Spydoll Inc.:  Twin return

by Tek

These are all tales related to the hijinks that Tucker first had with his magical gizmo, which take place in what will be known from now on as the 'Tuckerverse'. Spydoll Inc tracks the mind-control adventures of Chloe Noi and her acquaintances. You may want to read Tucker's tales from the beginning, or catch up on the latest chapter before continuing; the lead characters are introduced in the first story. There is also a chronological index to the series. [Ed.]

               Chloe opened her eyes and took in the beautiful view sleeping before her. She smiled as she pushed some of Jamie's hair off her right ear. Jamie had fallen asleep on Chloe's breasts, most likely from the sex they had last night, which had lasted a few hours.

               "Hmmm," Jamie moaned, as she stirred from her sleep. Looking up she smiled at Chloe, a smile that seem to shine with the morning sun. 

               "Good Morning," Chloe whispered.

               "Good Morning," Jamie replied, sitting up to shoulder level with her wife. Slightly bumping heads they shared a morning kiss.

               "Good morning mistresses!" In stormed a recently reprogrammed Fiona, now working as the full time maid in the Noi household. The couple jumped slightly from the sudden loud entrance. Clearly Jamie had to do some finer tuning. Fiona immediately walked over to the tall blinds and pulled them open, letting the full blast of the morning sun strike the couple in the eyes.

               "What can I do for my mistresses this glorious day!" she asked in a cheerful tone. She stood at the foot of their bed waiting for their command, although she was programmed to act more cheerfully, Fiona still needed to take commands after her initial protocol of waking up her mistresses.

               "Fiona, freeze," Chloe ordered.

               "Now that's not nice Chloe," Jamie scolded as she gave a light slap to her wife's arm. She then smiled when Chloe roughly tossed the sheets up covering them. They giggled like school children as the sheets ruffled about.

               "Aw, it's not like we're hurting her babe," Chloe assured between kisses; she did have a point. Although they programmed Fiona to interact with them as they saw fit in the end she was simply an empty-headed doll that did as she was told and nothing else. Still it was kind of a weird to have her standing there, staring blankly at the pair like the mannequin she had become; strangely enough, it was turning Chloe on, she felt slightly naughty, granted they were still in bed in their home, at nine in the morning.


An Hour later...

               The couple finally got out of bed, holding hands as they went to the kitchen were they could hear a conversation going on. Walking up, they found Aisha and Ashley, talking up a storm; they had been programmed in engage in small talk, like any other couple in love. In their case, faked love; still Jamie thought it was better this way, Ashley, although forced, was not a completely new person. Gone are her wicked mind and ways, hopefully forever, the redhead thought.

               "Good morning, mistresses!" Ashley said in a cheerful, yet submissive voice, Chloe had convinced Jamie to make her the whipped one of the two false lovers; she smiled every time the evil woman lowered her head.

               Walking from the fridge was Aisha, who sat down an orange juice carton; followed by her grabbing Ashley's boobs and leaning her head over her lover's shoulders.

               "Morning mistresses, did you sleep well, I hope me and Ash didn't keep you two up?"

               "Aisha!" exclaimed Ashley before turning a deep red, lowering her as she started to slowly give into Aisha's massaging of her breasts.

               Jamie made a mental note to tone down their openness in front of others; while cute, it was not something she wanted to see every day, well, except with Chloe.

               "Hey, I'm pretty sure we made more noise than they are ever going to," grinned Chloe as she grabbed a cup from the cupboard, "Heck – I think they heard us all the way in LA."

               "I'm sure they just heard you honey, I'm the quiet one, remember?" Jamie said, catching Chloe off guard with a tap on her small firm butt. Course that didn't stop Chloe from vaporizing Jamie's top again. Looking down, she had to admit, Chloe's aim with moving targets is amazing. She didn't even feel it disappear this time; just that it was there one second and next it was gone.


               "What?" the four women laughed together as they started their Xmas day morning together.  It was then that they turned to see one of the newest maids, a freshly reprogrammed Janna Brinnswell, appear. The former art student was now dressed in a feathery sky-blue maid outfit, complete with garter belt. Her hair was tied up into two ponytails; she walked up with a big smile on her face.

               "Howdy mistresses!" spoke Janna in a thick country accent. "I bet you fine gals are hankering for some breakfast this here fine day."

