The Last Woman Standing

by Northern Chill

                     Author's note:   This is a story based loosely on the outlandish reality show phenomenon that is popular today. 
                     It is a bit darker in tone and style than my usual stories so if this bothers you or if scenes of nudity or sexual
                     themes are not your cup of tea, please move on.  Otherwise, enjoy !

         Alice thought if she had to kill one more mosquito that day, she might go insane.  She knew that when she applied to join this reality based game, there would be hardships and difficulties associated with it.  Nevertheless, when she and the other participants were dropped literally in the middle of a Bolivian jungle with no ready made shelters, she thought it would be extremely difficult for her to get to the end of the game.

         Certainly, things had changed since the first of these fitness competitions rolled onto network TV. When the ratings started to slide, various formats were tried such as celebrity participants, upping the winner's prize and other tricks to try and gain new audiences.  When none of these worked, the shows moved into the pay-per-view area and found a niche with an audience by becoming more bold and daring both in presentation and the contestants chosen.

         For one thing, all the contestants were now striking women ranging in age from the early 20's to mid 40's. They were encouraged to wear tight fitting and skimpy clothing ("no doubt for the horny male viewers out there" thought Alice) and were filmed no matter what they were doing including changing and such.  Although Alice wasn't crazy about the latter, she did sign a contract allowing for such a things as well as absolving the company of any damage claims in the event of serious injury or death.  Alice shuddered inwardly as she thought of the woman in a previous show who approached an alligator thinking it was a robot made by the show only to realize too late it wasn't.

         Alice brushed her black hair out of her eyes and looked around the camp.  The original field of 16 women had been narrowed down to four and each seemed determined to be the final one standing at the end.  There was Jill, a leggy blonde fitness instructor from San Bernadino, who was always moaning about how much she missed sex every single night.  In fact, one night when they were all sleeping, Alice woke to find Jill's hands draped over her breasts and the young woman breathing heavily into  her left ear.  From that night on, Alice, a non-lesbian, kept her distance from Jill, particularly when the latter went to bathe nude in the nearby lake.

          Over by the trees gathering firewood was Vanessa, a professional cheerleader who worked in Dallas; she seemed extremely lucky to get this far considering her athletic prowess was tissue thin, like her bikinis.  However, her fantastic figure, from her bleach-blonde hair to her ample sized breasts and her toned ass and legs, seemed to sway the public when they (not the contestants) initially voted for who was to leave. Alice figured that in this last phase of the competition, when the audience vote was closed off, she would be leaving like all the other contestants before her.

          By the river, casting a fishing line into the muddy water for what seemed to be the hundredth time was Debbie,  Alice 's third remaining rival and the one who she considered her chief opposition.  Her fiery red hair matched her determination to outlast and outwit everyone else here; that was evident right from the start.  When she won the last competition of spear tossing, Debbie had looked at Alice directly with a look of superiority and downright arrogance.

          As Alice put down the rod to tuck her pink T-shirt back into her cutoff shorts, there was a commotion at the edge of the clearing.  Several camera men were setting up positions for the day's filming of the show while off to the side a blond haired man was having a few dabs of makeup slapped on his face by a harried assistant.  Alice knew him as Dick Smith, the host of the show for the last 3 years.  He was a smooth talker around the women who participated in the contests.  It had long been rumored that he in fact had slept with several of the female contestants in previous competitions in secret.  Although Alice dismissed it as nothing more than internet rumors, she was more than a little wary when Dick chatted with her tribe members off camera. She felt invisible goose bumps when he sidled up to them inquiring how they were and such.  "One more week and I'm out of here with the winner's prize and away from him!" she thought to herself.

          "Ok... we're back in 10 seconds.  Dick, take your mark," shouted the director as all the personnel scrambled to get out of camera range.  Several seconds of silence as a production assistant slowly counted down waving his fingers as a signal.

          When the assistant hit three, background music began to play and the show host looked directly into the camera.  "The sun has begun to beat down on the hot jungle for another day just like these woman have endured over the past eleven days.  Unlike in the past, however, these final four will take part in the ultimate contests that will end by the stroke of midnight tonight with one winner who will be... THE LAST WOMAN STANDING!" Dick intoned emphasizing the last few words he spoke with dramatic overtones.

          "What a ham!! " thought Alice to herself as the camera slowly panned around over the four remaining women.  They all smiled when the camera stopped on them and Dick mentioned their names simultaneously.  After panning over the makeshift camp, it returned to Dick, who was seated on a large tree stump.

          "For those of you who weren't around for our previous shows, here's a brief recap of the past 5 weeks and how our final four got here today.." Dick said  before the screen flickered into life as previously aired footage began to play out showing previous weeks in sync with Dick's pre-recorded background dialogue.

