Spandex Tights - Disasters, Calamities and Other Fun Stuff

by Northern Chill

Author's note : This is a series based on the crime fighting Aerobic Duo as they go against a strange assortment of criminals now led by a mystery woman known as Hocus Pocus. There are elements of nudity, sexuality and strong language in this serial so if this bothers you, please move on to the nearest comic store.  
Otherwise, enjoy !    [Read from the start by clicking here! Ed]

      Chapter 2 -  Trips, Slips and Flips

                   " then I told him that if he didn't put his hands back where they belonged, he'd be facing a sexual harassment suit so fast that they'd foreclosing his business and selling off his assets before he got the notice!"  the red haired woman said as she finished putting her make-up on in front of a desk mirror.

                   Janice nodded slightly as she adjusted the frilly red and gold corset she was wearing and attached the garters to her sheer black stockings.  "I don't blame you one bit, Donna, though remember that some of the guys you run into that have ' busy hands' can make or break you in the modeling business so tread carefully the next time you feel a guy pinch your ass,"  she said before standing straight and adjusting her bracelets that adorned her wrists.

                  Once the two had finished their preparations, they hurried towards the stage area where they would walk down the runway as part of Irene's Intimates lingerie show.  However, when the two approached the stage area, they found the backstage area eerily quiet and completely devoid of people.  Janice and Donna looked at each other in puzzlement as they approached the curtains leading to the runway with the only sign of anything else out of the ordinary being puddles of water seeping under the drapery.

                  When the two models stepped out onto the runway, they took in a sight that had them standing in shocked silence with their mouths gaping open.  Everything in the large room, objects and people both, seemed to be covered in a thick layer of ice that had frozen them right where they stood.  Donna saw Gina and Francesca were still about halfway down the runway and both cocooned in ice that glistened and sparkled in the room's lighting.  Gina, clad in a sheer blue satin bra and panty set with a thin nightie, looked to have been immobilized while looking down at something below the stage with her hands outwards from her side and slightly bent over at the waist.  Francesca, wearing a black and white bustier with gold piping, looked to have been caught from behind by surprise as she was frozen in the process of turning to face her attacker(s) with her mouth agape and eyes wide open. Her left arm was drawn up as if to cover herself with her right arm extended fully outward as if she could stop whatever enveloped her.

                  The two models barely had time to think about the frozen tableau around them when they heard a noise from the left of the stage.  They turned towards the sound and saw a blonde haired woman wearing a silver and blue unitard with a large fur stole draped over her shoulders carrying what appeared to be a large red flare gun in her hands.  Standing behind her were two muscular men with Glacial and Polar written on their respective chests.  Next to them was a woman in a multi-colored outfit carrying a pink Pezzy dispenser in her left hand who looked at the bewildered models with a wry smile on her face.

                "You two look a little out of place standing there in your undies, moving around.  Why don't I do something to make you look a little more appropriate in your current surroundings?"  the woman with a fur stole said before a beam of pure white energy surged forth from the weapon and enveloped the two women.  They  barely had time to react before their bodies and minds entered the frigid prisons they found themselves entombed in.

                Seconds later, the icy stillness in the room was shattered by a loud, uproarious laugh which echoed throughout the vicinity.  The villainess known as Lady Ice walked around the frozen figures running her right forefinger over the icy statues while nodding in approval.  

              "Ah...another cold crime committed by Lady Ice, queen of cold.  I should be the guest at more of these type functions in the future.  I wonder..."  the villainess started to exhort in a self congratulatory manner before she was interrupted by loud coughing coming from behind her.

              "I hate to interrupt your little ego-boo speech there, Lady Ice, but I was wondering how you were planning to get all the jewelry and money off these frozen guests to make this a successful caper?  It'll be pretty hard to ask them to hand it over now, won't it?"  Hocus Pocus asked while twirling her Pezzy dispenser in her hand.

             Lady Ice's face briefly darkened in consternation before she recovered her composure.  "Well, that's what Glacial and Polar are here for. With their motorized ice picks, they can crack open the ice figures here in no time at all,"  she gestured towards her muscular hirelings who lumbered forward with silver picks in their right hands.