               As the morning went on, the sound of a vacuum could be heard, its annoying sound getting closer and closer. They all knew who was causing the disturbance; it was the last of the new maids, Vicky Sandrios, Chloe's former ex and a certain someone's bane. Little did Chloe and Jamie know that this woman had once tried to blackmail Maggie. If they had known, they would have realized how small the world is.

               The former boutique owner came into view; she was wearing a pink version of Janna's feather-trimmed maid outfit. Smiling as she cleaned, she was programmed to enjoy doing her housework much like Fiona and Janna were already. Looking up, she turned off the vacuum to greet her mistress.

               "Ah! Mistress, forgive moi for making such noises" spoke Vicky in a thick amusing French accent, while doing a curt using both hands to grab the ends of her short skirt.

               Chloe smirked as she leaned on the counter, looking at her wife, "You know, you're getting good at that," she commented, nodding her head to Vicky who went back to dutifully to her work. The busty blonde packed up the vacuum hose and rolled it back to a storage place.

               “Hey girls, why don't you two head off on patrol, I need some alone time with my wife," Chloe ordered Aisha and Ashley.

               "Yes mistress!" the fake lovers said in a clear tone and like machines, they both stood up, saluted, and went away to get ready for their daily patrol.

               "I'm proud of the work on her..." Jamie said, as she watched the forcibly reformed woman head downstairs with her assumed mate. She turned and lightly grinned at Chloe, who only nodded.

               "Don't worry babe, it's for the best."

Jamie sat at the table, taking a deep breath, feeling the light chill in the room. Even though she was half naked, she felt strangely calm about it. She smiled at Chloe, who seemingly had won her over. The past month had gone by fast and a lot happen since their meeting. Still it seemed like all the pieces had fallen literally in her lap. She watched as Chloe sipped the last of her juice and reached over to grasp Chloe’s hand.

               Holding her lover tightly, Chloe set her cup down and they both leaned into a long sweet kiss, lingering for a bit until they heard high-heeled footsteps; turning, they watched as the two dolls came up from down stairs, heading out to patrol the area.

               "Alright, I think it's time you learned about this." Letting go of Jamie's hand, Chloe pulled off the ring that gave her magical powers over others.

               Holding up the ring, she added, "I hope this works, babe."

               Jamie bit her lip a bit; after thinking about it a second, she took the ring from her wife's hand, gently easing it to her finger. She looked up at Chloe who gave her a reassuring smile. After taking a breath, she slipped the ring on all the way.

              And all at once, Jamie felt lighter, stronger, like something inside her had woken up. Something that always had been there, but dormant; now she felt it calling to her. A sense of newfound inner power as it were. Clearly not the ring alone, yet she couldn't describe it, but it felt warm and trusting, just like her Chloe.

               "You felt it, didn't you?" Chloe said, sounding more relieved than surprised.

               Jamie rubbed her hands together, "Is that how it feels? Very...."

               "Empowering, yeah; I’m still trying to figure it out too," Chloe said, smiling at her lover, "Go ahead and see if it really works; it’s one thing just putting it on, another is using it, Jamie."

               Looking over at Janna, who was busily cleaning dishes, Jamie snapped her fingers. Yet Janna remained moving; Jamie looked at Chloe, her wife points to her head, indicating she needed to think about freezing her target. Looking back at Janna, she tried again, with the same outcome: the chipped maid continued to clean her dishes.

               "That's odd, you felt it..." Chloe began to think about what went wrong.

               "Maybe it works differently from woman to woman?" Jamie spoke, looking at the oddly engraved ring on her finger next to the diamond ring Chloe had given her. She sat back at the counter table and started tapping her hand on it

               "Think so too... but it could be anything!" Chloe said as she started to stretch, giving her wife peek under her short top for inspiration. Pulling her arms down, she gave her dirty angel smile to Jamie.

               Jamie wished she could freeze that smile, even for a bit; she would never tire of seeing it on her wife's lovely lips. She made up her mind she could freeze Chloe – right now!


               Chloe had frozen in an instant, the dirty smile still on her lovely Asian face, staring into an empty void ahead. Her hand was poised just inches from touching the countertop, her feet spread out just enough that she couldn't be tipped over so easily.

               "Chloe?" Jaime waved a hand in front of her wife's face, getting no response as she continued to stare into nothing. "Ah, Janna, could you freeze," she then said, getting the idea.