          Dick looked over at the women. "OK, ladies, time for you four to take a short trip.  We've got a site set up for our next contest and this will be what you'll be wearing for it." he said tossing each them a clear folded bag.  Alice looked inside and found a red bikini embossed with the show's logo on the bottom half. She looked up quizzically at Dick who had a slight grin on his face. "The next contest will involve the four of you doing a fair bit of swimming. If you'll follow me, we have a jeep waiting to take you to the local building we've converted," he said, pointing towards a waiting tan colored jeep off to the left.

          The four women briefly exchanged glances before pulling on hiking shoes and following the host to the waiting jeep.  Alice noticed how Vanessa went out of her way to require assistance in getting into the jeep and she managed to brush her tits up against the film crew assistant who helped her in. "Slut!" thought Alice to herself before getting in the jeep, taking the opportunity to flash her ass at the camera. After everyone was in, the jeep started off on a bumpy logging road towards an inland destination.  One of the camera cars drove alongside and in front for a little while to catch some travel footage before speeding ahead.

          After about a thirty minute drive, the contestants arrived at the edge of a local town with all the housing and such that one would expect to see in a small South American town.  However, off to the left stood a fairly new building that resembled an entertainment center and it was there that the jeep stopped.  Once the women were all out of the jeep, they were escorted in through a side door to a changing room where they were told to change into their swimsuits and wait for a knock on the room's door.

         The women had just finished pulling on the skin tight lycra suits when there was a knock on the door and in strode a mid 30's woman carrying a cell phone in one hand with a very annoyed look on her face.  "OK, ladies, we're running behind here tonight so I'll get you to follow me quickly to the pool area.  You'll hear Dick's voice in the background going over the rules for this particular contest which I'll repeat for you in case you miss anything. This will be the second to last last competition for you four and I wish you all luck! Now, let's get going!" Marilyn, the show's executive producer, said while motioning towards the door impatiently.

         The four women quickly put on some sandals and trudged out into the hallway following Marilyn.  The amount of energy they all had expended over the past several weeks was starting to wear on them yet the knowledge one of them was guaranteed to be the winner drove them on.  No matter what nasty challenge awaited them that day, each was determined to outlast the others.

         As the rivals reached the end of the corridor, they heard the show's theme song blaring from speakers in the area just ahead.  Marilyn held open the glass door for the women to walk into what they instantly recognized as the pool area for the local community.  At the far end of the pool stood Dick, surrounded by several potted ferns, speaking into a camera.

         "Legend has it the local tribes held numerous tests for the young men who aspired to become full blown warriors.  One of them involved swimming through swollen rivers filled with numerous obstacles, testing both their strength and resolve in finishing the gauntlet they were forced to go through.  Once they had successfully passed this gauntlet, they were allowed to take on the final test and achieve their goal. Tonight, these four women who have survived all that nature and man have thrown at them so far will take on our version of this watery endurance challenge.  Three will emerge as survivors and go onto the final test, where one will emerge... THE LAST WOMAN STANDING!!"

          "Pretentious blowhard!!..."  thought Alice to herself as she waited patiently along with the other three women for Dick finish mugging at the camera and go over the rules for the latest trial.

         "The women will have to swim eight laps of this pool, staying in the lanes we have set out for them. However, the swim they undertake will have a few obstacles just like the natives encountered long ago. These will be objects made of plastic or Styrofoam which must be pushed out of the way before they can proceed. There will be four objects in total, dropped in the path of each contestant as they swim back and forth.  However, there is one little catch for the contestants about the removal of these obstacles. They are only permitted to use either one arm or one leg at a time to push the object out of the way.  Furthermore, once that particular arm or leg is used, they can't use it again for deflecting objects during the race. For each infraction of these rules, the contestant will have to swim an additional lap of the pool," Dick intoned as he gestured out into the calm blue waters of the pool.

          "Once all laps are completed, the contestants will pull themselves out of the pool and head outside to a waiting jeep.  Unlike our previous contests, there will be not one winner but rather one loser as for the minute the third person exits the building, the doors and all exits are programmed to lock down so there will be no dispute as to the last one who is eliminated.  A test of speed.. strategy... who will move on to the final test and try to be the LAST WOMAN STANDING!! " Dick said with an emphasis that bordered on ridiculous with the last part.

          The theme music started to reverberate all around the young women as they approached the lanes which were labeled by their names to avoid confusion. The show's host walked around to the right edge of the pool and pulled out a starter's pistol in his right hand. He slowly counted down from five and with dramatic flair fired the pistol to start the race.

