on your list lives and where the ITEA has its main office located.”

               “Thank you again Erika,” laughed Ashley. Erika Stone’s money was one thing, but her database had been another. Apparently Lucienne Christophe now trusted her enough to have Monica be their main travel package arranger, helping build their cover stories as well. Ashley had tasked the cheerleaders to crack Monica’s database and use it to research every member of the ITEA as well as track down everyone Ashley wanted revenge against. Pleased, Ashley moved to kiss Michelle again, the student standing idly at attention as she’d been told to return with a report and that was all.

               “What the hell?!” exclaimed a new, surprise voice less than a minute later, Ashley jumping in shock. Looking up the scientist saw Friday, who was clad in a black blouse, pink vest, purple frilly skirt and pink stockings along with several plastic colored bracelets. The blond student looked like she was going to be sick.

               “I don’t recall saying our open door policy didn’t involve knocking,” hissed Ashley, giving Friday the evil eye.

               “No wonder you picked her, you bitch!” screamed Friday, flailing her arms in anger. “Miss Ross, I can’t believe you’re letting this happen!” Sam, having not been told to react to anything, merely continued to type.

               “Let’s calm down here…” offered Ashley, carefully moving towards Friday, her trusty dart gun still her waistband as a standard precaution now.

               “Miss Ross, will you at least answer me!” howled Friday instead, looking at her teacher in disbelief. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

               “Oh, screw it,” muttered Ashley, pulling out her gun and firing before Friday even saw it coming. The retro blond was promptly locked in place, her hands on Samantha’s desk and her eyes watery, her jaw hanging open. “Ugh, annoying bitch,” breathed Ashley. “Michelle, chip her and put her in the closet for now, would you? After that just say in there and join her. Sam, if anyone else enters act normally, but keep working on those requests. When you’re done just act normally but stay here. I need some air.” Michelle moved to drag Friday away while Sam continued to work and Ashley exited the office, closing the door behind her.

               Exiting the science building Ashley was glad to be outside, having spent much of the last few days either in Sam’s office or her house. Sandy had been dropped from her classes completely, instead now committed to creating Type-7 all day while Mary worked on chips. Ashley had considered recruiting Erika’s other two roommates as well as the maid she’d overdosed but decided to keep things small. The cheerleaders had been covert, only using an hour of their free time a day to do her research as well as some of their sleeping time, exhaustion less of an issue when your bodies were already more or less in stasis.

               Walking along, glad her weapon was hidden, Ashley suddenly found herself noticing a rather unique-looking girl up ahead. She was wearing a lot of leather and had short, dark hair that possessed a few colored streaks. In the past Ashley might have thought Goth but figured the touch of color and leather meant she was just a bit more punkish or even a tomboy. Since Ashley was heading the same way as the girl she couldn’t help but keep looking at her, which made what happened next more unusual. The girl moved, from one side of the path to the other, in the blink of an eye.

               Ashley stopped and rubbed her eyes, wondering if she’d just been tricked somehow by the light. Ashley looked on and was certain now that the girl was not where she’d been standing a moment ago. Knowing there was no logical explanation for what appeared to be teleportation, Ashley immediately realized that either the girl or someone else had stopped time. While it seemed illogical, Ashley did know of Erika Stone’s genetic trait which allowed for her to do such a thing, plus data collected from the Paradise Foundation that it wasn’t unreasonable to replicate it as they had. Deciding she needed to learn more, Ashley gave up on going and getting a bite to eat and proceeded to carefully follow the girl. Luckily since it was still in the afternoon there were several people walking around and Ashley, in spite of being older than the average student, didn’t stand out much.

               Watching the girl intently, Ashley quickly noted she was Asian and more than likely a student due to her apparent age. Ashley also quickly determined that the girl was watching another one, one she had managed to get familiar with: Britney Summers, a girl the professors Ashley had met with loved to complain about. Britney was a blond demon on the soccer field but had caused a few problems off of the field as she was infamous for skipping commitments and gone through quite a few math tutors. Ashley now had to wonder what the leather-bound girl’s interest was in Britney: was it personal, professional or sexual? All the more intrigued, Ashley continued to follow.

               Eventually Britney and the other girl stepped off of the path, heading into the library. Ashley continued to follow, still far enough away that neither seemed to notice her. Britney passed through the book scanner and walked off into a corner of the library dedicated to documentaries on VHS, a section that coincidentally would most likely have almost no one in. The girl followed Britney and Ashley followed her, carefully taking alternate routes and using her recently-acquired knowledge of the building’s layout to predict how the girl would move.