               The British blonde maid promptly froze stiffly in the middle of rinsing her last dish, giving Jamie some quiet time to think. She circled around the countertop.  Jamie waved her hand one more time in front of Chloe's motionless face.

               A big smile washed over Jamie's face as she realized she just frozen her first person. Granted it wasn't supposed to be her wife. She nevertheless felt proud of herself. The red haired woman tapped her wife's arm; seeing it could be posed, she the lowered Chloe's arms.

               "Wait a minute." she thought, and then decided to return the favor of her top disappearing. She quietly raised Chloe's arms, pulling off the short top she had on, exposing her bra-less wife's naturally big breasts. Jamie licked her lips; tossing the top aside she began to massage her wife's breasts.

               Lowering her arms again, she kisses the long neck of her lover, smiling as she lovingly glides her hands to Chloe's cheeks, giving her another kiss on her smiling lips. She then backed up and with a smile, tapped her hand on the counter.

               "Hell!" Chloe said, looking down at her chest, hands rubbing against her breasts; she then looked up in amazement. "You did it!"


               Jamie squeals this time, knowing that tapping on something can make her freeze people; walking back up to her frozen wife, running her hands against her tummy, Jamie stopped with her hands on Chloe's waist, just before her panties. A thought came to mind, and she tapped at Chloe's waist, attempting to age her panties. Strangely she heard a noise, but didn't see the panties disappear.

               Curious she looking around, seeing what had gotten destroyed; to her surprise, what was left of her top had appeared, somehow reformed itself in to a top, albeit with some holes in it.

               "What in the world?" She bent over and picked it up. It was indeed her top, only with holes all over it. Jamie realized unlike her wife, she could also restore things. Letting out a laugh, she quickly came to the conclusion that she was the Ying to Chloe's Yang. Getting up, she walked back to Chloe while putting on the half regenerated shirt.

               "Now where was I, oh yeah...?" She started peeling off Chloe's panties the usual way. On her knees, she kissed and cooed over her wife's womanhood. She rubbed her hand over the landing strip Chloe had to grow back thanks to an evil Ashley. Down her leg and then back up to her tight ass, she caressed Chloe’s rigid body.

               Standing up she began kissing Chloe, tapping her hand on her wife's tight ass. The Korean girl immediately came back to life, little shocked at being suddenly naked, but nevertheless she went along with the program. The kissed for a while longer, grabbing and holding each other.

               "Guess what I can do, honey." Jamie finally said between breaths.



               It had been a few hours since her kidnapping, young party girl Trish lay nude on a metal table, her limbs spread slightly out from her torso. Staring into space, the girl had been drugged earlier with Type-7, although the dose given to her was enough to keep her frozen for hours. She would not be given that chance to recover.

               Walking up to the frozen party girl was her abductor, Jane Crazyeagle; the tall Native American had come down the steps from her first floor to the basement area. The former Paradise Foundation scientist had left prior to the organization’s going belly up, knowing that the company was going to face legal trouble.

               She had returned to the States, only having to go into hiding; when she learned why her company went down and that the law was on the hunt for former employees. It had been months since then, and the loneliness was getting to her. Jane's mind ventured back into her childhood, which consisted of her going back and forth to visit her father in town and him giving her things she didn't get back at the reservation, mainly dolls.   Having a new doll would be a nice thing.

               At first she thought it was a silly idea, but then it grew on her, until one day she acted on the idea. Seeking out her best friend Joan, she gave her a taste of the Type-7 she had produced, then played all afternoon with her new life-sized doll. There was simply no way back after that. Trish had become her latest victim/doll; all the party girl's makeup was taken off the night before. She now stood frozen and naked on a rotating dais with her bare feet strapped down into the circular stand.

                Picking up another needle-less injector, she gave the young woman a final overdose of Type-7 before moving on. Her first injection would be wearing off soon, so it was better for them both if she didn't come out of it. Placing the injector down, she admired Trish's supple figure as she ran a hand up and down girl's chest, gently rubbing her index finger over the woman's nipples.

               "Such a pretty, pretty, doll you are Trish; it's a shame it took me so long to find you!" she said, taking the woman's chin in her hand, gazing into the blank stare of the young party girl. "But don't you worry! I'm going to take good care of you. After all, we are connected!"

               Straightening out her head, Jane went to work on the young woman, trimming things like her nails, eyebrows and even her landing strip. She then used an odd air spray mixture designed to make Trish’s body shine a little without out affecting the skin. A sort of bubble wrap. When that process was completed, she slipped a cute little red two-piece cocktail dress on the frozen young woman.