          All four women got off to smooth starts and though none of them were expert swimmers, they all moved swiftly down their first lap where they encountered the obstacles mentioned by Dick.  The first one for each was a large tree branch made of looked like Styrofoam that floated in each of their paths. Vanessa, Debbie and Jill all used their right hands to push the obstacle out of the way while Alice used her left leg to kick the plastic limb out of her lane.  All four continued on fairly even after the end of the first lap, and the round after that.

         Halfway through the race, they all were still fairly close to each other when the first mistake was made.  When a  fake alligator figure was dropped in front of each of the women,  Vanessa used her right hand to push the toy out of the way. Whether she had forgotten due to the exertion of trying to keep up with the others or simply forgot about the rules, the error wasn't realized till she heard the voice of the host boom out over the water.

         "That's a penalty lap for Vanessa! Remember the rules everyone, use each limb only once!"  Dick's voice boomed out over the pool as the women continued to swim, albeit a little slower than when they started.

         Entering the final two laps of the contest, Alice had pulled out well in front of the others with Debbie a distant second  to her.  Vanessa and Jill trailed them both badly and had each picked up a penalty lap in the process so neither would be among the first two out of the pool.  In addition, both were laboring mightily to finish the race so determining the third person to move on would take some time.

         "First out of the water... Alice!" shouted Dick as Alice pulled herself out of the pool and ran to the edge of the pool area where she slid on her footwear and ran towards the corridor that led to the door for going outside. A few seconds after she entered the corridor, Debbie was out of the pool and following close behind, stopping only to pull up her bikini top which had partly come off and briefly exposed her breasts to the pay-per-view audience.

         "We have our first two finalists in our competition now and one spot left... who will it be? For our viewers at home, vote now through your remote control on who you think will be the third finalist.  If you're one of the viewers who chooses correctly our third finalist, you'll be eligible for our drawing at the end of the night for prizes like a DVD set comprising all the contests in this series, autographed T-shirts from all sixteen contestants and much much more.  You have from now until the third finalist is determined so call that 1-866 number or log into our web site and vote now!" Dick said looking into the camera as the final lap for the two remaining contestants started.

          With a burst of energy, Jill pulled ahead and headed towards the end of the pool comfortably in the lead. By contrast, Vanessa's laborious swimming had slowed to the point where she had stopped swimming altogether short of halfway through the last lap.  She clung to the rope that marked off her lane from the others and took in several deep breaths, exhausted from the strenuous swim.

          Jill managed to finish her final lap and slowly pulled herself out of the pool to the blaring noise of recorded applause and cheers.  She slowly staggered over to the area where her footwear was waiting, while the contest host and his camera crew followed close behind her.

          "Jill appears to be our third and final contestant for the grand finale tonight. We'll follow her outside to get her and our other two finalist's reactions to the race and thoughts about the last test that awaits them." Dick's voice rang out as they followed Jill down the corridor and outside.

           Meanwhile, Vanessa continued to tread water in the middle of the pool as she caught her breath and looked around the now deserted pool area.  "Shit!... I've lost out on the big prize... damn..well, I'll get out of this pool now and get ready to hit the talk show circuit next week... hmmm, maybe even take Playhouse up on their offer to pose wearing only a jungle leaf or two for their next issue.." she thought to herself as she slowly swam to the end of the pool, noting how she was all alone now in the area.  As she pulled herself out of the pool, she heard a loud CLICK! followed by several more afterwards, indicating the sealing of the doors as the show's host indicated would happen when the third and finalist had emerged outside.

           "Great! I get locked in this building by myself... this sucks! They better let me out soon, the bastards.." Vanessa grumbled to herself as she looked around the now deserted pool area.  She shivered slightly as she stumbled around the pool looking for a window to look outside from.  However, there was no window visible anywhere on the walls facing outside although she spotted a video camera perched high on the wall; one camera which still seemed to be filming and tracking her movements.

          Vanessa started to wonder to herself what to do next when a sweet smell of lemon seemed to filter into the pool area.  She sniffed it as she walked towards the hallway that the other three women had gone done and found it to be a most pleasing smell.  Strangely enough, she felt like she could just stand there and absorb this delicious odor all day long as her body felt too sluggish to move now.

          After a minute or so, the scent was matched by a sense of profound ease that pulsed through her posed body as if all her cares and worries were being swept aside.  Vanessa didn't seem to notice that her body was changing form or that she was just standing still, oblivious to the world around her. She only cared about the warm feeling that surrounded her body and seemed to be all that mattered now to her.
          If Vanessa could have seen what was happening, she would have seen her skin rapidly changing from warm flesh to smooth tan colored plastic devoid of any signs of humanity.  Joint lines were becoming visible on her wrists, right thigh and around her shoulders such as one would see on a display figure.  Vanessa's breathing slowed and halted altogether as her face became transformed into the same material that the rest of her body now was made of. Her eyes, now just two pieces of colored glass, stared straight ahead with her mouth frozen in a perpetual smile of happiness and erotic pleasure.  She was now simply a mannequin figure, whose future role would be whatever her owner decided.