            "Ummm..that's all well and good but I think there's a little problem with that.  No matter how fast the guys are at chipping through to the goods, the cops are still going to be here any minute.  I doubt your ice gun can handle them all and my wand is kind of limited...."  Hocus said in a very matter of fact type of tone.  The fact that, seconds later, the distant wail of police sirens only served to underline her argument.

           "DAMN!!  Well, that's a little too much heat for this cold criminal.  Glacial, Polar... change of plans!  Grab whatever you think is valuable and let's get out of here.  Hocus, if you'll follow me... I'd like to talk to you about a few things for my next frigid felony, if you don't mind."  Lady Ice yelled out to everyone else in the room.

          The criminals quickly gathered up what they could and headed out of the building leaving the many frozen men and women to stand in icy silence as the sirens grew closer by the second.  The frozen figures heard the voices of many people over the next few minutes with those voices mostly expressions of horror and outrage at the scene they all saw.  Unfortunately, the arrival of the authorities proved too late to apprehend the perpetrators from setting off for another place to commit a crime.

          Thirty minutes later.....  

           " picks can't go in too far or else!  Turn those portable heaters on full blast!  Let's get those blankets ready, you guys!  We're going to have a lot of cold people needing warmth as soon as we free them from the ice!"  a woman yelled out at the people scurrying around the still figures in the room.  Several  people were already outside wrapped in wool blankets sipping on hot coffee while ambulance attendants attended to those who had suffered more severe reactions.

           In the middle of the chaos strode three shapely women walking towards the auditorium in a purposeful manner.  Two of them, dressed in skin tight gold and white outfits, were the renowned crimefighters Lycra Woman and Spandex Girl, the aerobic duo cheered by the denizens and scourge of the criminal element.   Accompanying them was their newest ally, Steptrainer, aka the Fitness Mistress, who was dressed in a black and gold leotard that hugged her lithe frame tightly.  Thigh high white boots and bare thighs completed a stunning look that made her, in the brief time she had been going up against the evil of the city, the talk of everyone who read of her exploits.

         "Steptrainer???... if that isn't the stupidest name for a heroine I've ever heard!.... she's been a hero for, what, three months and she's already acting like she's better than me..."  Suzie aka Spandex Girl thought to herself as she strode in with her fellow heroines.

        "Ah, the Aerobic Trio.... it's good to have you three around here.  It seems the diabolical Lady Ice has struck yet again at this fashion show.  However, no one seems to have been permanently harmed and, strangely enough, nothing seems to have been stolen,"  a disheveled man in his mid 40's said as he pushed back his fedora hat and looked at the scene before him.

       "No problem at all, Detective Starsky.  We saw the police cars heading at great speed to this area and we came to investigate what had happened.  It's unfortunate that we arrived too late to catch Lady Ice and her goons in the act.  Is there any indication what caused them to flee without any loot?"  Lycra Woman asked the detective as she whipped out her portable hair dryer and helped in the unthawing of the remaining frozen victims.

      "Nope, no indication at all.  In fact, we didn't have police in the area when this occurred and only got here after a local resident noticed water running out a side door and called us.  We did get some odd reports from the victims of another person with Ice and her gang.  The person was described as a woman in her late 20's wearing a red and yellow outfit carrying what looked one of those Pezzy dispenser novelties in her right hand.  Though she didn't actually do anything as far as the witnesses saw, Ice and her bunch seemed to be getting advice from this mystery woman,"  the detective said as he consulted his notepad for details.

     "Well, that would explain these Pezzy candy bits lying on the floor over here, Detective Starsky.  Would you mind if we took back a sample to the Aerobobase for analysis?"  Steptrainer said as she bent over to pick up a piece of the candy and flashed a smile at the detective.

     Detective Starsky's face slightly reddened as he looked at Steptrainer's face as well as her curvaceous body that was squeezed tight in her body hugging outfit.  "Uhhhh..why sure..I guess you can, Steptrainer.  After all, if anyone can figure out Ice's motives, it's you and your fellow crimefighters,"  he said trying not to stare as Steptrainer turned around to examine something on the wall which showed her shapely toned ass to the detective.