               She pulled Trish’s hair back into a ponytail and clipped in place with a tiny red bow, followed by placing a red-jeweled 40's pill-box hat into her curls. She then added some white hand gloves and a pair of red high-heeled shoes. Trish was almost ready. All that was left was her makeup, something that was almost the next to last to be applied given the costumes the dolls would wear. For Trish it was last as her makeup might have been smeared if Jane applied it first. Starting with a foundation, she worked her way around, covering the girl’s face in light red colors, not too heavy nor too light; with her eyes closed she was coated again with the clear spray from earlier, now only on just her face.

               Once that was done, she placed the completed figure on a dolly and wheeled Trish to her permanent place on the floor, in Crazyeagle's "40's" era female doll set. Right next to the Amazon pride set and down the hall from the College cheerleader set.  Jane loved her new dolls.


Home of Chloe and Jamie...

               While their morning was full of fun and games, with Jamie learning more about the uses of Chloe’s ring, Jamie felt glowing from all the new things she learned; not just about the ring, but herself as well. She was surprised at how right a companion she seemed to be for her wife, who at the moment was frozen and posed by Jamie on the bed in the arms of their chipped maids, Janna. Chloe looked like she was caught by surprise by the sudden "kiss" from the once evil-minded woman.

               It was night and Jamie started to feel lonely, even though Chloe was in the same bedroom. Sitting in bed, Jamie giggled at the scene one last time before she released her wife from her frozen state...


               "The hell" Chloe said as she backed off from the still frozen Janna, now just aimlessly kissing the air. She looked over at Jamie, who couldn't help but giggle some more as Chloe had nearly fallen off the bed. "Oh, very funny babe." she smirked as she pushed on Janna's forehead causing the rigidly frozen maid to tip over and land on her side on the floor.

               "Oh honey, I know it doesn't hurt them, but could you be nicer to the help?” Jamie said, taking off the ring and giving it back to Chloe.

               "Maybe…" Chloe replied, giving her famous dirty angel smile to Jamie, something that continued to melt Jamie at every chance. Chloe sat down on the bed as the two kissed adoringly.

               "Wow! Dark already; don't you have some where to be tomorrow, Jamie?" asked Chloe as she adjusted the sheets to snuggle up closer to Jamie, placing her arm around her wife's waist as Jamie picked up her planner from the side dresser.

               "Hrmmm, yes I do; got to do final interviews for that assistant manager Gloria was asking for.... hrmm.... honey, I', trying to think... ohhh... honey!" Jamie said, trying not to give into Chloe's advances and losing ground with every touch.

               "Babe, what you need is an assistant." Chloe said.

               "Well if you know where to find one, let me know; I can sure use the help, not just for the store, but anything else we need." Jamie said, taking Chloe's hand from her nipple. This gave Chloe an idea, an unused favor from a certain wand user; she just had to find those files.


286 Scorsese Avenue Apt. 410

               “Hey buddy,” Chloe greeted with her dirty angel smile, leaning against the door frame of Tucker’s apartment.

               “Chloe?” Tucker asked confused scratching the back of his head looking at the short haired Asian girl before him. He had not seen her since Thanksgiving. She was dressed in a biker-style black leather jacket and a black t-shirt hugging her ample breasts underneath the word ‘Super Bitch’ printed across the front of it. She also had on a black leather miniskirt and her legs were clad in dark fishnet hosiery. Clunky black knee-high boots completed the ensemble. She held a folder in her hands, her ring covered fingers danced on it as she leaned fetchingly.

               “Are you going to invite me in?” Chloe then asked, standing upright.

               “Oh sure…right,” Tucker replied, stepping aside as Chloe clunked her way in. Tucker closed the door, then turned and asked, “What brings you here?”

               Chloe looked around the moderately furnished apartment and then back at Tucker, “Oh, I was just in the neighborhood.”

               “Really?” Tucker asked, “What were you doing around here?”

               “I was dropping off my wife at work,” Chloe replied and then plopped down on one of the sofas, crossing her legs and tossed the file that she was carrying on the coffee table in front of her. She caught Tucker eyeing the folder. “Go ahead it’s yours, take a gander,” she insisted.