          After ten or fifteen minutes, the sound of something mechanical being turned on echoed throughout the pool area.  Seconds later, a visible breeze began blowing through the area slightly ruffling Vanessa's blonde hair, though she no longer cared about it, or anything else.  After a few minutes, two men emerged out of a door without any visible doorknob and walked over to the shapely display figure clad in a bikini holding a sexy pose like it was already in a display window.

          One man quickly removed the swimsuit and shoes that Vanessa was wearing while the other prepared a long cardboard box that he set on the floor.  Once stripped, they carefully laid Vanessa's inert form in the box and put the lid over top of it.  One of the the men then looked directly to where the camera was mounted on the wall and held up his little finger in front of his chest while the other man nodded in it's direction.  The two then picked up the box and moved quickly across the pool area to the door they had entered from.  They opened it and went through the entrance way letting the door swing shut behind them leaving a quiet pool void of people with only the low buzz of a camera in operation and that also shut down after a minute or two.


          The three remaining women were back in the jeep that had taken them to the recreation building and were speeding towards the site of the final contest.  Alice wondered to herself just what this last competition would consist of that would produce a final winner. Considering that previous contests had ranged from climbing trees looking for certain colored branches to searching for a buried chest at the top of a cliff to the swimming race she had just completed, nothing would surprise her as to the final contest's makeup.

          After several miles of driving through through dense bush, the jeep approached several hills in the distance with large rock formations visibly jutting out. It was towards one of these mounds that the jeep now steered towards with the driver increasing speed to compensate for the rise in inclination.

          Alice looked at the the other women in the back of the jeep.  "Regardless who wins the final contest, I just wanted to say the couple of weeks we've been together have been really great.  After this is all done, maybe we can get together for a reunion of sorts with the winner buying," she said to Jill and Debbie as the jeep bounced along.

          Debbie nodded wearily in agreement with the suggestion but Jill sneered openly. "I hate to rain on your warm and fuzzy idea but when I win it all tonight, I won't go anywhere near losers like you two for the rest of my life. Even if I somehow lose, I would go out of my way to make sure I never have to look you two in the face ever again." Jill snarled as she flicked off some mud that had accumulated on her long legs.

          After a couple more minutes, the jeep slowed down and came to a halt next to a clearing near the base of one of the hills.  As the three women climbed out slowly, Alice noticed there were several cameras set up in the clearing and near the entrance of cave at the top of the hill.  There were also long stretches of black cable running into the cave itself from outside, indicating to Alice that this cave would figure in the final showdown in some way.

          Alice's suspicions were confirmed by the show's host arrival in a second jeep and his proceeding into the clearing.  After several minutes of technicians checking sound and picture transmission quality and a after quick call Dick made on his cell phone to an unknown person, the support staff quickly scurried out of the clearing.  Dick accepted the mic from an assistant and lightly tossed his hair with his free hand while staring ahead at the camera in anticipation. When the technician stooped below the camera pointed to him, Dick cleared his throat before he began to speak.

         "Viewers, we have at last arrived at the at the start of the final challenge for our remaining three survivors.  These outstanding women have overcome the obstacles both nature and man have placed in front of them to arrive at this point.  One last trial stands between them and the finish where only one will emerge triumphant as the LAST WOMAN STANDING !!! " Dick said energetically.

         The host then moved to the front of the cave and gazed inwardly for a few seconds as if he was in deep meditation.  He then turned his head to the right where the camera had been moved and looked intensely into it. "This cave leads into passageways that go hundreds of feet underground over rock formations and numerous other creations of nature before returning to the surface several miles from here. We've had people working inside the cave for the better part of a year constructing three separate corridors which all lead out of the cave.  Our final three will go down into the cave, along separate corridors, as quickly as possible towards the end.  They each will have to overcome numerous obstacles along the way to attain the goal of finishing the race," he intoned as images flickered on the nearby TV monitor.

         "There will be two sets of doors along the way which have to be opened by the finalists.  These doors will also serve as our way to determine our winner in this final competition.  Each door has a built-in timer which is linked electronically to the other two and logs when the door is opened by a contestant. Once the doors have been opened twice, the third door locks down and eliminates the third person.  The contest continues until the final set of doors are reached with the first one through being the sole winner and the LAST WOMAN STANDING !!! "  Dick intoned building to his usual mentioning of the show's name at the end with music blaring in the background.