    "Geez, you think she was in charge of everything the way she talks.  Look at the way she's primping in front of the detective... I know we wear our skin tight outfits to distract onlookers so they won't be able to figure out our secret identities but sheesh...."  Spandex Girl thought to herself as she watched Steptrainer pepper the flustered detective with questions.  The youngest of the three heroines grimaced noticeably as she held her hair dryer in the direction of the statues while looking on at Steptrainer's actions.

    "Spandex Girl!  Pay attention to what you're doing!"  Lycra Woman shouted at her younger team mate from across the room.

    "Huh?  Ooops..."  Spandex Girl was puzzled for a second by Lycra Woman's urgent shout from across the room until she looked up and saw that the hair dryer was blowing warm air onto an unfrozen and now red faced woman, who was still frozen from her chest down.  The young heroine blushed and lowered her dryer downward vowing to keep her mind on her work until it was done and deal with Steptrainer later.

    Several hours later, with all the frozen victims freed and either sent home or to the hospital and the police leaving the crime scene, the three heroines stood outside the hall by themselves discussing what their next should be.

    "We should head back to the Aerobobase and analyze that remnant I found inside to see if it's something more than candy and/or provide clues to the mystery woman that was with Lady Ice here,"  Steptrainer said with her arms folded across her chest in a confident manner.

    "What?  Are you kidding?  Lady Ice could be out committing another crime as we speak to make up for her failures here.  We should spread out across the city in search of that psychotic bitch and stop her before she gets started right away!"  Spandex Girl exhorted to her comrades.

   "Spandex Girl, watch your language!  As far as your suggestions go, I think they both have merit to them.  Therefore, I suggest I go back to Aerobobase and analyze the Pezzy candy while you two head out in the Aerobomobile and track down the dastardly Lady Ice and her cohorts.  If you get into trouble, get in touch with me immediately back at the base and I'll come as quick as I can.  Is there any questions?"  Lycra Woman said with a firm and decisive tone.

   "Steptrainer and me?  Wha..Why us...?   We've never worked together before when fighting crime.  Why not send Steptrainer back to the base while you and I hunt down the chilly criminal?"  Spandex Girl said with a pleading voice as she looked with disdain for a moment at the black and gold clad Steptrainer.

  "Normally, I'd agree with you, Spandex Girl.  However, Steptrainer is not as adept in communicating with our resident scientific genius Helflin as you or I am.  Therefore, my decision stands and I'll head back right now to start the analysis,"  Lycra Woman said before jumping into the Aerobomobile and roaring off into the darkness.

  "So, Spandex Girl, since you seem to know everything, where should we head to first in our attempts to stop the criminals in question?"  Steptrainer asked the younger heroine with a disdainful look.

  "Grrrr... " thought Spandex Girl to herself as she stormed off towards Steptrainer's car, a black Corvette with gold trim, vowing she'd expose this woman as a heroine totally lacking in skills in the crime fighting business.  The two stepped inside the vehicle and sped off into the night with each determined to prove to the other just how superior they were in apprehending criminals.

   One hour later....  

    Hillary looked at her wristwatch and saw to her relief that there was only fifteen minutes left before the end of the day and she could head home for the day.  As one of two tellers at Gold Key National Bank for the weekday afternoon shift, it was usually a pretty quiet and boring job. However, today happened to be the second last day of the month which meant lots of pensioners and people on income assistance coming in to get their money or get rid of lots of rolls of change.

   "I hope I don't have to deal with any more old crones with half rolls of pennies today... sheesh..."  the red haired woman thought as she leafed through the receipts from the transactions she had handled during the day.  After tapping on a keyboard for several seconds,  Hillary looked up when she heard the approach of someone to the counter.  She gasped when she saw two costumed figures standing before her with one holding a long red nozzle in her right hand.  Hillary didn't have enough time to react before her world seemed to come to a stand still in a frozen landscape.