               Tucker went over and opened the folder up. His eyes went wide when he saw the photos in it: copies of pictures taken from his private collection of girls that he had frozen during his time with the wand. There was also a CD disk and some notes as well. “What the hell…” he muttered.

               “Yeah, its pretty shocking; Tuck, you’ve been a busy guy,” Chloe said casually. “I particularly like that picture of me you have, not sure if I’m so fond of what you dressed me in, though.”

               Tucker looked at Chloe in shock and gulped.

               “Yeah; I’ve seen most of it. No doubt you have more than these, but I’m sure this is enough to get you into some sort of trouble. I’m pretty sure you could also get out of it just as easily, seeing that Scott Dawson is your uncle. Your life will be different afterwards, though.” Tucker looked around the room trying to remember where his wand was. He mentally cursed realizing it was in his room. Chloe caught his nervousness and wandering eyes. “Looking for your magic wand?” she asked, looking down at her right hand and messing around with a ring that was on her ring finger. She looked back up at him and smiled.

Tucker only gulped, holding the folder in his hands. He felt as if he was frozen. His feet couldn’t move. “Fuck…” He muttered silently. The room was dead quiet though so he was easily heard. “What are you…” he began to say.

               Chloe blurted out laughing, “Oh man, the look on your face!” she laughed. “You looked like you were going to shit your pants!” Chloe said, standing patting Tucker hard on the back and nearly making him drop the folder. “I’m not going to do anything,” Chloe said, heading towards the kitchen. “Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Your secret is safe. It’s not my style to rat people out,” she explained as she opened the fridge.

               “Thank God…” Tucker sighed as a weight lifted off his shoulder and his panic subsided, along with that frozen stiffness. He walked over to the kitchen and sat down at the table. “Thanks Chloe,” he said.

               “Oh, don’t thank me yet,” Chloe said, closing the fridge with a can of orange soda in her hands. She sat down across from Tucker at the table. Opening the can, she took a huge gulp from it followed by a burp before putting the can down. “Nothing like an ice cold soda to start your day!” she said with a smile, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. “Aren’t you gonna ask me how I got that?” Chloe asked gesturing at the folder.

               “How did you get it?” Tucker asked.

               “Fiona Diaz was my roommate,” Chloe began. She took another chug of soda before continuing. “Looks like you froze her on the first day of class this fall, but she got wise and started looking into you. I bet you didn’t realize you had a stalker – yup she was that good. Anyways, she probably broke into your place hacked your computer and found your frozen girls,” Chloe finished as she downed the rest of her soda as well.

               Tucker’s jaw dropped. He could feel the panic coming again. “Oh my God!” he blurted out. “Where is she now?” He said quickly looking around, half-expecting Fiona to jump out from around the corner.

               “Geez, relax,” Chloe said with smile, sliding the folder towards her. “When was the last time you saw dear Fiona?” Chloe asked, flipping slowly through the photos in the folder.

               Tucker thought and then looked back at Chloe, “I haven’t seen her at all… she wasn’t even in Packlin’s class for the final…”

               Chloe looked back up and smiled, “Who’s your buddy?” she said, opening her arms as if she wanted a hug.

               “What did you do?” Tucker asked as Chloe went back to looking through the photos.

               “I really like this one, Tucker,” she said, turning a photo around and sliding it towards Tucker. He looked down and saw it was Rebecca clad in her French maid costume, frozen with a feather duster gripped in one outstretched hand. Chloe continued when Tucker looked back up from the photo. “I took care of it Tucker; don’t worry about it. Fiona is safe and so is your secret. You’re good,” Chloe said seriously with slight grin on her lips. “But, I saved you from Fiona and now you owe me.”

               “Owe you?” Tucker asked, scratching the back of his head. She was right; she did save him, in a sense. Fiona could have made things a lot more complicated in his life. If she had made her evidence public, he and Maggie could very well be living in South America with his uncle. He sighed, “What do you want?”

               Chloe smiled and leaned across the table and pointed at the photograph in front of Tucker. “I like her,” she simply replied.

               “Rebecca?” Tucker asked. “Why her?”

               Leaning back, Chloe took the photo and placed it back in the folder. She then closed the folder and placed the empty soda can on top of it. Sitting back in her chair, she snapped her fingers. All the sudden the empty can and folder turned into ashes. Tucker stood back up, “What the hell!”