               Finally Ashley found a good vantage point around a corner and began watching intently. The leather girl hovered in the same aisle as Britney, the blond not even glancing over as she examined the shelves, moving her right index finger along as she searched for something. The Asian girl then suddenly snapped her fingers and walked over to Brit, who’d stopped at a certain VHS but wasn’t making any move to better inspect it. Being one of the inventors of Type-7 it wasn’t hard for Ashley to deduce that Britney was frozen when the leather girl began to grope her gently from behind. Ashley could tell that time hadn’t stopped otherwise she wouldn’t be witnessing the groping, thus it was clear something else was at work. Intrigued, Ashley silently slipped away.

               “Excuse me,” Ashley said to a male librarian who sat looking relatively bored at his desk, “There was a student just now, an Asian in black leather with colored hair. She seemed… off.”

               “Oh, that’s Chloe Noi,” remarked the librarian cracking a weak smile. “She’s always been like that, at least that’s what I’ve heard. She’s started a student club dedicated to mixed martial arts and I hear she’s loaded too. Funny, huh?”

               “Yeah, funny, thanks,” smiled Ashley, heading for the exit. “Chloe, huh?”


Chapter 4: One Week Ago

Shooter’s Pub, Malibu, California

               Ashley took a deep breath before entering the popular local pub, the fame due to Decker State College students frequenting the place due to its proximity to the campus. She’d spent the weekend hiring people to do modifications to her new home and gotten all the cheerleaders save the elusive twelve, Julie Vaughn, signed up for an extended leave so they could also be of use. Julie had been approached by Rachel and Michelle about a charity cruise that they claimed to be going on with the squad but she’d turned them down, stating she wanted to stay in the area for some reason. Mary and Sandy were still working day and night in Ross’s house making Type-7 and chips thanks to resources from the college science department. Sam meanwhile was stilling teaching classes and being used for administrative functions when necessary. Pamela was the only chipped person Ashley was now consistently sleeping with, having grown much attached to the redhead, most likely due to her fetish for red hair which dated back to high school.

               Ashley had spotted Chloe walking to the pub and was anxious to meet her, maybe even get her into a quiet spot and chip her. Ashley was carrying a chip as well as her dart gun, the weapon loaded with five compact Type-7 darts. Taking yet another deep breath, Ashley smiled slightly and strode into the pub.

               Shooter’s made some think of sex-exploitation bars where women wore tight clothing, except the staff was all men in muscle shirts. Surprisingly the pub had managed to avoid gay implications and catered to all in spite of women being the main customers. Ashley quickly scanned the pub upon entering and saw several lonely-looking college girls and was then not surprised to spot Chloe glancing over at the women, not the men.

               “Is this seat taken?” Ashley asked Chloe, who looked up in surprise before smiling.

               “It is now,” winked the younger woman, causing Ashley to practically beam before sitting.

               “I’m Ashley,” offered the older woman, extending her hand.

               “Chloe,” replied the younger girl, and in an instant Ashley felt something between her legs change as she shook hands. Since Ashley was a veteran to freezing and being frozen it was clear that someone, most likely Chloe, had just done a little exploring around her crotch. Fortunately Ashley’s gun and chip were well-hidden in her purse so it was doubtful someone had found it.

               “Oh, are the one teaching that mixed martial arts class I saw flyers for?” asked Ashley, acting impressed.

               “There are a lot of Chloe’s out there, but yes, I am,” laughed Chloe, winking again. “You a fighter, Ashley?”

               “I’ve been interested, but I like to keep things less… rough,” answered Ashley, raising an eyebrow instead of winking. At that point the bartender came by and took an order for fries and a martini from Ashley while Chloe just asked for cranberry juice.

               “It’s not my period,” Chloe stated after ordering, Ashley nodding knowingly at the cliché. She was planning to retort when suddenly someone pulled her from her stool.

               “What do you think you’re doing?!” spat someone Ashley had never met before but immediately found attractive as she was a MILF of a brunette who appeared to be dressed like a sexy librarian in red. “Come with me, you idiot!” Confused, Chloe and half of the pub watched as the woman dragged Ashley over to the woman’s bathroom, Ashley too stunned to protest.

               “What the hell?!” Ashley finally shouted once inside the bathroom and the door closed, pushing the older woman off of her. “What’s the big idea, you bitch!”

               “You were flirting with a student!” roared the other woman, who clearly looked ready to hit something. “I don’t know where you came from, Tisdale, but we don’t put up with that here!”