   Thirty seconds or so later, the interior of the bank resembled the fashion show earlier in the evening with numerous men and women in icy tombs frozen in various poses and looks.  The only difference was that there were no women dressed in revealing lingerie visible in the room though there was one that Hocus Pocus and Lady Ice noticed right away with sadistic amusement that was quite distracting.  A late 20's - early 30's blonde woman was standing near the air conditioning unit in the bank drinking a cold glass of water dressed in a light pink blouse and white mini skirt when the two villainesses swept into the premises.  The woman had just let the glass slip out of her hand when the freeze ray swept over and coated her from head to toe in a layer of ice. As the villainesses noticed with glee, this, coupled with the fact that the woman had been wearing no bra under her blouse, caused the frozen victim's nipples to protrude quite noticeably against the fabric of the blouse.

   "Hey, boss, ya think it would be possible that I could take home one of these frozen babes with the loot?  I'm sure she'd like me once I warmed her up a little.  Ha! Ha!"  Polar asked his frigid boss as he poked the surface of one of the frozen women.

   "Not now, Polar.  Thanks to the brain freeze I had before, we've got little time to pull this robbery off before the cops show up.  Help Glacial empty out the teller's drawers while I take care of the vault door,"  Lady Ice commanded to her hired help before moving next to Hocus once again.

    "Thanks for letting me know about the bank that was near the hall, Hocus.  Were you casing the place for yourself to rob in the future?"  the frigid felon asked the villainess accompanying her.  The wand carrying Hocus Pocus looked at her fellow criminal and at her hirelings, which were starting to clean out the tellers' cash drawers,  before replying.

    "As I said before, I'm new to all of this.  I've been a customer at this bank for the last three years or so before..... things changed for me,"  the black haired woman said as she idly twirled her pink Pezzy dispenser/wand in her hands.

    Lady Ice arched her right eyebrow in interest.  "Things changed, eh?  Were you visited by aliens in the middle of the night and they gave you special powers?" she said in a mocking tone.

    "Hardly aliens, Ice.  You see, one night.... "  Hocus started to say before being interrupted by the loud swinging open of the bank's doors and two familiar female figures bursting through.

    "Sorry to interrupt your criminal chit chat, you two, but I think the bank frowns on withdrawals made by freezing its customers.  Surrender to Steptrainer and her fellow crime fighters!"  the black and gold clad heroine shouted as she advanced towards the criminals.

    "Fellow crime fighters..?? ...sheesh..." Spandex Girl thought to herself as she advanced along with her aerobic counterpart towards the two evildoers.  "Give up, you two, and surrender to the mighty aerobic fighters kn-...URRKKK!!"  Spandex Girl started to proclaim her own heroic speech before being interrupted by the goon Glacial from behind.

    "Sorry, you aerobic twits, but my plans do not include cooling my heels in a prison chosen by a judge and jury.  Glacial, Polar, keep these two on ice while me and my associate Hocus Pocus finish gathering up the loot,"  Lady Ice yelled to her minions as she and Hocus Pocus quickly grabbed the canvas bags filled with cash and made for the back of the bank.

   "Come back here, you criminals!" Steptrainer shouted while simultaneously delivering a leg kick to Polar's mid section sending the criminal crashing to the ground in a heap.  Using the distraction to her advantage, Spandex Girl slipped out of Glacial's viselike grasp, whirling and hitting the goon in his adam's apple with a precise karate chop.  Glacial gurgled as he fell to the floor with his face turning a bright red.

   The two heroines ran in the direction that their opponents hoping to catch them before they could made good their escape. However, when they got to the door in the back of the bank leading outside, the two crime fighters ran right into a large patch of ice that caused both of them to tumble to the ground while still moving forward.  The heroines slid several feet through the open doorway and tumbled into a car parked in a lot next to the bank.

   "C'mon, Spandex Girl, let's stop these two!"  Steptrainer said as she pulled herself to her feet and helped her counterpart up. After brushing herself off quickly, the black and gold clad Steptrainer advanced in one direction of the lot while her youthful companion went in another with the idea they would catch the criminals between them.

   Unfortunately, for Spandex Girl,  when she walked around the corner of a gray family sized van, she found herself literally standing almost nose to nose with Hocus Pocus and Lady Ice.  The two criminals looked at the brightly costumed heroine with amusement clearly visible on their faces.

  "Well, well, poor little Spandex Girl.  You're all by yourself with no help and no one to fight for you while you stand back and watch,"  Lady Ice called out in a derisive voice.