               “Bet your wand can’t do that?” Chloe said, smiling. Looking around the room she stood and picked up the trashcan, bringing it over to the table. With a napkin she brushed the remains of the folder into the can. “Rebecca is my sister-in-law; that’s why I want her,” Chloe replied, putting the trashcan back in its place and brushing her palms together. “She’s family.”

               “Sister-in-law? Wait – you married Jamie?” Tucker asked, wide eyed.

               “Yup. After that whole thing with Ashley I felt that my life was missing something and Jamie was that something,” Chloe replied. “It was actually your aunt that said I needed someone; funny how I found her so quickly,” Chloe said looking down at her wedding band. “I love her so much it hurts, Tuck;” she then said, looking back up. “Can I please have her sister?”

               “Well…you know she’s nothing like Jamie and she knows about my wand too,” Tucker replied. “I don’t think I could have her running around with that secret.”

               “No one said she was going to be running around,” Chloe replied enigmatically. “You’re good Tuck, you’re secret is safe. I assure you. All I’m asking for is this one thing,” Chloe said, seriously and sincerely.

               Tucker thought for a second, “Fine you have a deal,” he agreed, leaving the kitchen.

               “Thanks Tuck,” Chloe said following Tucker.

               “No; I should be thanking you, Chloe,” Tucker replied as he opened the door to his office. Rebecca stood at attention next to Tatiana. Both were dressed in their sexy French Maid outfits that were small skimpy black dresses covered in white lacy aprons. Their legs were clad in thigh-high black stockings and they stood on shiny black spiked heels.

               Jennifer Yates, Tucker’s newest addition, sat behind Tucker’s smiling brightly. The girl was still dressed in her yellow business suit with white blouse. Tucker still wasn’t sure what he was going to do with her yet, so he just had he sit behind his desk and froze her in place.

               Candice stood in the corner with her hands on hips and a frown on her face. The former model was dressed as Batgirl, minus the cowl and cape. Leslie and Hitomi were both naked in Tucker’s room at the moment. Leslie another gift from his uncle was his favorite girl at the moment. Hitomi was a surprise; Haley was out of town and had tasked Tucker with looking over her precious doll. Tucker was puzzled about that since Haley never asked him to that before. He’d have to ask her when she returns…if he remembered.

“Well here she is,” Tucker said gesturing towards the motionless Rebecca, who only looked on vacantly at him and Chloe.

               “Sweet…she looks just like her,” Chloe said, looking Rebecca up and down. She always felt a spark in herself when she looked at Jamie but some reason she didn’t feel anything looking at the other twin. She frowned and looked back at Tucker, “A maid outfit, seriously? She was dressed in that same costume when her photo was taken.”

               “She has been dressed in other outfits since then,” Tucker defended, thinking back whether she really had been. “Well anyways, she’s yours now,” he then said.

               “Not no so fast; you have to unfreeze her,” Chloe said. “I can’t do it with this,” she added, snapping her fingers. “I figure your wand and my ring work on different wave-lengths or something; I can’t control your stuff and you can’t control mine.”

               Tucker thought for a second, “Makes sense. Let me go get my wand,” he said, leaving the room. A moment later he returned with his prized possession in hand. He was getting ready to use the wand on Rebecca when he looked over at Chloe. “She’s really crazy; you better get ready to freeze her right away,” Tucker warned.

               “Don’t worry; I came prepared,” Chloe said, pulling a small chip from her pocket, “A present from your aunt.”

               “Figures,” Tucker shrugged and waved the wand over the redhead, who blinked just once before coming fully aware.

               “Holmes!” Rebecca shouted in alarm, lifting her arms in surprise. Before she could register what was going on, Chloe embraced her, locking lips. The redhead struggled, trying to free herself frantically. Chloe slyly inserted the chip at the nape of the girl’s neck. Rebecca immediately relaxed, her arms dropping to her sides. Chloe separated and looked over at Tucker who only looked on in awe. Rebecca face remained slack with lips agape and green eyes blank.

               Chloe wiped her lips with the back of her hands, “Jamie is much better,” she said, looking at Rebecca with grin. “Good twin,” she then said, patting Rebecca on the head. Turning back to Tucker, “Do you have something else she could wear?”

               “What’s wrong with the maid’s outfit?” Tucker asked with a smile.

               “Really Tucker?” Chloe asked, putting her hands on her hips.

               “Alright, let me go check Maggie’s room, maybe Jamie left some clothes here,” Tucker said leaving the room.