               “Okay, who the hell are you?!” demanded Ashley, not bothering to dignify the woman’s accusation.

               “Sandra Packlin, Ph D, business department,” rattled off the woman with crossed arms. “So you don’t deny you were hitting on that student?”

               “Hang on, let me prove to you I wasn’t,” insisted Ashley, opening her purse and reaching inside. “Here, this should help.” Sandra leaned forward with a raised eyebrow and didn’t get a chance to react before a dart hit her in the chest, leaving the doctor without the answer she’d wanted.

               “That should cool you off, bitch,” taunted Ashley, actually extending her middle finger into Sandra’s face, furious that the teacher might have just cost her a chance to learn more about Chloe. Ashley then realized she’d have to chip Packlin to avoid suspicion when she exited the bathroom and the other woman didn’t. Sighing, Ashley placed the device on the back of Sandra’s neck after admiring her great legs for a moment.

               “I want you to take the key I’m about to give you and go to Samantha Ross’s house on campus, then wait in the kitchen,” ordered Ashley, producing a key from her purse and handing it Sandra, who’s snapped to attention. “Go now.” With that the formerly-screaming doctor turned around and marched out of the bathroom, Ashley not worried that she’d look too mechanical. Stepping outside herself, Ashley was frustrated to see Chloe had already gone.

               “Well, at least I have my fries,” sighed Ashley.

* * *

The Next Day…

               Ashley had spent the entire night awake trying to figure out a good way to ambush Chloe before deciding to use the flyer she’d found on her class to her advantage. After deciding on a course of action and taking some time to enjoy Sandra’s nice legs and breasts Ashley had mobilized her house of slaves to set up a surprise for Chloe and her mixed martial arts class. Now Ashley sat outside the special room that was going to be used for the class, waiting in anticipation.

               Chloe finally arrived and smiled when she saw Ashley. The young Asian woman was wearing a black halter top that had the UFC logo emblazoned on it as well as blue shorts that were practically just large underwear, a gym bag over her shoulder. “Good to see you again Ashley, what was yesterday all about?” asked Chloe with a half-grin.

               “Apparently Miss Packlin has issues with aides and students talking in a pub,” shrugged Ashley, shaking her head. “I was hoping to watch the class today, see if MMA is something I could get into.”

               “That’s fine, you won’t be alone,” nodded Chloe, taking the time to examine Ashley’s green business attire, which even included pantyhose. “Maybe twenty girls will actually be participating, there’s a few more I know just wanted to watch.”

               “Well, that’s that then,” nodded Ashley with a smile, then noticing Chloe still had a piece of jewelry on. “Isn’t wearing a ring dangerous when doing this?” asked Ashley.

               “I wear hand pads, its okay,” answered Chloe, shaking her head. “Everyone else should be here in a couple of minutes, I need to open the room.” With that Chloe produced the keys from her bag and opened the door to the padded-floor room, motioning for Ashley to join her. Not seeing the harm, Ashley obliged, then realizing it would be at least ten minutes until the first students would most likely arrive.

               “Hey…” began Ashley as the door closed, but then felt a familiar sensation on her lips, breasts and crotch and knew she’d been duped. “Oh, never mind. I thought it was earlier than it was.”

               “You really should pay more attention to the clock,” suggested Chloe with a grin as she got to work opening her bag and producing her equipment.

               A few minutes passed and students began to show up. Since the MMA class was meant for women there were no men. A few of the students Ashley recognized as they came in: Ayane Nakamura from the Lady Raptors soccer team; Vanessa Marx and Roxana Ruiz from Phi Sigma Delta, Sandy’s old sorority; Katherine Vaughn from the Raptors as well as her twin, the much elusive Julie Vaughn; and finally Britney Summers herself. Ashley noted that Britney, Ayane, Julie and Kat were the only blonds in the room, which amused her slightly. Almost all of the girls wore similar clothing to Chloe’s, many wearing all black or white and orange. Ashley sat in the back and tried not to smile when Julie Vaughn ended up right next to her. “Hello Miss Tisdale,” offered Julie with a smile, clad in a red tank top and black shorts. “It’s my first class, I was going to observe for a bit. You?”

               “The same, the flyer made me curious,” admitted Ashley. “Oh, and outside of class you can just call me Ashley.”

               “Thank you, Ashley,” smiled Julie, clearly a bit embarrassed. “I’m too used to not speaking casually with my teachers.”