          "We'll give our three lovely ladies time to prepare and go over the ground rules with them such as what they'll be allowed to take with them.  In the meantime, you viewers can go to our show's web site and vote on who you think will be the ultimate winner.  You can also look at pictures from the previous contests as well as well as preview pictures of the site for our next competition.  Make sure, though, to be back in no less than five minutes for the start of the race to determine who our winner will be!" Dick said with an energetic voice as he briefly gestured towards the three women at the end.

          A few seconds later, when the camera operator signaled they had cut away to the promos that ran between competitions, the show's host tossed his mic to one of the crew and walked over to the waiting women.  "All right, ladies, you'll draw lots to determine who takes what route.  I'll tell you now that there will be no one else in the cave while you run your courses. However, we do have cameras mounted into the walls to monitor your progress and to dispatch any assistance that may be required in the event of an unforeseen accident.  Before you draw your lots, do you have any quick questions?" he said in a friendly but very impatient way.

          Debbie raised her hand. "Umm.. you say there won't be anyone in the cave but us three.  Does that mean that aren't any animals or insects as well?" she asked while glancing nervously at the darkened cave entrance.

          "We've had our technicians go through the cave from start to finish and, aside from a few non lethal bugs and snakes, there's nothing there that will cause harm to you along the way.  However, in the event that they may have missed something, I would advise that you three ladies not to stop and gawk around for too long.  After all, it is a race. Any other questions?" Dick replied as he dug out the lots to determine the routes each woman would take.

          Jill looked at the other two women before stepping forward to choose a number. "This course that we're going to be going on.. is it all running or are there other elements mixed in along the way?" she inquired before pulling out the counter marked 1 .

         "There will be mostly running in the course we've laid out for each of you but there will be other elements involved such as rope climbing and other elements you've done before in the course of getting here today, plus some I cannot tell you about.  I would suggest that you use some sense and caution in combination with quickness when going through the course.  Shall we head into the cave entrance?" the show's host said as Alice drew number 3, leaving Debbie with the middle course.

         The three women followed Dick into the cave where it was quickly evident that there had been quite a bit of work done well in advance by the company which produced the show.  Large overhead lights illuminated the interior, leading up to three passageways that stood side by side separated by the natural rock of the cave.  The women each moved to the passageway corresponding to the number they drew and the one painted above the passages.  Several crew members dashed forward to spray some mist onto the women's faces before dashing back behind the camera.

         The women were then wired quickly with light weight recorders to pick up their voices and sounds during the race that might be missed by mics stationed throughout each of the courses.  Once equipped, the remainder of the crew scurried back as the show's host took his place before the camera once again.

          "Welcome back, everybody, and thanks to everyone who visited the site and voted in our web poll.   Congratulations to Gary in Raleigh, North Carolina who was our randomly picked winner of  the 12 DVD disc collection "Last Woman Standing: Director's Cut," featuring all our previous contests and interviews with the people you've grown to love and hate in our previous contests.  Before we start the final test, let's get a few final words from our waiting trio.

         When the mic was put in front of Debbie, she muttered how she hoped she would come out the winner so she could celebrate with her friends back in her hometown of Albuquerque.  However, when the camera panned over to Jill, she quickly grabbed the mic from the show's host and glared at the camera.

         "I just want to say that if the producers of the show were smart, they'd declare me the winner right now because there's no way in hell either of these wimps are going to beat me out today.  By the time these two get anywhere near the end, I'll be talking with you fans in the Internet chat room. Let's get this show on the road already!" Jill roared at the camera with her upper lip turned up in a sneer.

          Dick then turned the camera towards Alice, who seemed a bit taken aback by the ferocity of Jill's rant.  She glanced into the entrance of her course and then around the ceiling  before looking into the camera.  "I have to admit that I'm a little uncomfortable in cramped spaces.  However, I did manage to win the contest where we were asked to swim underwater for thirty seconds while looking for keys, so I can hack this.  I'll be buying the first drink at the bar back home when I cross the line as the winner." She exulted though her voice did show a bit of fatigue in it.

         The show's host then turned around and walked over to the left.  " We've heard from the ladies.  Without further ado, let's get them started!" he exulted as he nodded towards a sign affixed to the wall that was showing the number 10.  It slowly began to tick down 9..8..7..6.. When it reached 1, the doors to all three courses swung open and Dick shouted: "Go !!!!"

         The women sprinted through their entrances and down into the course that was laid out for them.  For each, the first part of the course was a relatively straight run that gradually descended with no obstacles in the way. However, this changed at the end of  the run for each.  A large pool of water greeted each of the women with no way to go around it except swimming to the other side.