  "You can say what you want, Ice Chest, but you and your cronies have a one trip to jail and I intend to start punching that ticket NOW!"  Spandex Girl yelled as she launched herself feet first into the mid section of Hocus Pocus.  The impact sent the wand carrying woman hurtling to the ground and sending her Pezzy wand skittering across the pavement.

  "People with evil intents should never taunt those sworn to put them away.  Now to see...EEEEP!!"  Spandex Girl started to say before an intense feeling of cold swept over her and she found herself growing rigid all over.  Her mouth slightly gaped open in shock at what was happening to her as her body became increasingly unresponsive to her thoughts.  She could see sheets of ice starting to form around her feet, still spread apart in a heroic fashion and lower legs.

   " a.."  Spandex Girl gasped as she felt the freezing process from Lady Ice's gun rapidly coat her lithe body.  Although she had been on the receiving end of the cold generating weapon before, it was an experience she could do without.  Her left arm and hand, with the hand planted firmly on her tiny waist, rapidly took on a thickening layer of ice as did her right hand, extended straight out from her body from when she made her heroic boast prior to the blast.

   The ice spread rapidly over the heroine's body as well as invading her mouth and nose with no relent.  Spandex Girl felt her breathing slow to a halt with her last few breaths coming out in white wisps emanating from frozen lips.  As her vision clouded over, she saw Lady Ice standing in front of her holding her weapon upwards with a victorious look evident on her face.  A few seconds later, that vision disappeared as Spandex Girl slipped into a frozen state oblivious to all around her.

   "So much for the girl who thinks she's a heroine.  Hocus, grab your wand while I get the bags of cash and we'll get out of here.  We're not sticking around for Glacial and Polar to catch up with us.... goons like them are a dime a dozen these days,"  Lady Ice yelled out as she sprinted away from the ice statue and over to where the leather bags stuffed with cash laid stacked up against a black Ford Truck.

    Just as the villainess had bent over and grasped one of the cash bags,  she felt herself being pulled upwards followed by a solid punch to her stomach.  Lady Ice stumbled backwards with her weapon, as well as the cash bag, slipping out of her hands and falling to the pavement.

    "You crooks just don't get it.  No matter how hard you try in schemes to make yourselves rich at the expense of hard working people, there will always be people of virtue and truth ready to stop you!"  Steptrainer said planting her hands on her hips in a bold and heroic stance.

   "Hocus, give me a hand here!"  Lady Ice called out as she threw a punch at her adversary that just missed Steptrainer's face. 

   "Just a second, Ice!"  Hocus Pocus yelled as she reached under the car where her wand was and pulled it out.  She started to move across the parking lot towards the two other women when she suddenly stumbled while an energy beam shot out of the weapon.

   "What the...?   Look out, you...."  Lady Ice shouted as she saw her ally stagger just as she was discharging her weapon.  Her warning shout was cut short as the frigid felon found herself enveloped in a blue and yellow ball of energy from head to toe. Almost immediately, the villainess found her ability to move and talk cease altogether as she found her body contorting on its own without any direction from her.  Her arms locked in by her sides and her legs did likewise with her muscles stiff and rigid throughout her well toned body.

   As Steptrainer looked on in shock and bewilderment, the heroine saw her foe's clothing started to change shape and color with amazing speed.  She saw Lady Ice's trademark stole disappear while her outfit changed into a blue cotton leotard with shiny tan pantyhose and bright pink and white slippers.  While this was going on, the heroine saw a metallic stand forming under the villainess' still form with a sign saying EXERCISE TODAY ! becoming visible on front of the stand.

    A second or so later,  Lady Ice's expression changed from one of intense anger tinged with shock to one of extreme happiness with a smile that was unsettlingly bright.  The villainess' black hair shimmered and changed into long strands of blonde hair that stopped just past her shoulders with a healthy pink glow becoming noticeable in her cheeks.  If this wasn't bizarre enough, Lady Ice's chest swelled outwards by at least one cup size and pressed sensuously against the fabric of the leotard.  However, there was no noticeable movement of the chest moving as if the villainess had stopped breathing altogether in addition to her lack of motion.