               “Well, I am new to this teaching thing,” pointed out Ashley as Chloe began the class. The girls all stretched to start with, Vanessa leading while Chloe put on her hand covers. Following this Chloe gave a short speech explaining what MMA was for the beginners, as it appeared there were a few, and finally she motioned for Britney to come up from.

               “Okay, I’m going to show you how to do a head kick,” explained Chloe, squaring off with Britney. “This is a brutal attack, it’ll drop someone like a popped balloon if you get a solid hit. I want you to watch, and then replicate.”

               Ashley glanced at her watch as Chloe lined up and got ready. Just as Chloe moved to swing her leg a hissing sound was heard, a very mild one but one Ashley had been expecting. Just as Chloe’s right foot began to extend everything seemed to go hazy. Ashley then found Sandy standing before her with an empty syringe in her hand, everyone else motionless.

               “Good work,” praised Ashley as she stood and shook herself a bit. Sandy had been placed in the broom closet next door the night before with a container of Type-7 and a makeshift injector. Ashley had ordered the girl, who’d been clad in a black cat suit and ski mask to avoid detection, to unleash the gas at a set time when the class would be in session and then enter with her bag of goodies, making sure Ashley was given a counter-dose. When capturing Michelle Ashley had used a blank chip to protect herself from Type-7 but after finding a Paradise Foundation document on something that could freeze all chip-wearers she’d abandoned it, deciding to instead use her future free time to create a counter-drug that immunized people from the sedative’s effects.

               “Okay, give me your chips and then go guard the door, make sure no one else gets in,” ordered Ashley, promptly receiving the four devices. When Sandy shuffled away Ashley glanced around the room, getting a good feeling for the scene. Chloe's leg was almost fully extended, it appearing she'd just miss the head of a smiling Britney, who was leaning back while wearing a white and orange variant of the instructor's outfit. The entire class had taken up fighting poses, right arm leading, and looked ready to try the kick. The only two besides Ashley not caught in that pose were Julie Vaughn and her twin Kat, both wearing the same outfit and sitting near the scientist, their gaze intently on Chloe.

               “Well, I guess I can kill two birds with one stone,” remarked Ashley, placing a chip on Julie's neck. Ashley promptly moved on, doing the same to Kat. Not only was Julie ideal to complete the set of cheerleaders but she had a twin, something Ashley had yet to experiment with. Leaving the pair for the moment, Ashley then moved to her real target.

               “You're all mine now,” Ashley almost squealed as she danced around the immobilized Chloe in glee. “What, you didn't think there was someone out there that could freeze you? Ha!” Ashley looked down at her last two chips and scanned the class, trying to decide who to take. Chloe was a given, but there a lot of good choices. After considering Ayane Nakamura for a bit, feeling she could use another Asian girl, Ashley just chose Britney since she was right there and chipped her. Finally with her last device Ashley licked her lips in excitement as she placed it on Chloe's neck.

               “Stand at attention,” ordered Ashley, causing Chloe to break her pose and do so. “Excellent!” Ashley cheered, jumping up and down. “Britney, walk over to Julie,” Ashley commanded next. The blond broke her own pose and began to do as she was told, moving mechanically. “Chloe, freeze Britney,” Ashley suddenly insisted. Snapping her fingers, Chloe somehow immobilized Brit in mid-stride.

               “It worked!” screamed Ashley in joy, grabbing Chloe by the shoulders and giving her a long kiss. “You'll make me invincible!”

               After calming down, Ashley got to work again. Britney was unfrozen and the four chipped women were gathered by the door. Sandy promptly placed another gas sprayer in the room, ready to flood it right when the current batch wore off, ensuring everyone would be frozen for another hour. The device would also disintegrate afterwards, leaving little trace. “Ta Ta, girls, I'm off to rule the world!” laughed Ashley, blowing the frozen class a kiss.

* * *

Oceanside Docks

Days Later…

               Ashley had dropped all pretense in being a Decker State College aide, having left for good the day she'd collected her ultimate prize. Now Ashley was set up on her massive ship, the aptly named Empress, which sat in the waters of Ashley's hometown.

               Bought using money from Erika Stone, the Empress was originally a small cargo ship which Ashley had hired a work crew to convert into more luxurious quarters. Now Ashley's ship had lower decks filled with large water tanks that were in turn loaded with Type-7. Additionally Ashley had commissioned a makeshift lab to be set-up, featuring over a dozen table beds and enough equipment for her to make thousands of chips. If that weren't enough she'd had a sample of Erika's DNA taken and it Ashley now had almost everything she needed to build her own Time-Stopper, possibly even a new Uranus Generator. Eventually the Empress would be a one-of-a-kind time ship.