               “Anything is better than this,” Chloe said looking at Rebecca. “Strip naked,” she then ordered crossing her arms.

               “Yes mistress,” Rebecca replied robotically. Chloe watched in satisfaction as Rebecca got naked. She noted that Rebecca had a slightly better figure than Jamie, it was barely perceptible though, she only noticed because she knew her wife’s body better than the back of her hand.

               Tucker soon returned with pair of khakis and navy t-shirt, “You’re lucky, these are Jamie’s; I’ve seen her dressed in these a few times,” he said handing the clothing to Chloe. “Sorry, no underwear and shoes though.”

               “No problem, can I have the heels?” Chloe asked, handing the clothes over to Rebecca, “Dress,” she ordered.

               “Go ahead, they were ordered for her in the first place,” Tucker replied as he watched Rebecca getting dressed. “So weird seeing her moving again after so long,” he added.

               “Weird seeing someone who looks just like Jamie,” Chloe then added.

* * *

               As soon as Rebecca was dressed Chloe and Tucker bid their farewells and Chloe left Tucker’s with her sister-in-law in tow. Outside, Aisha waited in the black and blue striped Challenger. Chloe opened the door and popped the front seat forward; Rebecca climbed into the back seat. Chloe followed and sat in the front, closing the door. “Alright Aisha, time to head home, we got a present to wrap,” Chloe spoke as she turned and smiled a bit at her mindless sister in law.

               “Yes, mistress; aching to get back to Ash, myself,” Aisha said putting the 500 horsepower car in gear. Moments later it rumbled away into the streets back to the fortress penthouse she and Jamie called home.

* * *


               The morning so far had been a rough one at work for Jamie. For starters, it was unusually busy and half her staff was still on vacation. She had only Calista and Joy on the floor and Faith was on the register. Gloria usually helped with the rush but like the other half of her staff she was still on vacation. Jamie wished she could help her swamped staff but at the moment she was interviewing people to fill Tucker’s old spot. The task was proving to be a lot harder than she had thought. Since she was going to be leaving the store but still technically still owning it, she wanted Persephone’s to be in good hands. She already knew Gloria was going to take her spot but she still needed an assistant since Gloria couldn’t take over the store by herself; she needed someone to help her. Calista was the perfect choice, but the problem with her was that the staff hated her. She was however the perfect person to help run the store though. Jamie was looking for someone charismatic and knowledgeable on Greek literature. It sounded easy enough; however not that many people had those traits. The small line of applicants waiting outside of her office said something else though.

               The girl that was sitting in her office now was a well dressed dark-haired girl. She was wearing a pale yellow business skirt suit with a white blouse underneath. Her legs were covered in nude pantyhose and white high heels finished the outfit. Her name was Isa Mei; she was gorgeous. Jamie could not peg what nationality she was; she looked mixed with several ethnic backgrounds. Isa had perfect long dark hair that fell to the small of her back, curled at the tips. Her eyes were a deep green color and she seemed to have a perfect smile that she held almost constantly, which sort of made Jamie uncomfortable. She looked over the girl’s resume once more. It was more or less perfect. Isa was a Stanford grad and had a degree in business and a minor in Greek literature. She graduated at the top of class as well; with those kind of credentials she could work for Erika Stone.

               “Ms. Mei you look to be the perfect candidate for the job; I just have to see what the other candidates have to offer,” Jamie said after looking up from the resume for the second time. Isa had answered all of her questions perfectly, almost robotically at some moments, all the while smiling. There was something odd about Isa though that Jamie couldn’t put her finger on though. She was definitely going to have to interview the other candidates. “Do you have any questions for me?”

               “A matter of fact I do Mrs. Noi,” Isa said still smiling. “How do you feel about power? Would you ever let it go to your head?”

               Jamie looked at Isa blankly, not sure what to say. She thought she was giving the interview. Isa continued to smile perfectly. “Well… power comes with great responsibility and it should never go to any one’s head. That is when things get out of hand.”

               “How do you feel about someone’s image?” Isa than shot back, without even taking in Jamie’s answer; the dark haired girl continued to smile.

               “Image is only skin deep; a person’s worth is based on their actions,” Jamie answered and was about to ask a question of her own, but Isa beat her to it.

               “What would you do for money?”

               “What do you mean by that?” Jamie asked, now feeling annoyed as this was starting to feel like an interrogation.

               “Would you kill for it?” Isa asked.