         Debbie and Jill  quickly took their shorts and shoes off when they individually reached the obstacle. Tying the shoelaces together, they both slung their sneakers around their neck before setting out on the short swim to the other side. The swim for both was relatively uneventful and the two reached the other side quickly.

          Alice, on the other hand, swam very slowly when she went through the water.  She had a disastrous occurrence while in the pool as halfway through her sneakers slipped off her neck and into the murky depths below.  After a few seconds of frantic looking underwater, she realized she would never find them in the unknown bottom of the pool.  She swam to the end of the pool and once on land she took off her bikini top.  Alice tore the material in two and tied the cloth to her feet as best she could to form crude shoes.

         "Modesty is not something I can worry about right about now!"  Alice thought to herself as she ran down the corridor, hoping that she had not fallen too far behind.  Running down the stony passageway, she ignored the TV monitor that was mounted into the left wall shortly after the end of the pool area. On the screen was the names and pictures of the three women running the gauntlet with flashing indicators next to them.  According to the display, Alice was running third again behind the other two as she had before.  Oddly, there were also small flashing red numbers with a dollar sign in front of them under their respective lane numbers.  In that part of the competition, at least, Alice seemed to be leading...

         Debbie, looking weary with her top soaked in sweat, ran down a long corridor which ended in a metal door.  Next to the door was a smooth glass plate mounted into the wall to the right side of the door.  Breathing deeply and remembering the instructions all three received from Dick, the redhead pressed her right hand up against the plate for a few seconds.  After taking her hand down, a few seconds passed before a loud beeping noise emanated from the plate's vicinity and the number 1 flashed briefly on the plate. Debbie looked on with satisfaction as the metal door slid upward leaving her path to the end unbarred.  She ran onward, certain that she was that much closer to winning it all.

         Less than five minutes later, Jill ran down a similar passageway to Debbie's and encountered a door much like her rival's.  When she pressed her palm into the blue plate, she was rewarded a few seconds later by the number 2 flashing on the plate's facing and the door swiftly moving upward. Wiping the sweat off her brow, the raven haired beauty continued her run down the corridor hoping that her run would soon end with the cheers of a crowd over her fantastic victory.

         About five minutes later, Alice slowly approached the closed door on her particular path of the course.  More hobbling than running as she reached the smooth metal barrier, she slumped against the door and slapped her sweaty palm against the glass plate.  After a few seconds, there was a loud harsh chime accompanied with a bright red X that flashed on and off inside the plate.

         With the barrier remaining shut, Alice realized she would not be moving on and sagged to the ground in disappointment and despair.  "All that running... jumping.. swinging.... and I'm stopped by a stupid metal door! Dammit!!"  she whined as she curled her left hand into a fist and banged it against the wall behind her in frustration.  She slumped her head forward as she replayed the events in her head of the past month or so, trying to determine if there was anything she should have done differently. Alice was so self involved she didn't hear the glass plate on the wall sliding upwards or the sliding upwards of a platform recessed inside of it.

         After a minute or two, Alice raised her head and slowly pulled herself to her feet. She was about turn around and head back the way she came where she would hopefully encounter someone from the show with a fresh set of clothing for her when she heard an unfamiliar sound.  Turning towards the noise, Alice noticed the plate was now gone and an unusual object could be seen in the opening.

         "What the heck is that thing?"  Alice said in a puzzled tone as she bent over to get a closer look at the object in question. It appeared to be a miniature stone monkey crafted from smooth gray marble with great detail to the features and pose.  The one thing that made the monkey look unusual was it's eyes which appeared to be made out of red rubies and teeth which glowed an eerie white.

          Just when Alice was about to attempt to pluck the item out of the hole it was in, the eyes started to pulse in increasing rhythm by the second and were growing brighter at the same time.  Sensing that there was something amiss, Alice started to back away quickly while looking around for a camera or some sort of a device that was monitoring her.

          "Uhhh..hello?... anybody out there?..." she called out, hoping to get the attention of anybody within earshot.  She continued to back away from the figurine as a loud humming could now be heard emanating from it.  Growing more nervous by the second, Alice turned to run back down the corridor she had just come from.  However, before she had taken more than a few steps, a blue beam of light originating from the statue quickly enveloped her and rendered her completely immobile, unable to move or talk in the slightest way.

         "What... What's happened to me?.... Why can't I move?...." Alice thought as she desperately tried to move any part of her rigid body.  Before she had the time to think over her predicament any further, a second ray of black shot out from the statue and impacted upon her body.