    Lady Ice's transformation completed its insidious process as her limbs and digits took on a glossy artificial look while strangely a whirring sound can be heard emanating from her backside.  Peering around, Steptrainer saw what appeared to be large wind-up key jutting out of the villainess' back with the key winding steadily.  Looking down, she saw what looked a metal rod extending up from the stand and into where Lady Ice's anus would be via a small  hole in the leotard.

   Stepping back, Steptrainer saw to her amazement that the villainess' arms and legs were starting to tremble noticeably as the whirring sound came to a halt.  She stepped back oblivious to the fact that Hocus Pocus was advancing slowly up to her with her wand pointed at the heroine in a menacing manner. 

    "All right, everyone, it's time to get into shape!"  Lady Ice chirped in a voice that dripping in sweetness.  A second later, her arms and legs moved back and forth as the villainess started doing jumping jacks in a rapid motion.  Her chest bounced up and down in a manner that would have drawn attention from an elderly man as her breasts came close several times to protruding openly from her outfit.  After counting to ten, the villainess stopped doing jumping jacks, pulled up straight and, putting her arms straight up, started touching her toes in a rapid manner.

    "This is just plain strange indeed.  Why would anybody do....OOOOHHHH!!!!"  Steptrainer started to say before she felt herself being enveloped by the energy bem flowing once again from Hocus Pocus.  As with Lady Ice, the heroine found her ability to talk and move on her own vanish with her feet moving apart and her hands firmly planted on her waist in a stance like many crimefighters took when they had vanquished their opponents.

    "Well, well, Miss Steptrainer, is it?  It's amazing how lackadaisical a heroine can get when tackling criminals.... even ones with abilities above their own.  You sound like the poster child for stupid hero behavior... in fact, that gives me an idea..."  Hocus Pocus said as she waved her magical Pezzy dispenser in front of the transfixed heroine.

    "WHAT????....."  the heroine thought to herself for a brief moment before she once again felt the sensation of powerful energy flowing over her body once again.  Steptrainer found her mouth tightening into a bright smile while the rest of her lithe body was tightening as well but in a far different manner.  It felt to the heroine like her whole body was being compressed and flattened by unseen forces and she was becoming thinner by the second.  Strangely, the feeling was mixed with one of pleasure as she felt her breasts and sex being exerted upon the power that had engulfed her.  She had the strangest feeling like her whole body was under a giant rolling pin that was going over her rapidly.

   "Perfect..."  Hocus Pocus said as she saw the glossy poster that Steptrainer had been changed into slowly settle to the ground.  Picking up the brightly colored paper that contained the inanimate form of the heroine, Hocus looked at the picture for several long moments before being interrupted in her reverie by the sounds of approaching police.

   "One down...."  the villainess muttered softly before twirling her wand tightly three times producing a blinding FLASH! a few seconds later.  When the bright light dissipated, the inanimate forms of Lady Ice and Steptrainer as well as Hocus Pocus had disappeared leaving only the slowly melting ice shrouded Spandex Girl by herself in the parking lot.

   Several hours later......

   "I hate dealing... wi...wi..with...col..col..cold... ACHOO!!!!"  Spandex Girl gasped before letting out a mighty sneeze. She wrapped a towel around herself a little tighter as she tried to warm herself sitting next to a heater in the Aerobobase.

   "Yes, Lady Ice weapon can be a problem to say the least but this new mystery villainess worries me more.  Are your sure there was no sign of the criminals or Steptrainer when you came out of your cold coma?"  Lycra Woman asked her younger crimefighter in a sympathetic way.

   "None at all though a wino in a nearby alley says he saw a big kid carrying a poster and jack-in-the-box in the vicinity of the bank where we ACHOO!!"  Spandex Girl sputtered before sneezing once again.

   "Well, it's obvious that the criminals have abducted our ally in some manner and have abilities that we've never encountered before. I think it's time I made a phone call,"  Lycra Woman said as she walked over to a nearby computer console and depressed a large pink button with LL marked on it.  A few seconds later, a hole appeared in the console from which emerged a pink and white cell phone held by a large metal claw.

   "You don't mean..." Spandex Girl said while rubbing a towel vigorously over her semi-dry hair.

   "Yes. — It's time we called the Lycra League!"  Lycra Woman said as she started to dial her cell phone.

 To be continued........

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