               “What? No, I would never kill for it. I think that’s enough – these questions are getting a little too weird.”

               Isa continued her bright smile and stood, “We are finished, Mrs. Noi,” she said with nod and turned and left the room.

               “Ms. Mei, you don’t have any contact info on your resume…” Jamie said, standing, but it was already too late. By the time she got up to her door, Isa Mei had already left the store. “Geez… who said smart people aren’t crazy…” Jamie muttered while shaking her head. “Next!” she called out.

* * *

Home of Chloe and Jamie

9 pm

               Chloe had step back to admire her work on the newest doll added to the couple's growing list of 'Spydolls' a title Jamie came up with. While cute, Rebecca didn't exactly strike her as the spying type. More like a Support doll, she thought, giving her sister-in-law the once-over.

               The red haired doll stood tall in her knee-high leather high-heeled boots; dark tan-colored silk stockings hugged her legs lovingly, showing off her toned legs well. She was now wearing a two piece black suit; the skirt bottom showed off her hips in a good way, just like she knew it would on Jamie, they both had nearly the same figure. Although Rebecca had fuller round breasts then Jamie, they were at the moment covered by a smartly fitted business top that seemed as if it was made for her.

               Ironically, the suit actually belonged to an old friend she hadn't seen in a long time, who left for parts unknown looking for more meaning to her life. While it took Chloe a bit long to do it, she finally found that meaning in her life. Putting her hand on her chin, Chloe pondered if the light rouge makeup looked good on Rebecca; Jamie didn't seem the one to use dark colors. Still, she didn't want to ruin Jamie's makeup box, and just opted to use what Fiona left in her room.

               Rebecca stood motionless in the middle of the living room, hands clamped together, a big smile on her face while her empty green eyes stared at nothing.  Happy with the look, Chloe added one more thing to make this gift to her wife complete.

               "Well sis, I think you'll make a great addition to the household; I hope Jamie likes what I’ve done with you, considering your colored past." Chloe said, placing a gift bow on Rebecca's head. Just then she got a phone call.

               Looking at her cell, she saw it was her wife calling, "Hey baby, ready?" Chloe almost sang happily.

               "Yeah honey, I've had a long day and just plain tired," Jamie said as she sounded like she was moving stuff, "How was your day, babe?"

               "Great; better then I expected," Chloe said, looking at the mindless Rebecca, "Hey Jamie, I got a surprise for you when we get home!"

               "Really? What is it?" Quizzed Jamie.

               "Angel! It's not a surprise if I tell you now!" Chloe tried to keep from giggling.

               "Awww, not even a little hint?" Jamie said, pretending to sound disappointed.

               "Babe, you're cute when talk like that, but no hints till you get home." Chloe said, getting her car keys and jacket on her way to the garage. "I'll be there in a bit, hun, don't work hard for too much longer; we got a longer night ahead."

               "Oh really now?" Jamie said coyly, "Alright babe, I'm about to finish locking up, love you."

               "Love you too babe."

* * *


Somewhere around 9: 30

               The drive from the house to the store was kind of long, and really boring without Jamie or even Aisha to talk to. Still she wanted to keep the surprise a surprise and currently the dolls were all programmed never to lie to them; Jamie's idea. So in effect she had to leave Aisha home. Still, her CD collection of hard rock kept her mildly entertained until she pulled up into the parking lot of the bookstore. The lot had been really full during the day; now with the exception of Chloe's Dodge Challenger, the lot was a ghost town.

               As she came up to the front entrance, the lights suddenly shut off, but no Jamie appeared. Waiting for a second, she looked around and noticed something. Turning off the car, she got out; taking a mini flashlight she kept in the glovebox, she walked to the front doors. It was there she had spotted something wrong. Her eyes widened as she saw there was broken glass; checking the door, she found it had been forced open. She rushed inside, looking around frantically for Jamie.

               "Jamie! Baby – If you can hear me, speak to me!" Shouted Chloe, trying to keep the worry out of her voice, she looked around hastily, scanning as she went.


               Chloe stumbled for a second before dropping to her knees and then on her face as the broken glass from a lamp had fell to the ground around her.  Although not completely out, she was still in no shape to get up. Through her blurred vision she could see a shadowy figure looking at her before she moved out of sight; even with her ears ringing, she could still hear footsteps and the sound of something being dragged before darkness closed in as Chloe passed out from the blow.


To be continued - with CrazyEagle

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