               Past the scientific parts of the boat were converted living quarters where Ashley stored her crew as well as a great deal of supplies. Not wanting to hire normal people and explain what she was doing to them, Ashley had instead decided her vessel would be populated entirely by her chipped slaves. The current crew count, besides Ashley herself, was twenty: Samantha Ross, Sandy Vanholt, Mary Hamilton, Michelle Gim, Rachel Xanders, Kelli McAdams, Brianne Walsh, Zella Kruger, Missy Pine, Rita Hemp, Carmen Inglewood, Stephanie Kinloch, Anne Noah, Pamela Flipspatrick, Friday, Sandra Packlin, Julie Vaughn, Katherine Vaughn, Britney Summers and Chloe Noi.

               Samantha and Mary were Ashley's two major lab rats, Samantha doing most of the Type-7 work while Mary was building a Time-Stopper prototype. Michelle, Friday and Julie were assigned to support the duo, typically one girl doing chips while the other two aided the seniors. Sandra and Sandy, both lacking specific roles they could accomplish on their new floating home, were assigned to be be cooks, Ashley having given them data on her favorite foods so they could prepare them properly. Kat and Brit, both having sharp eyes due to their soccer experience, were made the main bridge crew with Kelli and Anne providing support as needed. Pamela and Rachel were Ashley's main sources of company, the scientist enjoying the idea of sleeping with the head cheerleader as well as the young redhead she's grown quite infatuated with. The remaining six cheerleaders, Stephanie, Rita, Brianne, Missy, Carmen and Zella, were all charged with security, Zella being the leader due to her intimidating size. Not a fan of lethal weaponry Ashley had armed her security team with dart guns, in this case converted Spectre M4 submachine guns due to the possibility of firing them one-handed. Ashley had also made sure a few extra weapons were converted as well, and invested in stun-based weaponry as well should her precious dart guns fail.

               Chloe was a special case. Ashley had just finished a phone call with Erika, ordering an extra fifty million to be transferred to an account in the Cayman Islands she could access but in Erika's name. “Tell me, my precious Chloe, how do you like your new home?” asked Ashley as she hung up the phone, returning to kissing and groping the younger woman who was laying on the bed with her. Chloe didn't answer, not having a personality programmed, merely sitting there on the satin sheets as Ashley continued to make love to her.

               “Ah, the simple things,” gasped Ashley, rolling over and smiling in ecstasy. Her private room had been done Arab-style, Egyptian and Middle-Eastern rugs and sheets decorating the room in many different colors, red and blue being the most common. The bed itself could easily sleep six, being a special-order, and it was flanked by a link pink shroud. Chloe and Ashley were both naked but Pamela and Rachel flanked the bed, both dressed in purple harem outfits, their hair combed back as they stood by, cooling the bed with large feathered fans. Julie, currently declared to be not-needed down below, sat on a sleep couch in a blue harem outfit, posed with her veil pulled down and a vine of grapes held above her mouth.

               “Well, I suppose we should get to work,” sighed Ashley, sitting up and dragging along Chloe, enjoying the girl more when she didn't move for some reason. Ashley had figured out that Chloe used her ring to use her powers, or at least focus them, thus she'd never asked her to remove it as she wasn't sure if only the girl could use it and even then if she could replicate the ability. Erika, meanwhile, Ashley knew how to imitate, which meant the blond billionaire was no longer needed and now a liability.

               “My dear Chloe, please put on the special outfit I gave you, then go on mission alpha,” ordered Ashley, causing Chloe to nod and reach under the bed, producing a suitcase that had been prepared for her. Each mission had been programmed into Chloe ahead of time, the reason she couldn't be given a personality as the chips could only handle so much data. Chloe herself was limited to three missions before she'd have to return and get updates. “Oh, just to be clear, state Mission Alpha,” commanded Ashley.

               “Mission Alpha, primary target: Erika Stone,” recited Chloe as she opened her suitcase. “Secondary targets: Monica Stein and Caitlin Trafford. Location: Erika's Penthouse, Malibu, California, United States of America. Objective: freeze them and recover chips.”

               “Perfect, and Mission Beta's primary target?” asked Ashley, approving.

               “Mission Beta, primary target: Lucienne Christophe,” confirmed Chloe.


To Be Concluded In….  Part III

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