         If there had been anybody in the passageway at the time, the effect of this second ray would have been much more apparent than the first.  Starting at the woman's toes and working its way slowly up, every inch of Alice's exposed skin was changing from warm flesh and blood to cold gray marble.  Her long legs became twin columns of inanimate stone with no signs of freckles or blemishes anywhere.  The transformation even claimed what little clothing Alice was left wearing as her shorts changed from cloth to the same color and shape as the stone that her lower half now consisted of.

         Alice's upper half quickly fell to the effects of the beam as her stomach area became dull gray in color matching the color of her legs.  Her breasts froze in place as they became mounds of smooth stone capped by nipples that would stay forever hard.  Her left arm was stretched out from her side, slightly bent at the elbow while her right arm hung loosely at her side.  Both were now appendages composed entirely of cold stone with all humanity wiped away.

         As the transformation neared its end and moved to her head, Alice could feel her mind slipping away as a result. Strangely, the transformation of her body was accompanied by wave upon wave of intense erotic pleasure that had her mentally swimming in a sea of bliss.  Nevertheless, this pleasure also came with the full knowledge of what was happening to her.   "Why..why would this happen?... Noooooooo!!!!..." she screamed mentally before she was completely consumed by the change and everything went dark.  A nearby TV monitor crackling was the only noise in the corridor for several minutes as the newly created and very lifelike statue that used to be a vibrant woman named Alice stood, waiting in silence.  A minute or two later, the metal door that had barred Alice's way slid upward and two men walked through pushing an electric dolly in front of them.  The taller of the two walked over to the statue and looked it over in a careful and deliberate manner.  Once done, he looked into a nearby TV monitor and gave a thumbs-up sign before moving to help the other man load the weighty statue onto the metal cart.  After securing it with blankets and ropes, the two men pushed it back down the corridor that Alice had just ran through and out of sight while the monitors and camera in the area all went dark.....

         "One down, viewers, as the competition nears  its exciting conclusion.  We were planning to talk to Alice about what she thought of her experience here in the jungle, but we're experiencing some technical difficulties right now so we'll have to postpone the interview for now.   I can say that Gunther W is the winner in our online contest asking our viewers to pick which of the remaining three women would be the first to be eliminated.  Now, without delay, let's go back to the cave and see the exciting conclusion to the race and find out whether Debbie or Jill will be the LAST WOMAN STANDING!"  Dick said in his usual excited manner.

         When the director indicated they had gone to a promo for the next LWS competition,  the show's host set down the mic he was holding and pulled a cell phone out. While looking at the images that flickered on a nearby screen, he punched in the phone number and tapped his right foot while waiting for a reply.

          "Hello, Jack?  Dick here... I just wanted to know if you've been watching the show so far.... good..good... yep, everything's going smoothly and it should all be wrapped up in the next half hour or so.  I have an idea though, about the ending, and I want to run it by you now if that's OK with you.  I've been thinking...."  the host said as he walked off by himself with his voice dropping off into a whisper.

         The woman, panting with sweat pouring down her chest, slowly jogged down the passageway with her pace slightly picking up as she saw the final checkpoint looming up ahead. As she approached it, she saw it looked very similar to the previous one she had gone through with only the lack of TV monitors being any noticeable difference that she could see.

         However, as she approached the final barrier between her and winning it all, she realized that instead of a scanner for her palm to be scanned, there was what appeared to be a more detailed scanner at head level.  Puzzled, she stood in front of it for several seconds trying to remember what she was supposed to do here. She suddenly recalled that in the meeting prior to the final run, Dick had mentioned that the last check point would involve the use of a retina eye scanner though he refused to say why such an unusual method would be used.

        "It's a little strange, but if it's all that stands between me and winning, I'd do just about anything at this point...." the woman thought to herself as she pressed her face into the depression tightly.  After a few seconds, bright red lines scanned over her face as the screen flickered several times before going dark.  A second or so later, a bright flash of blue light hit the woman square in the face and enveloped her upper body.

        "What...what's happening...?... why....?"  the woman shouted as her mouth gaped open in shock with her eyes widened from the unexpected energy beam.  She instinctively flung her hands up in front of her just as the effect of the beam started to become apparent. A strange tingling sensation that she felt in her head was rapidly spreading and felt like she was being stimulated in a very pleasant and erotic way. Her face started to become shinier and take on a transparent quality as her ability to move, talk, or even breathe vanished altogether.  The effect quickly spread through the rest of her body with the woman only feeling profound pleasure as flesh and bone was transformed into sparkling crystal.

       After another thirty seconds or so, the change was completed and a beautiful statue made of transparent crystal stood where a vibrant woman once had been.  After a minute or two, the barrier slid upwards and, like before, two men dressed in LWS clothing stepped through pushing a metal cart in front of them.  One walked over and, wielding a sharp knife, cut away the clothing on the statue before standing back and looking it over.  The only sign of color still visible in the statue were the eye's pupils, which still glowed a faint blue, and the nipples on the statue's breasts, where a blush of pinkish hue was still visible.  Other than that, the entire body was composed of transparent crystal including the hair on her head and around her pussy.

      After a minute or two of looking and briefly caressing the erotic statue, the man wrapped several blankets around the statue and after securing the living art with several ropes, he and the other man loaded it onto the cart and pushed it down the corridor where it would soon join Alice's inanimate form....

     Waiting to go... somewhere...

      Sixty minutes later.......
       ".....most exciting conclusion I think I've ever seen in the history of Last Woman Standing.  By the most slender of margins, we managed to have a winner today after weeks of grueling contests in the jungle.   I thank you, the viewers, for watching us tonight and hope you'll join us tomorrow when we talk to the four women involved in this pivotal night.  Until then, I bid you all good night!"  Dick said enthusiastically before the images flickered to the closing credits and previous show's images scrolled through.

       "Well, does that champagne agree with you or would you like some more?" Dick said, after the camera flickered off, to the woman who was walking around the two statues and a mannequin that were sitting near a waiting delivery truck.

       "Oh, it agrees with me just fine, Dick.  I'd offer something to my fellow competitors but I don't think they're in the mood to drink now... or ever again! Ha Ha!"  Jill said with a loud laugh as she ran her hands over Debbie's crystallized form and reveled in the look of horror that was etched forever on her face.  "I bet Debbie here thought she actually had a chance to beat me... if only she knew the fix was in for the final four."

       Dick nodded. "Yes, tomorrow, we can put out a press release that a pilot and the final four contestants were killed in a tragic helicopter crash.  Of course, in reality, they'll be sold to those who won the secret auction we conducted during the show, for a tidy profit.  We could have done this with all sixteen but four is a much easier disappearance to fake, don't you think so?" he said with an evil smile.

        A look of puzzlement crossed Jill's face. "Four..?  I don't understand... there was supposed to be only... only three..." she sputtered as a wave of dizziness and general weakness washed over her.  Her glass of champagne slid out of her hand and fell to the grass with a thump.

       "Yes, four.  You see, we originally did have it planned for you to be the only 'survivor' of the crash and ensure your silence about the truth with a healthy cash payment.  However, we checked your profile and found that you were more than likely to take the money and then tell the truth somewhere down the line to whoever met your price again.  We decided to ensure your silence a little more... permanently." Dick said as he saw Jill sag to the ground with a look of incredulity visible on her face.

        "Si.. sil.. silence...?.."  Jill sputtered before her ability to speak vanished.  She saw her arms changing from flesh and blood to smooth plastic devoid of any sign of humanity anywhere.  She tried to move but that ability had vanished as well as she fell onto her back looking straight up.  Seams started to appear running up and down the length of her body as her artificial skin was becoming glossy and shiny in appearance.  Jill felt her mouth stretch into an O shape with her tongue and teeth dissolving into a soft interior made of the same material that the rest of her body was composed of.

       "I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL.... NOOO!!! " screamed Jill mentally as her breathing had ceased with her chest solidifying into mounds of molded plastic.  She could feel her legs slowly spreading apart as the hollow tubes that they now consisted of  pointed outwards.  Her arms drew to her sides and bent at the elbows at 90 degree angles to her body poised as if to hold someone.

       After the transformation was completed, Dick walked over and picked up the newly created doll that was formerly a living woman and now was just an inanimate sex toy made of vinyl, latex and rubber. Looking at its face which now consisted of painted features, he reached around and pulled open the inflation plug with a flourish.

       "Oh, and unlike the other three figures here, your mind hasn't completely disappeared with your new form. Every time you're inflated, you'll be able to experience the erotic feelings of your soft body being caressed, fondled and used by its new owner... ME!! "  Dick said with an ironic laugh.

       "Nooooo!!!!...."  Jill mentally screamed before she completely deflated and her mind drifted into darkness until she was inflated again.

       "I'll keep you busy, Jill, don't worry about that!" Dick said as he folded the doll up and put it in a cardboard box he had brought with him.

       "After all, there's three months until the next.... Last Woman Standing!" he crowed to the remaining three frozen contestants as he put the box in a nearby jeep before jumping in it and driving off.

       Behind him, workers loaded the figures in the truck and drove off as the sun set in the distance...

       A day was done.. one that started with four women dreaming of new lives they could have...

       Not knowing what that would mean...

       From now on...

       The End

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